Can I have five small meal on Nutrisystem program?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can I have five small meal on Nutrisystem program? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... So do you suppose someone on Nutrisystem has given in to temptation and completely pigged out on all their desert bars in one sitting?.

I haven't - but I've thought about it..

I DO know that a couple months ago I woulda killed them faster than Custer's troops at the Little Big Horn...

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

I hate desserts. Really. Give me a big burger or porterhouse and I'm ducky..

I would never think to pig out on Nutrisystem food, it just ain't worth the taste or calories. IMHO..

Comment #2

My thoughts. If I were to cheat (and there's no way in hell I'm giong to) it would be the real thing...

Comment #3

Hell, if I wanted to cheat with desserts, I'd just go to the bakery, get a chocolate layer cake with butter creme frosting and, of course, ice cream and go to town. Rather have the real thing than the Nutrisystem stuff...

Comment #4

I don't think I have gone nuts this time around. Last time I was on Nutrisystem I chowed down like 3 dinners in a night once..

Was not a high moment in my life. lol..

Comment #5

(cautiously peeping in...).

I have had 2 dinners in a night before, and maybe two desserts on another night. Those were bad days for me. The night I had two dinners, I was just so hungry and the veggies were not doing it for me. I was eating after a fairly intense workout so I don't feel too terrible about it, but still, not good days..

(...backing out now)..

Comment #6

It's a common form of cheating/bingeing. For people that have issues with it, I recommend sticking to the salty (not sweet) desserts. The chips have more protein, less caloriees, less carbs, less sugar, less likely to set you on a sweets jag. You can also take the chips and crumble them over a late night salad. Very filling..

For breakfast, your non-sweet options are very limited. But most people are less at risk in the AM than PM. So, it works out.....

Comment #7

You guys are so smart..

But yeah, my point is - you throw out all your goodies - have a "relapse"- and there's nothing but a pantry of Nutrisystem staring back at you..

Before we got our 2nd BBB's we were really scraping the barrel of some of that 1st Nutrisystem sampler crap we'd been avoiding..

Man, when we opened that box it was like Christmas and I wanted to eat it ALL..

Truly - Until Nutrisystem I thought I had an eating disorder but staying on Nutrisystem 100% proves I just lacked structure and restraint...

Comment #8

Dude! you got it now, it's all about portion control. Once you get that, the world of real food opens back up. Bravo bud! You're gettin' there...

Comment #9

Heyyyy, I'm already there..

I just gotta get rid of this a-hole on my back...

Comment #10

I remember a post from some months back up in the top section where someone wrote something like "help, I've eaten all the desserts!". If memory serves it was over 2-3 days or some such and I seem to recall it was a female..

Funny note: I don't have a sweet tooth. I stopped using Nutrisystem on 6/16/10 and switched to regular foods. Today the box is still in the basement with about 3-4 lunch items, some pancake mix, about 6 dinner entrees, and more than a dozen dessert items. Luckily for me, I just don't ever desire sweet foods..


Comment #11

I remember some lady posted about how she had 5 desserts in one sitting. People were shocked, but especially if it's 5 of those's very possible. Even a kid can knock out 5 Nutrisystem cookies in one sitting. I've done 2 a day at most. I was just scared I'd run out of desserts before other items..

Well, damn give me yours then. lol I'd never pig out on Nutrisystem pizza versus real pizza, but some of those Nutrisystem desserts can pass as real desserts. Like that peppermint patty cookie. With the right packaging people probably couldn't tell a difference...

Comment #12

After I made goal I had 3 weeks of food left...the desserts and snacks were gone in a week...

Comment #13

I started this program to learn one thing, portion control. After having been on maintanance for a long time and been able to hold my weight around the 218 mark, I will tell you, it is a struggle every day. I still weigh every day and keep myself accountable to the scale. As far as the orginial question, there have been a few people who confess to having binged on the deserts. For me, throw me a NY Style Peperoni pizza and count it as missing in action!..

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