Can excessive exercise and Dukan Dieting have an effect on your period? ?

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Question I have... Can excessive exercise and Dukan Dieting have an effect on your period? ? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: I'm a newbie, but wanted to share a wonderful and easy recipe for a delicious and very filling afternoon snack.....

Banana Milkshake!.

In blender:.

1/2 very ripe banana (FRUIT SERVING).

8 oz skim milk (DAIRY SERVING).

1 - 1/12 cup of ice cubes.

Cap full of vanilla extract (get pure extract no sugar or fat).

Optional: tiny splash of splenda (I only do this if my banana is not super ripe).

BLEND IT ALL UP for about 1 minute till it's smooth..

Pour, drink..

Makes about 2 glasses all out of your afternoon snack servings (assuming I'm following the Dukan Diet correctly.

). It is very filling. You will feel FULL after you drink the 2 glasses. And it is sweet and delicious. You'll think you were cheating...

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Dukan Diet guys because they can answer your Dukan Diet question better...

Comment #1

I have this smoothie quite often, also. Sometimes I use strawberries or pineapple or peaches. Delicious and filling!..

Comment #2

I am going to try this tomorrow - I am glad to hear it is satisfying, I NEED THAT!..

Comment #3


We had some overripe bananas & I made your shake (w/out the splenda; I added a little hershey choc syrup) for my 4 year old....she loved it!!!! I got her to drink milk & eat a banana for snack time & she thinks she got Mom to give her junk food ice cream shake - LOL!!!.

Thanks for the recipe & have a great weekend,.


Comment #4

I think I'll try this for my afternoon snack today. Thanks for sharing...

Comment #5

Yum! Banana milkshakes are my all time fave... I can't wait to try this. Thanks!..

Comment #6

I actually just finished this shake about ten minutes ago.

I use the Chocolate Soy Milk instead and it's a choc banana shake! So yummy..

Comment #7

How naughty would it be to add peanut butter?..

Comment #8

Try half a cup of ff vanilla yogurt, half a cup of ff milk, some ice, Davinci banana syrup for non-banana eaters (other fruit thrown in is great, too)..

Comment #9

I tried this today. Except I didn't have any fresh bananas and frankly, I was just too lazy to go to the store. But, I had frozen bananas in the freezer. I omitted the ice cubes, used only 1/2 cup of milk, sliced up the banana and blended in the magic bullet. Then I stirred in 1 tbsp of ff cool whip. Wow was it good!..

Comment #10

This recipe sounds so good! thanks for sharing and you could even use the pb2 (1 tbsp) as a free food. I'm gonna look into a magic bullet.....

Comment #11

This sounds really good. I can't wait to try it..


Comment #12

I had to laugh! I only read the recipe and went to my kitchen and made this with half the milk and added 1 TBL PB2 instead. I came back to suggest it and saw that others also had already! It was sooooooooooooo good! Yum! and plenty plenty large and filling (a full glass!)..

Comment #13

Given the Dukan Diet guidelines on a free food, you actually only get 1 1/2 t. as a free food....20 calories or less. If you use 1 T., you are getting 27 calories. Seven calories don't sound like that much, but if you do that 3 times a day...that adds up fast!.

ETA: PB2 was the subject! Sorry!..

Comment #14

Wow! I just had one of these, just really ripe banana and milk and wow. that was YUMMY!! thanks for posting this one..

Comment #15

Regarding my serving using the PB2, it wasn't a free food, per say. I cut the milk in half and used half a serving of the PB2 which was 1 Tbl. which actually were LESS calories than a full cup of FF milk...

Comment #16

That's a good idea....however, most of the milk I use doesn't have enough protein in it to be able to do that. Hhhhmmm...I guess I could add in a little whey to up the protein. Interesting idea!..

Comment #17

I'm brand new and haven't even gotten my food yet. I'm trying to do things on my own until it comes in.. and this sounds great!..

Comment #18

My 1/2 cup FF milk contains 4.5g of protein.

The 1 TB. PB2 contains 2.3g of protein.

This totals 7.8 g protein, slightly less (.2) than the 8g for a protein serving, but I'm sure that sometime during the day a person can easily make up that .2g.....

Comment #19

Wish I had this about a 1/2 hour ago. I am up for it for tomorrow!!.


Comment #20

This has quickly become my favorite snack. It is so good I feel like I'm cheating!..

