Can u be on Nutrisystem while pregnant?

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My question is Can you be on Nutrisystem while pregnant? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... The "real" season starts in a coupla days. Can't wait..

I'm a long-suffering Blackhawks fan and I'm really looking forward to seeing "The Kids" have a great playoff run. We didn't finish as well as I would like (losing to the "hated" Red Wings), but I am hoping for the ultimate Stanley Cup success! After all, 1961 was a long time ago.....

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Yes sir! however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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Hell yea, Sharks in playoffs!.

Avs have had a great year, but it's time for San Jose to show the little kids in Denver how the big boys play!..

Comment #2

Good luck to ya's. It would be fitting for the Sharks and the Hawks to meet in thye Conference Finals!..

Comment #3

I'm a Blues fan, but was not the season I was hoping for. A fond farewell to Keith Tkachuk, a great player that will be missed by all NHL fans!..

Comment #4

I must say that I am in Columbus. We had a much different season than we expected after last year. It's bad when the sports page is discussing draft lottery..

The Hawks look tough for the playoffs, unless you are looking at the goalie. Here's to hoping that you find one...

Comment #5

I'm a huge Avs fan (note my avatar... that was from 2001 when the Avs won the Stanely Cup. ESPN brought it out to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs to get some shots of it there, and I fought the crowds to get that picture), but I have to say that since coming back from the Olympics, the Avs have been pitiful and are lucky to have even made it to the playoffs (bad time to slump, as you go into the playoffs). Unfortunately, I think the Sharks will take the Avs in 5 games (unless Anderson suddenly becomes a stone wall, then the series is up for grabs)..

Ironic NSV... My Avs jersey from about 8 years ago (when I went to see the Avs play the Sharks in San Jose in the playoffs) now fits me again. Its a little snug still but I can actually put it on.....

Comment #6

I follow the Preds since they are so close to me, but I have yet to get to go to a game, and I don't understand hockey one bit. I hear the games are fun to attend though, and I do follow them closer once the playoffs start. Maybe they can finally get past the first round this year...

Comment #7

Hockey is really easy to understand if you get a knowledgeable fan to explain a few key things to you (but then I'm sure a basketball fan would tell me the same thing, but I've never understood half of the penalty stuff in basketball)..

Playoff hockey is the best though, and I love it when it rolls around (even if my Avs aren't in the playoffs, I'll watch a lot of the games as it's just a lot of fun with the intensity of it)...

Comment #8

No offense Comer, but I'm hoping my Blackhawks beat the crap outta the Preds during the upcoming week. You guys have a very solid team, but the fans in Chicagoland have been waiting for the Cup since 1961!..

Comment #9

Go DEVILS! This is the year. Going to the game tomorrow night. I live for Playoff Hockey, especially when the Mets stink so bad...

Comment #10

I take no offense, as I am a casual fan who supports them cause they are near me, but should the Bears play the Titans or the Bulls play the out! Lol! And of course I am a Cards fan too, so I am obligated to dislike the Cubbies obviously, but I don't hold as much ill will toward them as other Cards fans do...

Comment #11

I love hockey, junior, senior, house league or the glorious NHL..

People thought I was nuts two years ago for expecting Chicago to make a good run this season. Look who's laughing now..

These are the teams I'd prefer to win..


WAS vs MTL - Go Habs Go!.

NJ vs PHI - Devils.

BUF vs BOS - Bruins.

PIT vs OTT - Penguins.


SJ vs COL - Avalanche.

CHI vs NAS - Blackhawks.

VAN vs LA - no real interest but Vancouver, since my kid is a goalie.

PHX vs DET - Wings..

Comment #12

So.. I know i'm not a boy or anything.. but.


Comment #13

People outside Chicagoland probably won't understand, but I pretty much dislike the Cubs as much as non-Chicagoans. You see, I support the REAL baseball team in Chicago - you know, the one that has won a World series in this century (LOL). I am speaking of the guys in black, the Chicago White Sox!.

I'm a Southsider, so my loyalties lie with the team that was only 3 miles away when I was growing up..

As for the Red Wings fan on here....

Watch out for them 'Yotes! They are a pretty tough little (young) bunch!..

Comment #14

I am an Islander Fan and I have the Number 5 Draft Pick!!!!!.

