Can somebody tell me all they know about Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is Can somebody tell me all they know about Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... The year is whizzing by's felt like the whole first part of the year has disappeared without a trace! Let's face facts...we're getting down to serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good..

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Good Morning ladies! I'm in a better mood this morning......the scale moved down again to a more likeable number...back into the 151's ! I swear I will sing the hallelujah chorus if and when.....


..... I get to the 140's!.

It rained cats and dogs here all day yesterday too. Poor Wally was working all day yesterday and spent the better part of the day completely soaked to the skin all day. Not much to do when it's pouring and you only have so much of a rain does stay dry forever. he was pitiful when he got home last night.

Morning Vix! I always look forward to seeing your cheery message when I log on! Don't work yourself into the ground today...remember to breathe and relax a few times....and make time to eat! All that running around will keep your metabolism up and that's a plus!!.

Okay since it's MONDAY...that means LeLand is set to work me out at 10am and I gotta run!!!..

Comment #2

Just wandering through on my way from changing after the training session at the gym......alone. Darn trainer never bothered to show up! I am actually a bit pissed at that. Who just doesn't show and doesn't call me? He has my number I know. So I did my routine all by myself and then came home. I'll do zumba either this afternoon on the Wii or tonight at the gym..

Now I'm headed out to cut lettuce or I get NO lunch! And I WANT LUNCH!..

Comment #3

Hi everyone, quick good morning and hopefully I will be back this afternoon. Rummage Sale is over....$55,000.00 plus on sale day with more money coming in during the next couple days from other sales, etc associated with the sale. I was talked into putting out a daily photo newsletter during the sale. I ended up working from 8-4 each day to set up the sale and 2 more hours each evening to get the newletter and photo's out. It's actually a fun week. I am scheduled to work (for actual money) 3 days this week then we all head to Cabo on Sunday!.

Thanks for the weekly summary Deb. Congrats on getting your taxes done and not owing Uncle Sam..

Judy, glad that scale is moving in the right direction..

Vix, have fun at the dentist! Yikes! Hope there is nothing major leaking from under the car. It's always something with cars!.

Hi to everyone else that hasn't checked in yet today.....I am mid exercise, so better get back to it...

Comment #4

Good morning!.

Wow, Shelley, that's an impressive rummage sale! (and a lot of work!) That's really great of you to do all that volunteer work..

I got the last of my silver fillings replaced at the was a numbing experience(ha-ha)....but I'm glad that all my teeth are now in pretty good shape and a shade of white rather than black!.

I think the mechanic said it was the transmission fluid line that has a little leak, but the fluid wasn't too low, not urgent....he's going to call today and let me know when they can get the part. I don't like to worry about things breaking and would rather just bite the bullet and get it fixed ASAP..

I have my massage scheduled for's always good to have something to look forward to!.

Wishing you all a wonderful something nice for yourself!..

Comment #5

Good morning ladies,.

Just popping in to say hello. I hope everyone is having a great day! The sun is shining today and it makes such a difference in my attitude..

It sounds like everyone is very busy..


Comment #6

Okay so I open the laptop and I figured I'll pop in and see if anyone came by after my Good Morning....UM......CRAP! I forgot all about you this morning. My brain was occupied with WHAT THE F... IS GOING ON WITH MY WEIGHT!.

I swear I just don't know any more and it's getting really hard to stay on track and deprive yourself when NOTHING happens..

First off lets do this:.

Make sure to save myself and say a good morning to everyone!.

I am having a slow morning brain is working too hard trying to figure out anything I can about what is going on with my weight. I give up, seriously. I've looked through my food logs...I've looked through my BodyBugg stats and I just don't get it...

Comment #7

Okay, new post. I didn't want that one to get super duper long while I was whining. Not sure whining is even worth it. Yesterday the scale dropped and I was I'm back UP at 152.2...okay so the food from yesterday is in my colon still...I know that. I did weight lifting yesterday...I ate a roll at dinner with some salt....but shouldn't those equal out with the loss of fat? I'd have been happy to stay the same...but I went up! From 151.8 to 152.2...again..

