Buying a Godaddy dedicated server - any promo codes?

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My question is: Buying a Godaddy dedicated server - any promo codes?.

My 2nd question is: I just wrote this article on advising business /img/avatar2.jpgs about the dangers of not keep track of their HostGator name accounts and the potential of losing their HostGator names to "us".

Please review.

It is a pretty stupid scenario, so dont laugh!.

Cheers Guys.

Goodnight My Fellow Nameproers!..

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Your question was: Buying a Godaddy dedicated server - any promo codes?.

I'm always agitated when domainers are referred to as cybersquatters. Cybersquatters are those who register in bad faith with the intent to profit from a trademarked name. I am a domainer, not a cybersquatter. The same goes for vast majority of the members in this forum.

I can't really blame you though. It's an ugly misconception that even one of my Internet Law professors bungled. She wasn't overly Internet savvy but was teaching the trademarks/copyrights portion of the course and it was in her mind that domainers and cybersquatters were synonymous.

I corrected her and continuing my stance, I'll also suggest you revise your article...

Comment #1


The OP didn't bungle a misconception between cybersquatters and domainers.

He made a blatant statement that MOST domainers are cybersquatters.

I think he owes it to us all to show how he arrived at that conclusion.

Perpetuating a common falsehood should not be allowed ...or tolerated.

When you have the audacity to publish something ,you better be prepared.

To back your position up.


Comment #2

Already mentioned that the scenario is unlikely since a name doesn't automatically dropIf you miss out on e-mails and nameservers and such have been changed... log-in to your account and just renew... and you're back in business...

Comment #3

Easier said than done some don't have the funds to do that...

Comment #4

Yes, I agree here. It is an ugly misconception that domainers are cybersquatters. Most family/people that I talk to about my business ventures look at me a bit funny when I tell them initially that I buy and sell HostGator names. Then they ask the same old ignorant but classic question. "So do you try and register names like" I follow up by telling them that no, I look for generic and brandable or short domains to sell to companies, organizations or individuals that can utilize them. I tell them that it is not very smart or profitable to go after trademarked domains.

Billy, I guess if you think that most domainers are cybersquatters that's your opinion.. Most of us that take this seriously aren't cybersquatters nor do we appreciate the generalization...

Comment #5

I let domains expire all the time, on purpose though!..

Comment #6

I get the same thing, and I'm sure we're not alone in that. And whenever I try to clarify the difference between domainer and cybersquatter, I'm ridiculed, hated, and told I'm wrong...

Billy, I'm interested in hearing why you think most domainers are cybersquatters...

Comment #7

Nah, scare em ... use "cybersquatters" to emphasis they're out there waiting to pounce on forgotten HostGator renewals ... and spice it up with some others like "cyberstalkers" - renewing isn't enough, one must buy HostGator privacy protection too!.

Oh, and also toss in "typosquatters" to explain that one should register obvious variations of their business name; also in other extensions too ... plus spend a load of money on TMs.

And finally, be sure to toss in "cyberhackers" - they're waiting to steal that all important HostGator name / hack one's website.

After all that, a reader with an on-line business will either be so scared as to go off-line or will go all out with the maximum multiyear renewal term, and load up on all those extra HostGator name services.

Ok, rambling on ... but seriously, for a layman's audience, "cybersquatters", while disparaging to most of us here, is likely the best term to use for people who target expired domains of others.


Comment #8

Sorry I do not think most domainers are cybersquatters, I think of them as a rare breed of "investors".

Investors which 99% of the worlds internet population would not be aware of.

I mentioned cybersquatters, because that is what most people think "we" are.

I will write an article on the blog, writing about "Domain Name Investors" soon to clarify.

Thanks Everyone Thanks Ron..

Comment #9

Yes, you do think of us as cybersquatters. Don't try back-pedaling now!!!.

This is taken from your article, word for word: You could call them cybersquatters well most of them are, but they prefer to call themselves Domainers or HostGator Investors.

We don't need this type of press, and it's quite ridiculous that you would recant and NOT change your wording in your article.

Absolutely ridiculous...

Comment #10

Shite! I have been caught out then! Well I am a bloody cybersquatter too then I own 180 names which I am sitting on waiting to make some money... sorry..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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