GoDaddy review : Good idea to invest in GoDaddy?? Bought a domain from but i never got it, how can i get money back?

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Last week, 16 of december I bought an .it domain at, I paid instantly with my credit card and I was redirected to their control panel where I saw that the domain registration was in progress. After 2 days I logged again to hosting panel and still the domain was under the tag "registration in progress", that when I opened a ticket asking why this was happening. After 2 days they replied saying that I lost the domain because someone else bough it first. I told them that in that case I want to have my money refunded. They replied after one day telling me that this is not going to happen and that they can let buy another domain with those funds even though they normally dont allow this..

That means that I must feel lucky that I didnt loose my money after a glitch in their system.

Now to have the funds reused for another registration they want me to send my personal id details over fax, of course this will never happen so I m trying to find a way to get my money back.

I called my credit card and they told me they cant do anything. Please tell me if I can chargeback and how this is done.....

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That sounds unusual, who are your credit card company?.

I used my visa to pay for a domain at enom which I didn't receive, I phoned visa up and they reversed the transaction there and then.

I notice that aruba are icann accredited, not sure if it would be worth raising a complaint with icann because the problem is with a .it name.

Do you speak italian?.

Maybe lay a complaint with the registry?

I'd definitely think about complaining to EU consumer affairs:

Comment #1

Thanx so much for the links ypu gave me.

Here in Greece everybody is so ignorant when it come to online payments..

My cc is a visa citibank and the phone representive told me that there is nothing they can do..


I ll reply once more to and tell me what my next actions will be, if I dont refunded then I fill a complaint and go to citibank branch to solve this out...

Comment #2

It is too late for a charge back from the credit card company.

Keep calling and have it escalated, if they want to see your ID then they should put the money back on your bank account. Not as credit for their site...

Comment #3

Well, I just called visa dispute call center and they agreed that service wasnt delivered while they pointed out that I could use the funding option..

When I told them that can keep funds for another registration but they required to send my id in a fax they advised me not to follow this request not only for but whoever asks me so.

I just send a last email to so I hope they fix it up or else I ll keep bugging them for ever...

Comment #4

Yes I agree, Call your cc company immediately. Now call them again. The rep seems like hes to lazy to follow the paperwork to get your money back...

Comment #5

Next time you call them ask (or demand) to speak to a Supervisor.

Let the Supervisor know you paid for something you never received.

Ask for the Supervisor's Supervisor if you have too.

Ask for the Dispute Resolution Center.

Keep pressing the issue.



From Citibank's Safe Online Shopping page under: When You're Ready to Purchase Dispute a purchase if anything goes wrongremember, you're protected

Comment #6

Thanx, I already put a dispute paper, I called again my cc rep and he helped me a lot..

Will keep you updated!..

Comment #7

Guys guys.... let`s calm down over a domain reg. is in business since the earliest days of internet in Italy, it`s one of the most reputable ISPs in Italy.

Surely you don`t know how burocracy affects italians in their normal life.

I had pre-registered hundreds of .eu and when they were not registered except a few, I had to fax my passport copy to get a refund. Refund that went in my bank account since I originally paid by wire transfer using my old italian bank account that I still have in Italy.

I can help you if you need but for your security , they won`t refund money if you don`t ask this by fax with your ID copy scanned.

Aruba won`t steal your identity if that`s what you`re afraid of.

You just need to learn some italian culture my friend.

By the way, what was the name you missed?.

Merry Christmas..

Comment #8


I m going to post the domain after I see it under my account or someone else account.

Sending a fax with my id is a big reason to get upset..

My cc has been very specific sbout it, I should never reveal such details...

Comment #9

You should have asked and read their refund policy before then.

Without ID I seriously doubt you`ll get a refund, but you never know, you may be the first one..

Comment #10

1. Call your cc, tell them you paid for something that wasn't delivered to you. You should get a refund. Even though aruba gave you a credit to purchase the next domain, it doesn't solve the problem. You want that only 1 domain and now it's gone. You don't need another domain anymore.

You have to get your money back.

