Calories And Fat loss on Nutrisystem?

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I need help. I know this program works because I got to my lifestyle goal once. I need to get back for life. I love cardio. makes me feel good,.

Iam following womens under 40, looking to lose 15lbs..

Iam following 100%NS foods with add-ins checking off meal planner. I do 60-80 mintues of cardio 6 days a week, I do yoga 2x/3x light weight training. I burn around 400-500 cals doing cardio, I wear a heart rate monitor, I average 1200-1300 cals a day. I spoke with a counsler and told me to add cals because iam in starvation mode also said to change up my varities in foods, I feel fine eating, Just because my heart rate monitor says that many I don'y know for sure. The counsler siad if I burn 400 Iam only eating 700 cals, very confused..

Has anyone gotten to goal with exercising and following plan without adding,.

Is starvation mode real?.

I want this for life, I know thats it forever..

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Your question was: Calories And Fat loss on Nutrisystem?.

Now that is just the opposite of what the dieticians have said. Nutrisystem is not a calories in/calories burned plan. If you are following the plan, doing moderate exercise you should not have to add any food to your plan. They say if you start to fade, feel weak or dizzy during or after workouts, then you may choose to add an extra dairy/protein and fruit to your day on the days you work out..

So if you are following the plan and doing your exercise and don't have any bad physical side effects listed above, don't worry about it. You are doing just fine...

Comment #1

I think that burning 400 calories per day is a bit beyond moderate exercise. One 30 minute circuit at Curves per day would be moderate, and that burns about 150 calories.

The only way to know for sure is to add the extra protein + fruit each day that you exercise and watch the scale for a couple three weeks...

Comment #2

Personally, I would back off the exercise to 2-3 times a week, keep my food the same and up my water..

Starvation mode exists, but it is a very overused phrase. All it means is your body thinks it is starving for nutrients so it tries to hold on to calories by burning muscle instead of the fat stores (or something like that). Eventually your body will have to give up the weight but it is very frustrating in the meantime...

Comment #3

I wouldn't cut back on the exercise especially if you're really enjoying it and feel great.

I have read the dieticians recommend adding in a dairy or protein after a heavy workout. I agree with the counselor that you spoke with. If you're not getting enough calories you're not going to lose weight. I let my calories drop down to 1000 per early on in an effort to speed up my weight loss and it had the exact opposite effect. I stopped losing but as soon as I increased the weight started falling off again...

Comment #4

Why in heaven's name would we tell someone not to exercise? Creating a new lifestyle is the goal here, and OP is well under way to that goal..

You are doing great with your time and your heart and other vital organs that rely on it for healthy blood flow will thank you. I work in cardiac surgery and it is amazing what we do to ourselves by choice. You are making a much better choice (I hope I can join you)..

I would feel very comfortable adding in a lean protein/fruit snack about 30 minutes before or after a workout and let it ride for a few weeks. I started adding an additional protein shake during heavy lifting days and have seen the proper changes after about two weeks (sleeves a little tighter, waist a little looser)..

Sorry for the men's room intro and bluntness, but you really are doing great. Don't slow your workouts just to lose weight faster (which is more likely muscle at that point, anyway)...

Comment #5

Actually it is. They just have it set up so you won't have to think about calories if you don't want to most of the time. By having set up pre-determined servings and then stacking them together they do achieve a specific caloric goal.

Wow, seriously? Why would you ever discourage anyone from working out and excercisiong? If you would rather do that then you may have food issues that you need to look into. It makes it sound like you're terrified of food or change.

As for calories, yes they are correct (in a round about way) when they say if you burned off an additional 400 calories on top of your basal rate you effectly only ate 700 calories (if you had 1100 for the day).

I would suggest tracking your calorie deficit every day and seeing where it is at. I do this with You can see an example of how it shows the deficits by clicking on the link to see my food journal in my sig...

Comment #6

I have food issues? And where would you get that? I sound terrfied of food or change? What kind of comment is that?.

Please don't twist my words or put words where I did not put them..

First of all, I never, ever told someone not to exercise.

Second, the dieticians have said, maybe not exact words, that Nutrisystem is not a calories in/calories burned plan in that we do not add food just because of exercise. They have also said that you only add food to your plan if you are doing body building, marathon training or extreme workouts..

For the years I have been around here, people have been asking the questions "I work out and burned 200 (or insert number) calories. Do I get to add more food because I am now at 1000 calories intake?" The answer has always been "No. Nutrisystem is not a calories in/calories burned plan.".

She may be doing extreme workouts, but if her body is not responding to the workouts by giving up the weight, she needs and wants to do something. One of the options is to increase her intake. Another option is to decrease the intensity or frequency of her workouts and leave her intake alone. They are options and she can choose which one works for her and gets her body to give up the weight once again..

