Can i use web design software on my godaddy website that i bought someware else?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Can I use web design software on my godaddy website that I bought someware else?.

My 2nd question is: Have'nt been able to sell a HostGator in months and I'm getting very frustrated. Have sent out hundreds of emails to potential endusers and not one reply of interest. Meanwhile tons of very odd domains are being sold everyday for thousands. This business is not treating me well at all. I just dont know what gives or what I'm doing wrong...

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Your question was: Can I use web design software on my godaddy website that I bought someware else?.

The economy is certainly cooling off and the HostGator industry is not immune. on the plus side a weaker dollar should give non-US buyers more purchasing power, but US centric HostGator portfolios may miss out on the upside potential...

Comment #1

You're not doing anything wrong!.

It's all about interest. I bet if you post your domains for sale here you won't get more than reg fee for most of them.

If someone is interested in your domain, then he may be willing to pay grands for it even though others won't pay you $10 for it!.

Domaining == luck (1st).

Domaining == experience (10th)..

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I am enjoying the weak dollar, investing as much as I can.

When it goes up again I will only win..

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I hear this. Back in July I was selling domains left and right, some for very nice prices. Since then, it's been dead for me. I've acquired some nice domains since then, but barely even receive any offers. The few domains I have sold have been $xx sales not even worth mentioning really.

Honestly, I'm starting to focus more on development. I have a few good ideas for sites, so I'm working on those. Also thinking about getting more into online marketing and affiliate programs. Its all related to an extent, but domains alone don't seem to be cutting it for me anymore.

I'd recommend doing the same. Just try to diversify a bit, explore other related areas and tie in your domaining experience with whatever you undertake. At the the end of the day, you'll be developing a vast skill set that has to be worth something, even if it seems our actual domains are not..

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Last year, I had thoughts about giving up domaining. I'm glad I didn't though. Sales will come and go. I had a mid-xxx sale last month, and another in process this month after 4-5 dry months..

Make sure all of your domains are listed & categorized at as many places like sedo, fabulous, afternic, etc... that you can think of. You never know when you'll wake up to a nice email that someone has made you an offer.

Hang in there!..

Comment #5

Well, in my opinion a mid $xxx sale every few months in not worth the effort.

I agree with Ronald above that development is a good way to go...

Comment #6

If you wouldn't be offended, I'd be glad to give your portfolio a look and see if I just might be able to offer a little advice or pricing/marketing thoughts..

Send me a pm if interested...

Comment #7

It depends on what your goals are. But, it sounds to me like the original poster would be pretty happy with a mid-xxx sale right about now...

Comment #8

Do not quit! I read through your post some tension.. cool mate, it's a cycle and I am sure this trouble will be over with a bit of patience from you. Holding precious domains will never hurt, just do not give up. Explore new niches, develop your domains, try to collect revenue from them sitting just in the corner. The end-user will come sooner or later if your HostGator is worth it...

Comment #9

LOL, I'd be a happy with a mid xx sale right now But really could use low xx,xxx.

OutLawbiker, my portfolio is listed everywhere just about and you can see it at in my sig.

I dont have too many great names but do have a few I'm glad I own. Eventually I know they will sell for some decent profit. Right now though is pretty tough not getting any replies to my emails and I've sent out hundreds as I mentioned.

Thanks for all the replies!..

Comment #10

Give the phone a shot. Start up a network of buyers. Do you save emails from past customers? Sell a couple on ebay to gain some interest. Submit some to the Online auction on Dec 18th. is having an online auction coming up as well. Moniker seems to be having them Weekly.

How much time are you sticking in daily? Are you only going after End users? They are the hardest to find. I might find 10 a yeat TOPS and I am a full-time domainer.

Think outside the box and things will work out. If you need any pointers, feel free to email me, pm me etc...

Comment #11

Don't worry! I am prepared to offer you 100 NP$ for!! This sensational offer will not repeat...

Comment #12

Well lets see.

I have all my domains listed at afternic, sedo, moniker. Biggest sale to date was $1,500 and that sold on ebay. Moniker is imho a joke. Why? Because they never once have awnsered any of my emails or replied to any of my HostGator submissions for auctions. I'm actually ready to close my account there but obviously they'll survive without me.

Afternic, have no problems with them just very little "L Visits" lately and zero offers.

Sedo, haha. Sold about 6 names through sedo but their CS reps seem to all be laid off all the time. And they ruined one sale for me because the broker went on vacation and never contacted the buyer to receive the funds after high xx amount of days and I actually had to cancel the sale.

Godaddy, I register all my domains through them but find TDNAM listing process a joke (one name at a time?) and theres like 50 billion domains there for my 80 or so to get lost in very easily so I wont even bother there.

And yes, I try for endusers on a few of my domains for a better profit and also try to sell some domains to other domainers for a smaller and fair profit. But none of the above seem to be working lately.

I may appear to be crying a little and I am. But what drives me even more insane then seeing the oddest names selling for thousands is hearing others here and there crying because there only making $4,000 a month on "one" of their parked domains labor free $$$$$$$$.

