Building website with -- i need serious help!!!?

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My first question is: Building website with I need serious help!!!?.

My next question is: No contest for me .tv wins hands down!.

I see's as more of a domainer's fad rather than something that would be widely used. I'm not saying there are no's that are already being used for successful websites, just that I think a or has more potential and is more likely to be seen as user and seo friendly...

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Your question was: Building website with I need serious help!!!?.

Definitely is thought of mainly for video, television, etc.'s are versatile.

No question about it,

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Are we talking investing as a domainer or as a business using the HostGator for a website?.

.tv obviously lends itself more to video media and tv, however more and more businesses are latching onto the idea that this form of media is the way to go and that a .tv website complements this. Don't get me wrong I personally like's as a domainer, but for a business to use one for their website I feel is not something that they are falling over each other to do.

It has been pointed out that 25% of the available 17576's have been developed, that is a total of around 4394. Not a great number in the vast scheme of things and to be honest I personally have never typed in an when perusing the internet...

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I never knew that existed as a market!..

Comment #3

I would definately pick the .tv over a anyday! .tv is great for media stuff & while have a limited market for them, mostly resellers at the current stage...

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Vision, are you conflicted on .tv being a good investment or not?..

Comment #5

L-l-l names have NO ANY meaning for regular surfer, period.

You may discuss it 10 years more, but L-L-L is just: "i wanna be"..

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.tv will give you a better ROI in the future than an L-L-L will all things being equal regarding quality of domain...

Comment #7

Fully first choice..

I would rather take a nice even a than a obscur

Comment #8

Just because a certain niche is developed, doesn't always equate to it having great value. IMO, is a joke. Again, *ONLY my opinion...

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Like both and would take L-L-L over anyday of the week and most non word or cvcv 17576

With 25 % developed and businesses have no problem with - and at the end of the day I care what business is doing and domainers. But I would never see the reason to make it an either or situation buy both...

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How bout

Comment #11

Very simple.

I've never come across a major company using or advertising one on TV.

I have come across several major companies using .TV and advertising them on TV..

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To me they are two different things and the only thing they have in common is that they are both HostGator names, at that point I cant see getting into an either or debate...

Now if you are talking versus LLL.TV then I say .tv..

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I like both n invested on both. but I still favour .tv more , reason being better returns and bigger market...

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The fact a company does (not) advertise on tv means nothing.

Here is a huge one in the oil and gas industry I know and it is a

Answering the question.

It depends on what your plans are.

If you want to develop and it fits dot tv go for it.

Undoubtely, tv is an awesome extension.

I see as a long time investment... they are like had no value and were neglected some years ago and now they are mid $x,xxx. with short HostGator definiton and in the future these names will have value... domainers do not like hyphens... domainers.

I told I see as a long investment but if you have money to buy a good tv like a great geo, it is the best thing you can do.

If I were you and I am assuming you want to invest in one of them I would invest in both as are cheap now and that is the time to buy them.

After renewal that is arriving people will notice they have not dropped and we will see an increase in prices..

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Thanks for all the input!.

I personally think .tv has more potential for development and for investment to resell on it's own with no development since the demand is high and growing for L-L-L domains.

I have found tons of high quality .tv's still unregged...

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