Seriously though Good Luck to everyone who has a Team in The Hunt. I am damned glad The Rangers didn't make it. I suppose if I am rooting for any team it will be the Devils. Marty is pretty special between the pipes..

I could root for the Blackhawks too. I like their turnaround story and the way they built through the Draft. I hope Garth Snow has taken good notes...

Comment #15

I'm laughing too! Watching these kids is really fun! The best game this year so far: a victory against Calgary. Hawks went down 5-0 in the first and eventually came back to win 7-5. Heck, these kids are entertaining even when they lose!.

The Hawks really did a great job of making themselves into a young version of the Wings..

My youngest son (who is 27) wasn't even interested in hockey at the beginning of last season. He's a big Bears Fan. I don't know why, but he started getting so into it when it was apparent that Bears were a bust again. By the time the playoffs rolled around, he actually started growing a "playoff" beard during playoffs! This year I took him to a hockey game - an Original Six matchup between the Hawks and Rangers. Hawks won 2-1 in OT with Big Buff scoring the game winner. I never saw this normally laid back guy so pumped!.

Anyways, here's my opinion of the first round....


WAS vs MTL - I luv the Habs, but Ovechkin will dominate. CAPS in 6.

NJ vs PHI - Devils in 5.

BUF vs BOS - Buffalo is on the rise.

PIT vs OTT - Penguins.


SJ vs COL - Sharks D dominates in 7.

CHI vs NAS - Blackhawks in 6.

VAN vs LA - VAN cuz Luongo stands on his head again!.

PHX vs DET - Wings in 7..

Comment #16

Long suffering Caps fan here...keeping my fingers crossed they dont blow it...

Comment #17

Give credit where credit is due; Ted Leonsis has done a brilliant job keeping the Caps and developing both the team and the market...

Comment #18

I may have lived in Colorado for over 20 years but will always be a die hard Chicago fan. GO BLACKHAWKS!!! I buy the hockey package every year just so I don't miss a game. These "kids" are totally awesome and really deserve the trophy this year...

Comment #19

Born & raised in Michigan (now sentenced to live and work in Pittsburgh for some reason I haven't discovered)life long Redwings fan..

As you said, now the 'real' season starts. An entire year to eliminate about 8 teams from the playoffs (lol)..

<throws octopus>..

Comment #20

WooHoo! Avs take game 1 from the Sharks! Yeah I know, it's best of seven, but takes some pressure off the Avs getting that first game..

Seems a few of the low seeds won tonight. Great stuff!..

Comment #21


S.O.S. -.







Comment #22

Round One results:.


WAS vs MTL - Game 1 Tonite in DC 7PM ET.

NJ vs PHI - Philly up 1-0.

BUF vs BOS - Game 1 Tonite in BUF 7PM ET.

PIT vs OTT - Sens up 1-0.


SJ vs COL - Avs up 1-0.

CHI vs NAS - Game 1 Friday Night in CHI 830PM ET.

VAN vs LA - Game 1 tonite in LA 10PM ET.

PHX vs DET - 'Yotes up 1-0.

Wow! All close games last night. The Sens, Avs and Flyers all steal home-ice. Watch out for this year's "young guns" the PHX Coyotes! Three PPG win it for them last night!.

This can only get better!..

Comment #23


I've been a fan for 35 years!! (No Cup since 1975 - I think we are DUE!!! We just need a winning team that doesn't choke.


Comment #24

Round One results:.


WAS vs MTL - MTL takes the lead in OT (uh-oh is right).

NJ vs PHI - Philly up 1-0.

BUF vs BOS - Sabres up 1-0.

PIT vs OTT - Sens up 1-0.


SJ vs COL - Avs up 1-0.

CHI vs NAS - Tonite in CHI 830PM ET.

VAN vs LA - Canucks up 1-0 (Luongo is the man AGAIN!).

PHX vs DET - 'Yotes up 1-0.

If you have not seen it yet, at least watch the opening of the game in Chicago tonite. No group of fans celebrates the Star Spangled Banner like we do here in Chicago..

Big upset last nite in DC! Looks like a typical Caps playoff series has started...

Comment #25

I'll be at Pepsi Center on Sunday...p*ssing off all the Avs fans in my section!!!.



Comment #26

And in SJ as well. That is the main reason we got rid of Jumbo Joe...

