Bravehost & GoDaddy?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Bravehost & GoDaddy?.

My next question is: Here is an expansive guide to the email marketing industry. I made other posts that explained how to get in the email marketing business, but didnt take into account the marketers database size. The size of your list is the biggest determinant of which MTA to use for email delivery. Additionally, I outlined places to research email marketing, informative blogs, and helpful tools to enhance your chance of success. Enjoy!.

ESPs based on List Size.

First, I want to go into detail about the available Email Service Providers out there. So youre looking for a email solution to reach your DB of customers, but you arent sure which ESP fits your needs. Which one do you choose? The answer depends on your list size. Here is a breakdown of MTAs to use based on list size..

25,000 and below This is typically the list size of small businesses who want to maintain direct communication with their customers through email. Reputation is absolutely paramount. ESPs will cut you off quick if you receive numerous unsubscribes, bounces, and complaints. Constant Contact, iContact, Aweber, and Get Response are popular solutions in this list range. I currently use Constant Contact for a small business project I am working on that has under 10,000 emails in DB. They are great for newsletters, press releases, and up coming events.

25,000 to 100,000 Steve of bangwebworks brought up a great point. There really isnt a commercial solution out there that targets this list size. Anyone want to make one? The MTA solutions in this range are developed in-house. Mid-sized to large corporations develop their own software to keep in touch with employees and their DB of clients. If I had a user DB in this range Id go with the solution listed below..

100,000 to 500,000 Here is where you start getting into the high volume solutions, but not so much that youd shell out big bucks for a high powered MTA. Vertical response and Skylist are popular solutions in this range. These solutions are pricy and take months to see any kind of ROI. Additionally on most you are charged on a CPM basis. The good news is that most maintain friendly relations /w major ISPs, which means you are hitting inbox on yahoo, hotmail, and aol..

500,000+ - Anything over 500k users, I recommend your own fully customized mailing platform. Many companies develop in-house systems to achieve their needs. You can still use the solutions listed above in most instances, but youre looking at spending a shit-ton of money with no guarantee you will be able to maintain your reputation with major ISPs.I have personally used Stedb and VoloMP with success to accomplish this need. Port 25 has a great backend solution, but you would need to develop your own CMS. Each mailing license will run you 10k and above per. Additionally, you can still receive white listing accreditation through companies like Habeas and Goodmail, but youre looking at upwards of 15k/yr for their services..


The absolute best way to learn email marketing is through trial and error. This is the only way you will be able to find what types of campaigns works best for your list. However, as with any industry, you still need to do research. Here are some good places to familiarize yourself with email marketing..

Http:// - A great source for finding email marketing statistics, glossary terms, blog sources, and general information on upcoming events. You can find some gold free whitepapers on this site as well..

Http:// - Another one of my favs. Displays stats and quotes from respected leaders in the industry..

Http:// - Wikipedia for email marketing. Nuff said!.


The most relevant information that I could actually use when learning about deliverability was found in blogs I subscribed to. There is so much valuable information in these blogs that I use them as a prime source of research.

Http:// - I love this blog because it is updated on an almost daily basis. Great information and they will answer your email marketing questions..

Http:// - The oldest email marketing blog I have found on the Internet from the perspective of an anti-spammer. Good information about the legalities of mailing, recent lawsuits, and ISP email news..

Http:// - Official postmaster blog of AOL. Im hoping more ISPs follow in the footsteps of AOL in creating a blog that outlines their white listing process. Stay tuned for this one..


Here are some handy online tools to look into. An absolute must if youre an email marketer. A multi-purpose tool where you can check to see if your DNS is setup correctly, check PTR records, verify your IPs arent listed on any major anti-spam networks, and so many other features. Includes a pretty cool forum as well..

Http:// - Monitor email traffic and see your domain stats. Very nice feature to watch your volume per domain..

Http:// - Awesome blacklist checker that disqualifies all the inactive Anti-spam sites that ISPs dont use anymore. Also has a nice feature where you can sign up for free monitoring and check your message header..


There you go. Exclusive content you wont find ANYWHERE. Before you make that leap into email marketing, know what youre getting yourself into. Dont expect to make insane profits the first few months of mailing. It takes time to segment your list in a way that maximizes ROI. Use the research materials I provided to stay up to date with new trends in the industry.

Your welcome!..

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Your question was: Bravehost & GoDaddy?.

Dnsstuff is only like $30 a year. Completly worth it if your spending tens of thousands + a year on email marketing...

Comment #1

Thanks skrilla. I especially found your links to Email insider and The Spam Diaries most useful. I have subscribed to them..


Comment #2

Sure enough. But why pay for something you can get for free?..

Comment #3

Because if you're kicking out thousands and thousands of dollars for clean IP blocks, servers, and emails you don't want to skimp on the software, and risk getting it all shot to shit if it doesn't work exactly right?..

Comment #4

What are you saying, mxtoolbox doesnt work as well as dnsstuff? Is there some major difference, other than spending 30 bucks or not? I dont see one. Honestly, give me one good reason why you should pay for a service you can otherwise get for free if they both work the same?..

Comment #5

Skrilla you the man, good kicking it bro, keep up the mailing dogg, don't give it all away, just kidding. I'll post up some links later...

Comment #6

Just a comment about VerticalResponse, one of the ESPs Skrilla mentions for lists between 100k and 500k subscribers....

VerticalResponse has a sending limit of 25k emails per day. Once you've been with them for a while, you can negotiate a higher limit, but it's entirely crippling at first. They also conveniently don't mention anything about a sending limit until after they've taken your money..

