Can anyone tell me the Nutrisystem points system please!!!?

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First question I have is Can anyone tell me the Nutrisystem points system please!!!? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... My sizes change way slower than many others I see here. At 220 I wear a size 16 jeans and a XL shirt. At 150 (my lowest adult weight) I wear a size 12 jeans and a L shirt. That's 70 pounds for two pant sizes down. Anyone else like this? Will I ever wear a size 10?..

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The answer is Yes, although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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Oh, you are not alone. When I wore a size 20 or a 1X (snug but acceptable), I weighed 215 pounds. I now weigh 166 pounds and wear a 16w or 18 regular misses or an XL. The women's size is fuller in the hips so I have to go by the hip measurement. For consistency, I am basing this on my favorite line of clothes. There are some brands which are cut bigger which now permit me to get into a L but there isn't much wiggle room..

What you are looking at for me is abbout 50 pounds for two sizes. My weight loss is in my face, neck, and arms now. I haven't lost anything from my hips in some time..

My mother weighed 116 pounds just before she died and wore a size 12. I have no visions of ever getting into a size 10. At my lowest, years ago when I weighed 135, I wore a size 14. I was almost 5'6" when I weighed that; thanks to aging and despite using meds, I'm now 5'3"...

Comment #2

When I started NS, it took 35 lbs lost before I dropped a pants size. Now +/- 3 lbs from my goal weight means +/- a size..

One month you may drop a bunch of lbs and not lose a single inch when another month you might not lose an ounce and drop 2 pants sizes. Our bodies work in mysterious ways. <shrugs>..

Comment #3

Absolutely agree. I have a friend who's 6'2", and she's no where near overweight, but she has to wear a size 12 for length and because she's just a much larger body frame at that height..

Body frame will make the difference, too...

Comment #4

When I started withNutrisystemyears ago, I was a size 12 at 152 pounds. 142 pounds size 10, 132 pounds size 8, 122 pounds size 6. So maybe every 10 pounds(or less) you'll lose a size..

Also, what is a size? Every style and brand fits different. Now I'm about 142 and wear some 6s, 8s or 10s...

Comment #5

There is no figuring for the numbers on pants. One company 10 is anothers 12..

At my slimest adult weight, 150 I am a 10 in Lee jenes. They are the only ones that seem to fit all that I have...

Comment #6

I'm 6'1" and it takes me about 30 pounds to go down a size. I want to get down to 180. When I was at that weight before, I felt great and was thin. I was in a 12 pants and medium shirt. So, yes, others are like that. I don't expect to ever be in a size 10I wore that when I graduated from high school and I wasn't done growing then (and I was skinny as a stick). LOL...

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Ditto on the comments about sizes not really being a good 'test'. There is so much variation between manufacturers and cuts, I am up to 2 sizes different at the same weight in different pants sooo....

But I hear ya. sometimes we have 'magic' numbers in our heads..

Quick question, are you weight training? I have noticed this makes a huge difference in how you carry your weight. 2 years ago, I was 2 lbs.


(almost at that goal thanks to NS!) than I am now and wearing these same jeans I am wearing right now. However, they were tight and uncomfortable. I remember going out to eat with my family after I ran my best marathon ever and wearing these jeans and I was shifting all during dinner and worried about my stomach hanging out. After weight training regularly since then, these bad boys look great on me and I even have extra room. So, long story short, weight and the size on the pants you wear isn't everything. Think about HOW you look and HOW you feel too..

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Hi fellow former bean pole. I am 6' and at high school graduation was 135lbs and wore a 12 tall with the waist taken in (couldn't find any 10s that were long enough). I too was way skinny and called names like jolly white giant, bean pole, monkey girl, etc. I want to get down to 190 as an initial goal, then maybe to 175 as a final goal. At those weights I felt best and was very active in sports. I am also getting back in to horseback riding and don't want to break my horses back.

I won't ever het back in to a 12 as I was too skinny back then, but I think I will look pretty good at about 180 or so. Lets keep each other motivated...

Comment #9

I'm also similar to Karen. I am now comfortable in my 8's, and am starting to fit into some 6's, although I also have some 10's that still fit well. I will probably be almost all into 6's at around 128 or so...

Comment #10

And to add ... I started at size 14 - I was in 14's until probably 150 when I could get back into 12's...

Comment #11

I am finished losing at 130...5'4"...wearing mostly size 10/12...but have some 14 & 16...have huge bones even tho not tall. Bone structure is such a factor...also the more expensive the clothes the smaller the size number..


Comment #12

It definitely depends not only on bone structure, but what percentage of your weight is fat vs muscle. At my max weight that I've weighed 3 times in my life, I wore a tight 14, a tight 12, and a comfortable 12 all solely dependent on how much exercise and weights I was doing and how toned I was. Same exact weight, but inches were different. I've only lost 11 lbs onNutrisystemso far, but 4" and 4.5" off waist and hips. I see people who've lost a lot more lbs, but fewer inches and part of that has to do with muscle vs fat. If you lose fat AND replace it with more muscle, you'll be leaner but not lose weight as quickly as if you just lose fat.

I happen to be fortunate in that limited exercise results in my muscle % rising fairly easily, although again, that means I can sit at the same or very low drops in weight while still dropping inches and pant sizes..

Oh, and I should mention that I'm 5'8" with a medium bone structure. I've been down to an 8 and could fit in some 6s when I was at 143-145 lbs, but with a much lower body fat % than I have now. There are so many variables that relate to size that aren't just what you weigh...

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How long ago were you at your lowest adult weight and a size 12? Sizes have changed a LOT over the years. What used to be a size 12 is now often a 10 or 8. (But you're lucky. At my height, when I topped out at 203, I was in an 18W and about to move up to a 20W.)..

Comment #14

Clothing sizes to me don't matter as as some have said it depends on the manufacturer..

For instance I can now wear a size 10 in some jeans others fit to snug. I can wear most medium tops..

Forget scrubs.. I have gone from a small to a large depending on manufacturer.. I was excited to fit into a medium set of scrubs!!! As well as a medium made from a manufacturer that is known for running small..

I haven't had any major losses lately so go now by how my clothing fits and feels.. I take it day by day as it took years to put it on and I haven't been my current weight since I was 16....

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