I'm back on track eating the very lowest ofNutrisystemamounts. I'm pretty sure I lowered it down to the 1300 or so in the diet guide. I cut out half my lunch cheese stick and I've been flexing in just fish at supper and not a carb at all....but that gets expensive and I have all theseNutrisystemmeals. Never before was eating a BBQ chicken sandwich a problem while I was dropping 2-3 pounds a week consistently? so why now?.

I also looked at my calorie burn. I used to have 2000, then 2100 as my goal for each day and usually got it. Well I upped that to 2300 over 3 months ago and I'm now burning about 2450 a DAY!.

SO if I'm eating say 1400 and burning off 2400 then where is the `1000 calories a day going? That's 2 pounds a week...or it should be..

I don't see myself stuck at 150.. People have come here to START at 150 and lose 20 or 30 pounds so I can't be stuck at 150. Well, nobody here needs to be dragged down my my frustration so I'm off to play on my farm for a bit before I work out again!..

Comment #8

Good afternoon and good Tuesday to all. Hope everyone is having a nice day..


- I'm sorry that the scale is not cooperating. I've been dabbling a bit with eatingNutrisystemfor several days and on weekends not so much and I've realized that if I want to get down to my final goal - I'm going to have to stick withNutrisystemcompletely. It sucks! At least I know how to maintain! Congrats on moving forward on becoming Zumba certified - way cool..

We have all just been sick (except for Brian). Every day - I go to bed with a terrible sore throat and wake up feeling just as bad. Poor Owen, he has blown his nose so much he has scabs around the outside (nice visual right? Sorry!) Owen finally went back to school last Friday and then yesterday after school he complained of stomach pains. When we got home around 4pm he fell asleep until around 7pm. He also had a fever last night! WTH???? I'm sick of this sick! Judy, I'm with you - I used to get sick MAYBE once a year and my kids were never really sick a lot but this year is just insane!!..

Comment #9

I know you know this one but remember that those folks are just starting to change their eating habits and you've lost almost 100 lbs!! I personally think we should lose weight just as easily at the end as at the beginning right - but what does my opinion matter? I also think weight should be based on how you treat people - if you are nice, you are thin. If you are mean and nasty, fat. That's how you tell the nice from the mean. I mean, doesn't that make more sense to everyone?? Then if you start gaining wait, time to change the attitude!..

Comment #10


Melissa, sorry everyone's so sick! Hope you all get better juice and chicken soup! (Doesn't sound very appetizing does least not in combination.).

Judy, I think some of us just have "more efficient" metabolisms that burn less calories. If we could bottle it, we could save the starving nations of the world. uh-huh. And you do have to exercise more to burn the same number of calories than you did at a higher weight. It is very frustrating..

I decided to not let the scale get me upset. I'm doing the best I can. As long as I don't pull another holiday fiasco on myself, I will hopefully set the downward trend in motion....once I hit the last 20 pounds, I could only lose about a pound a month before I stopped losing altogether. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it going again! Lost about half the holiday weight....still trying to dissuade the rest of it from clinging on. Thank goodness, this is not a race!..

Comment #11







I am stuck at work so no celebrating for me.

Tomorrow I am off and will probably go to noon mass since I will be fasting anyway. My schedule at work is a mess this month and last month as well come to think of it. I am trying to get here more often but it is my busy time of the year with lots of RSV, Flu and pneumonia's so not fun for most of the sickie's. I hope Melissa you and your family get better soon. Poor Owen seem's to have been hit the hardest by whatever germ invaded your household. Sending healing thoughts your way..

Judy sounds like you are better with your illness and just frustrated with your on going war with the scale. You will win the war just try to be patient as stress and bad vibes cause you to hang on to the weight..

Vix sounds like you are keeping busy as usual and hope you have a wonderful visit with your son..

