Can anyone tell me about Nutrisystem and if it is a good program?

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My 1st question is: Can anyone tell me about Nutrisystem and if it is a good program? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... Is it just me or did anyone else find this Nutrisystem meal absolutely horrible?..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

I couldn't choke it down either....I threw it out after one gives me the creeps just thinking about that taste.....I'm very afraid to try the Balsamic Viniagrette one now....thoughts?..

Comment #2

It tasted very very concentrated to me - like perhaps it would have gone better on a much larger salad (like family size)..


Comment #3

I am new to the program. I ordered 7 balsamic vinegarette w/ chicken. When I opened the box.......bango........7 thousand island w/ chicken. I ate 1, and called Nutrisystem and they told me to return the others. Agghhh......they were bad...

Comment #4

I feel bad, like there's something wrong with me, I think I'm the ONLY one on Nutrisystem who actually likes this one. Where I live we have very little choice for dressings so I put it on a very huge salad but I make sure it's cold when I put it on. I find the tuna salad the same, if it's not kept in the refrigerator it's horrible...

Comment #5

I've found most of the food in need of a bit of sprucing and a few dishes a bit too spicy. I almost always add sautteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, veggies to the dishes and a few of my favorite spices..

The things I've removed from my re-order:.

Turkey Vinagrette (couldn't choke it down).

Thousand Island Chicken (NS thoughtfully added this with my free week - I don't like TS dressing on salads - sandwiches maybe - but not salads).

Tuna Casserole (it was so bland my fixing up didn't make a dent - I may try this again later though).

Blueberry Muffin, Cranberry Pastry, Toaster Pastry - It's not worth the side affects - I've actually switched out to only Breakfast bars and pancake mix - I'm filling in with Luna Bars until my next shipment.

I've removed a few other things that weren't "bad", just not my taste (too spicy or something I don't choose to eat)..

My favorites so far:.

Whipped Potatoes and Broccoli.

Chicken Fettucini Alfredo.

Mushroom Risotto.

Macaroni and Cheese.

Cheese Tortillini.

You'll find something you like. Good luck!.


Comment #6

I'm so glad I just read this! I just ordered my food, and although I didn't order the TS Chicken, I looked at the picture online today and thought it looked good! I made a note to order it next time....but not after reading this!!! Thanks for the heads up! Any other suggestions about what's good or bad? My husband and I are waiting for our food.....


Comment #7

<div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote>.

Originally posted by:.


I am not insane!!!! This is my very first day on the program and I brought this in for lunch. I thought I would throw up. I had to throw it out. It was disgusting and now I am worried that the rest of the food will be, too. Please tell me that the rest of the food is not as awful..

Seems like I Had to pick the worst one to try first! YUCK.</end quote></div>.

I couldn't agree more. This was the first lunch I tried 3 weeks ago and I'm glad to report that most of the rest of the food is excellent. In fact, there are only a few I will never order again. Of course, this being one of them..

Keep it up, it does get better!..

Comment #8

I agree 100% it was the worst thing I have had to eat on NS.....

Comment #9

I couldn't agree more, YUCK! I couldn't even eat the salad that I had topped it with..

Nutrisystem - please consider revising this recipe!..

Comment #10

I'm new to the programthe turkey vinagrette was pretty bad, but I got it down. Now I'm afraid of the chiken thousand island and the tuna. PLEASE tell me it gets better...

Comment #11

I'll have to try that. The first time or two, I enjoyed it, but after that it was just too much for my not that small salad. I'd like to cut it in half, but don't think that's the best idea..

Comment #12

I was hoping that this thread was about recipes to make it taste better. I couldn't finish the TI chic one, either. And, I still have one in my cupboard...

Comment #13

At least you only have one... I have six of them left I think...sigh.... Did delete them from this next shipment though...

Comment #14

The TI Chicken.


Nasty! However, I do like the Balsalmic Vinagrette Turkey on a salad if it has been refrigerated and cold before eating...

Comment #15

I had the Thousand Island Dressing and Chicken Breast on a large salad and.

It was ok. I wouldn't order it again though. I was afraid to try the Turkey.

