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I got my first C&D letter today. I know this is real, but I'm looking for some advice on what to do. I understand that Disney is a TM, but I do not see a TM for Disney Rental Homes or DisneyRentalHomes.comPlease advise on what I should do or what has happened to others in the past. I do not feel that I should have to give this domain up to Disney, if they wanted it, they should of purchased it. This just Pis*** me off!.

Thanks in advance.


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Are you joking? Hand over the friggin domain before they file a lawsuit against you and sue you! "Disney" is HUGE TM! Any domain infringing their trademark, they have the right to have. You are basically using their trademark for profit which is showing badfaith!.

You don't have a chance in hell, your best bet is just to hand over the domain and carry on with registering new names!..

Comment #1

Haha if you dont give them this domain asap then you deserve to get sued..

Comment #2

Disney is huge into vacation resorts and rentals in Florida, I can see why they care about this domain.

Btw, I know a lot of people who work at Disney, their legal department is almost large enough to have it's own zip code, don't mess with them. A C&D is a "polite" way to enforce their trademark, it could be worse, you could be the target of Microsoft's "make an example of them in court rather than go through UDRP"...

Comment #3

I would turn over this domain asap. The last thing you'd want is to combat this, theres no way you can win...

Comment #4

If you give it to them now you save yourself paying for a lawyer. if you decide to fight udrp, you will need to hire a lawyer to appropriatly represent yourself...

Comment #5

No lawyer who cares about their reputation would take this...

Comment #6

I agree. Disney is extraordinarily aggressive in defending it's trademarks, and they have sort of their own enclave of housing for their employees (Celebration, FL). You can't win this one, be glad it's only a C&D. Hand it over and move on sorry.


Comment #7 would be fine, but anything Disney would be off-limits...

Comment #8

Thanks for all the help I will turn it over to them. Lesson Learned. Nice name though..

Comment #9

Nice enough to offload onto an unsuspecting buyer... you rotter

Comment #10

The only question before the ban is - which came first - the sales post or the c&d. And clearly this post came before the sales post.

Ban him for life. This is just garbage and no excuse will cover it over so don't bother with the "oh it was in there by mistake" kind of crap.

All over domain selling forums this kind of garbage is going on. I say zero tolerance - no excuses - no second chances.

Get lost scammer...

Comment #11

Quoting original message for posterity...gonna check other domainer forums to see if they are attempting to cross sell this..

Comment #12


Since the C&D has been ignored I wouldn't be surprised to see the lawyers get angry. Good luck with them..

Comment #13

Terrible behavior. No time for this crap, it hurts all of us. So ............................

To: /legal-issues...-com-what.html.

In spite of our negative perception in mainstream business you can see that the domain industry was very clear on the right thing to do in this case and the advice was still ignored. I don't think too many people would lose sleep over it if you decided to make an example of this guy...

Comment #14

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