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I just ordered my food through Costco. It is $269 for 35 days. Does anybody else do this? Do you skip auto pay and just buy a new card each month for the discounted price? Thanks!..

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Your question was: Buying Nutrisystem from Costco?.

I purchased through costco and continue to get the discount for 4 months using autopay. Pretty sweet...

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So does that mean I don't have to purchase a card from Costco every month? I ordered one and used it on my last month's order but am not sure if the price will just carry over without a new Costco card purchase...

Comment #2

You only purchase the card one time. You keep the same lower price through auto-delivery...

Comment #3

Did you provide a credit card number when you signed up? If you did not, then you are not on auto ship and you need to give them a call to remedy that...

Comment #4

I was under the impression that we would get a 5% discount for signing up for Auto Delivery AND that it was a 35-day program "forever and ever". Now, according to my account page, there isn't a 5% discount and it seems to say that we only get the extra week (making it the 35 days vs 28) through our 4th auto delivery. I sent a PM to Dietary Services and haven't ever heard anything back. Just wondering if anybody else has experienced the same thing...???..

Comment #5

My understanding is that we get a 5% discount for autoship one time. Then we would get the 35 day plan for our locked in price forever. At least that is what I was told by customer service...

Comment #6

Do you have to be a Costco member to purchase the card?..

Comment #7

No, you just order the card online one time and pay a one time non-member surcharge of $10-15...

Comment #8

That would be ok with me, it's still way cheaper than the "old" way, even with occasional Buddy Bucks and Daily Dose Clicks. Here's what makes me wonder if the 35-day thing is "forever" (I copied and pasted from my Auto-Delivery order page):.

1 free week in your first delivery, another free week in your 2nd, 3rd and 4th!!.

I've got an email in to support as well.....

Comment #9

If you go with Costco, no more Buddy Bucks. You still get the clicks coupon though. And to be clear, I did get the 5% off my first auto ship and 35 days of food forever at the cost of 259.99..

Comment #10

Does it have that "1 free week in your first delivery, another free week in your 2nd, 3rd and 4th!!" blurb on your Auto Delivery page?..

Comment #11

Alrighty then, I guess I'm really really good to go.....

Comment #12

If you order through Costco, are you able to select your own food, or are you stuck with whatever choices "they" (whoever "they" are!) determine will be shipped?..

Comment #13

Oh, I wish I would have known about this prior to ordering. Can I join Costco and then order through it. Is there a way to take advantage of this if you are already on NS. I'm in my first month, will be reordering in a two weeks..


Comment #14

NS will charge you shipping for your first order if you cancel before your 2nd're better off keeping your AD until after your 2nd order and then move over to Costco...

Comment #15

Good point - I forgot about the AD discount!! They want back what they 'gave away'!!..

Comment #16

Thanks, so much for your help. I will get one more order and then transfer over to Costco. I wish Sams Club offered this. We do not have a Costo anywhere near us. Oh well the savings for this alone is worth it..


Comment #17

Hello Again!.

You don't have to join Costco's to get the card....I ordered 5 weeks for my sister by ordering at I had to pay a $12.95 non-member fee, but that was fine with me. I did not want to spend $50 to join since there are no Costco's near us. She did not go on Auto-Delivery, but still did not have to pay for shipping! (You go on AD by providing your credit card never have to go to Costco's again!).

5 weeks for $269 for as long as you stay on the plan is a great deal! You can delay your orders, etc, just like when ordering directly from NS. I wish I had known about this deal when I started.....but I am near the end of my journey - about to start maintenance (Yay Me!!).

Best of luck to you!.


Comment #18

Thanks all! My food is being shipped and I can't wait to start! Appreciate the help!!!..

Comment #19

For those that are curious about this, go to the men's discussion boards (Dan Marino's Team) and looks for the COSTCO and NUTRISYSTEM thread there. It is long, detailed, and should answer most of your questions regarding this opportunity. Hope this helps. =D.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/16: 211.4..

Comment #20

I wanted to add that Costco just started a $25 off promo until May 5th - in Costco stores you can get Nutrisystem meals for 35 days for only $234.99! (In store only so far as I can tell)...

Comment #21

^ Make sure you are buying the men's plan, if needed. That sounds like the price for the women's plan...

Comment #22

The in-store promo is a "gender-neutral" card, that will yield 35 of each meal, and 35 snacks. Men will need to know that for their first BBB, they will have to sub in their own dairy/protein in lieu of one of the Nutrisystem snacks provided under the men's plan. Under auto-delivery, the gender-neutral plan should convert to the proper plan for the individual with the second BBB shipment (reflected at the appropriate price), which for men means 70 of the Nutrisystem snacks..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/18: 210.6..

Comment #23

Just canceled with NS, and am signing with Costco. They are having a $25 discount until May 8th! It was very easy! Thanks..

Comment #24

I'm still kind of new and have a question. To start Nutrisystem I bought a 2 week card at Walgreens. When I went online to order it offered me an 2 extra weeks for $99 then a free week. So I got 5 weeks in my 1st shipment. My auto delivery page said get a free week with your 2nd order. I got that shipment then it just had the regular price for the next 28 day delivery.

If I cancel it now will they charge me the shipping from the past orders? Thanks everyone!..

Comment #25

^ If you call Nutrisystem and tell them you are not canceling, but instead stopping your auto-delivery to switch to Costco, they will often waive any cancellation fees, or so I have heard...

Comment #26

They will not charge the $50. fee to cancel if you've had 2 or more shipments...

Comment #27

Order online @ and they will ship you the card to your address...

Comment #28


Do we only get the 35 meals for the first 4 months?.

If we buy a new card can we start over with the extra free week? And get the $25 off?.


Comment #29

The Costco deal is great! I'm not a Costco member as the nearest one is hours away. I ordered the card online and paid the non-member fee which I thought was reasonable, especially when the card was on sale..

I got the card delivered on April 28 and I placed my customized order online and went for auto delivery. My food was delivered on April 30 and the goodies enclosed in the box matched my order. Great service at a great price!..

Comment #30

The food keeps coming 35 meals as long as you AD...

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