Buying a net domain - any Godaddy promo codes?

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My question is: Buying a net domain - any Godaddy promo codes?.

My 2nd question is: How many people here have dubai HostGator names?.

Are they a good investment?.

I bought 10-12 very nice dubai .com's a year or so ago, and am wondering if they are worth holding on to for a few years.

Thank you..


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Your question was: Buying a net domain - any Godaddy promo codes?.

Ehh, i'd rather just hold them to myself.. I'm talking about the dubai HostGator thoughts in general. I'm not selling for 2-3 years, was just wondering what the general consensus was...

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A couple of weeks ago some folks were caught having sex on the beach in Dubai and so the whole region got all upset and fired up and they sent the "moral police" in street clothes to make women put their tops on and and others cover up if how they are dressed on the beach was deemed inappropriate by the onlooking "police".

I think they may be shooting themselves in the foot. Who wants to go to a beach where there are unmarked "moral police" walking around? I think most people want to be basically free at a beach. That policy sucks for the Western tourist.

If that region is affected by these police then so will the domains...

Comment #2

No problem, well I like them, some of mine get a bit of traffic, mainly these 2.

Comment #3

Bump, and pm sent to those who asked questions through pm. Thanks all.. Keep comments coming...

Comment #4

I have sold 2 dubai related names in .tv ext. And also I have been getting good traffic in .com ext...

Comment #5

I get OK traffic but only 1 offer on 12 domains on sedo.. Ehh....

Comment #6

I have my share of UAE names.

This is a long term hold imo..

They haven't finished constructing many of the structures...

Comment #7 gets pretty consistent traffic as does some of my telecommunications domains for Dubai... but in all, the traffic isn't as strong as it would be if the were developed. I think the big "click" for dubai domains is once the city, system and industry are ready to market themselves.

Think about it... when's the last time you hear about the "Trump Tower Dubai"? Even though it's one of his biggest properties and the centerpiece of the island... have you heard of it?.

Time will tell.... but I think dubai must be pretty much finished before the marketing begins.


Comment #8

Yea, I agree, time will tell. Hate sitting on domains though. I'm a quick flip type of guy and it's been working for me, but now I have 50-60 domains i'm sitting on. Guess i'll turn into an investor, not an idiot. ;-)..

Comment #9

I really hope they do take off as I have loads of them! They spend a HUGE amount in advertising and sponsoring already but very little when it comes to online, that's expected to change....but remember, they do have their own HostGator extension which will not help us.

I think they advertise far more in UK, Europe and Asia than they do in America...the UK is one of their most popular markets.

Many of the things they have bought or try to buy, like Liverpool Football club, Turnberry Golf course in Scotland etc has far more to do with advertising Dubai than anything else....they're looking for International TV eye balls, thats why they sponsor so many things like Football, Golf, Rallies, Ascot Horse Racing, Boat races etc.

Here's a couple of other things they've been up to.

Old one from 2005 - Dubai speeds up promotional drive with biggest-ever London taxi advertising campaign.

In it's endeavor to add further impetus to it's aggressive drive to promote and market Dubai in the top source market for the emirate's booming tourism industry, the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) launched the biggest-ever taxi advertising campaign in London along with another multi-million dirham campaign on top-notch TV channels to lure the UK holidaymakers.

Emirates even replaced/bought out the concorde spot in London, it's been there for years.

Recent: Emirates Airlines reveals a 45-tonne ambient-media advertising project at Heathrow Airport in London.

The Dubai-based airline, Emirates, revealed what could be the hugest ambient media advertising in the world, a 45-tonne replica of the largest passenger airplane ever made, the Airbus A380. More than 25 million visitors to Heathrow airport in London will be exposed to Emirates impressive branding efforts at the gates of worlds busiest airport.

According to their press release, the project needed 18 months of work to be completed, the replica was manufactured by an American company in California, then it was transported to London.

Some interesting facts about the replica:.

- Weighs more than 45 tonnes.

- Wingspan of 26 metres and a length of 24 metres.

- Same size as a real Boeing 737.

- Exact 1:3 scale of the real A380, the worlds largest airliner.

- More than twice the size of the roundabouts previous Concorde model.

- Made of glass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame.

- Foundations required 600 tonnes of concrete

Can you imagine the amount of press coverage Dubai got around the world by buying the QE2 ....They seem to do things a little differently.


Comment #10

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