Maybe this is a big league hobby/profession and I'm just not finanially able to accomplish what I'd like. Kinda like the stock market, it's either $7.00 a trade or $7.00 a domain...

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Same here. I own several domains. Never sold a single one...

Comment #14

I never said I didnt sell any In fact, I dont have exact numbers but I'm on the plus side by atleast $4,000 so all my domains about 90ish are paid for plus some. But I want more.

On the development topic, I have tried talking to quite a few respectable namepros members about partnering up with me on a project but no luck. I tried one project on my own with a webdesigner who did the exact opposite of what I wanted. Shoulda just flushed that money down the toilet. And without design skills myself whats one to do really. I agree with the luck comment because I'm obviously going to need alot of it..

Comment #15

Rob, some stupid-long HostGator names are getting sold for thousands and hundreds. This should keep you hopeful.

Can you explain more why you have not worked on the development part? I might be able to help within my line of ability You couldn't partner with member. What partnership can we do..

Comment #16

Personally I feel you do not need great design skills to develop your websites and make money from them, content is more important. Unless you have very good domains, sales are unlikely to be regular...

Comment #17

People are more willing to boast about their success than admit their failures. Domaining is hard for a lot of people who wont talk. I respect you for being open about your struggles with domaining.

Rob, I'd advise you to assess your situation, compare the alternatives as to what you can do with your time and make a decision that you are proud to stick with. Comparing yourself to those who are successful is always depressing reguardless of whether it is domaining or something else. Don't stay in the past with the "what ifs". Look to your future.

I relate to some things I'm hearing. I am not good at developing and I also have been let down by people with similar work and see trusting others with developing as too risky. I have had very little success with approaching endusers and I don't bother with that approach.

I am not sure about my long term with domaining. At the moment I think I am moving towards treating it more of a hobby than an income opportunity and it's not an easy decision. Good luck with whatever decision you make...

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++Bingo! Content = Traffic = Clicks = Revenue. It's indeed more important. and I got to agree with you there...

Comment #19

Personally, I think there are cycles of luck. The longest I've been without selling a HostGator is about 8 months. But then I sold about 12 domains in the next 4 months. Same modus operandi...

Comment #20

Overpricing? Take a look at how your pricing things maybe thats your problem...

Comment #21

Been a crappy month for me, last month was nice...

But then again, domaining isn't my job so I could careless if I make any sales.. the revenue on my domains pay the reg fee's + some so I haven't gone in the negative yet, just sitting back and waiting for the end user to come to me.

Sounds kind of lazy...

Comment #22

Hey Rob,.

As a owner of several domains and never sold one so far (but I am eager to do), I can feel you...:-).

I even had no chance so far to contact some enduser ......yeah, I admit it is sort of lazyness....

But......your name is Rob right? a matter affect, right now I have on sale...hit me if you are interested, (you could be my 1st prospect)....



Comment #23

In HostGator business patience is the key even though I treat domaining as a hobby...

Comment #24

Thanks for the replies and pm's. I have found a new inspiration through this thread and a pm I received.

Love this place..

Comment #25

Repricing my names? No, I have different price sets on each aftermarket with the exception of sedo where they are all set to make offer...

Comment #26

This is about the most accurate statement I have ever heard about domaining. People at are wise, shrewd, stingy, tight, savvy, educated, and more! They know your domains are worth more, but aren't going to pay your anything near what it is worth..

They know you (any seller NP) needs money more than they do at the given moment (any buyer at NP). They know if they wait, you will break down, and nearly give away your domain, or at least sell it at a loss.

Frank (another tightwad) Aw Frank... That's cold. Hitting up on man when he is down.... He wants to sell domains, not buy more!!! You have been banned from the Frank name!!.

Frank The good one.

Not the below the belt Frank (you!) Ha!!..

Comment #27

LOL, I'm not giving anything away. We all have our own thoughts on the value of our domains and I wont sell for less then that...

Comment #28

I've never had much luck selling names myself for high prices. Biggest sale this year was $600 I think. Still, sold several hundred for mid XX-low XXX. Reinvesting profits has proven to be far more profitable for me than hunting down endusers.

I wish you all the best Hasrob. As some have suggested, it may be best to treat it as a hobby for now. I still treat domaining as a hobby that's what makes it so fun I can do it when I want, for whatever amount of time I want, decide how much I make by the time I put in,.....

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Rob, why don't you trade some of your domains in for some more liquid names? Get some good LLLL.coms,, names. Good quality LLLL.coms are appreciating in value and you can make an easy 25% on investment in 3 months time. Liquid names are much better than brandable or keyword names in that they don't require much time or effort to sell; you always have ready buyers here at the forums..

Comment #30

Hi Rob!.

