Can I buy an expired domain thru Godaddy?

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My question is: Can I buy an expired domain thru Godaddy?.

My 2nd question is: Hello Mates,.

I'm sure we've had one or gone to one.

What do you call "them" in your neck of the woods? Garage Sale.

Yard Sale.


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Your question was: Can I buy an expired domain thru Godaddy?.

Yard sale all the way, my wife says garage sale. She also says pop and I say soda, oh well...

Comment #1

Yard sales turn into a garage sales when it rains...

Comment #2

Garage & Yard both here in SoCal, but I think "Garage Sale" is more prevelant..

Comment #3

It would depend on rather it was in a garage or in a yard...

Comment #4

I voted on other. since here it's case to case basis if you have a garage call it garage sale and if you don't call it yard sale. but we usually call it ukay ukay..

Comment #5

Thanks for the feedback everyone ...... Some I had never heard of before.

Jumble sale ..... Car boot sale are a couple of new ones to me.

*edit...had to add ukay ukay.


Comment #6

Uk is a garage sale, open house to all then you get the young kids coming round then they rob you, so sometimes it's called theft..

Comment #7

I'm in Canada (The Maritimes) and to me garage sale and yard sale.

Are the same. I'll say either one. I Googled pages just from Canada.

And get:.

736,000 for "garage sale".

340,000 for "yard sale".

So I guess garage sale wins here...

Comment #8

I saw that ..... funny how it's just the opposite when search is "yardsale" @280k vs "garagesale" @ 120k LOL.

Lil buggers .......


Everyone repped. Thanks all. results.

Garage Sale 21 @ 70.00%.

Yard Sale 6 @ 20.00%.

SideWalk Sale 0 0%.

Other 3 @ 10.00%.


Comment #9

Garage Sale in california, but they use the other too..

Comment #10

What would you call a YardSale on Web ? There's no garage, no boot to get your sale done, just the web...

Inspired by

Comment #11

Garage Sale is the one & only proper one here..

Comment #12

Thanks everyone for the input. It seems Garage sale is the leader.

Garage Sale 27 67.50%.

Yard Sale 9 22.50%.

SideWalk Sale 0 0%.

Other 4 10.00%.

Thanks again, I'll rep as permitted.


Comment #13

I always hear Yard Sale, I live in southern California...

Comment #14

Maybe we're just brighter in North Carolina, but sales in the front yard are "Yard Sales," sales in a community center are "Community Yard Sales," and sales in someone's garage, or mixed between the garage and the front yard, are "Garage Sales." I think "Garage Sales" usually have a more low-brow feel down here, but that isn't universal.


Comment #15

Up north we called them garage, yard, or estate sales.. around here they seem to call them yard sales or rummage sales.

I think it would be really hard to pin down geographically because everyone is so mobile these days. Most of the people I work with aren't from here originally, including myself...

Comment #16

Agreed. And I just made up 6 large signs for ours, all titled "Garage Sale". I see signs with both terms on street corners but 'Garage' seems to be the majority 'round these parts. Except for a lot of hispanic folk ... they usually put "Yarda Sale" or "Venta" on the signs...

Comment #17

Why would someone sell their garage, or is this now a product of the economy because they have sold their car??.



Comment #18

Garage sale still the leader and wide spread.

Garage Sale .......... 32 .....71.11%.

Yard Sale ............. 9 ...... 20.00%.

SideWalk Sale ....... 0 ....... 0%.

Other .................. 4 ...... 8.89%.

Is it a gender thing? An indoor outdoor thing?.

Things I stop for seem to be tools, sports equipment, bikes, cycles, boats etc ..... guy things or garage things.

Things my Wife stops for are household items like; Furniture, audio equipment, art, dishes, clothes.

Musical instruments ..... girl things or house hold things.

Just to pose the questions .... please don't call me a sexist. I already know I am J/K..

Comment #19

I would say "yard sale"in California, since most people usally place the stuff they want to sell all over their "front" yard..

In some cities in California, such as Alhambra (LA), you can't place anything in the front yard for a yard sale. It has to be behind the plane of the front of the house, or behind a fence. Otherwise the "yard sale" police will come! I am saying this from experience:.

Code Enforcement: Garage / Yard Sales.

TITLE IX: Public Peace & Safety,.

Chapter 9.04 Advertising.

* Residential Permit:.

- No Permit is required; however, no more than two garage sales can be conducted in any one calendar year by any one individual, household group, family, or multi-unit property..

- Sales may occur from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and may not exceed two consecutive days..

- No merchandise may be displayed in the public right-of-way, on front porches, or within the front yard of interior lots, or the front yard and/or side yard of corner lots..

- Don't sell homemade or new merchandise.

* Posting Signs:.

- One single-face sign, 2-feet by 3-feet may be posted on the premises where the sale is to be conducted for the duration of the sale and must be removed immediately thereafter. No off-premises signs may be posted. Do not nail or place signs on trees, utility poles, sign posts, city parkways or other city property. A sign may be placed in your own vehicle, but the vehicle must be properly parked on the street to advertise your sale. Consider advertising your sale in a newspaper.

* Garage/Yard Sale Violations:.

- Violations are subject to immediate closure of the sale and a possible Misdemeanor criminal complaint being filed with the City Attorney's office, which requires a court appearance.

* Other Types of Sales:.

- If you plan to conduct a boutique or sale of any kind other than a garage/yard sale you must contact the Development Services Planning Division (626) 570-5034 and Finance Department (626) 570-5020 to obtain a Temporary Use Permit.

Alhambra City Hall, 111 South First Street, Alhambra, CA 91801; Phone: (626) 570-5007; Fax: (626) 576-8568.

Hours: Mon.-Thurs., 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Comment #20

Havent had one in a long long while, but we refer to them as garage sales here in NY..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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