Comment #27

What a nightmare game one was at the Rock here in NJ. Not only did the Devils stink up the place, there alse seemed to be more Flyer fans there then Devil fans. I have so many things I could say about them but I will refrain. Anyway, tonight is game 2 lets hope it's way better then game one..

By the way - 2 islander fans on this board. Wow! I really like the Isles but they must be the last two left. At least the team is getting way better, should make the playoffs next year...

Comment #28

How does that happen? Don't the Devils sell out to their own fans? I know when the Hawks travel to St. Louis and Detroit, they usually have a lot of traveling fans. In St. Louis because the team isn't doing well, and in Detroit because the economy isn't doing well. Also, those two cities are within driving distance of Chicago. Not as close as Philly is to East Rutherford, but close nonetheless.

From what I've seen, NJ is struggling a bit with the scoring end of things. If they can wake up their start youngster, they might just take it away from the Flyers...

Comment #29

Have fun with that... I got to do that in San Jose (was traveling on business) when the Avs and Sharks were playing in the playoffs a number of years ago. It was a blast hassling the sharks fans as the Avs took that game (but we lost the series.


I've also cheered for the Coyotes in the Shark Tank (regular season game)...

Comment #30

Sadly no the Devils never seem to sell out the arena. I would say about 20% of the crowd were Flyer fans. Which is way better then if we were playing the Rangers, literally half the crowd would be Ranger fans..

On a brighter note what a victory! Had to sweat out the whole game..

You're right we need to get our offense going. I think the team was a little tight in game one. Brodeur hasn't been playing that well though, which is a little scary...

Comment #31

Hey, the Leafs have suffered since 1967 and the Blackhawks (back then Black Hawks) since 1961. I've never been able to warm up to the Flyers since I am not a fighting fan. Watching the Broad Street Bullies was not my idea of great hockey. And of course, Clarke taking out Kharlamov made it worse..

There are a few Flyers I've liked (Zezel, Sittler, Rat Pack)..

The Devils have always had a rough time selling out. One of their Cup celebrations only attracted a few hundred people in their parking lot..

Go to any Panthers or Lightning game during Christmas or March Break and they are packed with Canadians on holiday..

It was the same situation in Washington a mere two years ago. The Caps could not fill up the rink at all; they were even giving away tickets for donating blood. Two months later, Gabby Boudrea comes in as coach and Verizon Center is routinely packed...

Comment #32

Wasn't Sittler a Maple Leaf?.

Nice win for my B's today. Chara is just awesome..

Speaking of the Flyers, Its been a joy watching Mark Recchi, still great..

There were a lot of Flyer fans at Fenway when I was at the winter classic...

Comment #33

As a Lawn Guylan (Long Island) Native, transplanted to Georgia, I am also a Long Suffering Isles fan. They are far from the days of 4 straight Stanley Cups, and the Drive for Five has been a looooooooong one..

I too am glad that the Ranjerk$ (Rangers) missed the playoffs. I also have to root for the Devils...

Comment #34

It's getting interesting in the NHL!!!.

Round One results:.


WAS vs MTL - Tied 1-1 Ovechkin finally lites it up.

NJ vs PHI - Tied 1-1 Parise's a lamplighter.

BUF vs BOS - Tied 1-1 BUF Dominated in Game 2.

PIT vs OTT - Tied 1-1 Dfensive battles!!!! Who woulda thunk it?.


SJ vs COL - Tied 1-1 Sharks blow up the Avs in Game 2.

CHI vs NAS - Preds up 1-0 Game 2 tonite at 7:30PM CDT Preds have the edge.

VAN vs LA - Tied 1-1 Kings Steal home ice!.

PHX vs DET - Tied 1-1 Game 3 today at the Joe 3PM EDT on NBC.

All I gotta say, is that my team - The Blackhawks need to start playing like they know how in order to survive these tenacious and defensively skilled Preds! Hawks passing was less than consistent in Game 1. The Preds goalie Rinne was awesome!..

Comment #35

I wouldn't say "blow up the Avs"...that goal Nabakov gave up on the breakaway was PATHETIC. 5 goals? He better get his head out of his @ss ASAP. I was happy to see the Sharks finally use their size to their advantage; they were dishing out some monster hits!.

But, I gotta give it to them, the Avs definitely came to play..

Can't wait to go to the game tonight, though! Sharks operative, behind enemy lines!!!..

