Can anyone give me info on Nutrisystem?

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My first question is Can anyone give me info on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Today's my 42nd B-Day ... Had a hamburger (no bun). Italian sausage (no bun) and .... wait for it ......

This was all at work - to celebrate the April birthdays.

Been awhile I guess..

I feel like complete hell and my mouth is coated in lard. totally disgusting..

Over-priced dinner tonight, then back on the plan tomorrow. Well, Poly ... I guess I won't have to worry about not getting in enough calories today!..

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Ye, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

It's your birthday and therefore doesn't count.

Happy birthday...and get your ass back on track tomorrow!..

Comment #2

I'm 16 weeks in and have a b-day next about for me? (bet I already know your answer!)..

Comment #3

IMO: Part of this being a lifestyle change is you have to learn how to eat in the wild (ie: eating out). Plan ahead (know where you are going and look up the menu and try to make good choices (not good compromises)). I ruled out a couple of places for my birthday dinner just because I knew they didn't have good choices (or I wouldn't be able to resist temptation). We went to a steak place, and I had a small steak, did steamed veggies instead of a baked potato, and ate my salad. I also carried a couple of pieces of fruit with me as I knew we'd be waiting (and didn't want to eat peanuts) and to have another piece afterwards. When they did the birthday cake with ice cream, I took 2 bites, and let my kids have the rest and I was satisfied....

But as Poly said, it's not recommended for someone new on the program. Once you start down the slippery slope of cheats, it's easy to justify, and or seeing a gain can be mentally damaging to your progress. Believe me, as I've been dealing with this recently myself and am now getting myself back on the straight and narrow... You can see my last few weeks on my graph is not smooth downward but a couple of jumps upward... Not proud of it, but I'm not going to hide it either as that only hurts me in not seeing it and learning from it.....

Comment #4

Happy Birthday!.

Enjoy and get your ass back in line tomorrow...

Comment #5

Good point Poly. I didn't think about that..

Those of you who are new to this forum may not be familiar with some of the "personalities" in here - for the record: I'm 6-7 lbs below goal and have been below goal for a little over a month. I've been struggling with my caloric intake for a while now but think I'm close. I don't want to look too "skinny". but massive binges like the one I had on Friday are not the answer. I was wrong!!.

I'm off to the gym..

Keep pushing yourselves men!!!..

Comment #6

I would rock through it. There are always relatives visiting, marriages, funerals, alien attacks. Birthday is not that big a deal. We are not 10 year olds. Bella and I rocked through our birthdays and didn't even feel deprived. Once in the zone, it's easy...

Comment #7

Well, for what is worth....

Happy Late Birthday, Sean..

I cheated baaaad yesterday too...

Comment #8

I cheated yesterday too. Made my May goal and had myself a late night binge of cheese bread and lasagne. Not even my birthday..

Comment #9

WTF? Enough. All that fat that goes in is going to need to come out again...

Comment #10

Yeah? With you on that one. WTF? Just for the record, I was 100% on plan yesterday! And will be today too!..

Comment #11

Happy Birthday Bud! I'm glad you had a good one...

Comment #12

Thanks to all for the Birthday wishes!.

Bob, congrats on now having the most intimidating avatar on the board ... you look great, man - and insane..

I'll try and post up an "after" pic today and try to out-crazy you..

Have a great Sunday fellas!!.


Comment #13

I am insane - but that's a different story....

I put a fat pic on my page too....

No one out-crazies me - bring it!..

Comment #14

This is what the gunny told me when I let the bullet belt thingie drag in the dirt. I really didn't see why two people were needed for an M-60. The gun seemed to pull bullets in just fine on it's own. And being a bullet feeder seemed pretty menial to me compared to squeezing the trigger. He explained how any foreign matter that came in with the bullets would remain in the barrel and require cleaning (and could jam the weapon in combat). He used a few other words to drive the point home, but, for me, explaining the concept was what helped...

Comment #15

Bob: Major props for putting the pics up. You are moving to an incredible physique with your weight loss. Congrats on your heart...

Comment #16


Happy birthday..