With Vinigrette after reading about it but I had a packet so what I did was.

Scoop out the turkey with a slotted spoon and only put a small amount of.

Dressing. Reminds me of barbeque sauce. I ate it but will not order again...

Comment #16

If you chill the tuna first, it is actually pretty good on the melba toast..

It needs more than 2 melbas though, so I spread some on romaine lettuce.

Leaves. Not bad...

Comment #17

I thought the balsamic one was actually worse than the thousand island one!..

Comment #18

I fell the same way. I thought It was just me so I am glad others feel the same. I could not even eat it! I just thres it awaymade me mad because it ruined my otherwise nice looking salad. I haven't had the guts to try the other one Im nervousany one like that one?..

Comment #19

The Balsamic Viniagrette is horrible! Now I am afraid to try the Thousand Island - I figured I would be OK with that one, because I do like Thousand Island dressing... but now I'm not sure!.

Most everything has been at least OK so far...with the exception of that balsamic, and the Tuna casserole - I threw both of those away. I LOVED the thin crust pizza, but unfortunately, it just made me crave pizza even more - I could have easily eaten 3 or 4 of those - ha!.


Comment #20

Agreeably so, it is awful as is the balsamic dressing with the chicken. I find them both heavy, and thick and tasteless. When I want salad for lunch I will use balsamic vinegar and a touch of oil from now on. You can always add a protein to the salad...

Comment #21

I actually found the Thousand Island dish tolerable but not very good. I chilled it first and then threw it on a big bowl of lettuce with grape tomatoes and some Jalapeno slices. That sauce is no Thousand Island dressing I ever ran into. I'd rather have plain chicken and some FF Thousand Island instead..

I still maintain the worst thing I ever tried to eat was the Southwestern Chicken (old recipe). It tasted like burnt plastic and met it's demise in the garbage can rather quickly. I won't even try the new recipe since I found the recipes don't really change all that much...

Comment #22

No, you're not alone, I actually like this one, too, cold. I don't like the vinaigrette, and I have four of each so I will have to suffer through those. I do find that I need a larger salad to take on all the dressing, and I don't really feel as though I had a lunch entree those days because I have a big salad EVERY day, whether the TI dressing is on it or not..

I will probably use up what I have and go back to having something hot every day with my salad..


Comment #23

Not only does it taste awful, the picture on the packaging was very misleading....I could hardly find pieces of chicken amongst that god awful dressing.....

Comment #24

Absolutely the most disgusting thing in the whole world!!!!!! I haven't tried everything else yet but everything up to now is quite good. I am afraid to try the Balsamic Turkey one...

Comment #25

I found it very, um, harsh. There have been a few dishes that I couldn't eat, so far. Well, about three. I can't eat the scrambled egg pots and there was something else that I can't think of!! I've only been doing this a week, but I am learning!..

Comment #26

I found myself adding more ff Th Isl dressing. NOt because of the need for more dressing, but the added flavor kind of killed the nasty taste of the Nutrisystem one. Try that??? It really helped me choke it down...

Comment #27

OMG- I am scared. Just placed my first food order EVER and have 4 of those on my way!!!..

Comment #28

Well after reading all the comments,, I needed to add my 2 cents....

My very first order, I must have magically ordered 2 of them.................

Well for the first attemp I put it on my salad & it was ...horrible tasting... even my DH felt sorry for me... & throwing it away was not an option..b/c part of this program for me is to lose wait & spent money is not ending in the garbage...( for me anyway).

I was running out of food for that next shipment was due to come any day...I held my breath, I took the courage to warm it up & add it to some steamed white rice & salad on the side...let me let you it was quite edible, but I haven't ordered it since....

.The next meal your tongue doesn't agree.. try eating it in a unconventional way(hot/cold-cold/hot)....but we definitly learn from the experience...

Comment #29

I thought this and the turkey with balsamic and the chicken salad were all just terrible...

Comment #30

Yup! absolutely horrible....and hearing everyone else talk about it brings up bad memories of the first....and last bite I'll ever eat of that crap! However everyone seems to like the mushroom risotto, and for me spongerooms are not on my list of favs! How do you all choke that stuff down!!?..

