GoDaddy user reviews : Good idea to try GoDaddy?? .biz fine print???

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Maybe I am new to namesso far I only have two, but I just noticed the fine print. I realize there are similar restrictions on other domains like the .name, but I am concerned, can this be enforced. If my potential business is developing names, selling and the likethan I guess the following is a bit tricky in it's interpretation.

..."Please Accept .biz Domain Conditions...

To register a .biz top level domain (TLD) are reserved for genuine business or commercial use only. Registering a .biz domain name solely for the purpose of compensation (by selling, trading or leasing) or using the domain name exclusively for personal, noncommercial purposes or the expression of noncommercial ideas is strictly forbidden..

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the above and confirm that I have a right to register this .biz domain.....".

Curious what anyone thought...

Cheers, Sirengirl..

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Sure they can, as long as they follow the .biz Registry's rules and any laws in.

The area they're doing business in. But that's why you ask them if you're not.


Comment #1

Who are the , "they" and "them"? I suppose anyone selling in this forum or any other venue like Sedo would fall under the same scrutiny.

Has this happened to anyone here?.


Comment #2


I'm new to all of this so bear with me. So does this mean any name with the .biz can not be used for adsense/parking sites and such? I just purchased my first .biz name and am just trying to clarify.

I don't remember the above statement when purchasing the name. Maybe I just missed it...

Comment #3

No problems there is no way they can take the name off of you..

If you put it as a parking page with a for sale sign then it is being used.

For commercial purposes and it is not purely for the purpose of reselling it..

There is no way they are gonna ruin their registry by chasing after their.

Clients to get the names back.....................!!!! UNLESS THEY ARE RUN BY.


Comment #4

According to the TOS, they can take it away from you if you do not follow the rules. When you accept the rules at registration, you entered into a contract. All the registrar needs to do is see you are breaking the rules and cancel your domain, easy as that.... now is reality, will they do it, probably not, but to say they cannot take it away is just plain inaccurate...

Comment #5

Folks, just save yourself all such headaches with .biz, .name, .info or next week's "hot new" dot shmot - and stick to the CNO basics - .com, .net and .org. Otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels...

Comment #6

If you park the name for monetization, that is a legitimate business use in my opinion. There are multi-million dollar companies built on this factor to prove it is a lawful and accepted practice. Just doing so, eliminates the "solely" part of the statement and negates the whole paragraph since the word "solely" is used. As I see it, business is where a domain has intent to make a profit. Profit from paid clicks, affiliate advertising, banner ads, or sales of goods and services all should make the domain satisfy the terms of use...

Comment #7

I have a better idea, how about helping with the topic instead of just your own personal ramblings that have nothing to do with the subject. You have been doing this alot lately. Either help or sit idlely by. Thanx. The only problem is that panels have stated at times parking is not a legitimate business use...

Comment #8

Errm. On, there is no such thing as '.biz fineprint'. I have only just found out about this, and I have had 3-4 .biz domains before, and I am not a trading business and I do not intend to be a business for at least another 5 years. What annoys me the most and also worries me is that I have sold to another person who is not a company and their domain just vanish's, he will demand a refund. Apart from that, I will not touch .biz again for a while.

I believe that this rule is not enforcable, because if it was, over 75% of the registered domains will be pendingdelete because non-biz members own them.

I think this rule is nonsense, but nevertheless, I am going to avoid .biz from now on.



Comment #9

There are cases that go both ways. If they have evidence already that it's been parked, it's hard to deny. You have to try to use the cases where it was legitimized in your favor. Obviously, if they've not made that case in a dispute, you would not bring it up yourself that it was "parked".

In addition, many of the more professional "parking" (better called "monetization") services actually now allow you to customize links, text, etc. It could be argued that this is domain development rather than parking. It's in the registration agreement you agreed to but probably didn't read.

See point 19, C, 1..

Comment #10

And if you are able to customize your links, blacklist any links that could be construded and competing. And that is good adivse about bringing up the parking. If they do not address it, neither should you.

Monetization is too hard to spell lol..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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