Best Medifast meals?

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Been awhile since I've seen a thread like this. I always enjoy hearing others' responses..

If you had to live on a desert island with only THREE Medifast foods, which 3 would they be?.

And if you had to pick the three Medifast meals you dislike the most, what are they?.

Mine are:.

Best: hot cocoa, chocolate pudding, and PB bars. I'd say "old style cinnamon pretzels" but...

Worst: beef stew, strawberry bars, and new cinnamon breadstick pretzels...

Comments (30)

Best: chocolate mint bars, chili nacho cheese puffs, mango cranberry drink.

Worst: oatmeal, beef stew, crab soup..

Comment #1

Best: Chocolate chip pancakes (as a muffin), Brownies, Oatmeal (as a muffin).

Worst: Tomato soup (used to love it), orange shake, Strawberry shake.

Fun thread...

Comment #2

Best: chocolate mint crunch bar, Blue berry oatmeal and Dark chocolate antioxidant shake.

Worst: Beef stew, vanilla diabetic shake and Chai latte..

Comment #3

So, on the desert island is there electricity so I can plug in my Ninja?.

If so, I would take the banana shake, peanut butter crunch bars and the caramel nut maintenance bar..

I would leave the chicken and rice soup, the vanilla pudding and banana pudding behind for everyone who loves them...

Comment #4

Best: Hot cocoa, chocolate mint bars, chicken with rice soup (I would have said OLD pretzels but they are no longer available...) Then there are brownies....

Worst Oatmeal (any kind), new pretzels (both kinds) broccoli soup..

Comment #5

I will just be starting medifast tomorrow, and plan on trying a variety of foods at first, but so far I am glad to see the "worsts" lists so I can know what to avoid in the future!..

Comment #6

I think my faves would be: Oatmeal Raising bars, Banana Creme Shake, and Brownies.

Worst would be: Chicken noodle soup, oatmeal, and scrambled eggs..

Comment #7


Best: Brownies, Chocolate Chip Pancakes (muffin), Maryland Crab Soup.

Worst: Pretzels (old & new LOL), Orange Shake, Tomato Soup..

Comment #8

But you will notice that one person's worsts are another person's favorites. So, try whatever sounds interesting and if you don't care for it, give it another try in a few weeks. Welcome to program!..

Comment #9

I just finished my first month and haven't tried all the options, but, so far, my favorite meals are: PB crunch bars, brownies, chocolate pudding and.

Not-so faves are: peach, maple and brown sugar oatmeal, and orange shake. I never had the pleasure of the "old" pretzels so don't know what I'm missing.

Crp259 - that's a good plan, but as you'll probably discover, some people can't stand some things while others love them. Vive la diffrence! And welcome...

Comment #10

Best: Brownie, S'more Crunch Bar, Parmesan Cheese Puffs.

Worst: ALL Shakes (as shakes), ALL Soups (as soup), Tropical Fruit Drink (as a drink).

Fortunately I've been able to take all the meals I hate and cook them into creations I enjoy. BUT - I assume there are no stoves or cooking supplies on this island..

Comment #11

Over the nine months I have been on this forum I have noticed there are *some* trends....

The most likely to be liked seem to be PB crunch bars, choc mint crunch bars, hot cocoa, and brownies... and the most likely to be disliked seem to be crab soup, tomato soup, and tea drinks..

Although there ARE people out there who hate/love all of the above!..

Comment #12

Most Favorites:1) Brownies 2) Caramel Nut Maintenance Bars 3)Chocolate Mint Crunch Bars.

Least Favorites: 1) Oatmeal 2) Vanilla Shakes 3) Vanilla Pudding.

I just ordered some vanilla pudding to try in a few recipes but I didn't like as a pudding, I even tried it "frosty style" like the chocolate, I couldn't get past the artificial taste. I hope I like the recipes as I am getting a little bit bored after 3 months. I need some variety...

Comment #13

Best: brownies, chicken and wild rice soup, nacho puffs.

Worst: Cream of Broccoli soup, Cream of Tomato soup, Cream of Chicken soup (see a pattern? haha)..

Comment #14


1) Caramel Crunch bars.

2) Brownie.

3) Chicken Noodle soup.


1) Orange Shake (SICK).

2) Cream of Anything soup.

3) Strawberry Shake... like drinking pepto...

Comment #15

Here are mine:.


