Can I get things from a Nutrisystem meeting if I dont usually go?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can I get things from a Nutrisystem meeting if I dont usually go? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. Hey guys,.

I was thinking rather than having random threads posted with NSV's, maybe an ongoing thread like this where we can post NSV's as we hit them would be good. This way newbies to the board can browse through the thread and see some of the things we accomplish while doing the program. Since the thread is for the ages, post what your current weight loss is along with what your NSV is..

I'll start it off... I've been needing to get new clothes. I'm down 41.2 pounds today since starting, and have still been wearing my 4x shirts (and I tend to have flaps of fabric folded up at my back and it's started driving me crazy). I went to Walmart today (wanted cheap stuff as I plan to shed this stuff in a couple of months) and was expecting to buy 3x shirts but found 2x were fitting without being too snug at all! I'm pumped as it's been a Long time since I've bought 2x shirts and it wasn't skin tight. Pants will be next (I'm still just adding new holes in my belt right now to keep my jeans up)...

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Ye, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Congrats frazz! and good idea..

I went to a communion ceremony on saturday and saw cousins I had not seen since last year = every one was saying "where did the rest of you go!" - lots of compliments..

They were proud of me - my one uncle said "good job, I was concerned about you last year - way to turn it around" - I never thought of that (someone else givin a damn about my health...). felt good, but I can't let it go to my head, i'm not there yet...

Comment #2

Congrats fellows!.

My NSV is buying size 42 pants today, they were relaxed fit but I can't believe I'm almost out of the 40s...

Comment #3

Well, I've gone through most of my NSV"s now, but here's a current one that is a BIG deal for me:.

Last week, I got rid of all my 34 pants. I am now OFFICIALLY committed to 32's! That pretty much means staying in the 180's. I finally screwed up the courage to make that commitment..


Comment #4

I am swimming in most of my clothes. I had a few XL t-shirts in the back of the closet which now actually fit me. I also had some credit at cabelas and ordered a pair of 36 hiking pants. They are suppose to arrive today, hope they fit. Prior to Nutrisystem I had been on the verge of moving up to 40's..

I still have dun lops disease but it is not quite as severe as before. Can't wait until it is completely gone...

Comment #5

I'm looking alot better when I dress up for our weekly "date night" ... feel alot more comfortable now in my good clothes (that were always still a little tight after I put on my weight over the past 3+ years)..

I'm down from a 40 to a 34 waist (but will be buying some 36's because I like a little room)..

This one goes along with one of Ted's posts ... My wife mentioned that I have a mole in my belly-button (she sees it every so often, not as much as when we were first married, but I digress) ....... anyway, she mentioned that it's kinda like a "fat-barrometer" and that it's only visible when I'm at my fightin' weight - it's visible now. I like that..

I've mentioned this one before - Much of the muscle that I built up over the years lifting heavy as the "fat guy" in the gym is now visible. It's pretty damn cool to have the shoulders I always wanted (w/o the spare tire) - just never knew how true the saying was - "it's all 90% diet, 10% exercise" ....

Having only one chin is pretty cool too ... as is a newfound set of cheekbones!.

Great thread Frazz .... you're really on it lately!!..

Comment #6

Congrats on all of these amazing NSV's!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!..

Comment #7

Congrats Mike. Gordon, I like that you are making a financial committment to being thin. Caongrats all!..

Comment #8

I fit into the 36 inch pants..

Its nice having ones pants stay up without the need of a belt...

Comment #9

NSV- looking better on TV after a month of NS..


Video in top right..

Wish they hadn't shown my butt while I was bending over. My pants kept falling low because they are still 38s...

Comment #10

Since losing 43 lbs, I've had a few NSVs...and man they feel great. Aside from the compliments, I'm down 2 pants sizes. I have more stamina for exercising and my blood pressure and cholesterol are down. Thanks Nutrisystem!..

Comment #11

Been having weird weight fluctuations the last two weeks (down 2 lbs, then back up 2 lbs, then down a lb, then up, etc. but haven't been cheating!). So, I've been focused on the NSV's quite a bit to keep motivated....

