Can anyone give me the Nutrisystem recipe for Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie?

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Question I have... Can anyone give me the Nutrisystem recipe for Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I've read about diet drinks increasing appetites, and possibly slowing metabolism, but I get sick of water all the time. For the first month, I didn't have a single diet drink. Now I'm in month 4 and have 1 everyday, and sometimes on the weekends I'll have 2 or 3.

I crave Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Sunkist at least it's not ice cream...

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Yep, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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Let me see if I can answer in a helpful way on this and all related topics (those like: "is it okay if I only eat one really huge donut per day?" or "am I closer to Nutrisystem requirements if I drink a fifth of whiskey or a fifth of vodka each day?" or any that you've particularly liked).

Just funnin' with ya..

Here ya goa medical professional giving you a scientific answer with all the technical terminology!.

Your body is an incredibly complicated chemical factory. It has these little things that sense other things and feedback to other little things and all these teeny tiny little things are so small that a molecule of sodium or zinc or any other element can actually CHANGE HOW EFFECTIVE THEY WORK. Really. Absolutely no kidding..

The hormones (natural) and impulse conductors and little gizmos working at the cellular level in important organs like your brain and liver and kidneys? Those things actually require CONSTANT availability of "good stuff"..

So no matter what "crap stuff" you put in your mouthit does two not-so-great things to you! First, it means there is less "good stuff" (cause you filled up on "crap stuff"). Second, it means that all those little teeny tiny things in your organs and cells have to figure out how to deal with the "crap stuff"..

Diet soda would be firmly in the camp of "crap stuff"..

There's your answer.

In all seriousness Friend, our bodies really do take in "chemicals" and break those down for use by our cells. You put great stuff (vitamins, nutrients, proper types/amounts of fat, etc.) into the chemical factory then it runs really well. All those processes that have to be carried out thousands of times per day in your cells have the nutrients and basic components to do what they were intended to do..

You put in doritos, diet soda, whatever-the-hell is in a hotdog, MSG, PPG, the LPGA or any of those other POISONS and the little cells (being real accurate here) can't do their jobs..

What's worse is that organ function/performance probably falls. No! Not THAT organ! The other organsbrain, liver, kidneys, gut, skin, etc..

You put bad stuff in the chemical factory and it doesn't work as well. Right across the board!.

What we are all supposed to learning with Nutrisystem is how to know, pick, and eat "good stuff"like those carrots and boiled eggs and and fresh fruit and stuff..

I can even make it easier for ya! For the most part, the more something is "processed" and "preserved" the more likely it is that you should question it (just my opinionnot NS's opinion)..

Diet soda is way out there on the "might as well be poison" listadditives, generally a lot of sodium, etc..

Skip it entirely if you can..


Note: hope ya don't mind me poking a little good natured fun. I tried to have some fun with wording and concepts but still make actual points that I think are important...

Comment #2

I haven't drinked a coke since December..

I want one every so often but I don't give in to temptation...

Comment #3

I'm guilty of a sugar-free Rockstar just about every morning, but I cured myself of my Diet Pepsi habit a couple years ago..

Also, I usualy have a 2-liter of diet grape soda in the fridge, and I'll drink 1/2 that & 1/2 water with dinner sometimes, when I'm tired of plain water...

Comment #4

Today I had a 20oz mug of hot blueberry tea (herbal tea), and one 20oz cup of iced passionfruit-peach tea (herbal tea)..


In between I had water. With all the teas I drink, making them as sweet or as tart as I want, I dont miss having soda at all!..

Comment #5

I gave up my Diet Coke addiction cold turkey in September and I feel great. But, oh, the withdrawal headaches were bad for about a week. Just goes to show you there was something in the DC that can't be good for the body...

Comment #6

I find that large quantities of diet soda will satiate me in the evining and taste like sweets. I'll go long periods without any at all, but then I can also go several days having 2L+. Then I get sick of it...

