Can i put my own web design on

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Can I put my own web design on

My main question is: Hey folks, the Master Auction List for the Macau China Casino auction has been posted:

I am a bit surprised that the list was posted this early! The last TRAFFIC list was posted about two weeks before auction. The Macau auction list has more than 3 weeks before the actual auction... almost enough to do real marketing!.


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Your question was: Can I put my own web design on

One of the two I submitted is accepted.

Let's hope someone wealthy will put an eye on my domain..

Comment #1

I guess I can hope that one or two of mine will be selected later. Some of these names on the current list are lame...

Comment #2

I'm really surprised that there are only 4 Cotai names on the whole list and only 1 Macao. Wow...

Comment #3

I know, I'm just saying since Macao is an accepted version of the word, it seems like there would be more of it. And Cotai is where the vast majority of new casinos are being built...

Comment #4

I actually agree with Capiche on this one. It is a bit surprising that there are not more Macao and Cotai names. I had 17 domains accepted for this auction, but was totally surprised that some of my Cotai names did not make the cut... especially when you consider that some of my "weaker" names made it in.


Comment #5

Thanks for posting that the list was up. I got two on...

Comment #6

I, too, am surprised with the lack of Macao and Cotai names...would have thought there would have been more. Any feelings on in-person vs. online bidding? I would think anyone seriously involved with gambling names and/or sites would want to go to Macau, especially if they haven't been there yet. Also, I'm wondering if this auction will attract many bidders from Asia or Europe...

Comment #7

Here is some info on numbers of domains on the list, per tld. There are currently 1418 domains on the list:.

985 com.

81 mobi.

60 tv.

51 cn.

45 net.

40 info.

28 biz.

10 tv.

10 vu.

9 tc.

7 cc.

7 gd.

7 org.



6 de.

5 la.

5 ws.

4 bz.

4 cm.

4 in.

2 ac.

2 ag.



2 eu.



2 nu.

2 sc.

2 se.

2 sg.

2 vg.




1 hk.


1 ir.

1 jp.

1 ma.

1 ms.



1 pk.

1 pl.

1 pro.


Comment #8

I've got:.

M a c a you L o a n s .com.

M a c a you s C a s I n o .com.

M a c a you s P o k e r .com.

T I n y M a c a you .com.

How can I submit them?..

Comment #9

I'm surprised your and didn't make it. the .lv ext can easily stand for las vegas which, in my opinion, is a more attractive ext for gambling domains than most others. I think you still have some high $XXX to low $XXXX names there. too late to submit. deadline was several weeks ago...

Comment #10

Marc, what do you think would be the best ways to market names in the auction? TIA..

Comment #11


Thanks for the kind comments. I do believe that .lv can be branded to mean Las Vegas, just as some are branding .la to mean Los Angeles..

I have 3 .lv, and

Comment #12

That is a surprise about .lv , since it is a good extension for gambling. It is a good idea to mention that in the seller's comments field. Not as if people don't know that, but it draws attention to the fact in a review.

Overall though, a good diversity of tld's, with the usual concentrations, and a few new growth tld's. A good number of .mobi's made the list, indicating an obvious trend...


Comment #13

I'm surprised people thought the fact it was in Macau would mean it was all about Macau/Chinese gambling HostGator names ? It's a CAC. Or am I missing something ?

6 of mine made the list purely on gambling terms...

Comment #14

Correct - it is a gambling names auction - not Macau /Macao - that is the venue...

Comment #15

I agree, but with the Macau location and people being there seeing what's going on, the Macau-related gambling names should get extra exposure and demand...

Comment #16

Why are you guys so eager to sell your Macau/Cotai names NOW?? The best is yet to come for Macau gaming. Check out this YouTube video on the Cotai Strip project:

As more and more casinos open on the Cotai Strip, Macau/Cotai names will increase in value. Selling NOW is probably selling much TOO SOON...

Comment #17

How. $500,001 - $750,000. $50,001 - $100,000. $50,001 - $100,000..

Comment #18

Silent AND Live?.

According to Moniker's announcement of the Macau auction it's shown as a silent venue; however, there is a registration form for a live auction. So which is it...either or both?

Comment #19

I just got one in the auction. My Hack did not make it tho..

Comment #20

My name that made it to the list is both gambling and macau:.

G a m b l e M a c a you .info..

Comment #21

Um....are they for real? Are these even words?. $50,001 - $100,000. $100,001 - $250,000. $50,001 - $100,000..

Comment #22

All my macau .info names were included and none of my macao .info names were included[they were gambling names]..