2. There is no reason to fax over your ID to aruba. CC can chargeback aruba and credit your credit card account. The refund process is no longer between you and aruba. It is between your cc and aruba. Let your cc deal with aruba.

Just keep on telling your cc that you paid for something you didn't received. You've been scammed by aruba's system glitch. Your cc T&C should have a clause to protect you in cases like this...

Comment #11

By doing that way he risks to end up on Aruba`s black list should he need to reg another name there...

Comment #12

What is there to blacklist? It's not like aruba delivered the domain and didn't get paid. It's aruba failing to deliver and so not get paid. Nobody gets scammed. So, why the blacklist?.

He can always register a new a/c with using a different credit card if his old aruba account is blacklisted...

Comment #13

Of course, but all this trouble for a fax?..

Comment #14

Same thing heppend me too with I lost $33. No domain No refund.

I dont think you can win this case. Anyway take possible action agains them may be you are lucky.

Best Regards.


Comment #15

The thing is that I m the client over here and aruba must be worried about getting into my blacklist and others as well..

If I remember correctly they dont have any rule about this case..

I paid them, control panel showed domain under my account and after some days that registration was still in in progress I contacted them and they replied after one day that domain is lost. If I didnt send any message they would just keep the money and never write back.

I dont really care about italian bureaucracy, I paid for a service,.

They charged me, they never contacted about this so I did, they replied that domain is not mine anymore and they also wrote me(i have kept the messages) that they normally dont do refunds. Meaning that normally I d loose my money without getting this domain or any other.

How pathetic is that???.

I m waiting to get money back, if not I wont send and id with fax...another lost case for my money and time, but aruba is blacklisted for me and my clients, some of them have lot of .com domains over there.

Ps: another negative thing is that they only send one email reply every day, no more...

Comment #16

I just got an email from aruba with italian content..

After doing some babel fish translation I found out that they inform me that the domain I registered with them was finally given to someone else.

After pointing my browser to the domain I foud out that the holder is

I wonder if tiscali and aruba have any relation and I also wonder why on hell aruba api let me register the domain while it was already registered.

Many people will say that maybe we both regged at the same time but tiscali was quicker, my reply to this is that I had the domain under my account for several days with a warning that the registration wasnt complete, that warning showed up after the 2nd of registration. I never got any update about this issue from aruba, so I had to contact them and thats when they let me know about this problem.

It seems aruba took my money and didnt deliver the service and now to let me have the money back or reused they want me to fax them my personal detals like id card. What an idiots they are.

I m waiting for my visa rep to get back onfor the chargeback I applied.

I m also open to any data I ll find that will related aruba and

Comment #17

You did not take my advice......that`s the way they do it in Italy!.

Tiscali and Aruba are not related to eachother, Tiscali is a massive ISP and leading Telecommunication Company listed in the Italian Stock Exchange.

Don`t even bother asking help to their customer service because it`s worse then the Aruba one...

Comment #18

You need to send a fax to your credit company complaining about never delivered what you paid for with your id attached, in our country preferably a government id that is your sss and an employer's id or a driver's license will do. I doubt they're referring to your credit card.

Chargeback is the last resort and is always working in favor of the credit card owner after you have consumed all efforts/resources in getting a refund from the merchant...

Comment #19

"By doing that way he risks to end up on Aruba`s black list should he need to reg another name there.".

I like that, lol omg well I hope they will put me on there blacklist, so I dont by a mistake do any business with them.

They get money for a service they cant provide?.

Then they refuse to pay money back!.

If it was me I would not give a s..t over if they put me in there black, yellow, read or any other list.

I put them on my blacklist thanks for the warning on!Spot.

Any serious company dealing with domainregistering, gives money back if you dont get the domain.

1and1 which so many write bad things about in different forums, they register the domain FIRST, SECOND they charge your creditcard, when I reg a domain with 1and1 my creditcard are charged between 7-14 days AFTER I have gotten the domain. Thats how it should be.

SO big applauds to 1and1 from me, although there controlpanel is sooo slow, I sometimes cry (for real) when I need to change some info for my domains, I mean cry with tears -almost-throwing-laptop-out-of-the-window cry. But nevertheless I know I can trust them when it comes to payment and domain registering they are reliable.