Comment #36

Sharks tieing the game in the last minute of all 3 regulation periods was demoralizing for me, but glad the Avs kept on them. Tough loss, but Sharks were the more aggressive and better team Friday night..

Mr Bungle have fun tonight (but I'm hoping not too much fun come the end of the game.

). What's better than playoff hockey??? Playoff Hockey LIVE! And what's better than that? Seeing it Live in the Opposing teams home arena and chearing when the rest of the place is mostly quiet... (not hoping you have that opportunity tonight though.


Comment #37

Sittler spent the blk of his career with the Leafs but was unceremoniously stripped of his captaincy and eventually traded to Philadelphia during the 81-82 season..

A Bruins win is fine for me on two accounts:.

1) Having some Slovak heritage, it would be great to see the first Slovak born NHL captain hoist The Cup..

2) I love The Original Six...

Comment #38

Wow... Sharks dominated the game (2nd and 3rd periods), but Anderson was playing amazing and stole the game from them. Then to top it off the Avs didn't even score the winning goal (appeared to be an "own goal" by Boyd trying to move the puck cross ice but hit Nabokov and went in for an OT win by the Avs)....

The Coyotes / Wings game was a good one to watch also today (and even better with the Coyotes winning)...

Comment #39

Round One results:.


WAS vs MTL - Tied 1-1, Next game 2-nite at 7PM Eastern.

NJ vs PHI - Flyer up 2-1 - Can this one get any closer?.

BUF vs BOS - Tied 1-1, Next game 2-nite at 7PM Eastern.

PIT vs OTT - Pens up 2-1.


SJ vs COL - Avs up 2-1; Avs pitch a shutout!.

CHI vs NAS - Tied 1-1; Hawks finally figure out how to pass!.

VAN vs LA - Tied 1-1, Next game 2-nite at 10PM Eastern.

PHX vs DET - PHX up 2-1 Yotes looked VERY good on Sunday.

If round 1 is this good, how good will the playoffs be the rest of the way? Personally, I think it's gonna be an awesome tournament this year!..

Comment #40


I'm so pissed I could eat my hat. (But that wouldn't be within Nutrisystem guidelines.)..

Comment #41

If you had a brown hat, it would be lower GI...

Comment #42

Round One results:.


WAS vs MTL - Caps lead 2-1.

NJ vs PHI - Flyer up 2-1 Next game 7:30PM EDT today.

BUF vs BOS - Bruins Lead 2-1.

PIT vs OTT - Pens up 2-1 Next game 7PM EDT today.


SJ vs COL - Avs up 2-1 Next game 10PM EDT.

CHI vs NAS - Tied 1-1 Next game 9PM EDT today.

VAN vs LA - Kings Lead 2-1.

PHX vs DET - PHX up 2-1 Next game 6:30PM EDT today..

Comment #43

Awww Rick you KNOW you wanna pull for my Pens!!!..

Comment #44

Avs and Sharks go at it again tonight for Game 4 tied up at 2-2. Last 3 games have went to OT (and the first game was decided 50 seconds before going to OT). Its been a wild series so far..

Go Avs!..

Comment #45

Sens@Pens - what a game! This one is now into triple overtime...

Comment #46

Ha! Finally..

Sharks CRUSH the Avs 5-0. Now let's end this thing tomorrow night!!..

Comment #47

Pretty decisive win. Anderson wasn't standing on his head, and Avs couldn't keep it out of their own end..

On to Game 6 in Denver.....

Comment #48

I hope the NHL network replays that one..

I really love that stuff. That, and I don't have to squirm that my team might not win that kind of struggle!..

Comment #49

Hope the Hawks can finish the Preds off tonight without any major drama. I almost passed out during the conclusion to Saturday's game.....

Those Predators sure are a tenacious group...

Comment #50

Hossa should be suspended for tonight after that cheap hit. He did the same thing Ovechkin did to Campbell (a Hawk) and he got 2 games...

Comment #51

While I don't officiate this sport, I do see the difference between what Hossa did and what Ovechkin did..

Hossa hit Hamhuis as he was touching the puck - Ovechkin hit Campbell after he had already played and released the puck. I do believe that the ref on that play should've ejected Hossa. That's how the rules read. If a major is assessed because a player is injured on the foul, and ejection should be required. Refs ain't doctors and Hamhuis didn't play the rest of the game - but that shouldn't have effected their game decision - Hossa shoulda been gone..