Hey Coleen, how are you girlfriend? I sent you a message at least a month aga and never heard back from you, did you get it?.

I'll try a pop back in later as I am being paged. Later gaters..

Comment #12

Judy - PLEASE don't give up! You've done so great!..

Comment #13

OK - those who are on FB know that I have a little thinking to do....

I have the possibility of getting a full-ride 4-year scholarship to the University of Phoenix for my master's degree. I have it narrowed down to wanting to get my Master's of Education in Early Childhood. However, I don't know if I have the drive.....

Comment #14

Good morning everyone!.

Wow, Ducky, congratulations! That's fantastic!.

Hi Deb...good to see you....sorry you're so busy. Stay healthy!.

I try to start every day like it's a brand new beginning. Sometimes that helps..

Wishing everyone a wonderful day! Carpe diem!..

Comment #15

Big enough? late this morning and Wally's gonna hit the gym without me if I don't get moving......but thanks for the tips. I'm going back to strict basics and see what happens for 2 weeks..

I did drop to 150.8 this morning after visiting the library...Vix...that means I finally went to the restroom...we just class if up a bit "Melissa style"!!.

Wow, why is my throat sore again this morning??? Ugh!.

Back after breakfast, I can't think straight! hungry!..

Comment #16

Is anyone interested in hosting a Flat Stanley? I have four students who didn't turn in an address...

Comment #17

Flat Stanley is a character from a book. He gets flattened by a bulletin board. His family doesn't have enough money to send him by plane to visit a friend, so they mail him. This is an activity we do in class to learn about addressing envelopes and different parts of the country. If you google Flat Stanley project, you will probably find all sorts of information about it. I love this project, and the kids enjoy it too - especially when they receive mail at school!..

Comment #18

Good morning ladies!.

Ducky, that sounds sooooo cute! It does sound like fun, you must be a wonderful teacher!.

What do you have to do to host a flat Stanley? I might be up for it..

Hope you're feeling better, Judy..

It's raining here again, my son is flying in this afternoon...he said flight may be delayed because they're expecting snow (Indiana). So I guess I'll just check flight info before I go, though I'm sure he'll call and let me know. Taking off work tomorrow...yay...I get so tired lately..

Have a good day, everyone....take good care of yourselves!..

Comment #19 whole day changes around when hubby works a different shift! Yesterday it was 4-12 and we were out doing stuff all morning. I completely forgot to check back into the board last night...sorry. I must get here more often because this was a huge key in keeping me on my toes for the last 18 months and I will need it to help me stay on track for the last bit too!.

Melissa - I hope Owen is feeling a bit better now. My gosh, it sounds like his little immune system just packed up and went south for the winter...problem is that you are about as south as it gets ALREADY! I hope the fever and stuff is the last thing. You all need a break! I don't know what this year has that all the others didn't but I hate getting the colds and strep! Just ruins a good week..

Ducky - I'm trying to think what Flat Stanley would do around here? I may be able to help you out....but tell us again what he needs to do on this end..

Vix- So exciting that your son is coming to visit!! I bet you are ready for that day off tomorrow and then the whole weekend of fun with him! It's raining here today too. I hate when it rains on weekdays since hubby usually gets wet all day at work..

I think....just not totally sure...that flat Stanley gets taken around town and photographed with or in all sorts of cool places. We took a personal version of "Flat Ashton" to Vegas with us when we met from the group. Let me find you a picture if I can. you hold up the doll and snap the pic with them in the pic and the venue in the background. It sort of details the travels of Flat Stanley..

Did I get that right Ducky?.

Deb - I hope your work schedule lets up a bit. I can just imagine the amount of people coming into the ER with breathing.respiratory issues is insane right now!!.

Okay off to go eat some breakfast!..

Comment #20

Let's see how big this gets........

This was Flat Ashton...Ducky' personalized daughter's version of Flat the Wax museum with the president!..