Don't beat yourself up. You have to live life. You over did, not get back on a reasonable plan..

If you don't loosen up from time to time you will go nuts. You are below goal, working out, burning calories and self-aware. You are at the point where this isn't going to hurt you...

Comment #17

Happy Birthday pig.

I also have a b-day coming up in a couple of weeks...hmmmm, I think I just might eat that 7th almond. I'm afraid to do what you did. That just might put me over the edge, so I need to stay strong...

Comment #18

Ahh that 7th almond....

I drank 5 beers Friday night but I'm still scared to death of what the 7th almond will do to me!..

Comment #19

D*CKS! I see what you're doing!!!.

OK ... I had 8 almonds and 14-15 beers Saturday!!.

Sunday TOO!.


Comment #20

I had a slice of birthday cake after work not long after I started maintenance... I got such a sugar rush I was bouncing off the walls all afternoon, that never used to happen before...

Comment #21

Take it easy there Sean! better go weigh in!.

Tomorrow is cinco de mayo - never celebrate it because of what I think Mexican's do in the crappy beer they make b4 they bottle it..

Comment #22

Indeed ... "fruiting" the beer helps to break down the urine...

Comment #23

Tonight I had two large pork burrito suizo's with rice and beans and chips with guacamole and pico de gallo and I still feel great! Truthfully, the last six or so weekends me and the wife have had a cheat dinner and it's been nothing but good for the weight loss. Keeps me sticking to the plan hard Sunday through Friday and seems to kickstart me back into fat burning when I seem to get plateaued...

Comment #24

If you can tolerate it fine. I mean if you are in 1500 calories per day deficit and have a day that is 2000 over, you're still well in deficit for the week. (Of course, you'd lose even faster without the cheats...).

I see others that don't do well, when they start letting cheating into their lives. Once they cut some corners, they cut more and more and aren't in deficit...and get bummed out by lack of losses. See people stall out for months and months. Or give up and leave...

Comment #25

Yeah, I had a couple of cheat days over the past two weekends and it fired me back up. I got worried about not losing and started working that much harder to stay on plan. Haven't had a gain, actually have lost about 4 pounds, but I have noticed it's gotten harder to hold off temptation since I cheated...

Comment #26

Poly, what do you do when you hit the plateau? I think I may be on one, for the first time after steadily losing 35 lbs. I heard others say to eat protein instead of dairy and I've heard others say have a cheat day, which I'd rather not do..

So what's the best plan of attack?..

Comment #27

Sticking to the.


Is the best plan. Cheating to break through a plateau is a mental myth used to justify off-plan behavior without the guilt. Let's be clear: it's bull****. Stalls happen all the time. They also end all the time, all on their own..

Here's the bottom line. You're all grown people, and free to do as you like. It's life and you should be enjoying it. Personally, I'd rather be enjoying it thin. This thread started out as one man's admission of indulgence on his birthday, though the irony here is Sean.

Has already reached goal.

And is at maintenance. That is what make the post a funny one. I've since watched the thread devolve into questions of should this or that newbie cheat on this or that occasion, to discussions of cheating being used to break plateaus and keep motivation up. To the first group: don't. To the second group: wtf, and are you sure you're in the right forum? You'll find the women's boards up the main forum page. Go cheat regularly and commiserate with them.

Cheating does not aid and encourage weight loss. So quit acting like it does. Cheating does slow weight loss. Cheating does make it that much more difficult to stay disciplined. And, as Poly said, cheating can lead to prolonged stalls and even leaving the Plan altogether.

You're going to need it..

That is all..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6.

5/11: 200.6.

82/19/22 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #28

Nice post, Gary!.

I also thought it was funny how I started this post to basically "flog" myself for eating cake ... on maintenance!! Just felt like crap the day after (didn't gain an ounce, by the way), beat the piss outta myself in the gym and was over it..

Done and DONE!!.

Quit cheatin' ya bunch of babies!!!..

Comment #29

You're not in a plateau. It's just water variation. Stick to plan. Calorie deficit will make you slimmer!..

