Can anyone give me the points for Nutrisystem?

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My 1st question is: Can anyone give me the points for Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... OMG! It's February! Well tomorrow it's felt like the whole first month of the year has disappeared without a trace! WE must face the facts...we are getting down to the serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good..

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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Yep, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Good Monday Morning Sept 09 Starter's! This week has been QUIET around here..

SHELLEY-Has been working on the Newsletter for Frank's Medical Group and working at the clinie and keeping up with the boy's. She found a rental house for her family for their trip to the Cape and continue's to work out,and get ready for their trip to Cabo next month..

VIX- Is plugging along and getting the exercise done and attempting to work from home to avoid the commute when the weather gets bad. Here is to the paper work being approved( fingers crossed).

JEN- Life continues to be crazy for our girl here, so the usual for her. Day Job-check, Charmed Paw's-check, Aaron-check, head screwed on tight-check.....

DUCKY- hmmm had lots of snow and too many movies watched by Miss Ashton as the birds and the bee's conversation came up much to her dismay but, was handled and the topic is shelved for now..

MELISSA- Continues to walk the bridge and stay 100% while the stress of life encroaches upon their household, yep, Brian is the new Treasurer for their Home Owners Association. You thought their garage held paperwork before?? I think there is more coming and I hope he is getting paid for this thankless job..

JUDY- Continues to work out everyday and Wally went back to work. Everyone is hoping he can hold out until he is older before he has to have a total knee replacement..




Well folks thats all she wrote..............

Comment #2

Good morning ladies,.

I hope everyone is doing well. I know I have been MIA for a while. Had a wonderful visit with my parents at the end of January. Since then I have been cutting back but not onNutrisystem100% yet. Today is a new day..

Have a great day everyone..


Comment #3

It's great to see you Big! Hey, as long as you are cutting back, it sounds like your mind is in the right place! Yay!..

Comment #4

I have conferences tonight and tomorrow after school. Not looking forward to it. (And you thought it was just the parents who got nervous!)..

Comment #5

Yes and on numerous occasions. I get varied answers from she's scared to really no answer at all except that she doesn't want to. That one is usually amidst tears and crying. When I ask what she is afraid of, she can't really give me an answer...

Comment #6

Okay, I was laughing 'cause I thought at first you were just giving me a hard time about the size of the photo and I was thinking, "Okay, I get it, it's small!!" D'oh! Well, I'll have to try again another time - I don't know what happened because it showed up when I first posted it..

Comment #7

LOL - it's always good to try to find some other idiot to blame Judy!!..

Comment #8

Keep coming back Big - we'll be here! Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your parents. Soon enough you'll cut it down to 100% NS. One day at a time.....

Comment #9

Good afternoon all - hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a wonderful Monday..

This weekend was a bit busier than I thought it would be originally. I had three out to eat experiences and I did okay on them I believe. Friday night my brother and niece ended up coming to Vero for dinner and wanted Indian food. So I had rice and some chicken dish and it was really good but I'm not sure how good for me. Saturday we all went out to dinner and I had salmon and broccoli which was good. Saturday night did me in - Brian surprised me with some champagne and white wine just because.

But then the champagne kicked my fanny. It always does and I felt not horrible but not great yesterday. We had fun though..

We watched.

Hot Tub Time Machine.

I had seen it before but with friends and was quite distracted. This time it was much funnier. Then we ended up pulling up old music videos on you tube on the TV through our Roku. It was fun..

Sunday morning we went to IHOP and I had a veggie omelet made with egg beaters which was good but Sunday night, I had two pieces of pizza. I really felt like I needed something greasy for my stomach (does that make sense, after drinking I find greasy food actually helps). But that was it so I didn't do GREAT but I didn't let it take me over and eat everything in the house so that is good. Back on 100% today with 6 miles in this morning...

Comment #10

Brian and I went to see a movie Sunday afternoon. We saw B.

Lack Swan..

Brian absolutely hated it - not too big of a surprise considering it was about ballet - but he's usually pretty open minded about movies and if it's good, he'll say it's good. Not even the scenes between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman saved it for him.

It was not too good. I didn't hate it - that's not really a good recommendation eh? I don't think it should get best picture but I could see Hollywood people thinking it should. It was confusing at times and SLOOOOOOWWWWW..