Comment #21

[quote=Dlekapj;2317456]My 1/2 cup FF milk contains 4.5g of protein.


That's cool!!! What kind of milk do you get? I like Soy Slender and the Vanilla only has 6 g. protein per cup!.

I am lactose intolerant, so regular milk just doesn't do it for me!!! I do drink the DairEase sometimes, though, and I think it has 9 g. protein/cup in it...

Comment #22

I agree!!! I've used other fruits, but there's just nothing like the banana!!!..

Comment #23

Thank you, I just started yesterday and this sounds wonderful. I'm going to try it this afternoon...

Comment #24

I use to make these all the time, with added whey protein powder, before I started NS, and yes, they are delish..



Comment #25

I wonder if adding a couple T of NF cottage cheese before blending would work. It will add pprotein and not change the flavor much. It would even make it a bit thicker...

Comment #26

I blend 1/4 cup cottage cheese and 1/2 to 3/4 cup milk with my half-banana (and quite often a tbsp WF chocolate sauce) and it makes it extremely yummy!!!..

Comment #27

I usually do something similar with vanilla yogurt but I think i'll try it with milk and a little da vinchi syrup next time instead!..

Comment #28 have GOT to try this using Waldon Farms chocolate dip (I used 1 Tbl). Oh tastes just like a Frosty (with a little banana flavor). I have found my most favorite afternoon snack!..

Comment #29


I just have to say I love your quote on the bottom of your signature. My husband is Active Duty as well and is not currently there, but has been there probably more times than I can count since we both joined in 1989. God bless you and your Man. May he come home safe and find his 'woman' delectable!!!..

Comment #30

Another Tip on this! You can freeze the banana (or other frozen fruits) and not even need the ice! Yummy!.

Go Navy! Beat Army..

Comment #31

Since starting NS, I have used 8 ozlow fat chocolate soy milk, a whole FROZEN banana (2 fruits), and tsp peanut butter (fat). I never get sick of it!!!..

Comment #32

I tried it with frozen strawberries yesterday and it was just as good as the banana. Plus it was really easy because I bought the strawberries already frozen. I made one for DH and he thought we were cheating! He was really suprised when I told him what was in it. I'm going to try peaches next..

I'd really like to try to make something like a mocha frappaccino and I was thinking skim milk, coffee ice cubes, but not sure what to use for the chocolate flavor. Any suggestions? Maybe cocoa powder and splenda? Has anyone tried this?..

Comment #33

Waldon Farms choc dip makes a wonderful chco addition to the drink..

Comment #34

I made it today with FF vanilla yogurt and frozen peaches. It was like sherbet. I think if I froze it I could actually scoop it like ice cream...

Comment #35

I agree with everyone!!! This is a wonderful snack. I have used bananas, peaches & strawberries. You can buy the peaches and strawberries already frozen. I use 1/4 cup ff cottage cheese with 1/2 cup ff milk and about 1 tbsp protein powder, fruit, ice (if needed), splenda and vanilla. Rich and creamy. I always have to share with my boys. I like to add the ice to make it thicker and give me more volume to share...

Comment #36

This sounds great. Can the skim milk be replaced with soy milk?.


Comment #37

I think I will give this a try, I have some frozen peaches in the freezer,, that should be yummy,, thanks..

Comment #38

I used the banana shake recipe, left out the vanilla and added my chocolate pudding mix (I had saved up my fruit & dairy snack from earlier and had this after dinner. It was soooo good...

Comment #39

Lyn, as long as the stats on the soymilk are good enough to use as a protein, it's fine. Some soymilks work and some don't. They need to have 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less, and 7g protein or more. I love Soy Slender myself!!..

Comment #40

I like the milkshakes for snacks too. I use fat free vanilla yogurt sometimes and it tastes great...

Comment #41

The hot cocoa mix works well, too!.

I haven't tried the pudding, but I used the hot cocoa mix with the ff milk and ice cubes and it came out pretty good. You could even add the 1/2 banana and have a choco-nana shake!.


Comment #42

I have tried this recipe too and it has become my absolute favorite to get me through the afternoon. I never used soy milk before and rarely drink regular milk because I don't like it so I was surprised at how good this really is. The chocolate really makes it!..

Comment #43

Thanks - I've had the banana shake twice now. I'll try strawberries, peaches next...

Comment #44

We've been making the "shakes" with frozen raspberries, strawberries & blueberries, but duh, never thought about bananas! Going to try it this weekend...

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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