Can I get a Godaddy voucher for 2011?

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My question is: Can I get a Godaddy voucher for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: What do you think of the concept of giving a gift to someone (birthday, Christmas, whatever) in the form of a HostGator name?.

For instance, you could give them their first name in .com, .net, or .org (whichever is available), and setting up a Wordpress blog for them.

I think there's two extreme reactions to this. Either they'd be totally into it and excited to start their blog, or they'd be intimidated by the "complexity" and be hesitant to do anything with their new site. I don't foresee there being much middle ground. Either they'd love it or hate it.

Has anyone ever given a HostGator as a gift and what reaction did you get?..

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Your question was: Can I get a Godaddy voucher for 2011?.

Try it out Eric....let us know their reaction.



Comment #1

Yes, it's a perfect gift. I regged my mum's name .com and renewed for 10 year and she's very happy with it (custom email + blog)...

Comment #2

I gave one to my friend and he let it expire...

Comment #3

Tell him that name sold for 1.1 million by someone...

Comment #4

That sounds like quite a nice idea... What you want for your xmas? .. sure that's not too expensive!..

Comment #5

If someone gives me my lastname dot com I would be really excited..

Comment #6

I did that few time ....

But most of them complaint abt it, cause they need to pay for host and design hhahaha....

My gf enjoy it cause I gave her domain, website, host and completed everything for her .....

Comment #7

If someone wants to give me as a gift, who am I to complain???..

Comment #8

I have done this on several occasions. Name & site for xmas a couple times; wrapped a printed out logo and a screen shot. Great novelty, but in both cases they never did anything and the site/name dropped.

I have also purchase my parents, kids and nephews names, printed out a "Official HostGator Ownership" certificate and presented them with that. Again, great novelty which was soon forgotten, but this time I did not do a site and hold the names for their future use - someday they'll need/want it.

All in all, if they don't already have names or run a site, they have no clue what it is or what to do with it...

Another option is this new business concept;

Comment #9

Everybody here says it's a good idea because we're all into domains. But if you ask somebody outside the HostGator circle and you might get a different answer.

It depends on whether the person you plan to give to will have any use for it. If he has no use for it, it'll just be a financial burden for him to renew the "gift" every year.

You know how husbands are already burdened with remembering anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Now he has to remember the expiry date as well.

If his name is same as a famous person, then he may also have to deal with UDRP or legal threats...

Comment #10

I like the idea of giving away domains, whether for a gift or not. I like to look at it from a marketing perspective (sorry If I'm going off topic here). There are lots of domains for $7 that hold value of way more to different people/companies. One great marketing tactic, and incredible inexpensive, is to register and "give" a HostGator as a "thank you" or however you choose. I've found that this returns in goodwill far more than $7 worth, and you gain a significant amount more if they end up using the domain.

I agree with giving it as a gift, but like already stated it has to be for the right person. In business, you can almost always give them value in a HostGator name, so for me they are the "right person." Has anyone else ever tried this marketing tactic?.



Comment #11

My Dad gave me my first as a gift... Everyone thinks it's awesome that I have it..

Comment #12

This is a great idea and we are already working on one yoga related name for one of my friends..yearly renewal fee could be b-day gift every year..i know I am cheap.. but it really great idea to present HostGator name with site as a b-day gift..

Comment #13

One thing that it totally depends on is someone's age. Generation X and Y'ers are going to be more apt to enjoy a HostGator name than a Baby Boomer.

Gen X and Y'ers are used to using technology and have grown up with the Internet as a regular part of everyday life...

Comment #14

Yes, I have given four. I have three nephews and one niece that I gifted their HostGator name to for this past xmas. I regged their first and last name in .tv. They were mega excited at first, but after a week or so, I checked and saw that they hadn't done a thing with them. I think they are intimidated and don't really know that wordpress is extremely easy to use. I have told them that I'll work with them on it, but right now they're very tied up with myspace. But I know that in a few more years when they're off to college, they'll be very happy they have it!..

Comment #15

I think it is a great idea myself and have done it once. Was considering a surname .me for a friends wedding (for them both to share but the day was before the open reg........).

Domainmayhem, could you just start by forwarding it to there myspace site link? Get them into it the habit of telling people to check it??? could be pretty cool and they would at least get some use while building up frinedly traffic for when the get bored of myspace and want therespace..

Comment #16

Very true. I was actually at a graduation party not to long ago, and the parents of the grad were handing out business cards, with their sons new website that they had setup for him. I think it's pretty cool, but know that Ill never get the experience, simply because my parents know I already own my name But none the less, it's a cool idea...

Comment #17

Even many young people, outside of the domainer realm, don't seem to care about having their own HostGator name - most are used to changing emails / usernames on a regular basis; not seeking a static identity.

With that said, if giving a HostGator as a gift, it's often best to put in your own HostGator admin / reseller account, because otherwise, as some have already mentioned, they may forget about it and/or not want to pay the renewal fee and thus let it expire.


Comment #18

I've registered names for family members, and everyone has thought it was pretty cool. I don't expect them to do a thing, and I expect I will be the one paying renewals on it at least until the kids are old enough to do something with them...

Comment #19

Good idea Epic. My father gave me my first HostGator a while back. Ever since then my christmas list always contains (renewal of

Although I agree with some of the others..if they aren't into the whole cyber world they may not do anything with it and just let it drop..

What if you included a small word document or something with some basic instructions on how to add posts..etc...

Comment #20

When it comes down to it. You can included instructions and what not, but if the person is not truly interested, it wont pass the test of time. Maybe it's updated daily, for a month, then falls off, or whatever the case may be. But to the person who truly is happy with the gift, and willing to go out and learn. It would make an awesome present, that could potentially earn you more than what the present was originally worth...

Comment #21

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