In fact I've had nothing but bad experiences with them. Watch out...

Comment #7

Since this is a 101 beginners guide, you really may want to consider explaining all of the TLA's you're using...

Comment #8


I've been mailing for about a year and a half now. I've found one or two hosting places that have been a steady company. Any suggestions of Reliable hosting?..

Comment #9

None I'd post on this board. Will make them open to abuse from dirty mailers...

Comment #10

True that, pm me. After a phone call I may be able to refer you, but with this sort of stuff, skrilla is right, we can never be to careful just as list scrubbing services can't be as well, as many attacks are made by anti spam entities all the time against legitimate can spam mailers...

Comment #11

VoloMP is king, StedB is ok if you know have a good IP swamping strategy and good retry settings for the major ISP's......

Comment #12

I've learned a lot more on email marketing..

Thanks. Great post...

Comment #13

Does anyone know of a decent double optin Aweber-like hosted solution for <25k lists in the adult space? Seems like all of them have specific TOS that prohibit adult content.


Comment #14

This article really works like a charm. What the great info you posted here..

Comment #15

Great post, I was confused from your previous post about How to Get in Email Marketing Biz that you need to set up heavy things for email marketing,.

This post cleared everything up for me, +rep for skrilla..

Comment #16

Great post mate. I've been using aweber to keep a steady list of 100-200 people lol. If they can make me good money, imagine 25,000 people on my list..


Comment #17


Myself Jimmy from Canada. Thanks for the useful information. Changing the way you see things can also change your reality. You can create your own rules for changing your reality..


Comment #18

Tnx very much for this amaizing post. You don't know how much this will help me. Really.


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Great. I've got a lot of information. ots very useful info. And it really works. Thank a lot..

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Cheers... very articles. Thanks for sharing this post. very informative information. thanks..

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Ery imformative. Very nicely described. Its really indeed very helpful..

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Cheer to that. great post. The information is very informative..

Its such a great help for me. Thanks and keep on posting...

Comment #23

^^^ You don't need to thank him 4 times for that..

Just saying...

Comment #24

I'm pretty sure I posted a new thread to this section but it is not appearing. Maybe it is moderated?.

I can repost the question if the content wasn't an issue. I was asking about building a list from conversion data provided to me by the firms I am sending traffic to...

Comment #25

Any Vertical tips for first time e-mail marketers? Been doin PPC for a while but looking to expand my reach and create a more personal realationship with consumers..

I typically do well with Printing, technology, flowers/gifts but am not getting the conversion rate I was hoping for. Sure it has to do with some rookie mistakes but maybe certain things convert well on PPC but not e-mail..


Comment #26

Wow I just joined 2 mins ago - love this post. great content...

Comment #27

I heard that most of the mails wil be ignored , is that true ?

Comment #28

The company I work for uses a sort of customized e-mail addresses (@whatever) managed by gmail and they come with a wide range of options. I don't know if you have to pay to use that service but it's pretty good, in my opinion.

Thanks a lot for this post.


Affordable website design..

Comment #29

This is very informative. Thanks a lot. I have kept my surfers emails since day one on my marketing career. the last time I checked I had right at 25k or so. I really need to do something with these. I feel like I am losing money buy just letting them lay around...

Comment #30

Great post, but these are just basics. can you come up with some advanced stuff, like how to increase the conv. rate ?

Comment #31

Thanks a lot for the great tutorial.

It explains email marketing solution completely..

Keep up the good work...

Comment #32

Wow, all of this info is just too much to digest in one sitting. I'm getting a good bit of quality from this. Thanks for the info...

Comment #33

Great post. First time I really looked through Wickedfire and I am impressed...

Comment #34

Great post, personally I've worked in big organizations who used list marketer, it's much more server management and time, but you can scale it to be HUGE with their API. Another downside to their software is that you must provide the IP space and hosting, so you have to have an excellent relationship with your provider and a host who takes a good proportion of Emailers to regular website hosting. VoloMP is my preferred place to start small though!..

Comment #35

Yes, this is some great info about the whole email list. I have saved it!..

Comment #36

Hi thank you for your psot. This is very much informative post and this is very much helpful for all those who are actually interested like me. So overall this is a very nice post. keep post some more like this...

Comment #37

Skrilla....thanks for this post. I particularly like dnsstuff becos you can run it without putting a lot out of pocket...

Comment #38

Thank you very much indeed! tools list added to my collection (=..

Comment #39

Good post! I have study many knowledge from the post!..

Comment #40

Here's a list of some co-reg companies worth checking out:.



Comment #41

Just new here. And trying to read lots of information. Thanks for this post, very helpful.....

Comment #42

Erm, 25000 list is a small list? O_O That's quite shocking.....

Comment #43

Just joined, AMAZING POST!.

Thanks for the information about the co-reg companies that riddarhusetgal posted as well...

Comment #44

I need to know where the best hosting is for my Mass emailing PHP Script is so that I don't get banned or blocked by my ISP or any Hosting providers.

Do you know any cheap ones?..

Comment #45

To all you masters of mayhem and email debochary...I am looking for the so called guru who can put me in the right email situation. I have deeeeep pockets, and I am looking for the big brain out there that can put in the direction of a qulified Nexus system. I also need a complete run down of how to have the greatest success with it, and how to modify it to it's highest potential. If you are a person that can help with my request, I will compensate you generously...reply to my post with the best way to reach out to you...

Comment #46

Great help, I'm just getting into it, thanks alot..

Comment #47

I'm working as an internet marketer. I would like to make friends and share info about this industry.


Electronic books online.

Electronic books..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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