Here's the rule form

44.5 Game Misconduct A game misconduct penalty must be assessed anytime a major penalty is applied for checking from behind..

I am confident that one of the other Hawks players would've dented the back of the net. They have 6 players with 20 or more goals this season. They should have the scoring hang of it by now..

As for the suspension - no, I don't think so... and I didn't think Ovechkin should have been suspended either. It is a contact sport, and injuries happen frequently..

One thing I don't know is: does the NHL have a rule about the cumulative number of major penalties warranting a suspension? Some sports like MSL soccer and football have guidelines about being penalized for major fouls, I just don't know where the NHL stands on stuff like that..

I would like to see two things happen for next year:.

1) Get rid of that damned trapezoid rule. If goalies were allowed to play the puck anywhere in the offensive zone,.


Foul would've occurred.

2) Set forth some rules about mandatory suspensions for being assessed major injury related fouls within a season, both playoff and regular together..

That's how I feels about it. I ain't gonna lie - I'm happy that the Hoss is playing tonight, but IMHO the original situation was mishandled.....

Comment #52

They put the plays up side by side on the telecast yesterday. Looks the same to me. The only differences were: 1) the Nashville player wasn't seriously hurt, though I think he is just fortunate 2) this is the playoffs 3) it was not Ovechkin's first go-round for a marginal hit..

If you are going to give King Alex 2 games, repeat offender and all, Hossa deserves 1. IMHO>..

Comment #53

Gotta disagree with you gents, Ovi cross pushed hard and fully extended his arms while Hossa had a bent arm during his penalty, definately should NOT have been tossed and refs called it correctly IMO..

Comment #54

I think the NHL has quite a long history of having one set of officiating in the regular season and a whole 'nother set of rules/calls for their playoffs..

It's been that way as long as I can remember..

Too, the league is starting to duplicate what is happening in other leaguesbasically the 'stars' get their own set of calls. Although it's sad to see this trend gain momentum, I suppose it's understandable..

At this point Crosby could actually shoot an opposing player on the ice and that player would get 2 minutes for tripping..

The "where did the calls go?" in the NHL playoffs is a time-honored tradition. It's been around for the better part of 25 years at least..


Comment #55

I agree.35 years for me.refs say "i dont want to decide the game"but do when they dont call a penalty or just as bad make one up...

Comment #56


Do you think Hossa thought about not extending his arm? I sure he had in mind" if I cheap shot him with a bent arm it will be fine." Right. The guy should have been sitting the next game...

Comment #57

Last year in the Stanley Cup Finals, Malkin inititiated a fight at the end of a period. During the regular season that's a game misconduct/suspension. He "should have sat out" the next game. He didn't and scored a goal that contributed to a win the following game in the Finals..

The NHL has more of an issue with "no calls" than they do with having too many calls once the play-offs start. The league knows it gets most viewers during that time of the year and wants those viewers to "see the players, play"so the officials become mostly blind for 2 months..

In the actual Stanley Cup Finals, the whistle will only stop play for actual murder or other capital crimes!.

Nothing new here..


Comment #58

I still don't get how you think this is a cheap shot by Hossa. Also, there IS a difference between the Ovi check and the Hossa check. I thought they were both slightly from the side, but Hossa's contact was almost simultaneous with Hamhuis touching the puck while Ovi's check was executed AFTER his check had gotten rid of the puck. That actually does count for something doesn't it?.

If this were pee-wee or HS hockey, I might agree with your view. However these guys are pros at the very top of their sport - and they actually do think about that. Also the lines that differentiate minor-to-major, major-to-match penatlies are fine lines and there is a difference that is always considered when assessing penalties at that level. It is a contact sport no matter how you look at it and contact does happen. It's up to administrators in pro sports to assess the after-the-fact penalties - which seems to be a toss-up from time-to-time, but then again, I don't know how they interpret these rules and penalties..

I do officiate a sport, albeit not hockey, and I do have a bit of experience with high school, college, and pro versions of my sport. There are differences in the level of individual athleticism, intelligence and tactical strategy when going from the level to level..

I am a Hawks fan and I was shocked when they gave Ovi a 2-game suspension. Considering the no-suspension of Hossa, maybe the league thought so too.....

