Big pimple normal with Murad Resurgence?

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Hello, I'm taking Murad Resurgence since january 21st and this is the 3rd course...I have a REALLY BIG pimple on the left side of my neck/face and I really wonder if that's normal... cause it's really big and hurt...That's how it looks... looks really bad... I never seen this before... anyone even got this? Is this normal or? Thanks.....

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Your question was: Big pimple normal with Murad Resurgence?.

That is quite big, I never got anything that big on my face before. Maybe you need to see the derm...

Comment #1

Please contact your dermatologist. It could be a cyst or nodule, perhaps a boil, but it's definitely large enough to warrant your derm's intervention...

Comment #2

I dont think it's "normal" but it did happen to me; derm quickly shot it with corizone and it went down a lot but I still had a slight bump (hardly noticeable) for a few weeks after. Let us know how it goes!..

Comment #3

Cortisone shot for sure! go to the derm. I'm sure it's normal... just ... bad acne, we all got it!..

Comment #4

I see her in april... It's way too far... anyone else?..

Comment #5

Ok thanks I'll try to get to my derm... I hope it will dissapear..

Comment #6

Cortizone for sure...Until then, 2 ibuprofen every 8 hours and wrap an ice cube in a kleenex and do the 1-2 minutes on...5 minutes off deal. I think more towards the ear where it shows a point (kinda) is a cyst but there has to be more to it than that. Good luck!..

Comment #7

Go to your derm straight away like everyone has said. That dont look too good but they should be able to give you something for it..

Comment #8

I had some bigger than usual ones at the beggining of my course, but never that big. Try icing it or something but i'd definetly go see your derm...

Comment #9

Derm, make an appointment very soon. that is big!..

Comment #10

Thanks for the responses.. But I need a "rendezvous" to see my derm... I'll try to call tomorow..

Comment #11

Woah, is Murad Resurgence causing that? You should drop everything and go see your derm. That looks abnormal...

Comment #12

If I were you I would try to pop that thing. But thats just me, I'm not known for my good judgement...

Comment #13

I'm on Murad Resurgence too, had your same problem... but guess what YOU ARE LUCKY. mine was square in the middle of my face, just as big as yours, even more red, and right above my nose. Go get an injection asap ... this is what I said when I called "Hi, this is Rich, I have an enormous cyst on my face and I refuse to leave my room. I'm starting to get hungry.

Lol .. because even if you do it, it will leave a scab and that will take twice as long to heal and look twice as worse... I found out the hard way.....

Comment #14

Really? Sorry for you.. I called today and my derm is not there until March 11th... in 9 days... And it's not sure that she can see me... Is it too long to wait until there?..

Comment #15

I called today and my derm is not there until March 11th... in 9 days... And it's not sure that she can see me... Is it too long to wait until there?..

Comment #16

Have you tried taking ibuprofen and icing the spot to reduce the inflammation? If that isn't working .... I'd get in to see a doctor. It looks very painful...

Comment #17

Make an appointment with your family practice doctor for this week. Tomorrow if possible. That looks extremely large.Do NOT under any circumstances try to pop or lance or drain it...

Comment #18

It doesn't hurt that much but thanks for advice I'll try to see my doctor..

Comment #19

Go to the Hospital my friend, that thing is abnormal.......

Comment #20

I go to the doctor this night... Will see..

Comment #21

So I went to my doctor and he gave me "Cephalexin 500mg" for 1 week... Those anyone even took this?..

Comment #22

It's just an antibiotic - I've taken it a few times for my skin Nothing to worry about it, just take it as prescribed with a big glass of water and you should be gooood! Good luck..

Comment #23

Cephalexin treats staph. You may have a different type of cyst called an epidermoid cyst (or an infandibular cyst.) It's hard to find information on these. The bacteria is not the same p.acnes that is usually found in acne cysts. I have an epidermoid cyst right now and am on cephalexin. I had to have my cyst lanced yesterday and once the inflammation/infection is down I have to have the cyst surgically removed to prevent recurrence.By the way, if you have terrible acne, you really should have a derm that can see you same-day when you need her. After you're done dealing with this, I'd shop around for a new dermatologist...

Comment #24

Well, I think it started to go down... @ mamarb, I dont know where I could get a dermato I could see everyday... I really can't live with acne I had terrible IB with Murad Resurgence and looks like it started to go away... finally... I really hope I'll get clear after 3 Murad Resurgence treatment... It really kills me inside....

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