Can anyone recommend a good alternative to GoDaddy?

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I got a quick question: Can anyone recommend a good alternative to GoDaddy?.

I also got another question: Hi, I'd like to enquire.

I know if I sell HostGator to this guy, and he paid to my paypal a/c using his credit card, then he can do a chargeback.

What if he funds his paypal a/c using his credit card, then from his paypal a/c, he transfer the money into my paypal a/c. Can he still chargeback? Is my money safe?.


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Your question was: Can anyone recommend a good alternative to GoDaddy?.

To simply answer your question, yes, he can. Whether the funds are via his credit card or are directly in his paypal account he can reverse them. If you have an xxx sale and he will be paying via paypal make sure he is a trusted member with GOOD iTrader..It would be a risk. also, make sure he puts the HostGator in the subject or body (so you would have this to show paypal if he reverses it)..That would be my best advice..

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I've made a $xxx sale via paypal before, but it was to a trusted member and i'd suggest that you do the same...

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If the guy comes from a forum where he made some transactions, yes ; if no you take some risks..

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PayPal has a hard time in transactions which involve non tangible items.

Too many times I read that seller was not protected, money back to buyer and HostGator stayed with buyer.

I personally set a limit to funds that I`m willing to risk. Anything above that limit (which in my case is just low XXX) I prefer to use

Peace of mind and decent fees. For just a few extra bucks , anyone who is genuine won`t have a problem in agreeing to use

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Unless it's a transaction above $1000, I don't see any point of using Escrow. Its too long and there's a good fees involved.

For something in the low xxx range, Paypal should be fine. I doubt a scammer would go for a low xxx deal - these guys usually look for bigger deals so that they can make a big profit before they make their getaway.

Consider the guy. Is he a long time member? How many domains does he have (yes, this is where the Registrant Search tool will come handy). Do you see him making offers for other such domains? Do you see him with high quality names? These questions should help..

Comment #5

For some people $500 are already a lot. And just compare the fees:.

How much are PayPal fees on $1,000 ? $30.

How much are Escrow fees on $1,000 ? $32.50.

So, I have no doubt...

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Chances of getting scammed depends where Your making this deal, I would be very careful when dealing on forums like DP , people get scammed there for $30-50 let alone low $xxx I feel very confident when dealing on NP because administration is great here and mostly scammers get banned as soon as they start with spam...

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What about if you receive the funds from the buyer, move the money to your bank account or other paypal account and then transfer the domain?..

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I think paypal will just put your account in the red, or possibly draw funds from your bank account / credit card...

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I actually did that once because I wanted to go ahead with a sale, but at the same time, wasn't so sure about the buyer's ethics. Long story short... Paypal will take the money right out of your bank account if you have one on file.

There's no way around the possibility of a chargeback with Paypal. I don't do trades over $300 via Paypal with new buyers unless they have exceptional iTrader or present themselves in a professional manner and have been a longstanding member...

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There is a very simple way around credit card chargebacks - require that the buyer fund their PayPal payment via e-cheque or cash balance. Of course with an e-cheque you need to wait for funds to clear. But the buyer can't do a credit card chargeback if they didn't use a credit card.

Then you only need to worry about a PayPal chargeback. My understanding is your chances of winning are much better than with a credit card chargeback...

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Why listen to all this conjecture? contact Paypal directly at 888-221-1161 and ask them how you can be protected...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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