Can I have beer or wine during Nutrisystem diet?

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Hi All-.

Pretty new here, on day 5. I have 2 questions:.

1- I've been told by the counselors that my women's basic plan basically is 1200 calories. However, it seems as though mine are closer to 1300 some days. I'm including my veggies and fruits in teh calorie content. Should I be concerned?.

2- Also- I'd like to be able to have a beer or glass of wine on Saturday night. I realize this adds calories, but how detrimental is this really to the plan? Should I "skimp" somewhere else during the day to make up for it?.

Thanks for your help!.


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Your question was: Can I have beer or wine during Nutrisystem diet?.

Assume a range of 1200 - 1300. You should be fine..

I enjoy a sip here and there and I lost. Don't go overboard, and keep it to one. Drinking adds useless, extra calories, so strictly speaking, it is a bad idea. But it doesn't 'ruin' the chemistry of the plan, so not a huge issue for special ocassions.

And you don't cut out any food to make up for it. You need your fruits and veggies!..

Comment #1

1. 1200 is average. Calories are somewhere between 1150-1300 depending on entrees and add-ins.

2. Your call regarding adding calories. Everyone is different so no one can predict whether it will hinder your loss or not. I definitely wouldn't recommend skipping on basic nutrients to drink. What would you skip?.

I'd recommend following the basic plan for a few weeks. See how your loss goes. If your losing, see if a beer or a glass of wine effects your weight loss. You don't really have that much to lose. That's usually harder because you don't have a lot of body fat. Wait a few weeks and try and see..

If you stick with it it shouldn't take you long to lose 15 lbs. Maybe wait till you do that and then incorporate a little wine or beer when you're on maintenance. JMO..

Comment #2

I usually land somewhere between 1100 and 1300 calories. Most of us seem to be in that range. As long as you stay somewhere within those numbers you will be fine.

My first few weeks on the plan, my husband and I went out for dinner and I had a glass of red wine with my meal each time. I ate regular menu things, but still things that fit within the guidelines. I think the third week I lost 1.2 and then the next week it was 0.2 (YIKES), so I quit that one glass of wine a week.* I still eat out weekly, but I drink water. So, can you have a glass of wine and still lose? The answer is "yes", but maybe it won't be as much. You have said that you work out a lot in other posts.....maybe an extra 30 minutes of "burn" time the day after indulging would do the trick?.

*to be fair....I also upped my excercise around this same time...

Comment #3

I think it's funny when people say alcohol is usesles empty calories. Where else can you get that awesome relaxing feeling of sitting in a big leather reclinder on a Friday night sipping a cold Jack Daniels on the rocks after a busy week at work? And all for a mere 69 calories! And, that 69 calories of enjoyment lasts 100 times longer than the 150 calories in that Nutrisystem chocolate chip cookie! That cookie is gone in 30 seconds, but my drink takes a good 10-15 minutes of sipping!.

P.S. Is this what is known as "rationalizing"?..

Comment #4

People do nutrisystem so they can lose weight and maybe enjoy life a little more or for longer. If a glass of wine or a cold beer with family and friends make you happy then do it every once in a while. On any diet where you fell like your really depriving your self of something you love, you will quit..

We all know it's empty calories. But the value of sometimes relaxing with your friends and having a glass of wine, or having a beer watching the game, cant be measured..

Enjoy yourself...just not too much. Life is short..

Just know that it is calories and it will affect you wait and ajdust your exersize to match it...

Comment #5

I don't drink that often so I was wondering if I would just abstain 100% from alcohol. Then I decided that once and a while wasn't that bad. I am trying to teach myself how to eat in moderation and it is unrealistic for me to say I am going to abstain from all alcohol for the rest of my life. I just need how to fit it in with a healthy eating lifestyle...

Comment #6

These are all really great posts, thanks for your help! I think I just needed to hear from people that you're not expected to be an absolute SAINT the entire time through. And like many of you said, this is about doing it for the LONG HAUL, not just short term. I don't drink a lot, but on Saturday nights, a beer with my husband sounds nice and I don't plan to not do that ever again in my life. It sounds like I just need to experiment a bit..

And, Kate, you're right. Maybe a little extra boost on the treadmill/on the road will help me to justify it too..

Thanks for everyone's help!.


Comment #7

I have a glass of wine everynight (80z, measured!). I love my wine and beer (though have foregone the beer except once in a while). I cannot live a life sans vino. I might lose the weight now, but when I come of nutrisystem I want to have learnt how to incorporate healthy portions in all areas. Cheers!..

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