Can I get back on track on Nutrisystem?

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I started last Monday and did great until the Easter weekend hit and I went way overboard on candy! Tell me I didn't waste my time all week being so good. Can I get back on track? Has anyone else fallen totally off the wagon and got back on and lost it all? I am so ashamed I'm afraid I'm ruined now and will never follow the diet perfectly again. I want to start perfect tomorrow but I hope I didn't lose my motivation...

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Your question was: Can I get back on track on Nutrisystem?.

If you smashed your thumb with a hammer, would you think, well, I've ruined this hand, might as well smash the other four fingers!.

If you bent your front fender on your car, would you think, well, I've ruined this car, might as well back into that wall over there and crash the back bumper!.

If you walked into the door and blacked your right eye, would you take your fist and hit the left eye, too?.

Don't think so, do you?.

No difference here. What's done is done. Learn from it, and just go forward. Betcha ya can.....

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Don't beat yourself up over this. Yes you can get right back on track!.

I didn't do toooo bad today (I just finished calculating, the best I could, what my Easter dinner cost me in calories) but I have a plan tomorrow 100% on Nutrisystem and looking forward.

Now that you know candy is hard for you to say no to mine was the desert tonight I know next time I will take a Nutrisystem desert with me - my plan was to skip desert but obviously I didn't stick to the plan...

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Katie - What's done is done and you cannot go back to fix it, so learn from your mistake and move on. If you dwell on it, you will only hold yourself back or fall back into the old routine. Do not give up! We are all human and suffer from that oh so human trait of making mistakes. As long as you recognize the cause, you can stop it from happening again. You should also never forget that everyone here is in the same place as you or has already been there, and we're all here to support you. The next time you feel yourself slipping or wanting to slip - get on the boards and reach out to someone. Sort of like going to an AA meeting...

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Lesson one: You recognize that candy is a downfall. so next time, you will avoid it...after a while on Nutrisystem you wont be tempted either! Bring one of those great Nutrisystem chocolate desserts with you..or whatever your fav is!! You won't miss the other candy...a lot of this is peer pressure and social eating that has to be won't be left out if you have your Nutrisystem dessert with you.

CONGRATULATIONS on completing a week on Nutrisystem "being so good"!!! Celebrate THAT and don't dwell on Easter weekend except to learn from it. It does get easier as we adapt and learn..

Sandy in IL..

Comment #4

I don't remember posting before but I failed miserably. I had been doing well for several days. My husband bought chocolate eclairs & brought them home to me for Easter. I ate 3. My stomach hurt & I feel like a hangover. I don't know why I don't have the strength to overcome.

Only God can help me now...

Comment #5

Katie258 and Mary, ditto to the advice not to beat yourself, learn from your mistake, and to move on with a new start. A mistake is not a reflection on your character; it's just a mistake. I'd also recommend ditching the catastrophic thinking-the "never follow the diet perfectly again." As Pam's vivid illustrations suggestion, one accident doesn't necessarily lead to another, and the all-or-nothing thinking doesn't encourage the "yes, I can" positive thinking that is helpful to long-term success.

Remember, both of you did really well for the several days. That achievement is greater than any mistake as it shows you were understanding the program. Learning the Nutrisystem plan and learning to eat healthily is a process that sometimes goes in a straight line or occasionally goes a little sideways or backwards before righting itself and moving forward again. Especially if you are just beginning, special challenges that we all face such as holidays with traditions of eating special foods, often in large quantities, can be particularly daunting. Like SandygirlToo, wrote, it gets easier as we learn and change or habits. Hang in there!..

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Oh my goodnessdo you know that this is a process? We call it "successive approximation". You've been doing well and that's terrific. Your dear sweet husband, either because he doesn't understand the challenge you've undertaken or because he's a secret saboutager brought you home eclairs and you ate them. But the guilt is out of proportion to the situation. This is not an "all or nothing at all" lifestyle. It is a each moment we make the best choices/decisions we can, and we go on.

Next time it may look less attractive. Right now you can be proactive and ask your husband not to bring you home treats that are edible. Maybe you can even brainstorm a list of things you'd enjoy getting from hima book, a trip to a spa, a walk on the beach or in the woods, a drive and a picnic that you prepare with Nutrisystem type foodswhatever floats your boat! Then he can still be the hero and you won't go through all this guilt! You are right, though, only God can help you now. Of course, I believe that is true all the time in every situation. He is our help all the time and in every situation.

I'll be glad to pray for you! That's a privilege and a pleasure! You're doing fine. If you're dealing with some clinical depression, let me know. I've been there too! Meanwhile, just have a victory lap around your living room or yard, chomp on a celery stick, and know that you are still doing g-r-e-a-t! Squeezy hugs!..

Comment #7

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that weight loss really comes down to a simple math equation:.

3500 calories = 1 lb.

Every day you were on plan you were working positively towards your weight loss. The days, meals, or bites you are off plan do work negatively against your weight loss. BUT, messing up once does not automatically wipe out all your prior efforts. Just get back on plan and keep with the positive movement! You will wipe out the negative in no time..


Comment #8

Bah! You've decided to start a process that hopefully will have you learn better ways to eat....smaller portions, eat small & frequently during the day, eat when you 'should' rather than when you want to, more fresh fruits/veggies, protein + fiber = good, carbs + processed sugars = not-so-good...and so on..

Like learning anything else in my opinion. Try to learn algebrait takes some time and you might struggle at various points. At some point you still learn the subject, right?.

So you stepped off the path in a journey that will be 10 thousand steps....I'd say it might be best to just get back on the path..

To be honest, I feel a bit down every time we have house guests or travel for the weekendalways makes me feel "behind" a bit when I jump back in. But overall and week-after-week, I'm doing okay..

I think you're fine..


Comment #9

Yesterday was Easter Sunday; I ate completely off: stuff shells with ricotta, tomato sauce with meatballs and sausage. Not to mention....two canollis, cookies and a piece of cake. I kept going..........My stomach hurt I couldn't sleep all night, I also felt hungover. I will pray for your strength and mine..

Lets leave it behind us, we are human and we are on Nutrisystem to overcome our problem and learn how to eat right.

I am having a hard time today because I stretched out my stomach and want to keep eating today...

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Being on Nutrisystem as a learning process....and it will take some practice to get it right. (Like learning to play the piano - you don't sit down and start playing Beethoven on day one!) Learn from your mistake, know your weaknesses and move on..

I know that candy is my downfall...I know I cannot have "just one" - so I avoid it altogether! After avoiding it for 7 months, now I don't even want any! So it is no longer such a struggle..


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Marianne is exactly right - you really need to avoid the things you cannot exercise control with. Until you have been on the plan for a while it is really best to adhere strictly to the plan - later you are probably much better able to exercise self control. Every time you go off plan and over indulge you make it easier for yourself to do it again. But as Pam said, you definitely don't give up because you screw up - you must use that to motivate yourself to stick to the plan. You paid a lot for this and it really does work, but only if you get your head into it and stick to it. And this is by far the easiest and best weight control plan to follow that I have ever tried, but it is not some miracle pill that requires no commitment on your part.

If they continue then they really are trying to sabotage you, so get tough and tell them to knock it off - if they care about you they will want to help you succeed. My husband makes it much easier for me by packing my food bag every day for work, and preparing all food in a NS-appropriate manner (he is a great cook). He also used to eat inappropriate things only when I wasn't home to see or smell it (doesn't bother me anymore so he can eat things in front of me now)...

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