I already had to punch a smaller hole in my belt last month to keep pants up. I've noticed this week that I have begun to constantly tug my pants up again. So, it looks like it will be only a few more days till I'll need to punch another hole in the belt to stay decent..

On another happy front, I normally wear 4XL shirts and have noticed they've been baggy of late. On a lark, I put on a 3XL and it fit (although a tiny bit snug when I sit down)! I need a bit more weight loss before I'll be comfortable wearing a 3X full time... but it won't be long!.

Until the last couple days, the scale hasn't been moving much lower, but I can tell things are shifting quite a bit. My waist is smaller (hence the belt issues) and my legs are thinner (seeing some muscle not just fat). It's awesome to see these changes taking place (like seeing some jaw line rather than neck from shoulder to ears)..

I didn't take any measurements when I started, but I guess I should do that so I can keep track of this sort of progress during the stall periods. Anyway, I feel great and actually look forward to working out... Who'd have thunk?.

Long post, but I hadn't been on the boards much the last few days because work's been crazy. Thanks for sharing the weight-loss and NSV stories, guys. It keeps me motivated to stay on plan and push through these stall periods...

Comment #12

Keep going varhodes - good job!.

Ted, I like the bug video - the teacher looked hot.....

Comment #13

Awesome job, everyone!.

Since I started (Jan 5, 2010), I gone down a pants size from a 38 to a 36. Well, that's actually 2 pants sizes since I was squeezing into 38s and should have been in 40s. I've gone from XXL shirts to XL shirts. My BP and Cholesterol levels are normal for the first time in about 7 years and most importantly, I feel great physically and emotionally. Who can complain with that?.

Oh and a small minor victory - I learned how deep Ted's belly button is. Wait, is that a victory?..

Comment #14

Yes, that could be the most difficult thing about the Nutrisystem program... learning about the depth of Ted's belly button! LOL!.

Ted: Great video on the traveling bug zoo!..

Comment #15

I had a great NSV as well..

The hottie at the hotel desk last week asked for my ID when I used my credit card, and the pic is from 2005, when I weighed probably 230..

She looked at it, looked at me, her jaw dropped, and she looked at my license again, and said "Wow. That's awesome. You look.



My wife said "Well, you must be full of yourself," as we walked away, me with a hop in my step.....

Comment #16

My biggest NSV has to be the clothes fitting better. I've gone from a 40 stretch pant, to back into regular 40's, to firmly being in 38's. In fact I dumped my 40 pants all together. Now, my 38's are beginning to feel almost too lose and I was able to fit into one paif of 36 jeans, so hopefully 36's won't be too far off. I'm figuring by the end of May I'll be in 36's all the time. I only lost 1 lb last week so I still hope the end of May is realistic.

That felt great to do. My goal is to be back to a 34...maybe even a 32...

Comment #17

Well I've been away for a while working on final exams and projects. I went way off plan during that week and a half and gained 6 lbs. Oddly however I'm down to a large shirt and 40 pants from 42's and XL. Been back on plan three days, time to get serious about losing this last 50 lbs..

Oh and I'm now officially a college graduate...

Comment #18

Way to go Mike! The cruel, cruel world anxiously awaits you!..

Comment #19

Congrats on graduating Mike. Thats Huge! Also congrats to everyone posting their NSV's! Great stuff!..

Comment #20

Major congrats mesturge! That educaton will take you quite far...

Comment #21

I just had a major NSV moment. When vegging out on the couch I'll often store the tv remote on my chest. This has worked fine in the past because my belly would keep it up. Not so anymore! Now I'm going to have to find a new place to keep it. And no, I am not taking suggestions...

Comment #22

Funny, Ted! One of my first NSV's was a problem with my cell phone on my belt. I could not feel it vibrate since it was not so deeply imbedded in my fat..


Comment #23

It is sad that it took a screwed up knee for me to realize how out of shape I was. My answer had been buy new clothes, since December looks like I still have the same answer..