Comment #59

I thought it was clearly a cheap shot. Milbury agreed with me on the broadcast. I have some experience playing contact sports, and will agree that at higher levels the participants have more control. However, when you are checking someone from behind that close to the boards, what do you expect?No disrespect, but baseball is much different...

Comment #60

The officials don't usually determine the appropriateness of a "check" (one guy running into another) based upon the exact timing with or without, just before, while handling, or just after the puck is released..

It's not generally a factor in the righteousness of a 'check'..

Of course, if the player is well off the puck, it is sometimes interference. If the stick is used across the back it can sometimes be cross-checking. If the checking player drives the other, who has his head down, into the boards head-first from behind, then it's a game misconduct and ejection..

If player 1 is almost to the puck (1 foot away and heading to it) and gets crushed body to bodythat's clean. Even though player 1 didn't get to the puck..

If player 2 has just shot the puck, even if a second or two has elapsed, and he gets crushed body to bodythat's clean. Player 2 didn't have the puck either..

If player 1 in on offense without the puck (in any way) in his own defensive zone and you fly into him against the boardsyou have a fair chance for being called for interference..

NHL has been calling slightly more interference for probably 10-12 years or so. Basically because allowing wanton interference punishes great skating teams and rewards goonishness. Interference slows the game and takes the star players out of the play repeatedly..

Outside of blatant interference, cross checking, boardingas the player is trying to make an actual play at the point of the puck, he's fair game for a hit. He doesn't actually have to have the puck on his stick to be checked legally...

Comment #61

Thanks for your insight..

Even though I am not a hockey ref any longer, I was once a ref a loooooong time (30 years and about 100lbs) ago. I have a little understanding of what the contact rules are now and what used to be acceptable when I reffed. When I made the baseball comparison, I was trying to illustrate that pro athletes are much more in control of their actions - that's all..

The old definition of "hit from behind" was that the check had to be initiated from contact in an area that was entirely in the back, between the shoulder blades from the waist to the top of the shoulders - in other words, directly between the numbers. What I don't know is how the league is asking the refs to interpret the rules and what their points of emphasis are..

The frustration for me is that we get that information from a sports commentator, and it is usually not accurate. They almost always editorialize about what they "think" the league is trying to say. As for Milbury - he's the American version of Don Cherry. Lot's of great insights and loads of hockey knowledge but likes to practice the "scorched earth" method of journalism filled with editorial commentary and inuendo..

I said it before and I'll say it again, I didn't think that either hit was from directly behind. I didn't think that Ovechkin deserved a suspension and didn't think that Hossa should get one either. There WAS a difference between the two hits, in the Ovi hit, Campbell no longer had the lpuck and was skating away. In the Hossa hit, Hamhuis was contacted almost simultaneously with his contact with the puck. I respectfully disagree that the actions of the two players were the same..

I personally think the officiating in the post-strike era NHL is leaps and bounds above what it used to be, and think that the NHL is trying to continue improvement. Standardizing penalty calls and making every guy with the orange stripes call it the same across the board was a great step in a positive direction. Will the regular season and the Stanley Cup season officiating ever be the same? Doubtful. Too much at stake - and afterall the guys in stripes are humans after all...

Comment #62

A Montreal Boston Conference Championship would be insane here in Boston.!!..

Comment #63

Are there any non-NHL hockey fans on here?.

I am lucky enough to be attending the Memorial Cup this week and that is some mighty fine hcokey indeed...

Comment #64

I live in the Chicagoland area. We love all levels of hockey here. I had the privilege of attending the Calder Cup championship a couple of years back when the Chicago Wolves were the AHL champions. I also watched the awesome battle this past weekend. I was pulling for Calgary, but alas, the bad hop off the boards late in the third sealed their fate for Game 1..

Which team are you pulling for this year? Know anyone on any of the teams?..

Comment #65

I'm media so no cheering for me at the Memorial Cup..

Being a hockey historian, it would be nice to see an Original Six Chicago/Montreal final solely for the story lines...

Comment #66

I'd love to see that too - then maybe the Hawks can get a measure of revenge for the tragedy of game 7 that year. I still can't believe that Espo blew a save on a shot from the redline.....


Maybe this year's the year!..

Comment #67

Wow... Hawks steal the game in OT from the Sharks (or did the Sharks give it away?). Series is 3 - 0....