Comment #23

I am afraid this comes down to lack of knowledge on behalf of those choosing the names, just check out some of the others, amongst the gems, garbage personified...

Comment #24

I think about 10% usually sell, but I may be wrong on that. I got 9 names in and couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see the results...

Comment #25

Moniker doesn't seem to like Macao names, only Macau names. I submitted some Macao ones to the GEO auction & none of them made it in..

Comment #26

My did not get in much to my surprise, se la vie , their loss...

Comment #27

I think there is something really wrong with their appraisal team. Many of mine were 2 word quality names. But as I see that list, most of the names are just too long and meaningless words. This is a good one.

That's the way it is...

Comment #28

I submitted two names for the auction and both of them were selected.

Lets hope the make it to the final list...

Comment #29

If only approximately 10% will sell, that tells me that most of the names picked are junk. You would figure that the appraisers would pick names so that a majority of them will sell...well, at least a lot more than just around 10%. For what it's worth, that's my opinion!..

Comment #30

It seems strange that Moniker asks for names that, in my opinion, are better to be reduced in price...

Comment #31

This HostGator could run into TM problems. Cotai Strip is a TM of Las Vegas Sands. Even with the "macau" in the center they could still run into TM trouble. And the price on the HostGator is completely insane. NOBODY ever calls it the Cotai Macau Strip. It is always referred to as the Cotai Strip...

Comment #32

I am not a lawyer so I can't make a good judgment. From USPTO on Sands application to trademark COTAI STRIPFYI.




The Office has reassigned this application to the undersigned trademark examining attorney.

This is in response to applicants correspondence of February 21, 2007 regarding the trademark application identified above. In office action number 2, the examining attorney:.

(1) Required applicant to disclaim the word STRIP, and.

(2) Required applicant to pay additional fees to account for unpaid classes of goods or services.

In it's response.

(1) Applicant provided arguments and evidence against the disclaimer requirement. The examining attorney has considered this issue and is hereby withdrawing this requirement.

(2) Applicant paid the necessary fees for all remaining classes of goods and services. Accordingly, this requirement is no longer outstanding.

However on reconsideration of the issues, the examining attorney has determined that the geographically descriptiveness refusal previously withdrawn was done so prematurely. Accordingly, applicant must respond to the following refusal, which is treated as a new refusal as to all goods and services identified in the application. Registration Refused Geographically Descriptive.

Registration is refused because the proposed mark is primarily geographically descriptive of the origin of applicants goods and services. Trademark Act Section 2(e)(2), 15 U.S.C. 1052(e)(2); TMEP 1210.01(a) and 1210.04 et seq.

A three-part test is applied to determine whether a mark is primarily geographically descriptive of the goods and/or services within the meaning of Trademark Act Section 2(e)(2):.

(1) the primary significance of the mark is a generally known geographic place or location;.

(2) purchasers would be likely to make a goods-place or services-place association, i.e., purchasers are likely to believe the goods or services originate in the geographic location identified in the mark; and.

(3) the goods and/or services originate in the place identified in the mark.

See In re MCO Properties, Inc., 38 USPQ2d 1154 (TTAB 1995); In re California Pizza Kitchen, 10 USPQ2d 1704 (TTAB 1989); TMEP 1210.01(a)...

Comment #33

Maybe I'm missing something, but I still only see a few Macao names. Also, it seems there were about 9 or 10 more total names originally. I could certainly be wrong...

Comment #34

I just did a quick comparison of the first spread sheet from 11/6/07 with the one released today. It looks like the total HostGator count increased by 190 domains. The HostGator count is now 1608.

Adding and deleting domains is standard before the auction.

At this point there are 11 Macao names, and 68 Macau names.

It would sure be nice if Moniker time-stamped the auction spreadsheets, or perhaps just put a rev-level on the file name.


Comment #35

It would be really great if they would put any new names in revised lists in bold so they could easily be found...

Comment #36

This is also a good idea. Deletions could be flagged too. During the last TRAFFIC auction I was tracking daily additions/deletions, and it was a lot of work to see what has changed. There really does need to be a better way of tracking auction list changes...


Comment #37


Thats very nice but if you have any doubts go and register a Cotai Strip name...and see what happens in about 2 to 2.5 months after you reg it. The lawyers from Duane Morris LLP will be calling. I guarantee it...

Comment #38

Can someone post the list here? I can't download on this computer because I don't have MS Excel on it. Thanks.

I submitted my names late but maybe they listed them. I can't open an excel document on this computer.