Comment #21

Ducky, We LOVE Flat Stanley out here. We have done the best projects with him for my 2 nieces, Haven't hosted one in over a year. LMK if you want him to come....If you can get him here by Saturday, he can come to Cabo with us......

Comment #22

We brought a Flat Lynette with us on a cruise a few years ago. We had numerous changes of outfits for her, and she made the newspaper back here in Reno....pretty funny. There were 13 of us that went on the cruise. Lynette broke her leg a week before and couldn't make the trip. She had a great time in her flat form though....I made a music DVD when we got back and one of the songs is just her and all the places she went. I wish you could see's so funny...

Comment #23

I'm only in need of two addresses now! Shelley, I will get you Emma's Flat Stanley sent ASAP. I don't do the pictures of the kids just because it's extra work and takes more time. Maybe some year.....

Comment #24

Deb, sorry things are so busy. This is a nasty time of the year for coming down with all kinds of respiratory crud.....Don't you be catching any of it!.

Judy, I'm so sorry things have slowed down so much. I am running off to a Dr's appointment or I would try and google some info for you. I'm sure that it is as Vix says. It takes a great deal more calories to burn off the pounds the thinner you get. Seems like an unfair way to reward you for all your hard work. Stay with it....eyes on the prize and all!.

Melissa, sorry your family is all sick. Hopefully things will be better soon..

Vix, isn't it great to get rid of the old fillings. I had so many when I was young and I thinl there is only one silver one left. I really should just tell the dentist to replace it the next time I go in...but what's that saying...if it ain't broke, don't fix it!.

Ducky, Congratulations on the scholarship! I know you can do it. It will be a lot of time and hard work, but definitely worth it in the end..

OK, running late for the appointment.....Hi Johnna, Jen, Coleen and anyone else I missed this morning. Working again tomorrow, so I'll try and get back later..

Ducky, LMK if you need my address for Stanley......

Comment #25

My address.

Shelley Carrea.

940 Country Estates Circle.

Reno, NV 89511.

My niece is also an Emma.....that was the first Flat Stanley that came to visit...

Comment #26

OMG! Flat Stanley in CABO!! That's just too cool for words!.

I'm doing much better after my mini meltdown. I posted on the general board and called in all my favors from some of the big popular maintainers and got lots of advice. I think I was diddling around too much with the food and switching out too many things so I've gone back toNutrisystem101. Old school eat nothing that's not on that list....weigh everything...and try not to look at the scale for a couple weeks..

I was actually eating way too much salmon too. The fish has been big lately and I figured with no carbs I could have 5 ounces...well I weighed one piece the other day and what I thought was 5 ounces was about 9.5!!!! That's like 850 calories...D'uh! Like I said I have this maintenance thing working good. Problem is just not being ready for maintenance yet!.

But after solving some constipation issues, and eating a few fully measured days I dropped yesterday to a new low...150.8! I can feel the 149.9 just busting out soon..

I will be happy to never see 150 anything again!.

I just got back from the gym...did my zumba class and 30 minutes on the treadmill for a total of 700 calories burned door to door. Not a bad day...12:30 pm and 1686 burned so far already today!.

Now if only I could magically make all this tummy blubber and thigh jiggle disappear! I'd have a flat belly and fabulous thighs. Maybe one day..

OFF to hit the showers and then eat lunch!..

Comment #27

I don't have the scholarship yet... but I'm gonna go for it!.

I SHOULD have your address.. but if you'd like to send it to me again, that would be fine!..

Comment #28

Look above Duck...Shelley posted her addy for you!.

GO FOR IT!!! You can do this and it will be tough but so worth it!..

Comment #29

Thanks! I filled it out quickly so I could get it in the mail today. However, you will see Emma's creative Flat Stanley. She is a girl, if you didn't know what the blue stuff was coming of his head.....

Comment #30

Yay! I'm so glad to hear things are "looking down" again!..

