Can I join Nutrisystem if my BMI states im in a healthy weight range?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can I join Nutrisystem if my BMI states I'm in a healthy weight range? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: CW: 216.8.

Goal 1: 216 (-.8 pounds).

Goal 2: 208 (-8.8 pounds).

Goal 3: 205 (-11.8 pounds).

Quite doable and will make for an fantastic month since 1 is 200 gone, 2 is 50% gone, and 3 puts me just 5 pounds short of goal...

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The answer is Yes, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

9/1/10: 193.

10/1/10: 181.

Need a serious kick in the arse. First church-league softball game tonight, lasting through October. Need to fit in my Speedo without looking German in Jamaica soon...

Comment #2

As of this morning, Sept. 2, I weigh-in at 205.4. So you can guess part of my goal is to blast into one-derland for sure! However I want to go a bit farther, so for this month I am setting my goal for 193, or 12 pounds lost. It is a tough hill, but I am ready to make it, and I can't wait to cross that one-derland threshold!.


205.4 lbs.

10/01/10 goal.

193.x lbs...

Comment #3

LW: 216.8.

CW: 215.4.

Loss: 1.4 pounds.

Overall Loss: 1.4 pounds.

Goal 1: 216 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 208 (-7.4 pounds).

Goal 3: 205 (-10.4 pounds).

Goal 1 beaten! That was expected though. It'll be interesting of I hit goal 3 though...

Comment #4

Seems we have a race this month to 205! Do it to it guys! You are both so close to Goal and Onederland.....

Comment #5

I don't know what my goal should be..

I'm looking forward to "under 300" though....

I reckon I'll just keep doin what needs doin and not doin what don't and see what I weigh in a month...

Comment #6

I've never posted goals before, but I think it's worth a try. Since as I posted elsewhere the numbers on the scale aren't making sense to me (in a good way, I hope), I'll post a "scale" version of my goals and a "non-scale" version:.



Completely out of size 36 pants, size XL T-shirts, and size L underwear, and into 34s, L, and M respectively...

Comment #7

It's been a little bit since I got on board with the monthly goal threads. My loss rate slowed as I neared target range and it became harder to judge realistically. Still, this month I believe I will definitely join the bandwagon with a clear-cut goal: reach overall Goal weight of 175. Left to lose: 2.0.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

9/04: 177.0.

198(Days NS)..

Comment #8

SW: 255.

CW: 253.

GW: 243.

Only 2 pounds, but considering the few off meals plans I had while I was out of town over the weekend, I can't complain. Just means I get to work harder the rest of the month...

Comment #9

09/7/10 - 272.

10/1/10 - 260.

Should be easy if I just get my a$$ to the gym like I know I should...

Comment #10

LW: 215.4.

CW: 211.

Loss: 4.4 pounds.

Overall Loss: 5.8 pounds.

Goal 1: 216 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 208 (-3.0 pounds).

Goal 3: 205 (-6.0 pounds).

Don't know where that huge loss came from, but it definitely makes it easy to smash both goals in 20+ days...

Comment #11

Down to 298.8 this morning. Less than 9 pounds to meet my goal for September....

SW: 302.4.

CW: 298.8.

GW: 290.0..

Comment #12

Stalled a little, but never give up.

8/27 197.

9/1 194.

9/8 194.

10/1 goal 185..

Comment #13

I'm gonna do a goal that isn't a weight number, I hope that's okay! But I'm faltering a little bit and need something different..

My goal: I will be 100% on plan every day (starting today) until October 1st. No more excuses, no more weakness. I control what I eat and what I don't. I will post in the 100% check-in forum every day...

Comment #14

Late to the party on this thread this month. Work has been crazy. Up till today I'd been doing that cycling weight thing again. Jumped up a few pounds in a day (and, no, I didn't dive head-first into a bag of chips). Working out more regularly has been screwing with the scales, but I'm seeing the losses in inches and how my clothes fit so it's all good..

Anyway, scale moved the right direction this morning and I hit my lowest weight thus far, 282. I'm going to shoot for another 8 pounds this month... target is 274.x..

Other goals: still trailing that 20% of original weight lost and getting out of size 50 pants..

Great job to all so far! Keep it up!..

Comment #15

Scooby: Keep at it... you can make the decision to be in control of what/when/how much you eat. It's all up to you!..

Comment #16

10/1 goal is 175.0. Overall Goal is 175.0..

Just one.





2/19: 241.8 (start).

9/10: 176.0.

205(Days NS)..

Comment #17

Well I have done ok for my first 9 days, I am down 3.8 pounds, and I am quickly approaching the onederland barrier. I hope to pass it by the end of this week. I am still 7-8 pounds from my monthyl goal, but it is still doable with 19 days left to go. Great job by everybody so far this month. Keep up the good work men! Let's forge ahead!.


205.4 lbs.


201.6 lbs.

10/01/10 goal.

193.x lbs..

Comment #18

9/3/10: 248.2.

9/10/10: 246.

10/1/2010: 239 Goal.

Wow had two bad days in a row. A BBQ at the friends, I went hungry and there weren't any good choices. Followed by family b-day party, sort of the same. Hope I didn't do too much damage, we'll see...

Comment #19

LW: 211.

CW: 209.4.

Loss: 1.6 pounds.

Overall Loss: 7.4 pounds.

Goal 1: 216 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 208 (-1.4 pounds).

Goal 3: 205 (-4.4 pounds).

Shocking loss since I was up .6 on monday, but I'll take it, just 1.4 away from half gone now...

Comment #20

9/1: 255.

9/16: 250.

Goal: 243.

Down another 3 since last weigh-in over a week ago, can definitely tell I'm going through a slow phase. Dunno if I'll make goal, but a loss is a loss...