1. Oatmeal.

2. Chocolate Mint Bar.

3. Brownie.


1. Beef Stew.

2. Strawberry Meringue bar.

3. Lemon Meringue bar..

Comment #16

Best: Dutch chocolate shake, chicken noodle soup, brownies.

Worst: Scrambled eggs, banana shake, strawberry bars..

Comment #17

Best: Brownie, Dark Chocolate Shake (made into a shake cake), Chocolate Mint Crunch Bars (out of the freezer).

Worst: Chili, Vanilla ANYTHING, Banana ANYTHING..

Comment #18

If there is a microwave on this desert island, then....

FAVS: 1. Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar 2. Brownie 3. Blueberry Oatmeal.

DISLIKE: 1. All shakes 2. Chili 3. The teas (raspberry/peach)..

Comment #19

Best: Chai tea, cinnamon crunch bar, chili puffs.

Worst: tomato soup, chili, shakes (grainy texture, not the taste).

I hesitate to say I dislike anything but the tomato soup as I really do like the variety of so many foods. If I had just a few things I'd have been bored with them by now and possibly gone off plan...........

This way I might not love a food, but the variety keeps me on track. I do try to eat these things like a normal food plan..

Oatmeal/eggs in the morning.

Soups for lunch.

Bars/puffs/chai for mid day and evening snacks. I have to trick my brain into believing I'm not snacking all day on brownies and goodies...

Comment #20

I can't follow rules. I hate leaving items out..

LOVE: S'mores crunch bar, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, infusers..

LIKE A LOT: All the chocolate flavored shakes, puddings, soft serve; beef stew; chai latte; brownies; pancakes; fruit and nut, chocolate, chocolate mint crunch bars; pretzelsold and new..

LIKE: The rest of the non-coffee drinks, shakes, soft serve, pudding; lemon, strawberry, pb crunch, caramel crunch bars; chicken noodle, chicken and rice, chili soups; cocoa; puffs; cream soups if made into chips or breads in sandwich maker.

TOLERATE: swiss mocha shake if made into a concoction in the sandwich maker or cookies.

MIGHT LIKE ANOTHER TIME: the rest of the crunch bars (have not tried the maintenance bars)..

WILL NOT TRY: coffee soft serve, cappuccino or crab soup (don't like coffee or shell fish)..

Comment #21

Like: Crab soup, chicken and wild rice, and hot cocoa.

Dislike: Tomato soup, chocolate pudding, and vanilla pudding.

I have tried to make the tomato soup different ways and I just can't not stomach it...

Comment #22

I have to say the shakes are the worst for me (I know the roof just fell on me), because my body reacts so negatively to them. I love the cappuccino, cheese puffs and brownies. If I could handle the caffeine I would live on the infusers. The flavor is wonderful...

Comment #23

Best: S'mores Crunch Bars, French Vanilla Shakes, Chicken Noodle Soup.

Worst: Hot Cocoa, Vegetable Beef Soup, Strawberry Shakes..

Comment #24

I haven't tried everything yet, but so far:.

Best: Hot cocoa, all the maintenance bars, choc pudding, parm puffs.

Worst: oatmeal, crunch bars, pancakes..

Comment #25

I just started about five days ago, but so far.

Best: Chocolate crunch bar, Chocolate chip pancakes, and Chocolate mint maintenance bars.

(I like chocolate a little to much).

Worst: Honey mustard pretzel sticks, Whit cheddar soy crisps, and Ranch soy crisps...

Comment #26

I would have to have cappuccino, hot cocoa and tropical punch..

I do not want Cream of tomato soup, chai latte and Maryland Crab soup...

Comment #27


1. Oatmeal raisin bar.

2. Brownie.

3. Parm puffs.


1. Tomato soup.

2. NEW PRETZELS/broken breadsticks or whatever they are now..Why people? Why?.

3. Lemon bar..

Comment #28

Interesting thread... in my quest for variety and finding a jewel in the rough, I've tried all but a very few meals so far: ...this one is easy.


1) Swiss Mocha shake.

2) Chocolate Mint crunch bar.

3) scrambled eggs (when I cheat and add a few cubes of lean ham).


1) chili.

2) Honey Mustard pretzel sticks.

3) banana pudding..

Comment #29


Chocolate pudding.

Hot chocolate.

Chicken noodle soup.

Least favs.

Crab soup.

Chai latte.

Peach oatmeal..

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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