Borderline Personality Disorder & Murad Resurgence

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Ok here's my stats: I'm 19, I've had acne since I was NINE years old... and it's only gotten worse this past year... here are some pics of my acne (if yall are interested) sorry I haven't took any pics the past two months, too busy! there's a list on the left hand side of different dates (i kept getting all the pictures mixed up)Today I went and told my dermatologist I'm sick of trying every single thing to fix my acne with no results... and I want to go on Murad Resurgence... she went ahead and got my first pregnancy test and enrolled me in iPledge. But I told her I found out a few weeks ago that I might have Borderline Personality Disorder from my therapist.

My dermatologist is going to call him Thursday to ask for his approval on whether or not I can handle Murad Resurgence (from the emotional standpoint)... Does anyone here know any about this? I know a lot of people don't know about BPD but it's kind of like being bipolar only different in certain areas. Sorry I can't give more information I'm still having a hard time understanding it myself. I really want to just fix my acne for good and I would hate for this to get in the way. Thanks for yalls input, I appreciate it.steph <3..

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Your question was: Borderline Personality Disorder & Murad Resurgence.

I don't really know anything about Murad Resurgence, but, as someone with BPD, you've got my support. I hope you get everything figured out...

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Wow that was a fast response! No I haven't tried yasmin but I have been on ortho tri cyclin lo for around 4 or 5 months... I know I haven't been diagnosed with BPD yet but it's amazing reading about it and practically seeing myself.But I would be very angry if my psych thinks it's a bad idea.. BPD flourishes with low self esteem, and every since my acne has came back with a vengeance you can imagine my self esteem has been pretty low! And plus I'm going to start seeing my therapist twice a month now to do Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and I told my derm. that if I started to feel weird, depressed, etc., I would discuss this with my therapist as well as my dermatologist. But the deep down truth is that I've been depressed more than half my life (and I know I'm young but I truly believe this), I'm getting help, and I have an excellent support system.But at least she went ahead and enrolled me in iPledge at least I don't have to wait a few more days than I would have to!steph..

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Wow thank you, I don't know anyone else who has BPD so it really freaked me out at first when I discovered it might be why I'm like I am... I spent 3 days just crying and sleeping, and of course taking my emotions out on people who mean most to me. Finally after a lecture from my boyfriend (he's my rock, always there for me even though I've treated him like shit for the past 3 years), I snapped out of my state and decided I wasn't going to let a disorder control my life. But that doesn't mean I'm not still struggling, I'm just keeping a journal of outbursts, almost-outbursts, and general feelings.thanks, if I need you I'll PM you ok? When did you find out you had BPD?steph..

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You'll be okay. And, yeah, PM me any time you want. In fact, I'll PM you now. I don't really want to get into the whole thing on the boards. ; )..

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Hi! I don't have BPD but I do have mod anxiety and depression. I have been on an SSRI and have started taking Murad Resurgence for about 3 wks now. I have noticed some mood swings and increased irritability. They are tolerable at this point. I know what the cause is and I should feel better again once the Murad Resurgence is finished. I think just being very cautious and aware of how you are feeling will be helpful.GL!..

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If you do end up having BPD and if you do end up taking Murad Resurgence, please ask your boyfriend and those who spend a lot of time with you every day to monitor you very closely for changed behavior or increased anger/mood swings; let them know that they might have to contact your doctor (or 911) FOR you if you're so out of it that you don't recognize your symptoms...

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Yeah I've done warned my boyfriend and mom about the side effects. I'll be going to therapy twice a week now too, which will be a major benefit.I just hope my psych. thinks I can handle it... don't get me wrong, I respect doctors and I know they are just trying to protect me... but here's the facts: BPD flourishes in low self esteem, and every since my acne came back as bad as it has, my self esteem has been pretty low. it's like I show my stress on my face and I can't hide it, which makes me stress out even more.

Ughwhatever, I guess I'll just keep myself busy until I find out for sure if I can go on itIf I don't keep myself busy I'll worry myself sick...I know this sounds terrible for me to feel this way about acne, and it makes me seem immature and superficial, but I've lived with this for 10 years and I'm about to give up... I hate this and I just want something that will finally work, even if I have to suffer in the process.....

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Wynne's suggestions sound good to me. Keep in regular contact with your doctors, of course, and take this one day at a time.You are a lovely girl, acne or no acne. Great smile. I hope you get all the help you need...

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Yay! my psych. said I can go on Murad Resurgence! wootwoot!why am I excited? haha steph..

Comment #9

Hey Steph! Congrats on the Murad Resurgence Don't feel superficial or immature because your upset about acne, I totally understand. It stinks, esp when you try so hard to keep a clean face and all it wants to do is break out. It's like a never ending cycle. But anyway, good luck! I just started Murad Resurgence and I know how exciting it is to finally find something that should work!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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