Food issues? The only food issue I have is that I like food and tend to over-indulge which is why I am here on the Nutrisystem boards...

Comment #7

The following are previous posts by NutriSystem Dietitians:.

Please dont get confused on how to use the calories in calories out feature on the website. If you are following the plan and if you are eating the additions for someone who has 100 + pounds to lose than you are eating approx 1200-1500 calories. Those calories are still food consumed by you and are now circulating in your body and being used for energy and over all maintenance. This doesnt mean that you should eat the equivalent of the calories out to equal 1200 calories per day (or 1500 if you are a man). It is just a visual aid. Remember in order to encourage your body to use stored body fat for energy you need to take in less calories then you are burning through every day living and exercise.

That is not a must have so if you are eating extra food because you are working out and your weight loss slows down I would rethink those extra calories..

Here are our general guidelines:.

Exercise and Adding in more Food (only on the days that you are exercising).

For Cardio:.

If you are doing cardio and need more energy, a snack in the form of a fruit and a dairy (to equal approximately 200 calories) should be added. This can be consumed before or after the workout depending on your preference.

For Weight Training:.

If you are doing weight training and want to build muscle, a snack in the form of a protein to equal approximately 200 calories (certain protein shakes are an acceptable choice).

The protein can be eaten shortly after a strength training session (within a couple of hours). This helps to re-build muscle tissue. Since protein is digested slower than carbs, it is recommended that you not eat a lot of protein shortly before working out.

If you prefer another time frame, that is acceptable as well.

The extra calories should not cause a problem with the weight loss..

Comment #8

Careful about making generalizations. My Curves has a CurvesSmart biometric reader that tracks your calories burned. I regularly burn 300-400 calories during one 30 minute workout...

Comment #9

Susie, does that biometric reader take into consideration a person's weight and fitness level? I'm just curious how those things work. If they don't, I don't know how that can be accurate...

Comment #10

Please, whatever you do choose to do, DON'T back off the exercise. That is so beneficial...crucial really to taking charge of your life and making lasting changes. Anyone that tells you to back off is a bit off. If you feel fine, then just keep working the program. I usually only add an extra protein serving if i'm exhausted/starving after a tough run. But other than that things are normally fine...

Comment #11

Thanks a lot. Not only have I told someone to quit exercising, but I am now a bit off for suggesting someone try a different track to try and lose those last 15 pounds..

I guess I will just take my 87 pound weight loss and go for a hike...

Comment #12

Thankyou for your help I appreciate all your advise..

Comment #13

Thanks for everyones input it means alot to me regardless if we all have our own experiences, the main thing is that this lifestyle change benefits all of us, just like all the maintainers for years...

Comment #14

Of course it does. They program a "key" with all your physical stats, and you use the key at each station. It tracks everything and will tell you when you are working at the appropriate pace and if you are using the machine correctly. At the end of your workout, it gives you a reading of whether you worked all your muscle groups and tells you how many calories you burned...

Comment #15

Susie, I had just read in several places that the calculations on exercise machines are generally less accurate than when using a heart rate monitor. I guess the reason I'm so interested is that I would be afraid that it would be overestimating calories burned. But your weight loss is terrific so you obviously know what you're doing!! Congrats!!..

Comment #16

Thank you! I've actually been a little disappointed with it lately but I think I've set my expectations too high..

Have you considered stopping in a Curves and talking to them about how it works? I am sure they could answer your questions better than I can...

Comment #17

Are you losing 1-2 a week? Are you feeling weak or tired or hungry? If you are losing within range, and feel good, then I for sure would not add calories. I never did during my weight loss phase, and I worked out as much or more than you do.

"Starvation Mode" usually refers to you not losing weight becuase you aren't eating enough food. If that is consistently happening to you, then yes, I'd consider adding 1 dairy/protein serving to your day.

Otherwise, work the program as designed at least until you get to a point where it isn't working for you...

Comment #18

1. Stick with the exercise..

2. If you feel uncomfortable, you can add a little bit of food. If you don't feel uncomfortable, then don't.

3. Adding food will very slightly SLOW your losses down. Counselors (or posters) are WRONG to say that more calories will make you lose faster. But really the effect of 1-200 calories is small anyhow..

4. If you are not losing fast enough, you need to give us much more data and then have us analyze your plan:.



-last several weeks weighins.

-exercise (you gave us this).

-last two days diet (exactly what you ate).

-most recent cheat (when and what).

-non-exercise activity level (desk job, etc.).

I think if you are disatisfied with losses, there are 3 possibilities;.

1. You're losing at the right rate, but just have junrealistic expectations..

2. You are losing at the right rate, but are over-analyzing a short period of time (where variations occur)..

3. You are eating too much food (either cheats or mismeasuring)...

Comment #19

Height 5'4.


No loss in weeeks same weight.

Exercise you have.

