Can anyone give me the basics for the Nutrisystem diet?

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Quick question... Can anyone give me the basics for the Nutrisystem diet? Thanks for any answer. Another question... I just started Nutrisystem on Sunday and have already lost 2 lbs. I have been keeping tabs on my calorie intake and in general I have been just under 1000 calories. Is that healthy if I am taking a multivitamin? I am kind of just worried that I am not getting enough fuel for my body...

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The answer is Yes, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I am not eating all my add ins. hah I usually ate in much larger portions, but haven't eaten this many veggies in a long time, so I find myself not nearly as hungry and can't eat as much!.

Things I am struggling with are eating the two servings of veggies at lunch. eating the fruit and protein/dairy for a snack in the afternoon, and eating all of the fruits/veggies with dinner (I can handle one fruit and one veggie, but then I am still missing one) and adding in the fats (which are all nuts and who wants nuts every night??)..

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You have to eat all your add ins. If you can't eat the veggies - what about subing in v8?..

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The fats are important - I heardNutrisystemadded them in for a reason, I believe related to the gall bladder. Could be a rumor, but either way the fats are important - as are all the add-ins. The fats are not all nuts. Just off the top of my head, you could have a portion of avocado, mayonnaise, oil to cook your veggies in, extra dressing, etc. I'm sure the dieticians have more to list. I think that you can even consider a small portion of butter as a fat, but it's not recommended often...

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Lots of people use peanut butter as a fat serving. another favorite is olives. I like to saute' my veggies in olive oil and count the oil as a fat serving. Don't leave the fat serving out - it will keep your hair from falling out and protect your organs..

And ummmm... I LOVE nuts every night. My favorite fat serving is 6 almonds before dinner or cut up and added to my green beans!!!..

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Haha Thanks!.

I already have my gall bladder removed about two years ago!.

I guess I am just going to have to buy more veggies and load up on things I don't need so much of. I typically eat spinach, lettuce, etc... but those are now unlimited! It is kind of hard to get used to!..

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I always add 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds to my dinner salad to get my fat in..

If you feel too full to eat everything you're supposed to, try some less dense/filling items like low sodium V-8 juice for a veggie, pure fruit juice for a fruit serving, high-protein snack for dairy/protein (I love the Ostrim Jerkee and Beef Sticks)..

Sometimes, I'll have PB2 as a protein with celery sticks...

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Wait a minute... you can sub horrible veggies with V8?! How do you put that into your logged meals?..

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Your weight loss will come to a halt as your metabolism slows if you continue to eat under 1,200 calories...

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Thanks guys! I didn't think that sounded right. I only ate under 1200 for two days!.

I'll work on adding everything into my meals! I am probably going to have to switch some things around from dinner to lunch...

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Just a quick note about the fat serving - not just for a healthy gallbaldder (since you've had yours removed, jpawelko LOL) - keeps your hair and skin soft, and your-um-elimination regular (sorry, ew-facor, but true!)..

I had to sub in low-sodium v8 or an occasional "lite" fruit juice for bulkier fruits & vegies occasionally when I first started NS. Your body does adjust to the fiber eventually.

Hang in there - you're heading in the right direction!..

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I have a teaspoonful of peanut butter every day, taste like heaven!..

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It's listed under veggies as vegetable juice and is located near the bottom of the list. If you sub fruit juice however you will have to add it to your customized list..

As for the fat serving I often put peanut butter on either the pound cake with a couple small dollops of whipped cream, or on top of one of the dessert bars or cookies...

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I am no nutritionist, but it seems that very few people should be under/at 1200 cal. Calorie deficit is taking your maintenance calorie count based on activity, height, weight, and age and reducing by about 500 (700 for extreme weight loss - but never below, which is unhealthy and dangerous). For weight loss, going too low can put you in famine mode forcing your body zap your energy to store more to keep you alive - this causes the famed "yo-yo" effect. For me, male, 40, 6'1", 194 (started at 202), little exercise. I should be around 1700 cal/day for fat loss, with 1500 the absolute minimum. Now, I'm back to working-out 3x a week so my fat loss calorie level shot up to 2,000.

I did the low-carb thing successfully for about 5 yrs, recently "falling off the wagon". I decided to go withNutrisystemto get myself back in a healthy with a more balanced diet and exercise for my 40s. I, too, found myself under calorie in the evening and thus going for extra deserts or lunch bars. I now look for something I missed throughout my day (as a HS teacher it is tough to fit everything in with little (and no flex in) break/lunch time). Now, I'll usually add a fruit, yoghurt, or veg/fruit drink (don't much feel like veggies after dinner), mostly because I'm going to run out of my 1st 28 days of food too early..

You can calculate you caloric intake needs here....


But, remember everyone is different! Adjust based on how you fell and your measurements (weight is not the only indicator of fat loss).


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