Best Salad for Nutrisystem?

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I am just about 3 weeks into my 4 week program. I have only lost 4 lbs, a little disappointed because I was hoping to lose a littlemore than that, I have been very diligent and not cheated. Anyway. The question I have is about lunch. I am going out to lunch today to a soup and salad place. I am thinking of replacing a big salad for my usual nutrisystem lunch entree, 2 veggies and a protein.

1. Romaine lettuce with grilled zucchini, Portobello mushroom, Roma tomato, asparagus, golden beets, roasted garlic Aioli.

2. Organic mixed green, tangerine orange, Hass avocado, bosc pear, mango, toasted pecan, goat cheese dressing.

3. Field green with grilled Portobello, pencil asparagus, baked beets, garlic crouton, edamame, bell peppers, fresh basil, pesto vinaigrette.

Which one do you think is the best one to choose to stay with the program?..

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Your question was: Best Salad for Nutrisystem?.

They all sound pretty high in fat. Is the nutritional information posted anywhere online?..

Comment #1

The nutritional content is not posted on the website.

SusieQ1982 - do they sound high is fat because of the dressing? Because otherwise it is just a bunch of veggies most of which are free/unlimited based on the grocery guide..

The other option is Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Green Apple. It is a vegetable broth based soup and has zero cream in it..

Thanks for your responses...

Comment #2

Not only the dressing but we can't be sure how the "grilled" veggies are prepared. Do they use butter, oil, what? I seriously doubt they just toss them on the grill..

Yes, all three dressings sound very high in fat. Not to mention the avocado and nuts...

Comment #3

If this doesnt happen very often - I would go with whatever I like best...its just one meal...then right back on NS.....

Comment #4

Too bad you can't get nutritional information - I learned the hard way about salads. When you don't know how they're prepared or what is in them you can sabotage yourself. However, if it's a one time thing, I would consider it part of your education and go for it. It might make you see how important it is to know what's in what. Restaurants can be scary places...

Comment #5

Skip to avocado unless it is one ounce and you want it for your daily fat serving..

Skip croutons..

Edamame is a protein count it toward your dairy/protein serving?.

Most of these things look fine!.

BTW, 4 pounds in 3 weeks is right in line with the average weight loss. You are doing FINE!..

Comment #6

You're the customer ask them to prepare them the way you want them!..

Comment #7

Just to give you an idea what can be "hiding" in your salad. This is from Hungry Girl regarding Panera:.

SHOCKER! Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Salad.

PER SERVING (1 salad): 770 calories, 47g fat, 1,200mg sodium, 66g carbs, 7g fiber, 17g sugars, 24g protein POINTS value 19*.

Don't be fooled this sounds smart and even has reduced-fat dressing. But the veggies themselves are loaded with 8g fat, the fresh mozzarella has 13g fat, and the crazy asiago croutons have (OMG!) 340 calories and 14g fat! Definitely ditch those cheesy crunchies if you get this thing...

Comment #8

Ask for the salad with everything on the side and assemble the portions yourself at the table. I can even get a Wendy's salad that way. At Bob Evans I get the entre salads with drssing, nuts and croutons on the side and water with lemon for my drink. I also remember to tip like the server carried extra plates out for me and the busboys will carry extra ones back...

Comment #9

I have found that an occassional day of partially non Nutrisystem foods such as your salad out has been the very thing to kick start more weight loss. You also might consider having them box half of the salad & dressing for you and eating only half of the salad today and the other half tomorrow..

Best of luck! Happy NSing!..

Comment #10

Yes, PROCEED WITH CAUTION, some salads are very high in calories/fat. See this article from Cooking Light:.


Comment #11

I didn't know you could do that. I just assumed all of their salads were pre-made and you were stuck with whatever was on there and just try to take it out yourself. That's good to know!..

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