I don't know the answer (there are no purely right or definitely wrong answers, as far as I can tell) ... but I'll share what has worked for me of late (partnered in the successful sale of an .ORG for $X,xxx (each), sales of two "Career" domains (one a .COM and one a .NET for mid $Xxx combined), and $500 with the sale of a local politician's .COM name domain): I completely trimmed my portfolio and concentration in dumping what I perceived to be dogs over the long-term (obviously considering the $ renewals fees and potential for payoff), I partnered with folks who knew more about the respective HostGator niches that served those domains than I, and I concentrated on super "Quick Sales" at the Wholesale level (most notably, .MOBI's (now entirely in the black in this category!)) and targeted marketings - yet short and to the point - to End users for better names, at least those in my perception! The rest I strategically forwarded to my other developed domains for additional traffic and marketing purposes, IMHO.

I think, at least for me, that less is more ... less domains / HostGator management / time etc. and renewal fees for more concentrated holdings and commitment to End user marketings!.

Researching Google,, etc. for End users, and then contacting those End users consistently with reasonable Asking prices (no shame in lowering Asking prices in order to improve the close ratio, in my view), is my strategy going forward - .COM's and .ORG's, primarily!.

Developing, of course, all the while ...

All the best,.


Comment #31

Thanks Jeff, I hear what you say loud and clear my friend. I have found it hard to find a "partner" here. Someone I can trust and respect ya know? But mainly because those who I've asked are already busy with other projects and to be honest I dont bring much to the table. I have a few domains with great ideas for development I know would be profitable, but no funds, no design skills and no partner basically equals wish me luck.

Another problem I have is watching too much tv and coming up with HostGator names "I think" "Eventually" someone will want. Like tonight, I watched this show on private jets, jet charters and luxury business jets which has open seats people are able to jump in not only the seat but own shares etc. See and (these guys had the right idea) And how luxury jet charters are the wave of the future getting away from all major airlines. So what did I come up with? LOL Another $6.99 with coupon code down the drain? Maybe, but I like it.

Thanks again gang..

Comment #32

I started domaining a year ago with just $8. All I ever had was a laptop and internet connection.

With that $8, I registered tendersale(.)com and sold it to a member here for $60. Then I registered a couple more, and resold it for $30 here and there, and started making some very small sales ($60) at Sedo. Over the months I also made small sales of XX at other forums such as DP, and Sitepoint.

Then I got fed up of making small sales, and started putting all my eggs in 1 basket. I believe it's much better to own 1 superb HostGator rather than to own 100 reg fee names.

Thus after 1 year, I now own domains like DBR(.)net.

The thing is, don't compare yourself to the big LUCKY full time domainer guys or else it does feel rather demotivating. But just keep on telling yourself you will be there someday. Just make sure that you are improving little by little each day.

Another thing about domains is, it's not just buying, selling or developing. Doing just that will get you somewhere, but I believe it's more than just that. You need some niche skills. I see some people are good at catching drop names, some are good at negotiating to end users, some are good at getting traffic names for parking, others are good at developing and placing affiliates codes with adsense.

Even in developing, there are many niche's. Some develop full fledge sites, some develop useful sites such as estibot, namebio. Some others develop blogs, some develop content sites and etc.

By the way, have you watch the video on my sig link ?

Comment #33

Yofie, sashas, Jeff all great posts! I have been realizing this of late. The neverending compulsiveness of a domainer (while I was typing this post I checked to see if "compulsiveness" & "compulsivity" were available... no surprise both taken, checked whois to see if they were being tasted, they weren't)..

Comment #34

Why you so hurry? just be more patience, it is not a short term lottery game that you buy a ticket today and ready to hit a jackpot tomorrow. I have never sent emails to other people to sell my domains, I just keep my domains parking and waiting, and there are always some big deals come to me every year, though only once a deal per year but it is enough to me...

Comment #35

Great to see the optimism. You get those down days every now and again.

Agreed. It is a great forum...

Comment #36

Me , well some of my names are long term bets , , , , , I have accepted this will be long term for me ....... so I guess I can say sometimes it takes time ...... but yes it is amazing how much gets sold , but no one grabs yours , I think luck has a bit to do with it and also name choice of course ........ I do not wish to tell you how much wasted money I have put into HostGator names ... but I still have faith. Because I still think this is a great way to invest , I truely wish you well , maybe buy a good quality aftermarket HostGator name ????? to restore your faith..

Comment #37

Jot down a list of all the people that have bought from you before and offer them the option of buying from you again, you have already the relationship there. Ask them what their needs and wants are? perhaps if you don't have something they want you could find it for them!..

Comment #38

I had been domaining for like 4 years plus. First 1 and 2 years I bought like 20+ domains and some sold for low $xx I think I got fed up and left namepros for like nearly a year then I am back here last year end and continue my domaining path. All I can say is that I make no profit in domaining but I treat them more as a hobby then a business. Nobody around me (friends, parents, buddies) understand about domains.

All I can say is love the domains treat them like your puppy and one day they will grow up and become DOG. That's the time to make a sales...

Comment #39

What a great thread, fine posts & valuable advice from the experts. I have also all but stopped registering new names, because I've found it's much better to have a trimmed portfolio of domains that are obviously good ones than to waste hundreds if not thousands each year renewing / registering second-rate names, or purely speculative names. Say, keep a portfolio of about 50 speculative names such as , just to indulge, that'll only cost you about $500 per year to renew and who knows....