"The Award for Most Pained Expression for the longest time: Natalie Portman in Black Swan"..

One thing it did do was make me interested in going and seeing a ballet performance of Swan Lake...

Comment #11


- I started reading.

The Glass Castle.

On Saturday and I'm almost done with it! You have read that right? Very good book and unbelievable what they went through - wow. Have you read.

Water for Elephants.

? I just love that book and highly recommend it...

Comment #12

Hi everyone!.

Melissa, yes, I read Water for Elephants. I liked it. I just finished my book club book...not usually into historical fiction, but I liked this one: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was written as a series of letters..

I have been so tired lately! But I'm starting to lose the excess holiday weight, and hoping to catch up to my ticker in the next couple of weeks..

Deb, my boss did approve my papers! Yay, so I don't have to slide on the ice next time..

Hi Judy and Big! Good luck with the conferences, Ducky!.

Gotta go get my stuff ready for tomorrow....have a good night. Sweet dreams!..

Comment #13 is the start of getting my butt back into gear and getting back to work. I have to apologize for being so non-existent on the boards...but I've been having the worst time......

And I don't have time to discuss it all right now because come HELL or high water I am going to zumba at 10:15....which means I have to get my butt up and in the kitchen!.

Back later.................valentines day is coming. Are you planning anything special?..

Comment #14

Well, conferences are half over. Also, the scale was nice to me today. It's the lowest I've been in about two months, but still up from my low at Vegas...

Comment #15

Good afternoon ladies. Hope everyone is having a nice week so far..

Duckie -.

Our conferences just ended and we were lucky that we didn't have to meet with Owen's teacher (well, I shouldn't say lucky because she is a lovely woman and I'd have no problem discussing Owen but it just wasn't necessary). Glad to hear the scale was nice..


- I think I've seen that book on a lot of book club sites. Is it worth the read?.

Judy -.

Welcome back!?! I thought you were already here.

- just busy! But I'm glad that you are deciding to come back on with all the force you got! I'll be happy to go back and forth with the weight loss stuff with you again though. We are both in it to win it!.

Judy again.

- For some strange reason 6 months ago some idiot made dentist appointments for the kids at 4pm on Valentines' Day! Must have been that same idiot that scheduled your 9am the other day..

Comment #16

I didn't have to meet with Ashton's teacher, either! Yay!.

One more conference to go.....

Comment #17


Ha-ha, some idiot made a dentist's appt for me too on Valentine's day!....uh, that would be me. Good excuse to miss work!.

The book was good. I definitely thought it was worth the through it in 2 days, which is really quick for me..

Hope things get better, Judy!.

Congrats on the scale, Ducky!.

Have a good night!..

Comment #18

Boy she looks cheery and happy! Super hungry...I PROMISE to come back today. Swear it! I'll stay awake, hopefully!..

Comment #19

Good morning,.

Just stopping in to say hello. Hoping to get to the gym at lunch time today. I have to start getting back on track. Isn't it awful that when you give yourself permission to be bad - it is so hard to be good again? I just have to DO IT!.

Wishing everyone a great day!.


Comment #20


Sort of caught up on the board, but skipped a little of last week. Hope you all are doing well..

After our quick trip to NH (before the last big storm!), it always takes me a little to get back into the swing of things. My eating has been so-so, and I've been getting in 4 days a week of exercise. Am loving the zumba, but skipping it todayI'm having a spasm in my back, so I'll befriend the tens unit today, and climb on the ellip. I think I slept wrong a few nights ago, and then maybe lifted somethingcan't remember. Haven't gained, haven't lost, so I'll take it!.

I'm with you Big, why is it so easy to be bad, and so hard to get back on the wagon again? Why can't the 'bad' stuff be the stuff we are.


To eat? I know I feel better and have more energy when I'm eating right and exercising, but oh how I love chips, cookies & ice cream!!! I think I'm an emotional eater....I eat when I'm happy, I eat when I'm sad, I eat when I'm content, I eat when I'm mad.....I just love to eat. Making better choices lately, and trying to make sure Ian is, too..

Going to jet, girls! Have a great day!..

Comment #21

Good afternoon ladies - hope all is well with everyone on this Hump Day (I always hated that phrase - I guess because it reminds me of a dog humping your leg - just in general, the word "Hump" sounds nasty.


