Can anyone give me the nutritional info for Nutrisystem FROZEN Chicken Mulligatawny soup bowls?

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Question I have... Can anyone give me the nutritional info for Nutrisystem FROZEN Chicken Mulligatawny soup bowls? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hooray for me, right?.

To make matters worse, the day I weighed and realized I had put on 7 pounds, I got my 100 lb nutribear in the mail. Talk about a wake up call..

Anyway, I wanted to post here so you guys can beat some sense into me..

Any abuse is appreciated.....

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

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Thanks, Jill. It was acutally 8 pounds, but I've already lost 1lb..

Rob, nah no Big Macs in the BBB. Just haven't had much time to prepare meals and less time to exercise. I haven't lifted a weight in almost two weeks. Plus, I just got a promotion at work and there has been alot of dining with the bigwigs. I've kept my portions small and made smart choices. Apparently, just not smart enough! I'm back on the horse now though.

Weights have gotten so boring.....

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Here's your inspiration: Go look at my "Back for a 2nd time..." thread. STOP IT NOW at 7 lbs...I'm living proof of what can happen if you don't..

That's the tough love. Here's the kindler/gentler: I SO feel ya on the "meals with the bigwigs"*t like that at work is DESIGNED to fatten us back up for slaughter. Sigh..

Good luck and go git 'em!..

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I hope you enjoyed yourself. When I went on Christmas break I knew I was not going to count calories and just enjoy myself. When I came back I took my medicine, hit the fast track and lost the weight. You will find it is pretty easy to lose because it is not deeply embedded fat. Hit the grindstone and lose it fast. Otherwise, I will have to come over ther and kick your butt. (did that sound sincere?)..

Comment #4

Yeah, I had a meeting yesterday with my state administrators. Usually at these meetings we just have sandwhiches from a local deli. That's pretty easy to handle. Turkey, wheat bread, skip the mayo, pass on the chips..


Big bucket of fried chicken. The grease was actually soaking through the bucket. I was trying to find a door where I could just slip out. However, when I got up the the line, they had baked chicken as well. It was still oily, but I just pulled the skin off and did the best I could and when I got home I played One -on-None Basketball for close to an hour...

Comment #5

No worries...just a 2-3 week set back that's all..

Get back to your normal routine and you'll be fine..

Comment #6

It occurs to me that you could possibly do the following: If you have a personal relationship with one of the bigwigs who knows what you've been doing the past several months, maybe you could privately put a bug in his/her ear that you wish they could cater some more health-friendly options for these meals? It's entirely likely that person will be very understanding, esp. if he/she knew you at your previous size, and can get some of those menus altered a bit...

Comment #7

The good news is you know how to lose that weight again. Get back on the horse and get back to losing..

Im more concerned about you slap'n your bass in public..

Comment #8

Sorry to hear you gained but at least you didn't gain much, you'll knock it off soon enough, use this as experience for the future about what to and not to do...

Comment #9

Congrats on coming right back, owning up to the 7lbs and getting back on track. I didn't until I gained it all back and then some. Get after it, it's just a learning experience...

Comment #10

Due to my history of losing weight and gaining it back +30; I'm fairly worried about this scenario..

Seems like maintenance is gonna be freakin hard, no?..

Comment #11

Gellar was smart in that he recognized the slippery slope before his hiking boots lost their grip. That's the key...

Comment #12

No abuse from me. Would be hypocritical. Been there, done that. Repeatedly. I'm now working off a 15 lb. gain from summer fun..

The trick is to get back on the horse..

For work meetings, when I was serious, I'd bring a Nutrisystem lunch bar and apple along and have that. You'll be surprised at the acceptance you'll get and the good discussions that follow. You'll also be surprised at how satisfying it is. When I was not serious, I'd just have to have one of those cookies, some chips and would actually be hungrier than when I stuck to the Nutrisystem lunch bar and apple..

You really have to go back to 100% to find your way again. Any deviation at this point is self-defeating and will exacerbate the problem. Just count this as a small ripple on your way to goal!.


Comment #13

I really like what Gordon has to say here. I've said before, in blogs and posts elsewhere, that as social creatures it's the pressure to conform that gets us in the most hot water in group situations. Deciding ahead of time that we are subject to our own agenda rather than the agenda of the pack is the difference between staying on the program or falling off and seeing progress slip away. Nutrisystem bars travel easily, and are a good way to combat situations like this. The only other thing to overcome when you have one handy is the social pressure itself, and "outing" yourself as a NSer, or dieter at all, for whatever reasons..

Anyway, glad to see you've recognized and halted the skid. Now that you are aware that your work is a dangerous environment for your dietary progress, keep some plan-oriented alternatives stashed there. Good luck!.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

9/20: 176.0.