But I've found that purchasing generics and LLL/LLLL domains is a more surefire way to make some sales and keep things profitable. I also second this. Selling surplus names here for $xx is good for trimming the portfolio, but it's worth waiting for that motivated buyer for your better names.

That's why appraising is hard, too. would be worth low $xx in the reseller market, but if someone actually decided to set up a mars colony and sell the condos, they would pay $xx,xxx for it.

There are always long periods of time with no offers, unless you've got one hell of a portfolio. Then you may get several offers within a week.

That's when it might just be the time to move the goods, if it's a HostGator that has never before received an offer, consider selling for a very reasonable price, it might be the last offer you'll ever get for that domain. Use that money to buy a generic/LLL/ and so forth.

One thing I think is not given enough attention on this forum, is profit per hour of work done. A lot of folks are spending many hours each day (or night) researching and registering domains, yet only make a modest sale every once in a great while. If you only make a $1k sale once a year and spend 1,000 hours domaining, that's a lousy salary by any standards. That time would be better spent with the family, outdoors, or working toward a promotion in your day job.

...or possibly developing. Development is good because once you get the site going, it will keep producing some income, which will accumulate over the years and eventually the cumulative income will have justified the long hours you've put in the project.

Also, don't forget ccTLD's. I have invested mostly in those in the past year, and they are surely the dotcoms of tomorrow. My best parking revenue and income from developed minisites are all from generic ccTLD's. Also, in many ccTLD's, true generics are still available for registration, but not for long!.

Good luck!.


Comment #40

Rob...I know the feeling mate ! despite getting $500, 800, 1000 intial offers on some of my names over the year it's been ages since my last decent low to mid x,xxx sale.

Its hard going if you don't have a decent budget to play with even though there are some fantastic success stories of people starting out with nothing, Sashas and Giode are two very fine examples of that here at NamePros.

.... Luck is most definetly a factor to a certain extent, eg: the other day I would have bought D you b a I Y a c h t s _c*m for less than $300 if the luvely Mr FS (C a y m a n s) was'nt in the bidding ! the same thin happened for.

D you b a I C r you I s ec * m.

(one of my domaining idols just kicked my poor cheap ass once again ).

However, I am VERY happy with some of the names I have managed to get this year in the drops considering the stiff competition All I can suggest to you is.

Aim in the $500 to $4000 max if you're trying to sell a brand new hand reg in the first year or two to an end user. (unless it is FANTASTIC).

Most weeks on DNJournal this is the most common price range of sales.

Eg: DubaiPrivateIslands_c*m is nice but I would'nt say it was fantastic and it is very new. 10k starting price is too high unless you are willing to hold it for a number of years JMHO (listed on BuyDomains) Stick to .coms.

Eg: dubairealestate_c*m has had 36 offers (just on sedo) most of which were made in the last year.

My (2003) Dubairealestate_n*t has had 3 lowball xx offers in 2 years ! STICK to a managable limit, renewals can really eat a REALLY BIG hole in your profits (and time) - I cringe when I see how many domains some people have, great if they're selling often or are paying their reg fees each year which I suspect the vast majority don't.

...the....maybe the next name I buy will pay for all the others approach is VERY DANGEROUS IMO.

I currently own around 250 and it's far too much - serious trimming down is on the cards for me as I can't afford to hold them all !.

If you have nice usuable names that are earning over their reg fee each month hold out for an enduser sale - don't sell based on a multiple of. This would appear to be one of the most immediate & lucrative areas....end user sales a far and few between, GREAT when they do happen but it requires a HUGE amount of faith and patience IMO.

All in all, be patient - don't give up, just change tact if you feel things are not working out as you would like, as they say "there's always more than one way to skin a cat".

Best of Luck...keep the faith !.

Disclaimer - No Animals where hurt or harmed in any way.


Comment #41

This game can be very frustrating. I find myself banging my head against the wall daily. Its not so much that I can't sell domains because I am not really trying to but that I can't find good domains to buy. Then I see noobs like sashas cleaning up making good sales and finding good domains and it drives me nuts. Everyone I talk to seems to want 100,000 for their domains. It sucks.

Who even knows if I am contacting the right person in charge or not. One big sale or one good deal buy would be so nice right now to put me in a better place mentally about the whole biz...

Comment #42

One thing I don't believe in when it comes to domaining is success by luck. Maybe a single nice sale, yes. But I believe "The harder I work, the luckier I get" pretty much sums this up. Sashas has worked very hard over the last few months to soak up as much info as many people here have learnt in years. More than anything, I see domainers crushed by unrealistic expectations. If you could consistently flip names for 20% profits each month, you could turn a 10k investment into $2 million in less than 3 years... It's not about making huge profits, it's about making consistent profits, month after month...

