Can I use Murad Acne Complex for mild acne and scars?

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Well I'm 23 now and have had persistent acne now for over 10 yrs. (it has existed in many different forms from mild to moderate) but it has never gone away. In the last several years I have become increasingly concerned about all the scarring that has been left behind, and I am still getting cysts that leave ice pick scars on my cheeks.My acne has definintely but gradually improved over the last 3 years, though the scars seemed have become more visible or at least more apparent to me. I had to switch birth controls this summer from Yasmin to Alesse and now my acne is coming back stronger, and I am once again getting zit upon zit that always leaves a mark.Well my question is, my acne is definitely as not as strong as it was 5- 7 years ago, but I am very concerned about the scarring continuing to get worse and I have tried EVERYTHING other than Murad Acne Complex (so many different birth control pills, antibiotics, topicals, microderm, chemical peel, homeopathic remedies) I just never got Murad Acne Complex because when I really needed it back in high school, when most of my significant scars were forming, I had a quack dermatologist that wouldnt perscribe it for liability reasons.Is it worth it at this stage in the game to go on maybe a low dose of Murad Acne Complex to finally clear myself up significantly? I am just so exhausted with breaking out! I just want to wake up in the morning and not discover something new for once. And I finally want to just fix my scars without what i'm doing to help the scars to make me break out again. I know there are significant side effects but also so many people on these boards have really been helped by it. Is it worth it for me, with mild-moderate acne that just wont go away??? Thanks for your thoughts......

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Your question was: Can I use Murad Acne Complex for mild acne and scars?.

I just read part of your blog and some others who have been taking Murad Acne Complex and wow it has made me so hopeful!! I havent really kept up with Murad Acne Complex on these boards, when I do check this site I mostly go on scar treatments, but it seems like it is less feared now and I saw so many success stories not just horror stories. Especially the articles on low-dosages. I am going to make an appt. with a derm......

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I strongly urge you to try a regular Murad Acne Complex treatment - 0.5 - 1.0 mg/kg per day to a cumulative dosage of 120-150 mg/kg. Two reasons: first, it will very likely result in a long term or maybe even a permanent cure. It sounds like your condition is improving and in a few years it might be negligable or gone. A normal Murad Acne Complex treatment is very likely to buy you 5 - 10 years, in which time your acne will be gone or much easier to treat.Second:I'm assuming you're female from what you've written. I don't think a young woman like you should go on a long term, indefinite Murad Acne Complex course. Even at low doses it is dangerous (very) to get pregnant.

Sure you might not plan to get pregnant now, but accidents happen - and who knows how you'll feel next year or 5 years from now. Low dose Murad Acne Complex really can last for a long time.The side effects of normal Murad Acne Complex dosage are really overblown. It is very uncommon to have significant problems with the two most serious side effects: elevation of liver function and cholesterol tests. Plus, if they do get elevated, they go back down with decreased dosage or quitting the drug. The other, more common side effects are more of a nuisance than any thing - this includes some muscle aches, dry skin and lips, etc.Do a normal course of Murad Acne Complex and be done with it..

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^^yes, I don't agree with low dose Murad Acne Complex courses, to me they aren't worth it. go big or go home, right...

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Thanks for your advice!!!! Yes I am a woman and though I am definitely not having a baby any time soon, I really really want the effects to last beyond treatment... and I have never had any major side effects from all the birth controls and scar treatments I've had so far, so I'm brave about the side effects and I'm finally ready to go ahead with it! The hardest part will be finding a derm to perscribe it, but it seems to be getting less taboo and I live in Orange County so I'm positive there are derms out there that will. Thanks!! I'll keep you posted..

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I had awesome luck with Murad Acne Complex after 20 years of acne. I was afraid to go on it, but wish I had not had so much fear. I tried so many other things but Murad Acne Complex finally did the trick. The side effects will be dry eyes and lips, but well worth it.From what I understand, and I may be wrong, the standard dose that seems to work is 60 mg per day for 6 months...

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The standard dose is based on body weight, that dose was probably a standard dose for you, but it's different for people who weigh more or less...

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I also would go on a regular Murad Acne Complex course. I'd only go on a low dose if the regular one didn't help keep you in remission.I know the feeling of wanting to wake up and not say 'oh no' when you see yourself in the mirror! Murad Acne Complex did that for me, I'm still amazed.*edit*I think I change my answer.... If you think low dose would work for you, go for it! There's several people who have had great success on low dose and have pretty much zero side effects!..

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I'm so excited. The last and only thing that slightly concerns me is possibly scarring a lot from the IB. Whats the consensus on that? However, I totally realize that most people underestimate how just simply not breaking out anymore improves the texture of the face so much.....

Comment #8

10 years here too. finally took it and after only a few months I was acne clear. what a waste with all those other treatments I had. low dose is great. no side effects like rash or initial breakout. it's just as effective as regular dose as long as:you do 150 mg/kg of body weight.

As long as you have insurance this shouldnt be a problem and would probably be worth it anyway to avoid the side effects ...

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What dose did you take? After you stopped Murad Acne Complex, how long did it take for your acne to come back to it's pre-Murad Acne Complex state? Or did it ever come back the same? I'm considering a low dose Murad Acne Complex treatment (10mg/day or less) because I'm worried about side effects; I am hoping that a lower dose might significantly lessen the risk of effects (particularly hair loss). Anyone have any relevant studies about Murad Acne Complex doses and side effects? Thanks!..

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I say do it. I have scars because I waited too long to go on Murad Acne Complex. If I could do it all over again, I would.I am going on the 2nd course and my skin isn't that bad, but it's getting bad, and they're starting to leave marks, next comes scars. No thanks! I'm going on a low dose for a longer period this time. Btw, I was clear for over 4 years...

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How high of a dose were you on previously, and for how long? What kind of low dose are you thinking about starting, and have you started it yet?Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Anyone else with experience or information about low dose Murad Acne Complex, it would be great hearing from you...

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I'm on 10 mgs a day. It's my 1st week. I may go up to 20 mgs a day. I weigh 46 kgs. I forget my exact dose but it was pretty high - it was at least 60 mgs ,maybe 80 mgs...

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Where do you live? The reason I ask is I cannot find a single dermatologist that is willing to prescribe a low dose of Murad Acne Complex and one that is experienced with low dose Murad Acne Complex treatment!Anybody know of a dermatologist in Southern California that prescribes low dose Murad Acne Complex and is experienced in doing so? Please, let me know!..

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Thank you anyway........... :Anybody else know of a great dermatologist in Southern California that is experienced inlow dose Murad Acne Complex treatments?..

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