No cheats.

Breakfast: Nutrisystem plainpancakes, bb 3/4c, egg white 3.

Lunch: Nutrisystem red beans rice, 1 c cooked brocoli, tuna 1/4c.

Snack Grapefruit 1/2 ,Greek yogurt plain 80 cals,15 protein 6 carbs no fat.

Dinner: Nutrisystem mac&beef, 1 1/2c aspargus, 6 almonds.

Dessert: Nutrisystem bbq soy chips.


Comment #20

Bear in mind that his #3 is based on his own experiences. Some of us who do a lot of exercise have found that we really do need to increase our calories to lose weight. You might want to give it a shot and make up your own mind, based on your results...

Comment #21


How many ounces per day are we to drink?..

Comment #22

Very helpful.

Give me your age please.

Also, I need more detail on the "weeks no loss". Please give me several weeks weighins. What were the exact numbers, as many weeks back as you have it. Need to have this to determine loss rate, etc...

Comment #23

Seriously, when you suggest that someone cut back on exercise rather than change their foods... it does make it sound like you're terrified of food. I can't come up with any other logical reasons as to why you would suggest to cut exercise instead of increasing caloric intake.

As for nutrisystem dietitians, there have been a lot of posts where they do tell people to increase their foods to compensate for more intense calories burning.

Just because they say you don't need to count calories does not make this not a calorie deficit program. Calories absolutely matter. Nutrisystem just made it into an easy to use formula that makes it all add up for you. But as you have seen I'm sure, different plans have different calories ranges and that is based on weight and body composition... the larger you are the more calories you burn just breathing and that is why you have to add the extra carb and fruit servings...

Comment #24

Iam 38 female 5'4 134.

Weigh ins 130.2 5/2.

133.8 5/16.

138.2 6/6.

129.8 6/20.

133 7/3.

134.2 7/11.

132.0 7/18.

From here on in I will make sure I weigh each week, it's crazy, because Iam following 100%..

Comment #25

What is your problem with me and my posts on this thread? How long have I been on this program? How many posts have I posted? Have you ever read them? Many times I have told people they can add food to their day because of exercise. It just isn't the ONLY option. Why does that make me afraid of food?.

Please don't read or respond to my posts anymore and I will no longer read or respond to you. Ok?..

Comment #26

Your weight is pretty low, so you're not going to lose fast. However your age, 38, implies pre-menopause, so I would expect you to have some loss rate at Nutrisystem program calorie rate. And you went two months with no losses..

I suggest starting a thread and daily recording your weight and exercise and exactly what you ate. Also, make sure to measure. I think this will help diagnose where you are making mistakes. I saw this work for both Maritom and another poster. If you really care about your program, this will not be too much work...and it will lead to a solution...

Comment #27

I've only skimmed the responses.

That said, there really is a thing called "starvation mode"usually means yoou aren't getting enough calories..

I could go into more detail but the fact is, stop focusing on the lbs. Eat what you are supposed to eat, exercise the way you should be (I don't know if you are exercising too much, but it is possible), drink your water. That's it. Your body knows what it is supposed to weigh. If you end up manipulating your exercise/food in order to lose those last lbs, then you will probably have a hard time in keeping them off. The last few pounds are always the hardestyou may be at that point..

It's good to get advise/thoughts from the boards, but probably talking to one of the dieticians would be the best. What works for one of us, may not work for you. Even though I frequently weigh, I try not to let how I feel about my weight, affect me. Sounds nuts, but it works. I determine how I feel before I weigh myself then try to return to that same feeling regardless if I've lost, gained or remained the same..

Sorry if I'mnot making alot of sense but I'm trying to watch the news right now too..

Comment #28

I am just wondering what size the OP is? Has that been talked about? Jillian Michaels weighs how much...tried looking it up and found a 2008 posting that she is 5'2" and 120...all muscle. Muscle and fat weigh the same (everyone likes to say muscle weighs more than fat...but that is not true...) five pounds of anything weighs five pounds of anything else. BUT muscle take up less doesn't spread out all over the place.

5. Muscle weighs more than fat. FALSE!*.

If I place 1 pound of muscle on a scale and 1 pound of fat on a scale, they will both weigh 1 pound. The difference is in total volume! One pound of muscle may appear to be the size of a baseball; one pound of fat will be three times the size and look like a squiggly bowl of Jell-O..

(taken from top ten fitness lies in e diet)*.

Perhaps the OP is a whole lotta muscle. Two inches taller than Jillian and 14 pounds more...usuallly they say five pounds for every inch.

Just adding my thoughts on the subject..

Http:// Put this link in to show how five pounds of fat looks compared to five pounds of muscle...

Comment #29

I will follow your suggestions on daily recording weight/exercise/foof measuring. I know it works it's me I need to relax and just do it..

Comment #30

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