Can I access godaddy's MySQL database from my local computer? If so, how?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Can I access godaddy's MySQL database from my local computer? If so, how?.

My main question is: Hi, I recently won in an auction in the aftermarket. This HostGator will be mine in another few more days. At the time of this posting, the website of the reseller is still showing the normal page instead of the GoDaddy expired parking page. And I am guessing that the customers don't know what's coming.

I'm worried that upon me assuming control of the domain, and they no longer have access to their accounts, they will lookup the whois info and flood me with emails asking for refund.

What can I do to protect myself?.

Also, by disclosing this HostGator name before it is fully transferred to me, I know I will risk somebody notifying the /img/avatar4.jpg to renew the HostGator and I'll lose my chance of owning But I'm disclosing this name in the interest of the community so that you can transfer your domains out of dotfrog before I assume control of

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Your question was: Can I access godaddy's MySQL database from my local computer? If so, how?.

It looks like it has been renewed, Whois shows 2008-07-31 (domaintools), but GoDaddy's (not live) whois still shows a 2007 expiry (godaddy)..

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Does that mean they can login to their accounts from another site? Or must they login from dotfrog? These guys won't be able to login from dotfrog it I take over the domain. It shows expiry 2008 because I bid and won the domain...

Comment #2

Yep I think they will be able to log in from another site..

Comment #3

Thanks Steve, Just what I need if I get any emails from dotfrog customers. I'm going to park this domain. Hopefully they are smart enough to lookup the whois info to get to me...

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Looks can be deceiving! The HostGator is expired.

The registrar date and registry dates are separate - many people have lost domains because they relied upon the registry date instead of the registrar date or vice-versa. Both expiry dates should be similar or ideally identical - any mismatch often signals trouble.

What happens is that the registry (speaking of .com / .net domains) typically adds another year automatically at expiry regardless of whether the HostGator is actually expired at the registrar...

This extra time (around 45 days or so) gives the registrar (and often the registrant) a grace period to work with - it's important to note that registrars do not have to provide a grace period, and some don't ... literally "gone" the day it expires, but I digress.


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Its got a decent alexa rank and quite a few backlinks, could be a good pick up for you for the ppc rev.

Check out

Comment #6

You see, that didn't cross my mind. :-).

(That old "don't assume anything..." saying applies)..

Comment #7

Gutsy to give the old "heads up" - good PPC pickup depending on your TDNAM cost ($5 firesale, by chance? ).

Good luck, with users and the pickup.


Comment #8

I got it for $100 + renewal. The HostGator has fully transferred to me now...

Comment #9

Well, let us know how it goes... I smell some complications down the road...

Comment #10

Seconded. Try to pick up the business as well.


Comment #11

Any good reseller program around? GoDaddy reseller doesn't look appealing to me.

I can't comprehend how a HostGator reseller can make money. Godaddy sells dot coms for $6.95 with coupons, and the WWD pro plan costs me $6.30 per domain. So, if I sell at $6.95, I'll only make $0.65 for each domain.

To cover the annual membership fee of $199, I have to sell 306 domains to break even. This is before taking into account credit card commissions, hiring support and so on.

If there's a reseller program whereby I don't have to worry about support, payment and collections, then I'd be interested. I'll only need to worry about marketing...

Comment #12

Godaddy does offer what your looking for. You do nothing but send traffic to your site...


Comment #13

If by "hacked" you mean they let the HostGator expire and go to TDNAM auction, then yeah... umm, I guess.

Whois history on Sep 9:.


Mohawk River Technologies.

PO Box 184.

Mayfield, New York 12117.

United States.

Registered through:, Inc. (

HostGator Name: DOTFROG.COM.

Created on: 31-Jul-03.

Expires on: 31-Jul-07.

Last Updated on: 27-Apr-06.

Administrative Contact:.

Owner, Authorized HostGator.

Mohawk River Technologies, Inc.

PO Box 184.

Mayfield, New York 12117.

United States.

15188637030 Fax.

HostGator servers in listed order:.



On Sep 11 it changed to:.


HostGator Name: DOTFROG.COM.

Created on: 31-Jul-03.

Expires on: 31-Jul-08.

Last Updated on: 11-Sep-07..

Comment #14

Dear Customer,.

Our HostGator has been hacked and we are working hard to get it back. In the meantime, please use the following link to get to your control panel:

Everything works normal from there and you you should have no problems doing what you always do.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Dotfrog,Com Team.

That's what they are sending to those with accounts there. I don't know what's going on exactly but it seems odd a registrar would allow their own HostGator to expire!..

Comment #15

Crap, scary prospect, losing your primary company domain.

You planning on returning it PowerUp?.

With suitable recompense of course.....

Comment #16

LOL looks like they did allow their own HostGator to expire! Glad I don't have any domains with such an outfit! I bought an .info from someone and transfered it out - guess I'm still on their mailing list.

Yep - make 'em pay handsomely if they want it back...

Comment #17

Hard to believe they let their name expire... how did they let it go?..

Comment #18

Dear Devil_Dog, Please remove my whois contact. I don't want the whole world to know my personal details. Dotfrog knows how to look up my personal details.

Dear mwzd, I'm really surprised they (or any of their customers) haven't contacted me...

Comment #19

What? They didn't know their website has been inactive for a month and a half?..

Comment #20

It might have been active right up till the sale/transfer occurred.

And, they might be able to contact the registrar and pay the redemption fee and recover the domain...

Comment #21

The HostGator is deactivated and pointed to a GoDaddy parking page 5 days after expiration...

Comment #22

Anyone got any news or updates from Dotfrog since the last email about their HostGator being hacked?..

Comment #23

I have been following this thread and am also intrigued to know how this worked out. For a short while Dotfrog went through to a parked page, but now nothing loads. Please let us know!..

Comment #24

The dotfrog page loads fine now.

To answer your question, I had the HostGator when it pointed to a parked page. The previous owner has the name when the page didn't load. It remained this way for more than a month (or maybe 2 months). I contacted the owner about this sometime back. The page loads fine now...

Comment #25

I thought you owned this name, what happened then?..

Comment #26

Very nice PowerUp!!!.

They will never forget auto-renewal again..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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