Comment #43

I guess I would have to disagree with just about every poster, If I were you I would rethink my business plan, I only looked at some of your posts of names for sale and it looks like you might be top heavy with brandable generics that probably dont get a lot of traffic or income (some look real good too)this puts a load on you financially. Being patient like everyone says may end up costinga pretty penny. I rarely reg domainer names, first domainers are the cheapest bunch of endusers there are, I include myself in this evaluation. most domainers are just as good when it comes to making up brandable names to use in a website. while I didnt want to I let some good names expire years ago that I know I could have sold for a good price today, but the problem is I had so many names I had to thin my portfolio, now I keep names that make over reg fee, my spec names based on future health plans congress is debating, and future generic tech names..

And I limit myself on generic brandables to keep costs down. I am not only in the black but make a decent profit every year. I have never bought a HostGator only reg them. One of the problems with brandable generics is there are thousands of domainers entering the HostGator market and regging a ton of made up names. Just as an example I randomly selected bluegoat redgoat greengoat all regged in several extensions.

Having a ton of made ups for sale brings down the price as it's all domainers competing for the sales and some are just happy to sell for 25 dollars. I know you have been at this for a while and have your own strategies I am just relaying what has worked for me. My main business strategy is to reg names with traffic even if only a couple views a week and continue to increase my portfolio and income. as a side note I dont participate in drops or backorders either.

Before taking any of my advice weight it carefully like I said I have lost a few really good sales because of names I let drop I would hate for that to happen to you.

Good luck.


Rob out of curiousity about how many names do you carry?..

Comment #44

You should be happy with the fact that you are one of the few that hasn't been kicked off Bodis!..

Comment #45

Rob, most of us have periods like you are unfortunately having at the moment, I know I certainly have. But just take a minute and think about the world class athletes out there who have periods when they just cannot get it together, authors who have writers block, etc., the only thing you can do is just acknowledge that from this point on it can only get better and keep trying.

You have succeeded in the past, now is just a quiet time for you, but make use of this time to fine tune your strategies and portfolio. What would be a real waste is if you did not take advantage of the moment to better prepare yourself for tomorrow and all the days afterwards. You are obviously no quitter, you wouldn't have lasted 6 months in this business if you were, so like the world class athlete keep going, you might not win todays race, but who knows about tomorrows race..............

Comment #46

Domaining often involves what I consider waves and patterns. These are ususally due to just random dumb luck and sometimes extra effort and skills. Ive found that when I hit a downtime - I look for a different strategy. I move my efforts to an untapped market or try something completely new and different.

Domaining isnt easy, and requires a complete understanding of the market and the industry. It requires connections and smart strategy. Be Patient - but at the same time be smart. Dont sit around waiting for a sale. Yofie recommended making phone calls - Those are about 10x more likely to net a sale and it's good advise.

Dont quit - just change your strategy.


Comment #47

I think I work pretty hard. I spend at least 12 hours a day doing this. It might not be luck but maybe just a numbers game that people like sashas or giode are able to find some poor sucker who has no idea of HostGator prices. For me, like I said it's not even about selling names. I'm not really interested in selling any right now beside the odd few that I have no use for. I just want to find some deals and not feel like I am wasting 12 hours a day researching domains...

Comment #48

Hi HasRob,.

I feel the pains that you have. Domaining is going down now. HostGator offers are much much much more than HostGator needs in the market. What can you do for domaining, if you don't own high-rate domains?.

I know domaining will boom in the future, but that's a long time to wait. I think many domaining guys cannot wait so long. Time is pressing as living is pressing. Quitting domaining is wise, if you'll choose a stable/growing-income business.

Best luck!.


Comment #49

This thread really got me to thinking about domaing ang my approach. Along with this thread the Start Over Challenge thread that I started has made me completely rethink what I am doing in the domaining business. Whatever poster above said that people he should track hours spend looking for names is completely true. It was not that I forced myself to see how much I could make in a week starting with nothing did I realize how inefficent it is to look through drop lists and try to find reg fee names. I have found for me the best way to make money online is to develop my names. So for me I really have no need to hold more then 10 names. It is because of this I have decided to trim down my portfolio...

Comment #50

In a way, I resent your statement above. Like Reece said earlier, luck is a byproduct of work. Very hard work. Some people will never understand this. I can tell you one thing, pessimism will never change your situation.

I understand you're frustration though. I got into this domaining stuff in February of this year, and quickly realized how late I was. I was frustrated often, but it made me hungrier and work harder. Truthfully, when I started out I was spending 16 hours everyday learning all I could. I didn't post a lot, but I did read a lot. I started doing my own thinking, and tried new things.

One of the things I tried was catching names as they dropped, since back ordering wasn't working so well. I timed the .info drop down to the minute, and everyday would set an alarm to wake up at that exact time with my pre-drop list I prepared the night before. I usually got exactly what I was trying for on those .info drops (except the three letter .info's! I soon found that there were a couple members of this forum who were quicker than me and were snagging them all and comparing their catch on this forum). I then got a membership at (I still have one) and learned a ton about the HostGator drop system works, plus picked up some of my best .info domains there. I would VERY highly recommend becoming a member of Dwayne Rowland's site. Amazingly it is still undiscovered by large.