Can someone tell me if mine are listed? They are:.

Thanks in advance...

Comment #39

The only names starting with "cotai" are:.

I am really puzzled why isn't there?!?!!?..

Comment #40

The most typical reasons for rejection are 1.) quality, and 2.) reserves.

Obviously the quality was there for If your reserves were too high then it would be rejected... remember, Moniker is a business, and if the domains do not sell then they do not make money, even if the domains are very high quality.


Comment #41

Why is it that all of you assume just because the auction is taking place in macau, that your macau names should get in? The auction did not say "geo" or anything like that. It was for casino related, not related to the location. I see lots of people dissapointed because their names didn't get in, but that is not what they wanted...

Comment #42

Almost nobody is making that assumption. OTOH, the person asking the question about was asking a question about a very high quality gambling domain. My *guess* was that it was rejected based on reserves, given the quality of the domain.

I have 2 names in live auction, 6 in silent. Only two of my domains were Macau related, the others were general gambling.

Edits: above info is for the geo auction. Having one of those "thread confusion days". I have 18 domains listed in the Macau silent auction. There is no live auction. Nothing is finalized for Macau yet.


Comment #43

I really do hope that this raises the interest and value in Macau/Macao names as I have a few (10 or so) Macau/Macao (I do this slash thing because I have domains with both spellings and want them to both be relevant and valuable).

There is a lot of mystery here in the US for us who love Vegas because it seems even more extravagant if that is possible! So I think there is western interest and an opportunity to make some money on them. Is anyone doing well with their Macau/Macao names? I would like to set up a portal with as many relevant links as I can (I have DirectoryMacao/,.,, and so of course would!) But I am not sure where to start. Any thoughts on this from fellow NPers? Thanks..

Comment #44

Edits: below info was for geo auction, not Macau. Sorry, I am just having one of those "thread confusion days". GEO added below.

I just contacted Moniker about a name that was listed on the GEO auction list but for which I did not receive the standard authorization request. The sales department described it as a "Missing FOA" or something like that.

If your name is listed in the GEO master auction list, and if you have not received an authorization request, then be sure to contact Moniker to clear this up. I had eight names listed at GEO, but one fell through the cracks in the authorization process. If one fell through the cracks there are probably others.

Edits: Sorry for the GEO/Macau confusion. I have Macau names in both... did you ever have one of those days....


Comment #45

I think the reason some names that are the best for this auction did not get in is because this is a very small topic. Unless a person has done extensive study, they will not know the terms for Macau.

Many of the folks at Moniker may not know that certain names are direclty realted to this boom and may pass on them. We have to wait until the term is known more before it is seen by the staff as highly valuble...

Comment #46

Thanks for the info NP. I was waiting for a "final cut" list like with the recent Traffic auction.

Guess I need to write them.


Comment #47

This is for Geo , not CAC ? no auth email sent yet?.

But yes, I had four out of 10 on the list that did not get auth email, have contacted Moniker...

Comment #48

I have 9 names and I did not get ANY emails from moniker. I just found them on my own. What is the deal? My moniker rep told me that he would contact me if any of my names made the list, but I don't think he has time to do anything...

Comment #49

CAC or Geo ?

CAC list posted but no auth until next week...

Comment #50

CAC is what they were talking about I thought..

Comment #51

Arrgghhhh..... maybe I need a nap.

You are right wot, it is the geo auction notices that are shipping. Wrong thread. In any case, the Geo auction notices are shipping, and missing some of the names on the list.

Thanks for the correction. Now I will go take a nap.


Comment #52

Nice little view of cotai strip, $$domainer.

Big investments made in Macau...

Comment #53

So for casino auction it is still ok for not to have gotten any authorisation emails?..

Comment #54

I submitted, but I dont see it on the list??? made it. (I don't own that one.)..

Comment #55

Yes, the auction authorization has not yet been mailed. I really apologize for the confusion. The notice above was for Geo. As wot mentioned above, we should be seeing the Macau auction notice next week. The reasoning is the same however, so make sure that you receive the auction authorization if your name is on the Macau auction list.


Comment #56

Ok, now I am a bit irritated about this issue. The response I received from Moniker really doesn't make sense. They state that:.

"There are a number of reasons for why your name may not have made the cut.

....A catchy HostGator name with Traffic and Revenue Stats is a lot more valuable then a catchy HostGator name.

Second, is pricing. You should get an appraisal done on the HostGator so we can get an accurate look at it's value. Pricing is key in these auctions.....