Volunteered at Owen's school this morning and this was one of those projects where I finally get my groove going on the third round of students which happens to be my last round - not fair! It involved painting with their non-writing hand and then not slopping paint all over their neighbor's picture! One poor girl had to start over and then *ding*ding* Melissa figures out to separate them so they are way far apart around the table. Give that girl a cookie (a low fat one of course!)...

Comment #22

Great little recipe here. If any of you like egg beaters, the recipe below actually counts as one of your proteins/dairy. Then I have one of the lunch bars as my "lunch" around 2:30 or so. So my lunch is really the egg beaters and my "snack" is the lunch..

1/2 cup egg beaters.

1 small tomato diced.

A sprinkle of diced onions.

A sprinkle of diced green peppers.

1 slice ff cheese (optional).

2 tbsp ff Kraft zesty Italian salad dressing.

Mix it all together in a bowl and then make as an omelet or a scrambled egg type thing. The ff cheese I just kind of work into my day concerning calories. It's not a full protein/dairy and the egg beaters are so the cheese adds a few extra calories that I can remove elsewhere..

It's really yummy! Even if you don't like the veggie part the FF Italian dressing mixed into the eggs is really good. My mom used to make scrambled eggs mixed with Italian dressing growing up so I got the idea from that...

Comment #23

This is from a book I'm reading about a woman who is on a diet and exercise plan in order to lose weight to get healthy:.

"Funny, but when I'm not dieting I can go hours and hours without thinking about food. Some days when I'm busy it might be four in the afternoon before I remember to eat something. But now that I'm doing Atkins, all I can think about are bagels and donuts and Lucky Charms cereal, and I'm making myself crazy.".

This is so true!!! Johnna and Big, it made me think of you ladies saying that it's so easy to be off the plan. I'm with you Johnna - I'm an emotional eater too - but my main thing is I eat when I'm happy! Or is it the food tastes so good it makes me happy?? When I'm sad, I don't eat. But I don't want to be sad..

Comment #24

Hi Judy, Big, Johanna, Melissa, and those who haven't shown up today too!.

I got a special hair cut rid of my triangle, and my hair looks even curlier than usual. It's supposed to be good for 4-6 months! I'm hoping I can remember how to do it tomorrow a.m..

Doing pretty well with my combo NS/Livestrong plan. Very slowly, the extra holiday pounds are starting to go away..

The recipe sounds good, Melissa, I've never tried Italian dressing in eggs. Sometimes I mix in some fresh Salsa from our's basically chopped tomatoes, onions, maybe some other veggies and spices....sort of a western omelet without the meat..

I've started reading "The Symbol" by Dan Brown..

Have a good night!..

Comment #25

Ladies who ordered jewelry... I was able to get it out today. You should receive it on Saturday. Enjoy!..

Comment #26

Good morning....really sad when you can't seem to stay awake long enough to write a good morning post and you've JUST gotten out of bed..

This sleepy time is getting rediculous. I am having the worst reaction I think to upping the meds for my thyroid. Normally it's side effect would be to make me jittery and have heart palpatations......on me it appears to do exactly the opposite. I'm sleeping hours and hours during the day and trying desperately stay awake the rest of the day. It's killing my workout schedule and making the weigh loss very slow...if I really try I am still manage about a pound a week..

I can barely stay awake this hunger is killing I'm cutting this one shorter than I wanted to...

Comment #27

OMG! Don't fall over dead or anything...she's back on the boards ....twice in one day!.

I'm on my way back to get dressed....yes, it's noon, but I was busy cleaning and just didn't feel like stopping to change I thought I'd pop on the computer and say hello!. I have to change into workout clothes and get something moving today. My rump mostly, right after I eat lunch. I might even go to the 4:15 zumba class today. I hate the routine the gal teaching it does and she's my least favorite teacher...but it's still the whole party atmosphere thing that gets you really going..


- WOOHOO!! I'm so happy you like the zumba classes! They are fabulous aren't they. Just the whole loud, energetic party atmosphere gets you blood pumping and makes it so much easier to start moving and STAY moving..

Guess what we have outside??? SNOW! The sun is out and it's getting much warmer, so it's just the shady areas that still have snow...but it was so pretty last night. I like this kind of snow...all over the grass and cars but nothing on the roads or side walks!..