Why does this matter? Because it made this business fun, and I was naturally able to progress to bigger and better things. For the first 3-4 months though, I saw obtaining premium .com's as unrealistic (That was, until I tried in May).

One thing is, I always made a note to stay away from anything negative relating to the HostGator biz, because I realized that negativity can hurt enthusiasm in a big way. You need to be enthusiastic if you want to succeed in anything. Things were no different for me then, than they are for you now (or anyone). It's all a matter of attitude and the level of determination you have. Joe Girard, Guinness World Record holder for the most sold used cars, said that he would avoid most of the other car salesmen he worked with because they were always so negative. It drained him and effected his performance.

Because of this, their situation never changed and Joe always sold rings around them.

Regarding your comment on my, or Sashas, low-balling owners of generic domains. That's a cop out! I think you would be shocked if you knew the prices I paid for the names in my signature. They were not low-ball offers. Frankly, I am put off by low-ballers like the next guy. When I bought for 10k, forum appraisals put the name's value at 10k-20k max. I did the leg work that led to a 75k sale.

It was an opinion that I respected, but fortunately was able to sell it for 90k. Were those low-ball offers? I don't think they were at all. The same for Sashas. I know some of the prices he paid and can tell you that they were not low-balls either.

The best thing for you would be to stop looking at the success others are having, and go out create your own success. If you are truly determined to succeed in this business, no one should need to baby step you on how to do it. There is so much information out there, that you couldn't possibly need more...

Comment #51

I'm going to have to say that luck is everything. But you'll never have any luck unless you work smart. So all those people giving advice about this are correct.

When I started I spent a large amount of time just reading. I did have an inherent advantage in that people approach me all the time for branding new companies. And not all of them are 'domain smart' and hence are willing to buy brandables for $x,xxx.

I don't have too many keyword heavy .coms, but have concentrated on acquiring and marketing .ins and have reasonable success in that so far.

Though about 6 sales have been blind luck and those account for a large percentage of the money I put into domains, these were approaches via Bodis or Email, some completed through escrow, some through local contacts, some through wire. All good.

I have received a ton of offers that went nowhere too. Not to mention a few offers to buy my domains for millions if I spent $150 on an appraisal...

From a marketing perspective, your domains are only as valuable as you make them out to be. A standard script might make it easy to list your domains, but unless you showcase them correctly, it's not going to have much value. The best product at a street side stall might not entice the buyer to buy, but showcased properly with a little spotlight and nice ambience in a decent store will definitely attract attention and hence sales.

We also provide a dossier for higher sales for the domains on offer, these dossiers include stuff like ovt, valuation and usage parameters...

Comment #52

Hey hey Derek,.

Thanks for sharing here once again.


Comment #53

Only spend what you can afford to lose. Really, would you re-mortgage your home to access cash to invest in a speculative Gold stock?.

I see domaining the same way, just as speculative, just as risky. High risk, high reward...

Comment #54

I'm not asking for help. Money is the main thing holding people back from success in this business. I don't have 35k to spend a domain. And I think 35k is nothing for a HostGator like copies. You would never be able to find a deal like that on the aftermarket. Had you not achieved that first sale you would not of achieved any others because you wouldn't have any way to fund your purchases. Where do you think you would be had you just been unable to sell B6?..

Comment #55

B6 is a super popular vitamin - very good for acne. It would be a super easy sell at a premium over regular prices.

Yes, money is definitely a factor If I had 10x as much money as I do, I probably would have bought 10x as many LLLL.coms and would be sitting on a half million profit right then and there.

Nevertheless, I agree with Giode's POV that focussing on pessimistic stories - "I can't because I don't have money" won't get you anywhere. One member of this very forum told me that he had turned $20 into $3000 this year alone. Maybe not alot of money to some of you, but where he lives, $3000 is alot of money.. He's a very bright domainer and I'm sure he'll be joining the ranks of pros soon enough.

I'm sitting on easily 30-40k profit on my LLLL.coms I bought over the last 3 months. I spent 11k on them. No matter how you slice it, that's one heck of a ROI. So, maybe you don't have 11k... Then do what it takes to get it.

I didn't just wake up with 11k, 40k, 300k etc one day. I worked for it, a day at a time. I now make half my income from domaining. I make more than enough to do it full time, but choose not to. If you don't have the money to get into this business, maybe it's best you find yourself a good paying job. If you don't have the requisite skills or if there are no good paying jobs in your area, capitalize on small opportunities like LLLL.coms when they present themselves. You have many more opportunities to look forward to in the future don't let anyone tell you differently..

Comment #56

Regarding B6..I should of just said where would you be without your first significant sale to fund other purchases. Sometimes it just doesn't happen so easily for people. Of course being pessimistic isn't going to help any and most of the time I think I am pretty positive but I have bad days that just seem so much worse when I see others making leaps and bounds over me who only started a few months ago...

