camera for pictures of moles
Im looking for the current best small camera for medical photography of small objects such as moles. Indoor lighting. Photos would be used for medical documentation mostly but occasionally for publication. Im looking for something that our ancillary staff can do with minimal to no training..



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The problem your going to have with a P&S camera is close focusing and automatic pop up flash..

Close focusing in a wide angle mode won't do it, you will need a camera with an easy manual focus and capable of taking ambient light without an annoying pop up flash..

Unfortunatly I do not know of any P&S cameras that have that level of flexibility, remember that the mole will be blown up to view and that means sharp, low noise high ISO performance..

Also, use good area lighting or some limited fill flash.Capture the moment and live it again...

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Just about any camera will do. Be careful taking those things indoors..

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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If you have a dental department where you are go and ask them. The last one I visited was using nikon d70 cameras with a macro lens. When I asked about it they said somebody in the department had set it up and they just pressed the button. Dentistry has a long tradition of photography some of the best early macro lenses such as Kirons been developed for dental use...

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What do you mean by "small camera"? What do you care if it's small? I'm assuming your camera will stay in your officel, right? So portability shouldn't be a concern..

You said you are interested in occasional publication. I suggest that you ask the publishers what they think you should get. Or get in contact with some of the photographers that have been published, and get their advice!.

As far as easy-to-use, I suspect that any camera can be set up to provide repeatable results given that your application is specific and lighting will remain constant..


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Nikon coolpixes (point and shoot) are famous for their macro shots. my 995 and 5000 are both excellent macro cameras. newer models would also be excellent. don't worry about thier flashesthey can be turned off. you may use a flashlight or direct bulb (at an angle) to take pictures...

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The best arrangement would be a DSLR with ring flash and a macro lens. The big two (Canon & Nikon) certainly have them and probably others..

A Nikon D40 or Canon 400D would do the job with a macro lens and ring flash around that lens. The kit can remain permanently assembled and the settings preset leaving staff only to charge the battery occasionally and put the card in the PC. Even the latter step can be avoided. With some simple software that Nikon have (and I imagine Canon also) you can tether the camera to a notebook and load the shot directly on to the PC as you shoot but the "tether" may be a problem when shooting..

Chris Elliott.

*Nikon* D Eighty + Fifty - Other equipment in Profile.


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I actually have a canon 20d with the macro and while that works great for me, I find it doesnt work great for support staff that take most of the photos..


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Take a look at some of the electronic viewfinder one piece cameras. I have a Nikon 5700 which is a few years old, and it can do what you need done..

I'm sure there are current models, too..

These focus nice and close, and instead of looking through the viewfinder, people can look at the screen on the back of the camera..

My 5700 focusses closer than a 1:1 lens on a camera like a 20D..

Exposure is automatic, and you can use manual focus to get the image right..

Instead of flash,. you'd need some external light, but often there's a light in the clince or examination room that works fine..

A feature of the 5700 is that the rear screen is on hinges and pivots in various ways, so you can stand above the camera, instead of having to crouch behind..


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BAK wrote:.

Instead of flash,. you'd need some external light, but often there'sa light in the clince or examination room that works fine..

I am not sure I agree. I am not a doctor but I would have thought the colour(s)shape and size of a mole were important. In particular changes to all or any of those would be important..

Shadow in the wrong place and the wrong white balance would affect the photo. So you need a room without daylight and several sources of light to avoid shadows on several competing sources of different WB light(or maybe you get stuck with a flourescent and a need to use fractions of 1/120th.) Best to use a strong reliable flash to get consistent WB..

Chris Elliott.

*Nikon* D Eighty + Fifty - Other equipment in Profile.


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LOL, I have seen this thread title for a few days now and was wondering why someone was looking to buy a camera just to shoot moles. Finally my curiosity got the best of me. Thanks for the photo...

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Use cameras that are hand held with built in flash and the ability to focus at 1:1. Don't know the brand but contacting an association should be fruitful...even one that deals with your profession...

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