Comment #28

Well I kinda mentioned having a tough time these last few weeks. I didn't realize it sounded so criptic or vague....I've just had some trouble with staying awake....seriously. Like did I suddenly get narcoleptsy?.

I think the increase in thyroid meds....which can have a side effect of making you jittery, with heart palpatations.....did what they always do and give me the opposite side effects. They seem to have made me so sleepy. Plus I think when they hit the water pills it does something too..

Plus because I lose so much of my day sound asleep in the recliner.....when I finally wake up good, I like to stay up and get some things done. Problem is that the awake time seems to fall right now at about 11pm - 3 am. It's quiet and nobody bugs you..

My sleep time is all screwed up. I'm sleeping more in the recliner than the bed and even though I am dead asleep....I don't think it's really good quality sleep. I'm so drawn looking and tired. I have dark circles! I've never had dark circles!.

SO it's taking me some time to shift the sleep around and not get caught like last night sleeping in the recliner from 5pm to 8:30. Wally isn't supposed to just let me sleep...idiot. He's supposed to wake me up as soon as he sees be falling asleep, and ask me if I really want to sleep. It gives me time to get up! He doesn't always pay attention and he doesn't want to bother me. Um...D'uh! I asked you to do this, so DO IT! I don't realize I'm drifting off to sleep....ever..

SO once I wake up everything is pushed snack, dinner is 2 hours late getting started...and now I'm awake and rested. SO I stay up until 2:30 am and fall asleep again in the recliner and got in the bed this am at 5AM! Got out at 7am. I'm tired..

And there's my story from hell......

Comment #29

OMG! Look what I found in the recliner bed....but it was recalled!.

People were putting it in the crib and the baby might have died because it rolled out and got trapped between the big thing and the side of the crib bumpers and suffocated. I think it's fabulous...but only if used OUT of some confined space. Plus I think once they start to even hint at rolling over, they might be too big for it. But it seems great for newborns..

Okay well anyway...back to me.....I'll figure it out soon I hope. It's just having a bad effect on me having any energy to get stuff done during the daytime like exercise and go to classes. You don't burn tons of calories when you are asleep! I'm still staying around .....about a pound a week....but I should still be killing it. All that's missing is the exercise. My eating is fine. I eat exactly what they tell me and i'm missing some serious meals actually with all the sleeping..

So bear with me.. I'll try to get on more now and make a more conscious effort to stop by and say hello..

Now it's lunch time!..

Comment #30

Ducky - I'll watch for the jewelry....can't wait to get it! Is your snow slowing down some?.

Melissa - I'm so proud of you and staying with those 6 mile walks. I wish I lived closer. Seriously...I'm so tired of being cold and I miss real sunshine..

Vix - you sound like you are plugging along and doing a great job! You'll be back to that ticker weight really soon and you can start moving it again!.

Big - Keep trying to make yourself do everything you want to do...believe me...I know having to push yourself right now. I hate doing it, but once you get started it actually makes you feel much better!.

Johnna - keep the zumba going! Your body will catch up..

Everyone else......keep plugging along and doing it...

Comment #31

Hi all!.

Judy, that doesn't sound you think you should call your Dr. back...maybe the adjustment is wrong. They usually adjust Pete's thyroid meds when he gets like that..

Wow, sure hope you're feeling better..

My haircut is looks pretty much the same (without the triangle- ha-ha), and actually a little curlier, if that's possible! The hairdresser was nice...likes to read the same books as I read, so we talked books most of the time, and she gave me a few tips on the care and feeding of curly hair..

Hope you all have a nice's cold here, but the sun is shining, so I'm happy...

Comment #32

Closer and closer to LOVE DAY.....hungry hungry hungry hippo...that's what I feel like today. I cold eat a horse!.

Thanks Vix....I might call in a few weeks but I want to make sure I fix my part first and see what happens...

Comment #33

Good morning everyone..

Judy, I agree with Vix. Your sleepiness doesn't sound right. I would definitely suggest that you go back to the doctor. Those dark circles under your eyes are telling you something is not right. Please don't let this drag on - it could be dangerous..

Vix, where in Maryland do you live? I live in Ellicott City and commute into Washington on the train everyday..

Where is everyone this week? I miss Deb and Shelley and Johnna and Melissa - not much posting going on. I hope you are all well..

Have a great weekend ladies, if I don't make it back today..