Comment #57

That's what lots of people in the real estate business say and it isn't true there either! There is an old saying that goes "If the deal is good enough, money is never a problem.".

You don't have to look hard to find examples where lots of money at the start made large losses possible. Not having enough money forces you to think of better ways...

Comment #58

I think alot of people don't realize how much money may be available to them... Think of family members, close friends, acquaintances, etc... Show them the kind of profits you've been making (assuming you are making them). If you're making profits, chances are they're annihilating that GIC/bond rate.. Start a business and make them a partner in the business. I'm looking into doing this myself right now not because I'm broke or need the money, but because it would allow me to scoop up the opportunities I sometimes miss due to having my funds tied up...

Comment #59

Giode, it's people like you we should all be using as our rolemodel! Well done in your success! What he's saying is you can start anywhere, you don't need much money at all if you are serious, Do anything you can including setting your alarm clock to pick up the droped domains and get enthusiastic about it, don't let negativity get the better of you.

Good Luck!..

Comment #60

Thin*com is one of the best names I have seen owned by a member of this forum. Potentially seven figures!..

Comment #61

Very inspiring,.

I have been giving up expensive coffees for a long time and reg new names with that cash...

Comment #62

I'd be interested in knowing the details of the "leg-work" you needed to do to turnover these domains...

Comment #63

I've been a "domainer" full time with no other job for coming up on 7 years now have tens of thousands of domains. Sahar got me into the business when he was living in a trailer and me at my parents.

From my experience luck has little to do with how one does in this business, timing is a factor, but large domainers are not built on the back of "brandable" names, speculation or resale. Speculation is a terrible business model and very unstable, at the end of the day it's a job in the truest sense. You don't sell a HostGator you don't get paid.

While there are sales that occur with large portfolio holders, the business model is based heavily on traffic and revenue earned from it, it doesn't take a visionary to realize that if names that receive type in traffic can generate X amount of revenue in X amount of time it is a good investment. Last month we sold over $30,000 in domains, but this is in addition to our primary business model.

When you focus on a sustainable business models, take educated risks, and continue to modify your business plan, domaining has the potential to be a good business.

When you have a dream but don't have a sustainable business model you burn out and end up out of the game sooner than needed, and often on someone else's terms...

Comment #64

Great post Smith - I would still say you were pretty lucky to have met Sahar 7 years ago !!.

If you had'nt do you think you would be as successful as you are today or would you have still been doing what you were doing at the time? I am in NO WAY saying that you have'nt worked really really hard & smart to get where you are today.


Comment #65

I'm gonna show more respect to the next guy I meet in a trailer with a hairbrained scheme for making money.

Nevertheless. I'd still like to know how to exercise my legs..

Comment #66

Learning the concept of type in traffic and the power of it years ago from Sal was for sure a defining moment in my life.

If I hadn't gone the direction I did, I guess I would be involved in the restaurant franchise industry, I was a corporate manager for a large Canadian coffee chain, training to be a district manager when I started with domains.

I can't really imagine what my life would be like now had I taken a different path (nor do I really want to)..

Comment #67

Yeah, Sahars story is indeed a GREAT ONE, also not without a few chance life changing moments along the way.

For those that may not have read it, very inspiring stuff ! enjoy !

I know you have developed one property site Smith....and you now live in Dubai, do you have any plans to develop others related to Dubai or are you mainly interested in the PPC model ?

Ps - Do you know why people keep emailing me trying to sell me Dubai Homes ??.

I can barely afford my rent.


Comment #68

Well, if your main bread and butter is domaining then that would be acceptable.

My last sale was a year ago plus my domains don't get a lot of traffic, but virtually, i'm not complaining. I know that good sale will come in it's right time. I also enjoy developing some of my domains...

Comment #69

No plans to develop much stuff specific to the Dubai / UAE market at the moment, traffic is a bit limited, I look at it more of a testing ground.

PPC is easy, but there are talks behind the scenes of PPC coming to an end within 5 years and there isn't any replacement for it right now, so diversification is always a good idea...

Comment #70

Perhaps it has to do with the nice property names in your sig..

Comment #71

Thanks Smith, I have a few especially for development purposes, should be done long before that, I think there may also be great potential in advertising, banner ads etc - The UAE spends a fortune in advertising as far as I have read. Ahhh, maybe - I never thought of that Kate, I will adjust my siggy to suit asap.

...any ideas how all those other thousands of people that sent me emails know I have a little willy and need viagra ? - I have no idea I know I did'nt tell them !.


Comment #72

LOL, gazzip!.

This is an excellent thread, and I think that the points touched upon are very relevant to every single person that enters this forum. I have been in the domaining game since May, and I haven't sold any names yet. I am however, earning ad revenue (not much, but it's getting more stable every day, I pretty much get clicks every single day now-I suspect that's how it starts, small at first, then more each day.).

I too want to focus on developing, and have three development ideas that could become quite successful, but I am waiting on funds to buy software, and some other loose ends that need tied up.