Comment #31

I'm with you on that one. I couldn't stop the gag reflex even from the smell. Oh each his own I suppose...

Comment #32

I just started Nutrisystem a few days ago. A few of the items I ate were ok. But then I had the thousand island chicken over a salad, I didn't much care for it, but ate it anyway. I tried to eat the tuna casserole for dinner last night. I found it inedible...and I am not a fussy eater *lol* It said it was improved, I can't imagine what it was like before..

Guess I will just have to find the things I like and stick to them. I love the online meal tracker; that is a great tool!.



Comment #33

Try scooping up the tuna salad/chicken salad with celery sticks after you've used up your melba toast. My daughter suggested this & it works great. It masks the taste or texture or something. I ordered THREE of those turkey in vinagrette - haven't tasted it yet but after the other posts I think I'm going to chill it & have it "on the side" & plan to be half-starved when I sit down to it...

Comment #34

Oh boy!! I love this. I always order several of them. I am a salad junkie...

Comment #35

I had the Turkey in my last shipment. I had to force it down and didn't really eat all of it. It was awful. I think I had about 32 oz of water, to get the taste out of my mouth, with lunch that day. I ordered 1 of the Chicken with TI, I usually like TI dressing, but now I'm worried. I'll toss it in the fridge when it comes and hope for the best. Thanks for the warnings though!..

Comment #36

Hi All,.

Those of you that ordered it and are waiting on it for the first time, it MIGHT be good to try the suggestions posted previously and try to sample it in a.


Manner. In case you don't want it you can exchange it for something else within 30 days- thankfully, but it is kind of a hassle..

Some of the food is really good and very convenient. Good luck those of you starting soon!.

For the rest of us - stay strong!.


Comment #37

Although the salad dressing and chicken meals are not my favorite, I find them very suitable. I didn't have any trouble with it...

Comment #38

DITTO for me too, I had to choke it down as well..

Fortunately, it was my 4th day on Nurtrisystem and I had tried some other meals that I enjoyed!..

Comment #39

I must just be an odd duck, I didn't mind it too much, but then again I ended up eating it with all my salad allotment (and extra spinach) for the day, plus I tossed in a hard boiled egg for protein. It wasn't great, but was not, by far, the worst. The strawberry pastry breakfast cardboard thing has that honor...

Comment #40

My husband choked down his Thousand Island Chicken with his salad the other day but told me it taste like "cough syrup covered erasers". After I read this thread and the other thread "Things I would not order again", we prompted returned all other 6 unopened boxes of the Thousand Island Chicken, and Balsamic Turkey in exchange for that New Orleans Chicken & Rice stuff. We were lucky, we didn't get any Tuna Casserole in our freebie week. Whew!..

Comment #41

I had it yesterday and although I wouldn't order it again I was able to eat it all. I agree that it didn't taste like any 1000 island to me...

Comment #42

The tuna casserole is disgusting, it looks like someone threw up in the container. My husband choked it down, but I couldn't swallow the first bite. Most of the other food is awesome. Try phillysteak recipe!..

Comment #43

I had the Thousand Island with chicken today. I didn't think it was that bad! I mixed it with a huge bowl full of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, etc. and it just tasted like dressing to mean there was suppose to be chicken in there??????? (I know there was but not too much-that's for sure!)..

Comment #44

I can't see me throwing any of this food away..

I tend to stay near the spices and other items which I can add to enhance the flavor..

I guess I haven't been blessed yet by having any of these dishes. lol.

But, thanks for the warning...

Comment #45

... then you must have never tried the Tuna Casserole - major yuck!..

Comment #46

Am I also a nut? I liked it. But I only used about 3 tablespoons of the stuff mixed in with a big salad filled with all the stuff that I love. And I am getting my veggies......

Comment #47

BTW, do you see what the foods we hate sell for on ebay??..

Comment #48

The turkey one is horrible. I have 4 of them and I think they will be ending up in the trash. Someone suggested to use a marinade for chicken, the thought of the taste of it, I wouldnt waste my time or the chicken!!!..

Comment #49

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