Comment #7

I never gave up my diet soda habit and I don't feel the least bad about it. I always get in my 64oz of real water though. Try to convert yourself to diet rite which is caffeine and sodium free...

Comment #8

My hubby says that aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the body, so I have been weaning myself away from diet sodas and other foods that contain it. I have found that I don't "need" the sodas anymore, as long as I drink all my water and eat on plan. I still drink an occasional diet soda if we go out, but usually stick with water or iced tea...

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I drink one diet pepsi a day at work. Sometimes drink another at night. Hasn't phased me. I still get all my water in...

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In addition to at least 64 oz of plain old water, I usually drink one diet coke in a typical day. Sometimes I'll have a coffee, usually black, occasionally with splenda. Yesterday I had two double espressos, straight up, but that's unusual these days..

Hi, I'm Mac, and I'm a caffeine addict..

It's a trade off. The artificial sweeteners confuse the body into expecting calories that it then gets angry about not receiving (sweetened drinks increase subjective hunger), but the caffeine increases the metabolismwhich ALSO increases hunger. So probably not the best idea, either..

At some point I may kick the caffeine habit, and I might kick the diet cola habit, too, but that's not my project for this week, at least. I'm drinking all the water, I'm holding to the diet, I haven't had a beer in ages, and I'm losing weight. I'm not endorsing diet drinks for anyone else, though. YMMV...

Comment #11

I drink them quite frequently (sometimes up to two a day) in addition to my daily water intake. Doesn't seem to have effected me at all. Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Sprite Zero I love em all...

Comment #12

I Could Not Tell You Last Time When I Had Anything But Water Maybe 3.5 Months I Love Drinking Just Water And Sometimes Put Flavor Packs In..

Comment #13

From Wikipedia (easiest thing to find quickly):.

The methanol produced by the metabolism of aspartame is absorbed and quickly converted into formaldehyde and then completely converted to formic acid.[52] The methanol from aspartame is unlikely to be a safety concern for several reasons. The amount of methanol in aspartame is less than that found in fruit juices and citrus fruits, and there are other dietary sources for methanol such as fermented beverages. Therefore, the amount of methanol produced from aspartame is likely to be less than that from natural sources. With regards to formaldehyde, it is rapidly converted in the body, and the amounts of formaldehyde from the metabolism of aspartame is trivial when compared to the amounts produced routinely by the human body and from other foods and drugs.[7] Ingesting aspartame at the 90th percentile of intake would produce 25 times less methanol than would be considered toxic.[52]..

Comment #14

2-3 a week along with at least 6 bottles of water everyday...

Comment #15

Thanks so much for the replies. After reading the first few posts, I started to think I was the only one drinking diet drinks. I'm glad some others routinely drink them too. I also still get the 64 oz of water in...and usually more than that. I drink the 64 oz at work...then some more at home, alone with a diet drink. I've lost 36 pounds and I'm only 17 away from my goal.

I just really enjoy one diet drink a day, and I'm not ready to give that up. I just wanted other's opinions...

Comment #16

I don't drink it since I've been on program. Water, Crystal Light lemonade and Lipton Diet Green Tea is all I drink. I love the Diet Green Tea and usually preferred that over soda anyway. I have given up Mountain Dew, which was a major weakness...

Comment #17

I probably have 1 per day, 3 or 4 times per week. But I mainly stick with pure water or Crystal Light..

Even better is the Crystal Light with fibre, the single servings have 3 grams each and I usually have 2 per day (they're still only 5 calories each) and the fibre seems to help with hunger too...

Comment #18

Doesn't Crystal Light have the same problem diet drinks do? Artificial sweetner?..

Comment #19

Water is irrelevant. there are no calories positive or negative in water. Same with diet soda...

Comment #20

Caffeine is the big bugaboo with Diet Soda's but they also have a tremendous amount of Sodium in them. So no, they are not the same as Crystal light...

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