Building a website with Godaddy - anyone got a promo code?

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My question is: Building a website with Godaddy - anyone got a promo code?.

My 2nd question is: Where do You have the most Success Selling your HostGator names ? .

Iv tried ebay sedo namepros dp and a few others but not much luck.

Only sold a few and didn't get near what I wanted for them!.

Please post your comments suggestions reports tips etc.


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Your question was: Building a website with Godaddy - anyone got a promo code?.

Dam I thought I had it on there! sorry.

I tried to add it but you cant edit polls I guess.

Other will have to be the poll option for that.

Whats end users?.

I havent heard of them?..

Comment #1

If that is a serious question, then here is the answer: End users are the people that actually use and develop a domain, as opposed to people that park (which is usually another domainer/reseller). The resellers typically have a goal of flipping to end users too. End users *always* pay more since they are highly motivated buyers.

It takes a LOT more effort to sell to end users since you usually need to hunt them down. It is easy to just list a name at an auction site (where most resellers live). It takes real work to get end user sales...

Comment #2

Ahh I thought you were talking about a site or a company!.

So how do you go about locating endusers?.

Message boards? email? in person? online?.


Comment #3

How do locate them or how do you contact them?.

Locating them depends on the domain.

Direct mail and email seem to be the easiest ways to contact them once you find them...

Comment #4

Yea I was gonna do that with some of the domains that the other extensions are active by others but didnt know if I should!?.

Do you have a set price when you contact them or just ask to make me a offer?..

Comment #5

There are probably several threads around here on end-user sales. Here is the most obvious one, a sticky at the top of the discussion section:

There are some *excellent* ideas and thoughts in that long thread, so I would suggest taking a close look at it. I don't have anything against resellers (I am a domainer too), but if you can find a motivated end user then the prices will be *much* higher...

Comment #6

Thanks I will check it out!.

Most of my 150+- domains were purchased in hopes/plans to develop.

But my budget and knowledge isnt big enuf at the moment so I wanted to sell a few of my lesser domains!.

To help pay for the developing cost of the others!..

Comment #7

Just a note on "end user" sales.. You can't always assume that any end user has a vestige of a clue about the value of HostGator names. I have had three approaches (for 3 different names) from end users starting / developing businesses (genuine end users, because I checked them out). They all said more or less the same, which was that my HostGator name was the perfect fit for their project (I checked this too, and they were a totally perfect fit..).

Since they were not domainers as such, I made the initial $$$ offer (I don't usually) at their request. These were modestly priced in the mid to high hundreds, as I wouldn't have minded the sale. The reaction back in all cases was stupified amazement and splutterings that they had a figure of no more than $75 in mind. This for a short word-perfect generic or very brandable domain, that would cost their business less than the cost of a one-time newspaper ad. Oh, well the Dallas Cowboys, "I thought it was $2.75" (re their non-purchase of mentality is prevalent across all business markets and levels I suppose...

Comment #8

If you're not getting the offers you want for the domain, than why sell it for that price? Slow down and make a good inventory of the domains that you own and what value each has. If you receive an offer that isn't quite what you had in mind then counter with a figure that you would be happy selling it for and negotiate a price you feel comfortable with. If you're eager to sell, the buyer will sense that and you may make significantly less than they we're willing to pay...

Comment #9

I think that some names perform better with ebay, but for the most part, if I'm going to sell a name, it's at Namepros...

Comment #10

Namepros by far has been my best venue. Sedo comes up a respectable second...

Comment #11

Many of my offers that converted came from the direct e-mail link, "This HostGator may be for sale," on the older version 1 of Bodis parking pages. The listed domains indexed very well, and the communication was direct to the buyer.

I'm told this feature is changing in v2 to a Sedo-like system...

Comment #12

Dont you have to pay to be able to buy and sell names at DNF?..

Comment #13

I second this one, but not just limited to bodis. Most parking co's offer the For Sale link.,, etc.

I think it is KEY to have some way of Easy contact on your domain. If I was interested in a HostGator and didn't know about whois, I would go directly to the HostGator I was interested in. I think most would do this...

Comment #14

I've sold the most HostGator names on However my most profitable sells have come in through my portfolio website, and

Comment #15

Most of my sales come from the parked email link. I do also get the odd sale on Sedo.

Actually, I think it depends on whether your trying to flip to other domainers or if you are looking for end users. You can sell to other domainers quite successfully, If you can sell that prices they are willing to pay, here on NamePros...

Comment #16

Most of my sales are at DP. They're pretty small sales, but money is money...

Comment #17

Yes, but probably 90% of my sales happened there so it was worth the investment...

Comment #18

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