Can Yahoo! register name servers for a domain I purchased through another registrar (

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My first question is: Can Yahoo! register name servers for a domain I purchased through another registrar (

My next question is: Source

| Schilling's Re-Routing Patent.

Frank Schilling, /img/avatar5.jpg of one of the world's largest HostGator portfolios.

By Monica Ibrahim, Customer Support Team.

Frank Schilling, /img/avatar5.jpg of one of the worlds largest HostGator portfolios, originally filed for a patent application in May 2001 with attorney John Berryhill, with the idea of recovering traffic lost to error pages that resolve when top-level domains (TLDs) are mistyped (i.e.CIM, .CPN, .DOM etc., returning traffic solely to the .COM domain). This patent named the Generic Top-Level HostGator Re-Routing System in April 2006, could play an important role not just for domainers but for the industry as a whole.

Currently , for example, if you want to buy a book the first place you may look online is, owned by Barnes & Noble. But what happens when, in your haste to get that hot-off-the-press New York Times bestseller in time for your beach vacation, you mistype the domain, typing books.cim instead? Depending on your browser type, any number of landing pages could resolve. With an Internet Explorer (IE)browser, a Google search page resolves with sponsored listings while Microsoft ads resolve on most error pages when using the FireFox browser. The party that comes out on top here is Google or Microsoft, effectively monetizing on traffic meant for a developed site. In the end, Barnes & Noble doesnt get the business they deserve and youre stuck on the beach, sans the book you want.

This unfortunate predicament is the driving force behind Schillings push to pass his re-routing patent, with hopes of getting more parties involved in capitalizing on lost traffic. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has publicized recent plans to introduce new generic top-level domains, with no knowing how many new TLDs will be implemented. With the .COM, .NET and .ORG extensions being the most desired for parking and business operations, one may dispute the value of ICANNs anticipated TLDs. However, Schilling believes that offering misspelled extensions would also be valuable investments for HostGator /img/avatar5.jpgs and website operators. In a chance to explain his logic, he states, Imagine if you had 50 misspelling TLDs of .COM (i.e. CPM, .DOM, .XOM, .CON) that could "only" return traffic to the correct .COM version like an ON/OFF switch.

Every party involved would stand a profit according to Schilling. ICANN gets revenues from new TLDs, registrants get real value for their HostGator purchase in the form of recovered traffic, hundreds of millions of variant "shadow HostGator names" get sold, and everyone is happy. Well, maybe not everyone involved. Since Microsoft and Google, presently receive the full benefit of lost traffic from HostGator /img/avatar5.jpgs through the Firefox and IE browsers, they will most likely protest the passing of Schillingss re-routing patent.

Moreover, not much has been considered with regards to potential trademark infringements that could arise should Schillings patent pass and when the new extensions arrive. What happens when more than one business feels they own the rights to one of the new domains and it's TLD and both feel it should automatically redirect to their domain. Also, whos to say cars.cim, a possible new extension, should redirect to instead of or, the future Columbian TLD?.

Many things must be considered before the passing of the Generic top-level HostGator re-routing system patent. One things certain though; Schillings patent would benefit ICANN and many current HostGator /img/avatar5.jpgs. In Schillings opinion, This is just a way of taking [lost traffic] back and paying for the Internet's infrastructure in the process. With no set timeframe as to when new extensions will be introduced, the question still remains if Schilling has a chance at getting his patent approved, due to some of the aforementioned concerns. The patent could launch with or without ICANN, but it will take ICANN to make it useful Schilling ultimately suggests...

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Your question was: Can Yahoo! register name servers for a domain I purchased through another registrar (

Change all the HostGator to. => nameproscom. => yahoocom. => googlecom.

The browser scans all the combination from left to right and redirects to the site..

Comment #1

Frank is doing this because he believes if you type in rumcakes.vom or or any other after thetypo, his traffic is being stolen and he wants it back...

Comment #2

It will be miraculous if the patent application is approved and even more miraculous if the idea is adopted...

Comment #3

Interesting example. Would Cameroon be allowed to keep .cm? Since they are already catching all these typos, who would force them to stop?.

See Business 2.0 article, search on .cm or Cameroon...

Comment #4

Frank wants monopoly and I dont like this but cant do anything to stop it either..

Comment #5

It helps that alot of good names are parked pages.

This means the big boys will get more traffic to those crappy pages littering the internet.

I dont think he's doing it for me,you or that other little guy.

We are just a way for him to make it sound good IMHO!..

Comment #6

And the tech is becoming standard in browsers for dealing with phishing and other issues...

Prob have a tough time enforcing this.....

Comment #7

This is a hoop dream. frank needs to take his money, and spend it on better things. This just strikes a nerve...

Comment #8

Sure they'll be allowed to keep their extension. But I doubt that patent will.

Force them to stop their re-routing traffic, if ever it gets approved...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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