I haven't contacted end-users as I truly have no desire to become a salesperson (I'm great at soft sales, but not hard). That is perhaps a downfall, but I choose to look at the other things that I can do make up for it, such as being a developer, and continuing to look for better ways to earn ad revenue. I would love to sell a name for $xx,xxx, but I think the more attractive thing to me right now is say, earning $x,xxx a month in revenue on names that I keep (and no, I'm nowhere near that yet!).

Once again, excellent thread...

Comment #73

Thanks a lot dannbkk. Appreciate it! There are literally TONS of good examples to follow on this forum. I could start naming them, but I don't want to risk forgetting anyone..

Comment #74

Yeah excellent thread for all of you. I'm the big baby who started it and I'm not quitting, just frustrated a little. Thread closed LOL..

Comment #75

Wait.... what kind of talks? Who/what is "behind the scenes"? This should surely be interesting to all of us! You bet your $$$ that's how it starts... unless you have a lot of money to invest up front, or score a lucky hand reg sale, "painfully slowly" is the word, and the next word you need is "perseverance". It took me 3 years of developing my rear end off until I started seeing any substantial growth in ad revenue. Still, it happens like this: for each site you develop, and for each traffic HostGator you park, the income goes up a few cents a day. Just got to keep adding good ones and dropping the bad ones.

You know what they say about success, it's 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration, well I think it is true for domaining and especially developing. And it takes years.

You read all these success stories, but they didn't happen overnight, the few who truly succeed worked very hard for very little before success happened.

Again, probably not true for those who bought domains in the 90's, well, all they had to do was hold on to them... Developing is good, if you have the time and the inclination, developing never hurts a domain. Appearing on page 1 in Google counts for something.

Good luck.


Comment #76

Hey Gooster. Appreciate the compliment on thin .com! I wish someone would tell this to all the low-ballers who frequently make offers for this name. I have had some serious interest lately, from and end-user or two. We'll see what happens.

Thanks again!.

There are many ways to get creative in searching for end-users. What seems to work best (for me) is using Google Adwords to help identify who the best candidates would be. I'll use as an example.

When you type the word "cushion" into the Google search engine, you notice the "Sponsored Links" at the top of the page, and right side. These companies are paying Google to advertise based off of that specific keyword. In other words, they are looking to increase traffic, and hopefully sales, based off of that keyword. These are your best candidates to sell to since you already know they are paying good money for the Adwords campaign.

Include a brief explanation about the value of generic names, and the resulting type-in/targeted traffic that these names can produce, in an email to these companies. Your response rate will be MUCH higher using this method.

Other than that, just send emails to as many relevant companies as you can. The bigger companies will have "gatekeepers" intercepting any emails you send, before the decision makers get to read them. Just hope that the gatekeepers have enough sense to forward it on to the correct parties.

Hope this helps!..

Comment #77

Here is a few tips,.

-Endusers come to you, they want specific names, trying to find them really doesn't work well, occasionally someone might be lucky but the very essence of an enduser sale is that the person really wants a *specific* domain.

-Odd and not so great names sell for high prices daily, but the odds are low, companies like buydomains sell only 1% of their inventory per year, and the quality and sales process is above average.

-I would probably suggest focusing on domains of certain value rather than replying on low probability sales to endusers, eg 3 letter domains, popular keywords etc...

Comment #78

I agree with Snoopy. IF you can wait for them to come to you, you hold a lot more leverage in negotiating higher dollars. Takes patience!..

Comment #79

The weak USD sucks for affiliate earnings, I'm in NZ and the USD is worth exactly half what is was when I started domaining back in 99. Affects parking revenue, but on the upside dot coms are cheaper to own...

Comment #80

Feel exactly what you feel Hasrob. I own mostly Dubai/UAE related names and I have tried sending emails to Dubai Companies, but no luck.

I even created a and pointed almost all my domains to it in hopes of maybe increasing traffic and getting some offers.

In yahoo if you search 1)Dubai Domain(s), 2) Dubai HostGator Name(s), I'm in the top searches. And still no substantial offers. Two people showed interest, then didn't hear from them again.

I hear of people selling Dubai domains for Xxxx$ to XXxxx$ range. If I get high xxx$ for some I would be satisfied. But even that is not happening and in all fairness I think I do have some high quality Dubai/UAE names.

It's extremely frustrating especially if more money has to be invested to keep some of the names.

In a sad way it feels sorta better to know I'm not alone in this mess...

Comment #81

To get around the "gatekeepers," call the company at 5:15. The secretary leaves at 5:00 but the guy that calls the shots doesn't leave until 6:00 or 7:00...

Comment #82

Remember, don't try to makea killing right off the bat! Let's say you reg 20 fairly good name at $10 each. $200 invested. Then 6 months later, you sell them at different prices, but you get $300 bucks for the lot. Maybe you lost $2 on one, made $4 on another. No matter what, you came out $100 ahead! Now, you can reinvest say 75% of that, and go buy something with the other $25. Keep doing this over and over. I know, I'n talking crap! Ha!.


Comment #83

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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