Oh my, after I reread what I wrote, one would think I got paid to say that.

On!Spot now it's not about the money, it's principals! just keep calling them and reporting them and anychances you get diss them (although this might be a bit dangerous, as they might sue you.

Good luck..

Comment #20

All the american way to sue and sue eachother is not the way works in Italy..

Aruba wants to be sure that the real person gets his money back, that`s way they ask for ID.

If you don`t like it, you can stick to GoDaddy or whatever, I`m not defending Aruba here because I had my share of troubles with them but what they say?.

"when in Rome , do like the Romans" or something like that.

So I`m telling you, Aruba did like they do since they have been in business and their business has grown so much that they are one of the biggest ISP in Italy. Surely their customer service could improve....but you get what you pay, and Aruba offers pretty competitive rates for .it domain registrations...

Comment #21

Sorry ItalianDragon, it's not to keep replying to your posts. I have followed your post and used some of your advise you have given other places, which was very good, but in one here, you might have a little national view at the issue.

What more id would they wont, it's not as if the guy wants the money to be transfered to another account? They only have to use the same creditcard info they used to TAKE the money from him to GIVE the money back, it's not rocket science Its funny that they dont ask for all that ID when they take the guys money from him, but when he wants them back, suddenly, the security is major, max, TOP. Come on guys (aruba) when you took the money, then you were sure it was this guy, but now that he wants them back, you suddenly dont know if it's him?.

I could understand if the guy wanted the money transfered to another info, then what he paid with, the aruba is 100% correct, but... come on..

Comment #22

I understand your point of view. It make sense but also scammers usually don`t give money...while they try to get it.

But it`s their policy, at then end , as I said it, that`s the italian burocracy.

Don`t you wonder why I left Italy?..

Comment #23

I know all about bureaucracy, my parents are from turkey, and I bet they have 10 times as much bureaucracy as italy.

I was in Rome last summer, very beautiful, athough a little expensive. First day I paid 10 for a small can of cola they can tell when one is a tourist..

Comment #24

ItalianDragon, they dont state any of these tactics on their registration agree form from what I remember..

They gladly took my money without faxing any id of mine and now they cant send money back?.

Its not about my aruba account, they ll just have to send back the money to the cc acount.

Would you send you id in a fax to a company(no matter where t comes from).

I liked a lot your saying about the Rome and Romans but in this example Rome is the Domain Industry and Romans are Domain Registars. Tell me which is out of the rule, aruba or the rest domain registarts that will happily send you money back if they dont deliver service???.

Its not about my money it's about ethics.

Aruba is on my blacklist and that means that I will express my feelings whenever I feel so.

Thanx everybody for the support and your opinions. Bottomline is: STAY AWAY FROM ARUBA..

Comment #25

Did you ever talk with your Credit Card provider? They could backfire the payment...

Comment #26

I did sent my passport photocopy to get a refund of 230 Euros last year.

They refunded me the money within a week without any fees straight in my bank account.

No big deal. 10 euros?? Man you have been a supermarket you`d pay 0.50 for that!..

Comment #27

Its a big deal faxing private details..

Simple as that...

Comment #28

I think namepros should contact aruba and tell them we will boycott that company if they don't get their act together...

Comment #29

I just received a letter by email..

Its from my credit card Financial Dispute Department.

They inform me that they charged back and I m going to see the money transaction in the next account statement.

Italiand Dragon as it seems it's not so complicated after all..

Romans paid the Greeks back.

This case had a moral part and a financial part..

Financial issues are gone so now now it remains the moral part.

They must apologise since they lost my domain(believe me it was a good one for .it) and they never informed me about it..

If their system sucks they should improve it or get out of the international domain industry...

Comment #30 is from Arezzo , a nice city in Tuscany , not far from Florence, not Rome sorry.

I`d like to know which was the domain , after all my efforts in trying to help you...

Comment #31


Not only a domain hack but a knol domain itself(if it ever goes online under this name).

Aruba is blacklisted for ever.

Should have gone with moniker..

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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