Comment #31

Jeremy, Ashton, and I are going skiing tomorrow. It is suppose to be in the upper 40s!! It will be a BEAUTIFUL day! Then, we are going to look for cupboards. We have been wanting to remodel the kitchen for a while now. So, we may be getting closer.....

Comment #32

I wanted to keep the green Irish going until the big day but we are starved for green St. Patrick's day Good Mornings in the place I am getting them right a few others tossed in can't kill us!.

I did very well with exercise off my hinney and went to the gym for zumba and walking the treadmill. Actually ran on that for a whole minute! That's huge for me even though it sounds silly..

The back to basicNutrisystem101 is working...and even though I said I would try not looking at the scale...I just can't! I rely on that to know if what I am doing is right or not. I can't afford 2 weeks of..."OMG! it was making me GAIN weight". I need to be able to see the results and change course a lot faster. I won't be changing ANYTHING! THIS IS WORKING!!.

My weight today: 149.8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #33

I've never been sounds fabulous! A good reason to use all that SNOW you have been getting! Too fun about the cabinets too. Remodeling can be stressful, but mostly just a whole lot of FUN! Have a great time!..

Comment #34

I've never been skiing before either! Should be fun! Ashton is SOOOO excited!..

Comment #35

Woo Hoo JUDY!!!!!!!!!! Way to go! It makes me want to get back to 100 %Nutrisystemtoo. You are such an inspiration..

Ducky, Have fun skiing. I tried it once. Went with a group of people from work. Rented the skis, paid for a lesson, took me all day to walk back down the hill - NO WAY! I was petrified. I knew no matter how I tried I would not be able to pull this fat body up if I fell. You have to use your poles and well I think you get the picture.

I had the fear..

I'm wishing every one a great day and weekend. Vix, isn't the weather great today with the sun shining?.

Best wishes to Deb, Shelley, Melissa, Jen, Johnna and anyone else I missed..


Comment #36

Needless to say, I am in a great mood today! I have my list ready for Walmart and I'm waiting for the Fed-ex guy to show up so I can run over there. He came yesterday about 11:45 -12:00 so hopefully it will be about the same today and he'll get here any minute now..or very soon. Fingers crossed..

I still have to finish cutting lettuce for lunches and to Walmart, get dressed.....YES I am still in my jammies! Then after lunch I have to do some working out today..

I'm gonna do some on the Wii with the Zumba program and practice this one routine from youtube that I want to do in class one weekend. I need to lead just one class before my instructors certification so I get the "leading a class" nerves out. We don't have to do it at the certification thing but after that if someone calls for me to sub...I want to be ready and feel confident. Well as much as you can from teaching one song in class..

I better get up and get dressed and be ready to go so that WHEN they come I can go out the door with them to Walmart!..

Comment #37

Thanks Guys!!.

I am just so relieved to see something other than 150 something on that scale. I started seeing 150's in NOVEMBER! Seriously! Between the holidays and other things I have lost 10 pounds and maintained over the last 4 months! It's kinda good....because it makes me happy to know I can maintain. But it was a little early..

BIG - Seriously I went back to basic beginner NutriSystem 101. Pull out the booklet and make sure to WEIGH EVERYTHING. I was eating bigger 9 ounce pieces of salmon thinking a little more wasn't a problem. I had no idea it was 9 ounces! ...800-900 calories! Yikes!.

I was a bit bloated and had some tummy issues...but I've dropped 2.6 pounds in 3 days. It's almost like that first week onNutrisystemwhen I lost 6 pounds!.

DO IT! Go for it! I figured I could survive anything for a week or 2 weeks. SO CAN YOU!..

Comment #38

Yay, Judy!.

Hi everyone...busy today, mostly because the bathroom got clogged!.

Enjoying my son being home..

Needed the day to rest up...stayed in bed pretty late for me (about 8 a.m.).

I think the Flat Stanley thing is really cool! What a fun way for kids to learn about different places..