Sorry Mr_Bungle.....

Comment #68

The only game the Sharks ever gave away was the one against the Avs where they shot into their own net..

Some kid named "Antti" stole it from them alright. What a performance by that guy and everyone else on the Hawks. Looks like the season series between these two was dead on. Hawks tooks that one 3-1 and all but one game were one-goal affairs. I'm glad something is FINALLY going right for the Blackhawks. I have been following them all my life and was just a bit too young when they last won the Cup in the early 60's.

Back to the present... Niemi kinda reminds me of another kid who stole everything when he helped win the Cup in his first season for the Canadiens, and then later on in his career for the Avs..

Anyone remember Patrick Roy?..

Comment #69

I realize I'm totally late for this thread but I'm a NJ Devils fan.. just disapointed that they always have a flair for the suck when it counts, and am wondering how much longer brodeur has in him.. not that I keep up with things as much as an avid fan does.. hockey is my favorite sport to watch, and I was born and raised in Jersey, always liked to watch them play.. and kick the ass of the islanders.. and who ever else but mostly only saw devils/islanders games..

That was pretty intense....

Comment #70

For those who have not watched any of the Memorial Cup, do yourselves a favour and watch the final on the NHL network. Opening ceremonies start at 7 p.m. EDT so that you can watch the NHL game and the CHL showdown..

The host, Brandon Wheat Kings face the Windsor Spitfires...

Comment #71

Patrick Roy was a great goalie, but I like Glenn Hall from the days when he was with the Blackhawks. It was great seeing some of the old Hall of Famers on TV during the games in Chicago...

Comment #72

Helluva battle wasn't it? I watched the Hawks finish the sweep Sunday afternoon and then watched a spectacular battle that evening. One of the best games between two worthy opponents that I've seen in a long time..

Looks like the Stanley Cup final is shaping up to be a great series too! I'm hoping for a quick Chicago victory, but realize that the reality is that this is probably a 7-game donnybrook. My pick is the Hawks in 7. Only because we've been waiting longer for our guys to bring the hardware home...

Comment #73

I'll say the Hawks take the Cup in 6 games... If it does go to 7 games, whoever wins game 6 will most likely take game 7 on momentum based on how both of these teams play...

Comment #74

There is no love lost between me and the Flyers, that's for certain. Here's hoping Chicago keeps it together and gongs the goons!..

Comment #75

Pretty tense here in Chicagoland....

Just hope the Hawks do it tonight and bring the darned thing home with them. I'm getting tired of hearing how the Flyers came back from 3 games down against Boston, blah, blah, blah..

I would really love to see my fave team play even better than they did on Sunday. 1961 was Chicago's last Stanley Cup, but this is the first time since 1971 that they have won 3 games in the Cup final. One more to go..

One Goal..

Comment #76

Game 7's are special and fantastic to watch, but it's basically then a 1 game series (so a lucky puck bounce can decide the Cup). So the Hawk's need to close it out tonight in Philly..

Comment #77

Good advice Mike..

The Hawks were listening! My knuckles are just now returning to their original color. It'll probably be a few weeks before the fingernails return!.

This must be the last day for this thread!.

Chicago Blackhawks - 2009-2010 Stanley Cup Champs!..

Comment #78

Serious congrats to the Blackhawks and their fans. The Stanley Cup is VERY difficult to attain and the Flyers were a tough out for just about everyone..

Great series and last night was a fantastic hockey game!.

Good job Chicago!.


Comment #79

Any bets on the upcoming NHL awards or the draft?..

Comment #80

Mike, did you happen to go to the parade or rally?..

Comment #81

That would have been nice, since I work in the Willis (Sears) Tower only 5 blocks from the festivities. However - two million fans, 85 degree temps and 80% humidity kept me indoors. I watched the throng migrate to the location from a 79th floor window on the north side of the building..

Also, by 10:30AM, the connecting streets were clogged with humanity for almost 1 block on 5 different streets. Many people couldn't even get close enough to enjoy the big screen monitors..

I just settled for wearing my "#35 Esposito" replica jersey all day. The "old" Hawks fans recongnized that! What a great day for sports in Chicagoland!..

Comment #82

I work in Evanston and couldn't go, but DH did. His pics are pretty cool. Just saw the parade, though, he didn't want to stick around outside for the rally...

Comment #83

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