Down 120 lbs and from a 56' stretch pants to 48 that are loose, all my 3x shirts are piled up and a XL is loose..

My most unusual NSV I had to move my drivers seat up...

Comment #24

Not that I am going to start wearing the thing around again (I'm 30, time to move on, lol) but I found my high school class ring this weekend, and thought I would try it on again. I haven't been ableto wear it since I was 20. It fits!! Woo hoo! Also I am down to size 44 pants now, and when I started Nutrisystem I was in size 54. I love this program, and all you fellow losers encouraging us along the way! Go team!..

Comment #25

Posting this from the changing room @ eddie baurer where I think I just scared a woman half to death. 38'S!!! First time I've seen 30 anything since middle school. EF YES!..

Comment #26

NSV for me yesterday... Went out with my wife for our anniversary dinner. When they asked Booth or Table, I said booth (my wife prefer's booth's but for the last year, I didn't fit in most booths so we have to sit at a table). I fit with even a tiny amount of room between my gut and the table. Felt really good.


Another NSV I have had for a few weeks now and haven't posted... I can tie my shoes while sitting down in a chair. May not sound like a big deal to most of you, but for the longest time, the only way I could tie my shoes was to get down on one knee on the floor. It wasn't possible to bend over enough to tie my shoes (and I'd turn red in the face and be gasping for air if I did try from a chair). Was so bad I had a pair of tennis shoes that I broke in so that I never untied them (just slipped them on). Its nice having shoes that actually fit and I can tie them up so they are nice and snug on my feet..

Comment #27

That's really great frazz! I hear ya but I won't get into it.....

Comment #28

Over the last two weeks, people are really noticing the weight loss. Today a client I have not seen in a few months straight up asked if I had lost weight, than she said more than once how good I looked. This felt pretty good. Trying to stay humble though, I have a long way to go...

Comment #29

Why didn't I see this thread before? Blind I guess....

Anyway, the past two weeks have revealed some really funny and nice NSV's. Here are my top five in order of importance (to me):.

5 - Some "barely worn" umpire pants stored away for the past 5 years now fit!.

4 - I noticed this past weekend that my drivers license weight is accurate again! (HEY! - I was only off by 40 or 50 pounds when I started NS)..

3 - I'm feeling better - health-wise. I have already changed my diabetes meds by reducing one of my meds 25%..

2 - Thursday, I'm getting changed into my umpire attire (in the world's biggest locker room) and I noticed that I had to take in my NEW adjustable pants as far as they go!.

1 - On Saturday, I actually kept up with a 17 year-old baseball player going from second-to-third! The youngster was attempting to steal second, but the catcher's throw wasn't exactly accurate. The ball got away from the shortstop covering second. The runner got right up and bolted for third - which means I had to do the same thing! Not only did I keep up with him, I actually got there first so that I was actually standing there at third for a split second before the ball and player got there!.

I actually wouldn't have noticed, but when I called the kid out, his coach (an old friend) had semi-scolded the kid - who loudly complained about being called out, "what did you expect? That old-man beat you to the darned base!".

OK - those aren't as good as the rest of yours, but I had to catch up to the rest of y'all..

Later guys!..

Comment #30

Hey Mike, EVERY NSV is a good one (no matter how small you might think it is).

Personally I think it's great you beat the kid to third and the coach even commented on it (Old Man... LOL)..

Comment #31

Nice work yourself dude! I know where you're coming from with the booth thing (and the shoe-tying)....

Also, 'bout the coach's comment... this goof is on a football ref crew with me every fall. He was happy to have an op to bust my chops...

Comment #32

I had no idea you were an umpire! Didn't know these forums had a braille option..

Congrats on the NSV's...

Comment #33

Had a major Non Scale Victory this weekend. I wore my bespoke tailored suit that I haven't been able to wear in over ten years! Thought I would never fit into it ever again...

Comment #34

Was getting ready to leave for a conference last week and decided to wear my jeans for the flight. I put them on and went to button the waist and realized they weren't touching my stomach. I'm stoked that, even with the belt cranked way down, I could barely keep them up. Gotta go see if I can find a pair of old smaller-sized jeans in the closet..