I'm still really tired, so going to wish you all pleasant dreams. Have a good night...

Comment #39

Today was (is?) my grandfather's birthday. It's still the day of his birth, but of course he's been gone a while now. Would have been somewhere around...106 or so...we never really knew the real year of his birth..

SO Happy Saturday! Ducky I heard that skiing was fantastic! Woo hoo for you guys! Get some enjoyment from all that snow!.

Vix...I'm glad having your son here to visit is going well! Enjoy time with him while you have him near!.

Okay off to go eat my breakfast!..

Comment #40

Good morning all.....

Everyone here is still asleep (except me and the cat!).

Enjoying a nice quiet cup of coffee or 2..

The sun is shining...looks like it might be a good morning for a walk..

I never really knew my grandparents on my father's side, my mother's parents passed away when I was about 6..

My children only have 1 grandparent mother-in-law is 95, but you'd never think it. She seems so much younger. She's an inspiration!.

Enjoy your day!..

Comment #41

Skiing was so much fun! I have a few spots where I hurt. That means I got some good exercise!.

I work at the store today, then I will try to download some pics...

Comment #42

Sounds fabulous Ducky! Love to see some pictures!.

Just got back from sat zumba...rocked it out and then climbed on the treadmill and did some running. I decided enough messing around. If 500 pound guys can run on the treadmill on Biggest Loser then I CAN RUN! I did a full minute yesterday and today I went 1 min and then 1.5 minutes. It's still awkward but I'm getting the technique down and all the movements together..

Okay off to hit the's lunchtime and I have some work to do down on my farm! Have a good afternoon......I'll check back in later on..


Comment #43

I loaded up a picture of Jeremy, Ashton and I at the top of the hill...

Comment #44

I can't believe that I found a Betty Boop themed St Patrick's Day good morning!! Too cool....haven't seen Betty in quite a while actually. We spent the first 1/2 hour this morning running around changing all the clocks. I hate moving times back and forth for daylights savings time..

Ducky...the picture is fabulous! It looks like the best fun! Plus you look like such a great family! Very good shot of you all! I'm glad you have fun. Now that you've been and know all about year you'll have to plan a few ski weekends or days into the long winter for fun! Might as well enjoy the snow too..

Okay I'm going out to get some breakfast...I'm starved!.

I hope we see a few more people next week around here. I've been scarce but I need to pop in more because it keeps me on my toes. I hope everyone else pops in too!..

Comment #45

Good morning!.

Nice picture Ducky! Did you do downhill or cross-country? I only went skiing once in my life, when I was in college...stayed on the bunny hill! ha-ha..

I'm sure it's great exercise either way!.

Judy...congrats on breaking through 150! That's always a hard one for me too!.

Pete and I went for a walk in the park yesterday was nice. Probably some cleaning, and maybe a little shopping today. Will see if Josh wants/needs anything..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #46

We went downhill skiing and had a blast! The hills were rated green (easiest), blue (moderate), and black (difficult). I have to say that there was a blue one that I really loved. It had some downhill, then it evened off, then it was a quick downhill and turn, then it evened off, then it was a small downhill. That was my favorite. I didn't really care for the straight downhill. I got going way too fast and I have trouble stopping! I fell two times trying to stop! Ashton loved it all. She even liked going down the blacks!..

Comment #47

So, I came up with a fun idea for my daughter to do today....

Last summer, we replaced all of the windows on our main level of our house. Ashton used to have a double window in her room. We took one out so now she has a single window. Jeremy hasn't had time to fix the wall yet, so she has this open space where the window used to be. I gave her permission to get creative and draw on that space. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! She is so excited!..

Comment #48

Oh that's such a cool idea! I've seen shows were people have torn house apart years and years after they were originally built and come across these spaces where kids drew/painted and colored all sorts of neat designs and things..

It's like a secret little art space hidden forever until some one unearths it at a later date!..

Comment #49


Come on over to here and see us!:.


Comment #50

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