1 lb to go!.

216(Days NS)..

Comment #14

I got called into a cake-infested Birthday Party a minute ago..

Didn't get to give it the finger but made nice and then ski-daddled...

Comment #15

I'm a sort of "lower level big wig" and I usually spend about a nano second asking my administrative assistant to plan "something" for lunch for meetings when they come up..

If someone said to me, "hey, doofus! How about healthy?" I'd take 2 nano seconds and ask Jill to find "something....oh, and make it healthy" and she'd take care of it..

Mention it to the big wigs if there seems to be an opportunity. Likely they won't care one way or another and could use healthier stuff, too..

On the other hand, if the request gets you firedyou're kind of screwed cause we're downsizing and I don't have a job to offer you.


Comment #16

No, maintenence is pretty easy. It's all about portion control. Start now; substitute one box meal a week with a from scratch one. Learn to prepare your own meals from stuff you can buy at the supermarket. Once you got that one down; eat out one night a week at a restuarant and learn to make smart choices...right about now Poly would say "have a ginourmous salad"; he's right, fill up with that $12. salad (dressing on the side) and one appetizer (no main) one fork of someone else's dessert too..

Easy. Learn the portion control...

Comment #17

I'm a lower level bigwig now myself. At our meetings I plan for turkey sandwhiches. Everyone hates me, but whatever, I'm paying for it..

Like I said, our lunches are usually pretty healthy. This was just a meeting at a new lower level bigwig's location and he was trying to impress the higher level bigwigs..

Anyway, thanks for all the advice. I'm 100% today - well, today is my no exercise day - but I'm 100% on food and water..

Also, I slapped my bass in public tonight, Mike!..

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Bring finger salad. If you are too lazy to wash and chop it up, just grab a bag of radishes and a carrot or such. Eat that stuff first at work lunch and you won't go off as much on the catered stuff...

Comment #19

Oh I didn't go off on the catered lunch. I think I did pretty well considering what I had to work with. I think my issue has mostly been stress and lack of exercise. This new job is wearing me out and when I get home I just don't have the drive to lift the weights even though I know it will make me feel better. I've never been an early riser and have tried in the past to workout before work....I just don't think that's in the cards for me..

I keep my fridge at work stocked with water and veggies and yogurt and whatnot. I just needed some inspiration to get my a$$ back on track...

Comment #20

1. Bring the veggies with you to work lunches. Eating extra veggies has a high correlation to weight loss. You can do some fancy excel regression and prove it, meester education expert..

2. On the workouts, try to figure a method that works time-wise. I despise morning workouts, but many married, busy men find it is the only time they can carve out. Any way to work out at lunch? Sounds like no, but if yes, then this is an awesome way to squeeze exercise into your life. Otherwise, if you use a gym, try to pick one that is "on the way home". From work, you stop at the gym before going home, get the exercise done, then get home.

When you leave for work, the bag goes in the care ON THE PASSENGER SEAT next to you..

3. Per 2: Maybe none of these will exactly work for you, but try to think of the philosophy and apply the insight. You're a smart guy. Turn the lense of analysis on yourself. What is your daily life like and how could you "rig things" so that you are more likely to succeeed?..

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Plus you are so close. REally the pounds you lose now, will have a MAJOR impact on your appearance. The last few pounds lost really make you look good. Not that we men are vain. That's for chicks...

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I made friends with the admin coordinating all our events and she ALWAYS includes fresh fruit, nonfat milk, nonfat yogurt and raw veggies at all breakfasts and lunches ordered for meetings. You would be amazed at how many people join me in sticking to the healthy choices when they are there. They still stock up on all the crap, but I get what I need to supplement my Nutrisystem bar, cereal or pastry...

Comment #23

Yeah, that's one thing that makes me mad. I was at 192, a mere 7 lbs from goal and now I'm at 197..

I honestly think I'm going to set my goal a little lower though. Maybe try on 180 or 175. I'm 5'10". Any opinions? Right now I look about the same as I do in my avatar only less bass and less sweat...

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175 or 180 make sense for a medium physique guy at 5-10..

Post a candid picture with shirt off at 185 or whatever. Cand advise then. Photos show more than mirror...

Comment #25

I suppose I can man up and do that...

Comment #26

So a few days have passed since you first posted your "7 pound gain". I kept quiet because I really don't think what you went through was such a big deal. You ate a bunch of greasy salty food and less-than-whole grains that will tend to stick with you for a few days. Just water retention and poop if you ask me. Nutrisystem food pretty much blows right through us - which is a glorious thing!.

Now that it's Friday I'm going to assume you've dropped most of the added weight (unless you started working out again and your muscles are holding water). No worries my man. Stay the course. Drop your goal 10lbs - I did - it's nice to have that buffer zone...

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