Comment #34

It is finally making it back into the 30s!! We are finally back to our "normal" temps! It's amazing how great it feels out there! Plus, the kids got to finally go out for recess again! They (I) needed it!..

Comment #35

OMG!!! That is so sad when someone is thrilled for it to finally be back in the 30 degree range! Poor South Dakota! We had our little snow the other day and the idiots ran out and salted the roads....the cars are a mess and everyone knew it wasn't going to stick to the roads....d'uh! It had been in the 50's all week...the ground was warm..

I'm glad the kids got to go out's just not the same to run around in the auditorium...they need to scream and run outside!..

Comment #36

Almost noon and I think I have to cut lettuce if I want to eat my salad today....yep...I'm pretty sure I have some work to get done in the kitchen!.

I have my 2:15 mani/pedi appointment too today. I almost fell asleep last time during the manicure so I hope I can stay awake this time. The fingernails are so precise with the lacquer finish thing that if you goof one it's serious work to fix falling asleep is a big no no. During the problem. We do that one first..

I have to get moving so I can be on time..

I am doing a bit better, except I get so involved in playing Farmville at night that I hate to stop and cut off the computer. I can finally sit and get stuff done so I hate turning it off. I was supposed to go to bed by 12:30 last night and I stayed up until 2:30am! It's so quiet and nobody bothering me...I can see why mothers like the time after everybody is put down for the night. Me time..

Well me better get more sleep or Me is gonna wreck the car one afternoon! I also need to be able to "shake my groove thang" at zumba sat and sun. I need the energy. Thanks for thinking about me gals...I'll call her once I get my sleep schedule is back on track and if then it doesn't get any better..

Oops...gotta run!..

Comment #37

Hi everyone!.

Big!!! We're close! I live in Eldersburg and work in Woodlawn. I'm glad I don't have to go to DC. Pete works in Rockville...that's far enough..

Ducky, my son's in Indiana...he's looking forward to it getting into the 30s too. BRRRRRRRRR! I hear you burn more calories when it's cold, to look on the bright side..

Judy, hope you enjoy the mani-pedi, and that you start feeling better..

Hi Deb, Johanna, Melissa, Shelley, Jen...did I miss anyone?.

Hope you have a great day! The sun is shining and it's Friday! That's good enough for me...

Comment #38

They don't even get to run around in the gym! They are stuck in our classrooms!..

Comment #39

Boy are the clipart choices getting sappy this close to V-day.......


Zumba this morning so I have to run. I'll come back after class and hitting the Fresh Market for lettuce and salmon..


- the jewelry came and I love both of them! Just love those hoop necklace things. Now I can match you and Jen. I'll have to keep my eyes out for more pendants as they come out. Thanks for reminding me about your party closing. I'd have missed it for sure!.

Gotta run...back after a while!..

Comment #40

Oh, yeah! I'm glad they arrived safely and you like them. (How do you like how I stuck the Christmas card in!)..

Comment #41

Good morning! Sun is shining here today, so going to try to get out..

Didn't get to look at the jewelry last time, but will next time. I have so much jewelry (I love it!) that I have to organize what I have before even thinking about getting more. I also have a thing about shoes! ha-ha, I love platforms and really high heels! (I always wanted to be tall)..

Have a nice day!..

Comment #42

OH, I totally forgot to mention that! Thanks! Great Card!.

Ashton looks sweet! Was that about October last year...looks like the hay and pumpkin type of setting!! Thanks again...

Comment #43

OMG! I just got back from zumba class after missing last that's 2 weeks since taking on of her classes and I must say this...I felt like I was DYING!.

I can't believe how much muscle mass I have lost in the last 2 weeks of sleeping all day and not exercising as much as I used to do. I thought my pants were tighter and more snug around the middle...but I LOST I was confused and just brushed it off..

Well before class I put on my new workout pants that I got for Christmas...these were loose when I opened them and I was even a bit disappointed that they were already too loose. This morning there was nothing loose about them. OMG! It's like 5 pounds of just fat and all the muscle is gone..

SO I LOST MUSCLE WEIGHT AND GAINED FAT! Lovely...leave it to me to figure out how to accomplish that feat! LOL!.

I can work it back up but I will probably stay the same weight, or either gain a tiny bit at first putting the muscle back on. Oy vey~!.