Comment #30

It's kinda funny when I go back and re-read one my "rants" from when I have a point to make. I always seem to sound like a d*ck, lol. Truth is, I'm pretty easygoing and laid back IRL. But when it comes to NS, I'm very focused and disciplined. I can accept people that take a wishy-washy approach to it, but I don't have the tolerance for any of 'em that come back crying that it isn't working out..

Sean, take it easy on the self-flagellation. You're cracking me up, man. Then again, it was.


Pieces, wasn't it? LOL..

Pbs519, stalls happen all the time. Regularly, even. If I don't get several each month, I think my scale is busted. Don't get trapped into the false premise of measuring progress by the scale alone. Use a body tape measure (or get a caliper too, if you want to go pro) to gauge overall progress..

Python, pork/beans/guac? Really? Six on, one off? That's a ladies plan. Get serious. If you really.


A free night each week, make it a plan-oriented one. You aren't teaching yourself anything maintenance-oriented with this..

Ryan, you hit the nail on the head. Cheating makes it that much harder to stay focused. Just don't. (That's why abstinence programs in school are a huge flop, btw. What teen, once they try it, is going to say no to sex? lol).

Good luck guys. Stay focused. Get 'er done..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6.

5/11: 200.6.

82/19/22 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #31

I have to admit, I'm already cheating..

I don't know how to preserve bananas so I eat a full one whenever I have bananas as a fruit serving. I tried refrigerating it and it almost made me hurl the next time I ate it. :9.

Soo...full banana so I don't have to throw it out. I've done it twice now in two days...

Comment #32

Scooby, We joked about that about a year ago. I have always cheated..

Comment #33

Low-cal diet or not ... you didn't get fat eatin' bananas, Scoob..

Don't sweat it...

Comment #34

Dang... I've eaten a whole banana a few times and then knew I couldn't say 100% for that day as Poly would catch me... Wow.....

Comment #35

What's the big freakin' deal with banana portions? Eat two, who cares?.


(select extra large from the serving size drop down menu and tell me what.




Cheating in my book..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6.

5/12: 200.0.

85/23/26 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #36

LOL... I agree. I will sometimes grab an extra fruit to curb a craving I'm having (I figure an apple at night is better than me going after the candy or cookies in the cupboard.

I don't do it often, but as stated above (and something I've said myself): 1/2 a banana isn't what made me fat in the first place... But there is a slippery slope there that justifying that may let you justify an extra teaspoon of peanut butter, and then an extra slice of bread, etc... Stuff like that will add up (and your idea of portion size can start changing if you aren't really measuring) so be smart. Don't get caught up on something like 1/2 a banana, but don't get lax elsewhere because of it....

BTW: I saw at Walmart tonight a banana saver. It seals the end of a cut banana. Found it funny with this thread. I'll take a pic of it when I go back (didn't even think about doing that when I saw it)..

[EDIT] Found it on a website (gotta love Google):.


Comment #37

I am here to post my shame....

I totally cheated - and pretty much all weekend. :9 I'm back at 100 today, and back in the game..

As a bonus though, I had literally the best weekend I've had in over three years..

Three dates, three different people, a lot of fun, a little too much alcohol, and last night was the most fantastic date of all. Huge connection..

But, I needed to admit my cheating and my shame. I weigh-in tomorrow, so we'll see how bad the damage is then, and back to a recommitment..

I apologize to me for letting me down...

Comment #38

In the "tough love" spirit of the Men's room, a few questions:.

1. Why does a date have to involve food (and cheating on the plan)? Given the weight you want to lose, you'll be at this for a little while. So, why not start on the right foot and pick places you can eat responsibly. Or, better yet: Find things to do that involve physical activity... not eating..

2. You need to think about how serious you are about this weight loss thing. I assume you'll want to have other dates. Are you setting yourself up to think it's okay to cheat every time you have a date? Why didn't you make better food choices after the first night? You can;t let yourself off the hook that easy..

Not to jump too hard, but this is about lifestyle changes and learning to make better food choices (even when it's not fun or convenient). There's no time like the present to start re-training yourself..

Glad you had three great dates. Hope next time you're able to find a less self-destructive way to carry them out..

I'll get off the soap box now...

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