I also noticed I was a little more comfortable in the airplane seat this time. I still need the belt-extension (will be THRILLED to no longer have to ask for that after I lose more weight), but noticed that I needed less of the extension to make ends meet, as it were..

Onward and downward!..

Comment #35

Went to the movies with a friend I rarely see. She asked If I was melting. Good to hear...

Comment #36

Lol mesturge, I've gotten the same comment from a couple of friends. It is good to hear..

Comment #37

Haha, yea. I ran into someone from my old group at work (I'm out of a different building now, have been for a year now.) He blinked did a double-take and said "What, they don't feed you over there?". Made my day..

Yesterday was the best though. I went and bought some clothes. And I *didn't* have to buy them at the Casual Male Big&Tall. And they.


That was a double-fist-pump in the air as I got back to my car. Probably drew some strange looks from random strangers at the mall but eh, what the hell...

Comment #38

Hey Buzz, don't wait till you get in the car. Do it in the open, you disserve it!..

Comment #39

I thought I wandered into the Blueberry Muffin thread... just saying..

Comment #40

I was running on the treadmill at the gym and my shorts started to fall. Time for new shorts...

Comment #41

As you can tell by my screen name I bowl professionally. I competed in a PBA Tournament 5/21 to 5/23 at the Bowling center I manage. This tournament I bowled better than I had in many years. I averaged 212.25 on a pretty tough condition and finished 13th. Compared to 2009 I finshed 33rd and averaged a measly 172. 5 and in 2008 I finished 36th and averaged 186.875.

I started my weight loss Journey on 3-10-2010 with the goal to become competitive so I could go back out on the Sr. National tour in about 1 yr and be competitive this just proves to me that Nutrisystem combined with a solid work out program I will acheive my goals..

Here are some photos that show where I was last year and now. I am on the left in both pictures.



Comment #42

Nice one, Bowler!.

I just had a major NSV: new driver's license!.

1st one is from 2005 (at about 237 lbs), 2nd was last week (at 177 lbs):..

Comment #43

Nice! Those are awesome! Congrats guys!.

Those are totally motivating...

Comment #44

Wow lots of nice NSV's and pics. I had fun one today as well. I am out camping/hiking with some of my college students. While we were hiking I hear an "oh!" from behind me. I asked the young lady what was wrong and she said, "from behind I looked like a student and it surprised her when she realized it was the prof"..

I think I'll wear these shorts more often...

Comment #45

Kind of an Anti-NSV -.

Today we were using models in Organic Chemistry, and the teacher was trying to make a point with some guys model and asked if I wanted to sit on it to flatten it out. >.<..

Comment #46

Had a great day with the extended family. All they could talk about was my weight loss. One of them asked me how much I'd lost since they last saw me at Christmas and I was forced to do the math. Even I was shocked to find I've lost 40 lbs since then. Feels good...

Comment #47

Dropped another pants size this weekend. I was technically 40s when I started in January (although I refused to wear anything above 38s). Was in 36s by April. Had to switch to 34s this weekend. I was really happy except when I thought about the money I had spent on size 36s!..

Comment #48

Great moment yesterday... I'd lost too much to keep wearing my (size 56) jeans so I rooted around and found an older pair that was smaller (size 54). I tried them on and... they're already really loose!.

I'm traveling in a few weeks and will need a pair of jeans so I decided to buy size 50 because I'm sure I can lose enough to fit into those (And I don't want to waste money on size 52's that I won't be able to wear long)..

Hoping it won't be too much longer before I can get back into a waist size that doesn't start with "5.".

Congrats to all the other guys with NSV's!..

Comment #49

I am down to size 42 now since I began in January, I was in size 54...Hope to be down in the 30s for the first time in over a decade by the end of July, woo hoo!..

Comment #50

Some NSVs for me lately. I just bought an size smaller underwear, size large shorts but they don't have an size number on them, size medium shorts to wear when I shrink moe, and size 40 work pants, so close to the 30s now..

