Best substitutions for Nutrisystem snacks and bars?

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Hi everyone,.

If anyone is doing Nutrisystem without the food or anyone is maintaining w/out Nutrisystem food? I would love to get some of your input. I need to delay some of my orders, but want to stay on the program as much as possible. Are there any bars out there on the market that will substitute for the Nutrisystem lunch bars? Any quick and easy microwavable meals? Any higher protein snacks?.

I would love some suggestions.

Thank you!..

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Your question was: Best substitutions for Nutrisystem snacks and bars?.

Some of the balance bars are a good substitute. I bought the Balance Bar Bare Chocolate Almond Sweet & Salty. I really like it a lot. And the stats for a lunch bar are good..

Calories Total 210.

From Fat 80.

Amount per Serving .

Total Fat 9 g .

Saturated Fat 3.5 g .

Cholesterol 0 mg .

Sodium 280 mg 12%.

Potassium 135 mg .

Total Carbohydrate 23 g .

Dietary fiber 3 g .

Sugars 12 g .

Protein 13 g.

And some of the kashi golean bars/rolls are good subs too...

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Oh, wow! What a great reference, thank you so much : )..

Comment #2

I am at target weight and want to maintain. Got excited about this site you mentioned. But when I scrolled down, many of the comparisons are incredibly off from each other- for example comparing the dessert below (NS chocolate cake).

This did not copy right- but each number is a different kind of substitution stat- so Nutrisystem is 160 cal, No Pudge is 110 cal, and W. Watchers is 220..

I expected sodium to be higher for substitutions (which those who bi#@h about Nutrisystem sodium levels, should look at to quiet them down)- but according to this website we can eat any of these as a substitue for the Nutrisystem "meal"???.

I mean that would be great- but I spent endless hours trying on my own to find compatible "meals/bars" and gave up cause they were not close enough..

So help me understand this site you mentioned..

*Updated NutriSystem.


Cake NoPudge Fat Free.

Fudge Brownie Weight Watchers.

Smart Ones.

Double Fudge Cake.

Serving Size 1 cake 1 brownie (2 T. mix) 1 cake.

Calories 160 110 220.

Total Fat (g) 5 0 6.

Saturated Fat (g) 3 0 3.5.

Cholesterol (mg) 5 0 35.

Sodium (mg) 75 100 320.

Total Carbs (g) 15 28 37.

Fiber (g) 3 1 2.

Sugars (g) 9 22 20.

Protein (g) 16 2 4..

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I love ZonePerfect double dark chocolate bars for lunch (especially the almond version). I also eat either lean turkey or ham on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin or Pepperidge Farms Deli Flat with a wedge of low-fat Laughing Cow cheese for lunch...

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I'm currently enjoying many of the Fiber One bars. Today I'm having Oats & Caramel. The Oats & Chocolate and Oats and Peanut Butter are good too. I use them as a breakfast substitute. I usually have one along with 1/2 cup of egg beaters and some fruit...

Comment #5

You have to watch out for that Website. While some items are similar to the Nutrisystem foods, I noticed most of the items were not a great match at all. You can take the following to the grocery store and find items that fit within the Nutrisystem ranges. This is from Nutrisystem member M2Marsh:.

Summary of Nutrisystem Entre Nutrition Stats.

Breakfast Entrees range in calorie from 120-200. Average calories are 161.4. Fat ranges from 0-7 grams. Carb ranges from 9-37 grams. Protein ranges from 6-14 grams. Sodium ranges from 80-330 mg..

Lunch Entrees range in calorie from 110-220. Average calories are 172.9. Fat ranges from 1-10 grams. Carb ranges from 7-40 grams. Protein ranges from 7.4-15.4 grams. Sodium ranges from 130-610 mg..

Dinner Entrees range in calorie from 150-304. Average calories are 234.6. Fat ranges from 2-10 grams. Carb ranges from 15.3-45.3 grams. Protein ranges from 10-24 grams. Sodium ranges from 360-843 mg..

Dessert Entrees range in calorie from 110-180. Average calories are 146.3. Fat ranges from 1.5-9 grams. Carb ranges from 5-25 grams. Protein ranges from 5-12 grams. Sodium ranges from 20-340 mg..

These are calories for the entrees only! You would still add the appropriate protein, veggie, fruit, and/or fat servings...

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Wow! Your success is inspiring to me! Where did you get the little ticker across the bottom of your message? This seems like a cool tool!!.

Kathy Schafer..

Comment #7

If you mean the bears;.

Amy made a lot of bears for us. Look around there are a lot of different kinds..


I just copy and paste them..

Fix so you can copy and paste.

Click ''user preferences'' or ''quick links''.

Then click ''edit options'' and way down at the bottom of the page under miscellaneous options change it to "enhanced interface" and after that you can copy and paste the bears with no problem...

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I get the South Beach high protien bars that work out well for breakfast entree. They have chocolate, peanut butter, and cinnamon raisin...

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I also eat the Zone Perfect Bars. I also just started to eat the Cliff Mojo bars, which are very similar in stats to most of the Nutrisystem bars. Another good thing for me for breakfast is the Kashi Go Lean cereals..


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