Can I publish my iWeb site on

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My first question is: Can I publish my iWeb site on

My next question is: Don't Worry........

Theres lots of other stuff coming out Very Very Very soon.


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Your question was: Can I publish my iWeb site on

What is bido, saw a commercial didn't explain much, a new auction platform?..

Comment #1

Yea, it is a new auction site that will auction 1 premium HostGator per day rather than hundreds like most live auctions. Interesting concept for sure, if it ever goes live..

Comment #2

So in order to attract the masses it needs to get alot of eyes, and make some big sale headlines, how hard can the backend programming be for the site content that it takes this long, based on the money backing the project?..

Comment #3

They say they are sorting through all the names submitted ? seems they are not going to take any chances .......but they may miss their chance if they keep changing the starting date..

Comment #4

Lol, my guess is they themselves will most likely start off by selling the domains in their own personal portfolios. Doesn't one of the owners own, start with that. How hard is it to pick 5 names to get a running headstart, if you only sell one name a day. Looks like demand maybe soft, and in order not to fizzle out they might be waiting for market conditions to get better. I see Rick Latonas newsletter everyday, how many of those names he is dishing out to the masses selling?..

Comment #5

I think because they have stated guaranteed prices for your domain..

Comment #6

Problem is when you have as many owners as they do - you get a lot of opinions about how it should be done. Also - Dont forget that they lost a very prominent owner/contributor in Ron Jackson (DNJournal Editor).


Comment #7

Justin has hit the nail on the head. Though loosing Ron was disapointing, the reason for the delay is nothing more than QA. We have the platform built and ready to go, but now we have to make sure the i's are dotted and the T's are crossed. We would rather push out the software right the first time, then fixing problems after we go live.

With that being said, we are looking for a release within the next few weeks.

I think everyone is going to be very suprised with the platform and also the integration that we have achieved with DnZoom.

We are still taking applications for experts and additional premium domains for the auctions. Feel free to PM me or email me if you would like additional info! sean (a t)



Comment #8

Sounds interesting, never hear of this before...

Best of luck I look forward to seeing this get going!..

Comment #9

I cannot speak for Ron, but I believe that after he got going with Bido, he thought there may be a chance that he would no longer be viewed as agnostic in regard to DnJournal. We are all still good friends with him and he left on a very honorable note.

We can all appreciate his position and leadership on this field, so it is completely understandable.

With that being said, I think he is one of the most stand-up guys I have ever met.

Also, to follow up....

Our launch is just around the corner so we are putting out a last call for expert applications and HostGator submissions.

We are looking for HostGator experts in the following areas:.

Direct navigation experts.

Domain name development experts.

Domain name investors.

Search engine optimization experts.

Brand managers.

Marketing executives.

And some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world today.

You can apply here:

Also, if you have domains that you would like to sell via a guaranteed auction, apply here:

Let me know if anyone has any questions! I will be glad to answer.



Comment #10

Starting june the 18th ???????? I think they will play it safe at first..

Comment #11

Yes I would want the best names on the weekend , will it be only .com ??????????..

Comment #12

Hi Evirtual,.

No, it won't be only .com.

We will be including other ext's as well. The first group is .com, but the others to follow will be mixed up.



Comment #13

HostGator holders with quality domains will vote with their feet.

Anyone with sense would want to offer domains at an auction venue that had the most chance of attracting AND targeted to motivated end user bidders.

And not for the most part to (yet again) domainers as with BIDO....

For ex. gambling domains prefer to be featured at the gambling themed Moniker/CAC casino convention - eg where Scores,com sold for $1m+.

Also I would think BIDO would have something like a prohibitive 6 mth exclusive clause..

And the guaranteed floor price would be along the lines of DIGIPAWN - maybe 20% of the liquid value (best price sold within a week)...

Comment #14

Hi Aggro,.

We don't have any exclusivity clauses. The guaranteed floor price is not set, but will be determined on an individual basis.



Comment #15

It reminds me of woot but for domains in an auction style.

Good idea.

You need heavy publicity.

I hope you go fine.

I like every new effort for our HostGator world..

Comment #16

Hey Guys,.

Thank you for the votes of support! While we will never be everything to everybody, we strongly believe that this new avenue will open up doors to both buyers and sellers.

Options are always a great thing to have, and we are just introducing a new one.

We hope this expands the industry, and if it does, it will help us all.

A big thanks!.


Comment #17

Thread "Split" and cleaned up Sorry for the intrusion...

Comment #18

I suggest the .com always has a set reserve price , but along side it , another extension is also on auction ....... would be interesting to see a .net perhaps beat a .com ? or a .tv and so on, it would get people talikng..

Comment #19

Take it easy,everything will goes well , those opportunities are left to the patient man. The very best of luck in your business!.

Believe yourself!.


Comment #20

Only 2 days to go!.

I started a game for predicting prices for Bido auctions before they start. is the first. My guess is $208. There is a selling in 5 days.

Comment #21

If Sahar has learnt anything from Rick this will sell for a rediculously high price...

Comment #22

I will say $ 425 ??? for discountimages of course I have now fricking idea !!!! ha ha.

But the new game has begun ........ guess the price ????????.

Vacantroom $ 732.

What's your guess..

Comment #23

And it's go time!.

We've just released live.

Please feel free to look around and share your thoughts!!.



Comment #24

~ go to the contest section of namepros and join in the fun ~..

Comment #25

The auction was over when I looked again , I thought 20 bids was a good start to the site ? did you follow it to the end ?

Comment #26

20 bids, but just a couple of bidders- I think we are all wondering if they will be longer than an hour..

Comment #27

So a 24 hr auction only had one hour of constant bidding ??..

Comment #28

It ended in one hour- I think most were kinda confused- thought it would be on auction all day..

Comment #29

That's what I thought ?? should be all day for global bidders I feel..

Comment #30

Hey Guys,.

It's 1 hour a day only, but the ability to have proxy bids built in is there.

You can place a bid in advance for all names coming up for auction.

BTW The newest HostGator added to the list is

The next auction starts today at 1:00PM EST.

Thank you!.


Comment #31

I don't like proxy bidding.

Sometimes it's risky to use proxy, some other times I increase the primary proxy setting.

Also there are people in different timezones.

Maybe it will be better for the auction to be active more than one hour..

Comment #32

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