GoDaddy review : Suggest I pick GoDaddy?? Big Big TM Trouble ! Please Help ASAP!

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I am a n00b here and just as a true n00b I am doing mistake after mistakes..

I regged "" (both singular and plural) without any research.Now a simple Googling told me that "HandyCam" is a regd trademark of SONY corp. A domain search at DomainTools says that there are only 67 domain containing "HANDYCAMS' and only some of them are active. Now what should I do-.

01.Park it and enjoy some revenue until SONY finds my site and slaps me.

02.Do not Park ,Sleep peacefully and sell it later as EstiBot appraises it for $1.1K and do not worry about TM giving the logic that it is registered for developing a buying guide or shopping site which deals with only SONY handycams.

03.Develop a SHOPPING or buying guide site myself which deals exclusively with SONY handycams stating in the bold letters that "HandyCam" is a regd TM of SONY .And then sell the developed site.

04.Run away from the Domaining Crime Scene and Grace Delete the domain if "" (My registrar)allows it.

05.Do nothing and do not worry as somehow it does not show any TM infringement as HandyCam is a general product. (I have tried to put some fun out of my FEAR).

Please reply ASAP and kindly guide.If no reply comes I will keep the domain and develop it as a buying guide site for handycams.


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I'm convinced that everyone should be sued at least once in their lives, preferably before they're 30. It takes the hysteria out of relatively benign situations like this (and completely removes the 'fear' that people play on when they threaten to sue...).

Sony does use Markmonitor, so somebody in an office somewhere is aware that you registered them. They're deploying Ninjas as we speak...

Seriously, either ditch them (call your registrar and delete them from your account) or keep them but understand there is a distant risk in doing so and this sort of behavior (profiting off the mark of a business) is scummy...

Comment #1

Maybe it worth to have some consultation with a lawyer? And when your domain name was registered?..

Comment #2

I reggd it day before yesterday.I can grace delete it if does so...

Comment #3

Grace delete or No-refund delete and stay away from TMs...

Comment #4

It's obvious what a laywer is going to tell him. Plus talking with the lawyer is probably going to cost more than this domain can make being parked for years...

Comment #5

Delete it if you can, if you cannot delete it set the dns to point to a completely blank page somewhere..

DO NOT trust the registrar to not put parking on it... if it resolves to a blank page, you're cool.

Next, remove auto renew... set it and forget it.

Sony won't ever contact you, but in this scenario - if they did, you'd be ok and can just transfer the name to them... Yeah, I said they'd not likely contact you...

But if you DO ever park it, they will burn you faster than a heretic at the Spanish Inquisition... so, don't do that..

Comment #6

Delete it, Learn your lesson and move on...

Most of us all have done this at some stage, you live and you learn.....

Comment #7

I don't think there will be any issue using it. Not necessary to delete it IMO..

Buy, handy, cams are words so then if someone use any 2 or 3 words as their business trademarks, is it fair to claim that all the domains relating to that word phrase is belongs to them?.

If someone use created trademarks as such as "Google", "Yahoo", sure TM issue. But should not for dic words IMO...

Comment #8

@ SEOjmci.

This page shows that HandyCam is a TM

Comment #9

The final situation:.

Thanks everybody for your suggestion.I am not able to delete my domain as is not answering any of my mail support queries..

At present I have deleted all the name servers so that it will not resolve to a valid address.Is that somehow OK now?..

Comment #10

If it doesn't resolve to an active page or anything with ads that could be competing with the mark holder, you should be OK. Make sure you don't have it set to auto-renew next year. Problem is, "IMO" never holds up in court.

Dictionary words certainly can get tm's - like maybe... "Apple" ?

This Strength of Trademarks (BitLaw) (not my site, just a convenient reference written by a lawyer) is a good overview of different types of trademarks and explains how dictionary words can be tm's...

Comment #11

Problem is that if you simply delete the nameservers, could come in and change it to something similar to the LAMEDELEGATION servers that NSI uses... this will result in a parking page.

Better plan is to use nameservers that you control and will not return a parking page for errors... that way, it will not get "fixed" as it has a real nameserver attached to it.....

Comment #12

One thing you could do if you can't get rid of them is to redirect to a Sony page. :-??..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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