Plus, since I started NS, I've gone from a pair of tight size 54 pants to size 40 pants, lost 14 so far but I'd love to get down to 34s at least...

Comment #51

Thanks! I got one more, today I tried on an XL shirt and it fit pretty decently, only problem is my belly, but it doesn't bother me an lot. Now my problem is I only have two XL shirts. Heh...

Comment #52

I had four people this weekend ask if I lost weight. yuk, yuk...

Comment #53

Congrats, pbs519!.

Bartle: You are a MACHINE! Keep it up!..

Comment #54

A Major NSV!! I am now in ONEderland!!! Made it below 200 for the 1st time in about 8 years..

As of this morning (my official WI day), I am down to 198 - that is a 50 lb loss to date - 14 weeks..

Maybe the 6 mile run yesterday morning had something to do with it too..

I have lost 5 inches off the chest and 7 inches off the waist. My pants are so freakin loose!! I dont mind, it reminds me of what I have lost..

Have a great Sunday!!.

- Dave..

Comment #55

Fantastic job to all!!! Impressive progress all around..

I had a bit of an NSV today.....went from size 42 (tight) in February this year and today bought some clothes for upcoming Hilton Head week's vacation..

Shorts and slacks size 38 (and many had some room in them!!!) and went from 2xl shirts (252 lbs in Feb) and today bought 3 Tommy Bahama type shirts and they were regular old "Large" shirts.....

I was stunned to see me in the mirrorlol..

Good job everyone. Some of these are a lot more fun than just watching the scale # fall.


Comment #56

Major congrats fellows! Incredible to read! Weigh to go!..

Comment #57

Great job and great NSV's! I had one on Saturday. Went to Elitch Gardens in Denver, and was able to ride Boomarang. I tried to ride similar type rides a couple of years ago and found out I was too big to sit in the seat and the shoulder harness couldn't lock in place due to my size. Was fun to be able to do this. Here's a pic of part of it:.

Second NSV was yesterday at a meeting at church. Had a couple of people ask me about my weight loss and both (at different times) commented on how obvious the changes are in my face and my profile. Was enough to keep me focused and not give in to the chinese food they had ordered in for dinner at this meeting..

Comment #58

I was feeling a little hungry last night and grabbed a piece of swiss cheese, cut myself a piece, took a nibble, looked at it and then threw it in the trash. I then got a piece of string cheese instead. I was able to hold down the beast within!!..

Comment #59

Congrats! THIS is one of the NSV's I am losing weight for! Roller-****ing-coasters! Hell yeah!..

Comment #60

Congrats everyone!.

I got another NSV today, when I first started NS, I swear the upper number of my blood pressure was constantly around 160 or 180, but when I gave blood on 3-22-10 my BP was around 130/94 and when I gave blood again today, I was around 116/74, my pulse was an nice 50 as well...

Comment #61

Very nice Bartle!.

NSV for me... This past weekend, I went to see a friend. His wife came to the door and looked through the peep hole and wouldn't open the door as she didn't know who I was. My friend came around to get onto this "salesman" at the door (they have no soliciting signs) and he busted up laughing when he saw it was me. I hadn't seen his wife for about 6 weeks, and she couldn't get over how different I looked in my face and all.....

Comment #62

That musta been an blast! Always great when peple don't recognize you. Hehe...

Comment #63

Another NSV for me, I bough some shirts today! I've had 4X, 3X, and 2X, but I didn't have any XL! Well, I do hsve two, but one was covered in some Star Wars stuff and the other is too heavy for summer wear. Tonight, I bought three XL shirts and they fit rather nice. Really can't wait to get rid of that last X though. Heh...

Comment #64

Not sure if this is a non scale victory but now at day 12 this website is telling me that my BMI is 29.68. Which means I am no longer obese. Just overweight. Someday is will read "My current BMI is damn fine"..

Comment #65

Very awesome to see! I'm rather close to that myself as well, only around 10 pounds away. Congrats!..

