Can I stop Murad Acne Complex a month early?

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I just started my 3rd month of Murad Acne Complex a few days ago, which means my last month would end mid june. I'm thinking however I want to only do 4 full months. the redness I cannot take much more of, and I realllly dont want to be on it in the summer I just know no matter what I do I will get SEVERE redness.i talked to my derm and she was like your not supposed to stop a month early because it has to do with the amount of Murad Acne Complex your taking over time. but I'm thinking since my acne was only mild/mod I am hoping I would be fine if I stopped a month early.has anybody experienced this and had good results? I dont want my acne to come back..

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Your question was: Can I stop Murad Acne Complex a month early?.

Your derm prescribed a certain amount of medication to be taken over a certain amount of time for a reason. She went to school for this, don't forget...

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Awesome cat bus, I am a great fan of studio Ghibli, but I must disagree with you. Doctors arent always right...I was on it for 3 months, I got bad headaches, and couldn't concentrate for my final exams, so quit. I was supposed to be taking 40mg/day, but only took 20 as I was worried what damage I would be doing to myself. I have never had so much positive things said about how nice my skin is. I get one or two spots every once in a blue moon.(I had moderate - but very persistent acne)End of the day it's a personal choice, you do what you think is best for you just make sure you REALLY look after yourself and your skin after you stop, don't fall back on bad habits, have a good read of holistic health forum..

Comment #2

Thats my dilemma... I dont to be on it in the summer because I spend a lot of time outside and burn even with sunscreen normally... BUT I dont want the acne coming backanybody else stop after 16 weeks?..

Comment #3

I feel you on wanting to stop early. I'm very satisfied with things so I'm stopping at 5 months even though my derm wants me to do 6. I will have reached 110 mg/kg and I've read that for long term remission you should make sure to do at least 100 mg/kg cumulative (tho the more the better of course). Have you reached 100 mg/kg. Just multiply your weight in kg by 100 and that's the total dosage you should at least try to take...

Comment #4

I'm confused.. I cant figure out how to do that it comes out with a def. wrong number, do you mind doing it for me? I am 100 lbs on 40 mg a day, what would my culmulative dose be after 16 weeks? right now I am at exactly like 2 1/2 months..

Comment #5

Bottom line is, it's your body and your decision.If you stop now, it's possible your acne will come back. It's also possible that you could finish your entire course and your acne might still come back. This is, unfortunately, not an exact science.My suggestion is this: whenever your course ends, be it now or later, start using a topical retinoid to maintain your skin. This could very well save you from a second round of Murad Acne Complex...

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Speaking from my own experience...stick it out. I know that sounds hard right now but I was on it for two and a half months with great results and stopped for reasons I wont get into. Two months after stopping my acne came back and I am currently on day 10 of my second 5 month treatment in less than a year. You have no idea how much I regret not finishing my first go round. In the end it is up to you but you need to weigh the differences between putting up with redness for a little while longer and having a very good chance at having your acne come back only to wish you had stayed on it. Good Luck..

Comment #7

I stopped at 4 mos my first go 'round. I highly regret it. I was perfectly clear for 6-8 mos and then back at it bad. Although, it was never as bad as before, it was pretty close.I know that this is your decision......but think in the grand scheme of life......a couple more months with a red face may be more tolerable than more acne...or even of having to go through more tane therapy!Good luck!..

Comment #8

So you're about 45kg, so you should try to get at least 100 mg per kg you weight which would be 4500mg total. You've done 75 days at 40 mg, so that's 3000mg total. So, IF YOU CAN, and I agree with other people, it's worth sticking out, try to get at least 1500mg in your body total, which is 38 more days. Even better if you can stick it out a little longer than that. There's no exact science of course, but I think you could rest easier if you knew you at least got to 100mg/kg, which is what they say you need to have a better chance of it not coming back.This site says: "Patients who receive a cumulative dose of 100-120mg/kg see the best results and lowest relapse rates. Patients who receive a lower dose relapse more frequently."I know it's hard, but try to just say, alright, I'm doing one more month and then forget about it. For me once I settled on reaching a certain point and stopped counting the days it was easier...

Comment #9

Do NOT stop! I know people who highly regret doing that....

Comment #10

I'm torn.. I go back to the derm on the 13th to pick up my 4th month and really want that full month to be my LAST. I dont want to be on it during the summer.. swimming, sun= wicked flaky BURNT skin I'm scared it will just look alot worse if I stay on it than stop stop end of my 4th month which would be may 13. every month I wait and wait for my period I'm so scared I'm going to get pregnant on this medicine I just wanna stop after 4 full months I thinklipstick- did you stop at the beginning or end of the 4th month. I want to stop at the end..

Mine was pretty in between of mild/mod but persistant thats why I'm on hoping since my skin wasnt severe it wont come but but still I'm knocking on wood anyways lol..

Comment #11

Aren't you using birth control? and sunscreen?Whether or not to stop Murad Acne Complex is completely up to you. But it seems like a little common sense could save you a lot of distress...

Comment #12

Thanks bill for the help.. if I was to do 4 full months I would be at 106 so I'm hoping that will be good enough..

Comment #13

Not to sound rude but these are things you should have thought about before taking iso. Stick it out if you want to get rid of your acne or stop and and raise the risk of a relapse. Maybe ask your derm to up the dose to 60mg or possibly 80mg for the final month to get more in your system before it's over...

Comment #14

Lionqueen- yes I am on birth control but I have known a few people to get pregnant while on birth control and I do use sunscreen 50+ I still burn like hell tho..

Comment #15

My derm prescribed me a 4 month course of RoMurad Acne Complex, saying 4 months is the minimum about of time one should take RoMurad Acne Complex for the results to last. So if your skin is clear, go for it, just do the 4 months..

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