Building a web from godaddy?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Building a web from godaddy?.

My main question is: Can anyone please post the list of premium letters in a-z.

I read it somewhere that few letters out of a-z are considered as non-premium.

Thank you...

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Your question was: Building a web from godaddy?.

Premium letter depends on which part of the world you come from..

I've heard Z Y and R are pretty popular in russia..

Comment #1

IIRC, Q is pretty popular in China as well...

Comment #2

Thanks Raja,VirtualT & AzN for taking time to respond to my query. thank you very much.

Reps added where possible...

Comment #3

I agree Q is popular in china.

X is the popular for extreme , xXx , sex...

Comment #4

I like to break it down this way:.

Top tier: S,A,C.

High Premium: B,D,E,M,P,T.

Low Premium: F,G,H,I,L,N,O,R.

Non-Premium: J,K,U,V,W,Y.

Lowest tier: Q,X,Z.

Although I agree that different letters have different popularities in diffrernt languages, the above is based on availability and thus comprises an overall look at the question, according to international demand for LLLL.coms...

Comment #5

"a , e, I , o , u" is my first choice.

"b, c, d, g ,s , q , x, " 2nd choice...

Comment #6

Lets put one 'myth' to bed.

How can 'W' not be a premium letter, especially in this business? ROFL World Wide Web.

Bottom line, YOU decide whats premium, and more importnatly your BUYER..

I agree in most part certain letters are more popular, more endusers etc, but use certain things/resources for some 'guidance' only..

In short, use your loaf!..

Comment #7

We had some surveys here and not only here and there are many things to discuss.

First off all, the mentioned Premium letters have been decided by 1 U.S. website which then many U.S. domainers referred to.

This website did not take into consideration other relevan info that found that starting in W or U were among the first 5 letters.

Then many languages do not have the 26 letters of the English alphabet..

For example in Italian there are only 21 letters. There are no: J-K-X-W-Y.

Always in Italian V is a very well used letter. Italians would hate the J-K and X more than any other.

In German the letter Z is a great letter.

Chinese love the Q and X but they don`t have the V.

A recent Poll here found that the letter U is considered by a large majority of NP member to be Premium.

As you can see, it`s totally difficult to establish only what was considered reliable several years ago when internet users were mainly from the USA...

Comment #8

I agree..

I have to say though imho I think 'w' is one of the best stand alone letters. so useful in any acronym. for the reasons I mentioned above. anyone who calls it non-premium I cant take seriously..

In fact in some ways it's good cos next time I see a nice with w and others consider it no good, i'll nail it, lol..

Comment #9

Great post Lorenzo.

This is a very good discussion and things were done before the spread of internet through the world when english was, maybe, the only language here...

Today english is still the main language but not the only one... here in NP you can see many people from many countries that arent english speaking (as me ).

The value of a name is given by it's owner (of course a reasonable one) and depending on the end-user a Q or a Z can be premium; you have to decide if it is a premium or not when selling for an end-user.

However, for us domainers, this premium and non-premium concept as we know today will last for some time yet..

Comment #10

If thinking about future I would say English will remain the main language of the world of course, but Chinese may come second, with all the billion+ Chinese folks coming online....

Also Hindi (or what is the most popular in India?).

So I agree totally that W is a good letter, as is all vowels (including U), and considering the Chinese, Y will become more popular too. Some of my bad letter LLLLs like YXIF and XIHY are getting traffic above some "good letter" names.....

Comment #11

I think that we (as NP members) should challenge that definition of Premium letters and poll all the letters..

The problem is that if I run a Poll , we may get 50 votes if we are lucky, while is the NP staff does it , we may get 200 votes which could be a start to really give us a better idea of what is the real least in the NP community..

I would ask to each member to separate the english alphabet in 3 groups and at the end the results based on majority of votes would establish the Premium letters , the Medium quality ones and the Bad ones.

EDIT: sorry guys...I like to DO things rather then just talk about doing them....

Let`s start and see how it goes..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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