Can someone tell me Nutrisystem points for Chicken flavored Ramen Noodles?

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My question is Can someone tell me Nutrisystem points for Chicken flavored Ramen Noodles? Thanks for any comment. Another question... OK, it's Mike's turn for some love..

Let's get out the flags and pom poms and rally him onto 200lbs lost..

I really find that an amazing feat!..

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Yes sir! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

That's awesome, Mike. And aside from being so close to -200, you're awful close to your overall goal too. Congrats!..

Comment #2

Very awesome Mike! You keep doing awesome, driving me further and further to my goal! Definitely be interesting to see which of us hits 200 first!.

Lol But no racing going on here, keep kickin as$! Weigh to go!..

Comment #3


You are awesome! You make it happen and inspire everyone on this thing! When you hit your 200 lb goal we will all have a blog party on this site!.

An amazing feat... so stay the course my brother!.


Comment #4

Nice Job, Mike ... never realized you started in the 4's until now?! Man that's a lotta weight and a heckuva committment..

Nice Job...

Comment #5

That's a massive amount to lose. Big time congrats on staying the course...

Comment #6

Go, mesturge!.

You guys are keeping me motivated to get back in my goal range and push a little further..

Keep up the amazing work!..

Comment #7

Gr8 job, keep it up and thanks for motivating all of us by your example.....

Comment #8

Awesome, man. I too never realized you started in the 4's until now. That's really impressive...

Comment #9

Mike, Mike, Mike! Amazing progress. Keep up the good work!.

We'll get these guys to do the cheer when you hit the 200 milestone...

Comment #10

Really impressed by how you stuck to it, Mike...

Comment #11

Go Sturge! You 2 century guys are amazing!.


Comment #12

Congrats Mike! You're an inspiration to so many of us!!..

Comment #13

Man, mesturge, you rock! GREAT JOB!.

Thanks for setting such a great example and being such a supportive member of the discussion boards!..

Comment #14

Simply amazing. Absolute testimony to the power of each of us to say "Screw this, NO MORE, I'm gettin' thin." Damn fine work, Mike...

Comment #15

Great job Mike. Between you and Bartle, you two are a walking talking inspirational machines for this lifestyle. Keep it up and drive it home...

Comment #16

Great job Mike! Keep it moving... You've been a great inspiration for me here...

Comment #17

Thanks all. Still holding the celebration till I actually get there..

I'm thinking I'll gonna have to lower my overall goal to 180-190 range before I'm completely through. Still to much dough on the frame to stop anytime soon...

Comment #18

How tall are you? I'm still thinking I'm going around 190 myself as well and I'm 6 foot 3 inches tall. But congrats still!..

Comment #19

5' 11.5" Sure no one reports the half, but I'm greedy...

Comment #20

Hah, I understand, but yea at that height then you'd probably want to be lighter...

Comment #21

Way to go Mike..

So many amazing 'losers' here on the boards..

Cool that you were re-inspired by Bartle..

High Five yourself a lot of credit though,.

YOU are the one who made the ultimate decision..


Comment #22


You big loser (of course that's a good thing here)..

Comment #23

As of this morning I've officially qualified for the 200 lb bear. All thats left is the goal bear...

Comment #24

Yea, Sturge!!! Amazing. Simply Amazing. We've got 2 double-century losers here!! Amazing. Way to go, man..


Comment #25

That's just incredible..

You guys make my 150lb loss seem attainable..

If it weren't for this forum I wouldna believed it possible...

Comment #26

Awesome saucy Mesturge! Great to see you hit 200 lost as well! Weigh to go!!!..

Comment #27

As the great Belushi once said....Holy $hith!.

Big time congrats!..

Comment #28

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