Comment #66

My most recent NSV is that I had two coworkers on the same day tell me that I was skinny. I haven't been called skinny in a very long time...

Comment #67

Took four flights of stairs today and was less winded than the guy that climbed them with me! He easily weighs 160 pounds less than me...

Comment #68

My own mother did not recognize me at the airport last week, she told her friend driving "that's not him, he's too thin" She drove right past me! Funnier than heck! a NSV for sure...

Comment #69

A few NSV's for me over the last week:.

I'm now wearing XXXL shirts instead of 4X.

I had to cut about a foot off my leather belt because it was too long to keep in the loops.

For the first time in a LONG time, I was able to sit in a booth at a restaurant comfortably (I always used to have to ask specifically for a table so I could fit!).


Congrats to everyone on their recent accomplishments... Keep it up!..

Comment #70

Major congrats! Keep on shrinking!.

New NSV today for me, I tried on an size medium shorts I bought when I got my current size large shorts, they were tight but I could button them up when I couldn't before..

With that, I decided to get new pants today, size 38! They were just a little tight, but a few pounds will take car of that, no more buying size 4-s! I really want to get down to 34s though, it'd be awesome to go from 54s to 34s!..

Comment #71

Way to go, Vince. I'm proud of your success!..

Comment #72

Thanks, I have an feeling you will follow quickly in my wake thpugh..

Can't wait to see how you progress!..

Comment #73

Summer has finally arrived in BC and I was going to go buy more shorts but gave it a chance and tried on a pair that haven't fit me in a year or two..


Comment #74

Big NSV for me today... Had my regular check up with my doc today. Had e-mailed ahead to let him know I'd lost 50+ pounds and asked to do routine bloodwork before the appointment..

Nurse said, "Well, alright honey!" when she saw my weight on the scale and then looked at my chart [Okay, that one was scale-related]. But, when my doc walked in the room, he said he was thrilled with my labs and vitals. Great A1C, great cholesterol, etc. etc. He was very pleased with my weight loss. Told him I wasn't done yet..

Long story short: The doc ended up taking me off two meds... If keep it up, I may be able to get off BP meds altogether..

Man, I'm loving this!..

Comment #75

Getting off of that is a.



Comment #76

That is huge, it is amazing how an extra 50lbs negatively affects your health. I bet dropping those meds will also help the pocket book..

This makes me think I should make an app with the Doctor as well. He essentially "ordered" me to lose 40 pounds, I hit 50 a week or so ago...

Comment #77

Varhodes, that is fantastic! I have in my To Do list to make an appointment next week when I get back from vacation to have a full blood work and all done. I'd love to get off the BP med I had to start last fall..

NSV's for me... One of my goals in starting Nutrisystem was to be able to take my kids to an amusement park and ride rollercoasters with them. Well, I've exceeded this goal already (and I'm no where near done with the weight loss)... We are currently on vacation in Texas, and on Monday we went to Six Flags Over Texas. First ride in the park was Titan (Look it up, but it's a Hypercoaster that hits 85 - 90mph and pulls like 4G's in some turns). No problem at all.

Also did Shock Wave, and a few others (I didn't ride Mr. Freeze, but that was because I chickened out on that one... LOL). The "exceeding" part is that today we went to Schlitterbahn (a waterpark) and I was actually comfortable going on water rides and being at a water park. Yeah I kept a shirt on, but that was more due to my fair white skin than being embarrassed of my massive gut and man-boobs, as both are definetly smaller than they were just 6 months ago... Confidence is a huge thing, and while I know I still have a long way to go, my confidence in my current image, and knowing I'm going to succeed is super high and really making a big difference in lots of aspects of my life..

Oh and another NSV is that with all the walking I've been doing over the last few months, walking all over Six Flags and Schlitterbahn was a cake. My wife and kids would ask me to slow down or wait as they took breathers.

Heading to North Padre Island tomorrow, then back home either Sunday night or Monday sometime. I'll check back in the first of the week after I'm back home and fully back to NS.....

Comment #78

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