Off to cut up some salad so I can eat lunch...

Comment #44

So sorry I spaced this morning...I just realized a few minutes ago walking back to shower and get ready to head to the market...that I never STOPPED TO SAY GOOD MORNING! Oops!.

Looks like nobody missed me though. I tell you I am so glad today is the last day of this...I forgot that little green smiley this time and I've had the WORST time finding the thread all week. Can't wait to correct that tomorrow morning. I don't know why they don't allow you to edit it back in afterwards. It lets you put the smiley there...but it doesn't show on the post listing..

Okay....well I'm gonna keep moving and hop in the shower so I can hit Fresh Market and get some lettuce. I have zero lettuce which means no salad unless I get there and back. I'm not missing the biggest part of my lunch and dinner..

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the weekend!..

Comment #45

Happy Sunday all! I hope everyone is having / has had a fantastic weekend! I have been very busy the last few days..

Thursday I ended up working the book fair all day - it was crazy. I'm not used to standing all day long anymore! When I start to work again, part of my income is going to be earmarked for a maid.

Now I understand why my mom had us kids doing all the housework - the poor woman stood on her feet from 8am until 4pm every day working in a factory. I have it so easy. But you definitely notice the difference when you are in your 40's vs. 20's and 30's..

Friday Owen was out of school so I told him he could do whatever he wanted while Brenna was at school so he picked: playing games on the computer - wow! What a shocker.

!! Well Brian ruined his fun by staying at home in the morning so I let him do it that afternoon. Friday I cleaned the house all day long which included some organizing and moving of furniture..

Saturday we had a birthday party from 10am to 12pm (OMG - I'll have to share a story from that later) and then we headed over to Disney..

This morning I got up and actually went grocery shopping. So badly needed, had NO Chobani and NO Fat Free Cool Whip - that's a crime when Mama's dieting. And I forgot to put Laughing Cow on the list and I'm getting low.

I hate when I forget a couple of things!..

Comment #46


Taking it pretty slow today, I'm not getting enough sleep!.

Just got back from the grocery, we were running out of veggies...can't let that happen..

Dentist tomorrow, so I can hope to sleep a little later. Almost finished with The Symbol by Dan Brown. Have to stop by the library tomorrow too...running out of books!.

Hope you're all having a nice day...

Comment #47

Think Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz: It's melting! It's melting!.

It has been so nice this weekend! It's amazing how much has already melted!..

Comment #48

Wow - slow day! We rallied and went to 12:15 pm mass. Then to lunch and to the park with the kids. Just got home a little while ago. I bought four tulip plants for Brenna's teachers and Owen's teacher and teacher intern (I guess that's her title) for Valentine's Day. Oh, also a 12-pack of Diet Coke for Owen's teacher - always a good thing if you drink it! The kids are excited about presenting them (esp Brenna because they are all pink and very girlie.


- I hope you are getting a handle on the sleep thing. It sounds like your schedule is totally out of wack there. At least you are enjoying your time alone in the middle of the night - I love that peace and quiet time - too bad we have to sleep at all is what I say! Thanks for the woo hoo on the walking. This week sucked because Wednesday night Brian had a program and then Friday morning, Owen didn't have school so I was only able to do my 6 mile trek once last week but I am on for three times this week (barring some unforeseen thing happening)..


- I read your post about the weather after I saw my sister's temp for today (high of 39 I think) and I was actually thinking, "wow, a heat wave" - too funny, well, not for you...sorry.

But I hope the trend upward for you continues or at least stays in the 30's..


- You know, I could never get into Dan Brown. I know everyone (well, almost everyone) loved.

The DaVinci Code.

But I just couldn't even read all of it. I really felt like I was missing something there because it was so popular. I"m reading a Jen Lancaster memoir and I'm about to start.

The Wonder Spot.

By Melissa Bank. I read her.

The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing.

A few years ago and thought it was okay. I picked up The Wonder Spot for a couple dollars at some half price bookstore so we'll see how it goes..

Comment #49

We just watched that recently - my kids love that movie - flying monkies and all!!..

Comment #50

Judy -.

I missed the little smiley guy on the board last week too!..

Comment #51

Wow - only six pages this week???.

What is going on here?????..

Comment #52


Moving on to another boards thread...come find us over here:.


Comment #53

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