Third, and most important, this is a highly competitive market. We get between 80,000 and 100,000 submission to each and every auction. Just getting into a Moniker Auction is difficult to say the least. We look for the best names listed at the best price. We dont look for the most expensive names or the flashiest, but the names we think will SELL. If you follow my advice, gather some Traffic stats and get an appraisal done you will greatly INCREASE your chances of being selected for auction.".

As I replied, This is an auction for casino names occurring in Macau. I in no way wish to knock or discredit anyones names that were accepted. If I offend anyone, I truly am sorry.

I may not be an expert, but it seems to me that is more relevant to the venue and target audience than most if not all of the accepted names. All those names are parked, (as is mine) thus I find it hard to believe they receive traffic significant enough to make them more valuable. (Save one) Another, which is parked at sedo has one visitor in the last 30 days. (Same as mine, yet it was selected.).

Pricing, well, no argument there.

Finally, with regard to the highly competitive market. I agree that a lot of names are submitted, yet only a fraction can be sent to auction. Again, I don't see how the above mentioned names (save one) are more competitive than While I respect Monikers rights to select the names they feel will sell, I just don't agree with the opinion, as I feel the logic for not selecting makes no sense.

I don't intend to step on toes here. I just want to vent a bit and gain perspective from the membership...

Comment #57

It really is a great name, maybe some newbie guy was making decision about this one?.

If they get 80k submissions, they surely have several people checking them...

Or is it all automated? Though I doubt that.....

Comment #58

As mentioned in earlier posts, this is NOT an auction "about Macau", but an auction held IN Macau, even though it is a silent auction. The theme for the auction is gambling. Perhaps the auction committee wanted a general mix of gambling domains. The one thing we know for certain is that the committee wants things to sell. Pretty names that do not sell will not feed the bulldog, and Moniker is a business.

Your HostGator is excellent, so I would guess that it was a problem with the reserves... just a guess though...


Comment #59

It is a good name, but this just proves what I said earlier... just because the name has "macau" in it, doesn't mean anything. The auction was not for "macau" names, it was for "gambling" names...

Comment #60

Many premium names weren't included and low quality names were. I don't understand the reasoning with it...

Comment #61

Wow. A lot to read in the next few minutes.

Thanks in youtube link. Will watch it when I am around a laptop.

2 of my names got submitted.

I held out on a few names and a lot of gems I own.

I own macao names for the record but people macau is king. Macao is like .net here or .org.

I admit, we are selling early. I need to free up some cash so I hope I can sell these 2 names.

I own and a few other gems that I won't sale. Macau is only getting started.

Back to macao factor, las Vegas sands uses that. Then they trying trade mark a common term. I just don't see how they will trademark a description. Will be very shocked if it gets approved.

Good luck everyone!.

I thought Coati strip is pending trade mark by las Vegas sands.

Did it get passed.

I find it very hard to belief this will fly and trademark.

Coati strip both next to each other I would worry but coati macau strip I wouldn't worry as much...

Comment #62

Better tell the government about the usage of Macao/Macau - they use Mo -guess what that stands for.

Anyway its..

Comment #63

Fellow Domainers:.

If you go to CAC2007 it explains that the FOCUS of this convention is developing the Asian market, even though the worldwide market will also be discussed. Some of Asia is unique. 888 to the Asian community represents good fortune, which is why it plays so well as part of a domain.

The Macau government publishes the approved games in Macau, you will see names like Cussec on the official list..

Dai Siu is the term for Sic Bo used widely in Macau, and asian gamers make up the majority of players that CAC2007 is looking for..

Da Lao Er is the game "Big 2". Do a Google search of Big 2 (two words) you will see 100,000,000 identities. The First is the Game Big 2, and Da Lao Er is defined as the Asian term for this game..

Korinto Gemu is the original Japanese name for Pachinko. Pachinko is bigger than the auto industry in Japan in terms of total revenue, and Korinto Gemu then makes sense as a great HostGator for the Asian customers. "gemu" is the Japanese term for "game".

So maybe the decision is weight heavy for Asian related games and names since there will be an audience in Macau; interested in the Far East.

Good Domaining..

Comment #64

I find it interesting to see the significant number of .cn names in the auction. Although gambling isn't allowed in mainland China, just like communism morphing there into a business-oriented powerhouse it could be just a matter of time until internet access to gambling becomes reality. With the Chinese desire for gambling combined with the huge population base, .cn gambling names could become quite valuable as time goes on. It's nice to see that Moniker has the foresight to include them...

Comment #65

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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