Comment #21

9/1: 195.

9/17: 190.

Goal: 185 *or* down another size in pants (to "size 34," which I've since discovered is a big lie).

I don't think I'm going to make my weight goal, since it's over halfway through the month. This could be because I'm exercising less now that the semester has started. I will try to pick this up for the second half of the month. The food end of things is fine at any rate, including a big BBQ at my church last Sunday at which I ate my own food plus two baby carrots..

Anyway, hopefully I'll see 185 by the first week of October at latest..

As for the pants size goal, I will have to hit the stores already this weekend, since these so-called "size 36s" are falling off me, and my belt supposedly of that size needs either a replacement or more holes punched..

After a great deal of thought, I've also increased my goal weight to 175 from 165. Though I was down to 160 in college, I had zero muscle tone then, so I think to get to an equivalent state plus 15 pounds of muscle isn't too much to ask, plus will be healthier in the long run. So we'll say that I want to lose another 15 pounds of fat, then convert fat into muscle until things seem right..

Keep up the great work, everyone!..

Comment #22

09/05/2010: 284.

09/11/2010: 279.4.

09/18/2010: 277.8.

Hit that goal of 20% of original body weight lost. Also had someone tell me I need to buy some new pants (which I just did) so I may be heading out of those size 50s soon!.

Great job to all the other "losers" in here!..

Comment #23

9/3/10: 248.2.

9/10/10: 246.

9/17/10: 246 (Suckage).

10/1/2010: 239 Goal..

Comment #24

LW: 209.4.

CW: 206.4.

Loss: 3.0 pounds.

Overall Loss: 10.4 pounds.

Goal 1: 216 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 208 (GOAL!!).

Goal 3: 205 (-1.4 pounds).

Smashed goal number two this week and so close to goal number 3, I'll definitely hit it this month, just will be interesting to see how much further under it I can go as well...

Comment #25

Starting Weight: 255.

9/23 Weight: 246.

Goal Weight: 243.

4 pound loss this week, haven't had that kind of drop in over a month. Might actually make goal, very happy about that..

Comment #26

After hovering at 176.0 for a couple of weeks, I zipped right past 175 and checked in this morning at 174.2, crushing my overall Goal of 175. It's either time to set a new one, or start in on maintenance..

Somebody remind me to get a new avatar pic, lol. That's from pre-loss..

Total lost: 67.6 lbs..

Total time elapsed: 7mos, 7dys..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

9/23: 174.2 (Goal met!).

217(Days NS)..

Comment #27

Start 213.

Goal 205.

Well I guess I didn't aim low enough. Im already there. I'll shoot for 203 since Im already at 205...

Comment #28

I'm at 160. Pretty happy with physique. Need to raise calories soon...

Comment #29

Wow, worst month to date, major plateau.

9/3/10: 248.2.

9/10/10: 246.

9/17/10: 246.

9/24/10: 246.

10/1/2010: 239 Goal..

Comment #30

SW: 245.

CW: 231.4.

GW: 230.

The last pound and a half may be a bit tough to get off by the end of the month, but still made some nice progress and things are going into the right direction..

Comment #31

Start: 194.

Current: 185.

Goal: 185.

I was sure I wouldn't make it by the end of the month, but somehow I did. I can't say I'm completely happy since I am still not getting to the gym like I should be. At least I've been parking in the furthest lot most days I couldn't make it to the gym, which is a good half-mile from my office. But next month I'll plan to make it my goal to get to the gym at least three times a week...

Comment #32

Hard time sticking to the program. waiting on the food until it finally came today. ready to get back on track. nvr gv up. 9/1 194.

9/8 194.

9/28 197.


Comment #33

Met goal for the month...maintained a wt under 190 and exercised at least 5x/wk...

Comment #34

Hit goal this morning 230lbs I am quite surprised, but pleased...

Comment #35

LW: 206.4.

CW: 204.2.

Loss: 2.2 pounds.

Overall Loss: 12.6 pounds.

Goal 1: 216 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 208 (GOAL!!).

Goal 3: 205 (GOAL!!).

Smashed through my last goal for this month, I cannot believe that I actually hit below 205, I thought that was an pipedream. So close to goal now, definitely plan on hitting it within these next weeks, next month's goal will have to.depend on how much below 200 I want to go...

Comment #36

9/1: 255.

Goal: 243.

Current Weight: 243!.

Hit goal, which surprised me to be honest. After a bad start to the month over Labor Day, it took awhile to get the scales moving again. Also learned how to do Nutrisystem on my own this month, so all in all that's pretty awesome to me...

Comment #37

Thank ya kindly.

It wasn't planned, just I had some unexpected expenses come up right before my Nutrisystem shipment was set to go. So I had to hold off on the order and go it alone, the first trip to the store for food took awhile cause I didn't have much of a plan, lol..

Still got about 2 weeks worth of Nutrisystem food in the house, but more as a backup right now in case I run out of something before the weekend when I can get to the store. Been too busy with work to get there during the week now. Work has also kept me away from the boards here, though I get a chance to skim the posts and see how awesome ya'll are doing once in awhile...

Comment #38

Major plateau hopefully broken! Better things to come..

9/3/10: 248.2.

9/10/10: 246.

9/17/10: 246.

9/24/10: 246.

10/1/10: 244.

10/1/2010: 239 Goal..

Comment #39

My goal was to lose one pound to reach my overall goal of 182 lbs. I lost 3 lbs and reached my overall goal. I am now two pounds under goal. Everyone tells me I'm too thin now. I could hear that all day long. Now, I will maintain my size, while keep toning up at the gym, get in better shape and put on more muscle...

Comment #40

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