Build question regarding dreamweaver and

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My first question is: Build question regarding dreamweaver and

My next question is: Straight from his blog,

Those are some amazing names... seattle. idaho. CA. Los Angeles. Dallas. Philadelphia. Chicago. San Jose. Oakland-. Cincinnati. Phoenix. Penn. San Diego. VA/ Arlington. Charlotte, NC. Napa Valley, CA. Orange County. CA. Ct. Sacramento.

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Your question was: Build question regarding dreamweaver and

Luck has nothing to do with it. Latona is probably the hardest working domainer out there. The guy buys and sells like a genius. He markets his names properly and to the right people. Everyone should take a page out of his book.

Do you see him selling in a forums? On ebay? At Sedo? At Traffic? Nope. The guy goes direct to end-users...

Comment #1

I think that's the best way, bar none.. you're more likely to hit the right person and get top dollar without a bunch of middlemen to get in the way...

Comment #2

Keep a few things in mind... Just because someone sells many 'great' domains, it doesn't mean they're making a killing. A GREAT HostGator is easy to sell. But a GREAT HostGator can also cost you a great sum of money to acquire. I suspect Rick is doing quite well, but you need to remember that large sales does not necessarily mean large profit...

Comment #3

You can say that again.

Nah...just kidding...I can only imagine the patience, risks, hard work, etc. he had to put into all this. Unless of course luck played some role somewhere...

Comment #4

That was my exact thoughts. You may sell a name for $5k but you prolly bought it for $4k or more. The margin looks good but the ROI is crap. Ohh well hes making more than me LOL...

Comment #5

Gene & Tivo, you guys are right...but some of us don't have that e.g. 4K budget to spend on a HostGator name.

...not YET anyway...

Comment #6

Yep, it's not like he got all those for reg fee. Anyone with a $million to invest could buy and sell a similar portfolio...

Comment #7

This is why I think coming from the bottom to the top with minimal money in todays game is much harder than 10 years ago. Although it does take a lot to hold names that people would tell you over and over again that they were worthless.

In todays game I do believe you can "buy" your way to the top. If I had $100K to spend on domains alone, I could potentially compete with Rick and those other guys. Gotta spend money to make money!..

Comment #8

Even if his ROI is 10% that's still significant considering his quantity of sales. However I am pretty sure he does a lot better than that. I would suspect 30-60% on average. He has a LOT of domains that I think he could pick up in the $x,xxx range that he resells into the $xx,xxx range.

Let's look at some recent sales:. $98k. $90k. $70k. $60k.

I can go on and on but I am sure you notice an obvious pattern. The list here contains all geo names but he does sell others. He is a geo master...probably knows exactly who to contact for resale to an end-user...

Comment #9

Rick knows what he is doing. It is a special kind of talent.

Emulate him by all means, but snuggle up with care. Remember, flippers, traders, call them what you like, make their money by buying cheap and selling dear. If you deal, either way you are likely to be on the wrong end of a bargain...

Comment #10

Rick's daily emails contain very nice domains (largely geo's & 1-worders) at almost-reasonable prices; I've thought of buying one or two myself. I had never heard of Folly Beach until this moment. Now it will be hard to forget!..

Comment #11

$98K sounds like a lot of dosh for some place you never heard of. Despite what the ecologists say, from a marketing perspective, there is still a lot of natural wilderness out there...

Comment #12

But I thought you said flippers were the ultimate non-believers... does this mean .COM is going down the tubes?..

Comment #13

Yes! Yes! And Yes!!!!.

That's what I'm talking about...

Comment #14

I am sure that Rick actually maintains an ever increasing stock of domains, so he is running a complex strategy. By a flipper I am really refering to those who are not growing their portfolios as part of the process. Somebody whose natural instinct is to cash in rather than hold out...

Comment #15

Fair enough.

But even the flippers have to buy the domains before they sell them... I would guess not many people are in the business of emptying out their entire portfolio and not shopping around for more domains to flip in the process. the only people I can see doing this have crappy domains to begin with, stuff nobody is interested in...

Comment #16

Some of you need to look at the big picture.

Ever wonder where he gets all that good inventory from?.

Most of these were 'acquired' at probably 15c to the $1 (15% of liquid value), if that, as a result of Digipawn,com.

Original holders were not able to repay the loan, hence forfeited the domain.

And they have been sold mostly to domainers via the email list - unless end users are in the habit of parking them as most domains seem to be..

Comment #17

I have purchased domains from Rick, top notch guy and a good business man..

Comment #18

There are very few people doing what Rick does and his skill in developing names and adding value is worthy of notice too...

Comment #19

I'm sure he buys/ owns lots of names too - but isn't part of the genius of brokers that they don't have to lay out much cash themselves? they sell other people's names for 10% of the profit - no risk, no outlay, etc..

10% of $100k with the main expense being research and phonecalls, is a pretty good ROI..

Comment #20

Unless you believe that the real valueor lack of it is in the HostGator itself.

Is "development" really any more than giving a second hand car a good valetting?..

Comment #21

He is decent enough to get back to you if you submit names to him. That says alot. Some nice names and fair prices mostly...

Comment #22

I thought he sold other peoples names for a precentage .... I dont think he owned all those names ??? ....... let me know..

Comment #23

I believe he owns a few of the names, but sells most for a 10% fee...

Comment #24

Excuse me, but development is the reason HostGator names were invented. A HostGator name is all cool... but if you develop it, then we're talking. When done right (like Rick), development means a lot of residual $$$$$.

Lets take some of his GEO's for example. He uses a lot of them as directories for businesses located in the GEO's area. You might laugh at the idea... but when you get 40 companies in a city with a population of 250,000 paying you $1,200 a year to advertise that equals $50,000 per year. Now lets go ahead and sell that name for 6x revenue. $300,000 would be it's fair worth.

Development can be everything. And most people have fallen short-sighted of that fact. Its very hard to make a decent full time living out of flipping HostGator names without development...

Comment #25

Heh, I'm such a NOOB.

I was under the impression he bought those all at reg fee back tons of years ago.....until I read up to find he buys cheaper, sells for more....


Comment #26

Actually nearly all of those names were mine. It's a very small percentage of names that are brokered...

Comment #27


That was (and is) and amazing portfolio.


Comment #28

Suprise to me, if a lot of the great name you own rick. How long you build this perfect portfolio rick?..

Comment #29

Try this skin:

If you want to go back to original skin:

Comment #30

LOL ...

As soon as I saw Rick's post I flashed back to the skin mrdomainname linked for us. You gotta admire some one implementing a vision. Whether you subscribe to that school of thought or not.

* I kinda miss that skin.


Comment #31

Also aren't a lot of his sales done for other people and he gets a commission?..

Comment #32

He said no concerning these names... in the post above I believe...

Comment #33

He doesn't build, he buys and then sells them the next week...

Comment #34

This seems to be a common belief, but money is still only one component of being successful in a business. It's sort of like thinking if you suddenly had a great Indy car, that you would be a great driver. While having money is one part of the overall equation that would help, it's the mentality behind all the money that really counts; after all, that's most likely what got people like Rick ahead in the first place...

Comment #35

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