Best Medifast L&G when sick?

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I'm officially sick w/ a nasty cold that has all the lovely symptoms: sore throat, uber stuffed up head/nose, runny nose, achy..ugh..

Problem is, nothing looks really appetizing and we're supposed to have chicken tonight...but the thought of it makes me less than thrilled.

Anybody have good WARM soothing L&G's for when you're sick?.

Much love! <3..

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Chicken soup! Cut up a bunch of OP veggies, some chicken broth and chunks of chicken and let simmer. Good for whatever ails you!..

Comment #1

What a great idea, even when you're not super-sick. Just for those cooler fall days!.

Thank you for your idea.

And hope you are feeling better soon!..

Comment #2

OOhh....dherschberg- have any recipes you'd want to share as far as exact amounts? That sounds PERFECT...

Comment #3

Feel better!!!.

Chicken soup sounds tasty to me too lol. And I'm not sick, just: it's cold here and wet and very FALL and I want home-made soup!!..

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I've not been sick yet on Medifast but I have 2 comforting, warm L&Gs I like..

When I am sick I like nice soft scrambled eggs. So you can do the 3 eggs, scrambled as a L&G..

Something I made last week for my green was cauliflower soup, SO soothing. Just cook the 1.5 cups of cauliflower in a cup of chicken broth until very soft, then add a T of cream cheese (healthy fat... or leave this out if you prefer) and then puree the soup with an immersion blender. Or let cool a bit and puree in a regular blender. Season with salt & pepper to taste...

Comment #5

Lets see if I can wing it here. 1.5 C chopped veggies (celery, cauliflower, red bell peppers, whatever you like), 8 oz raw chicken, cubed (or you can use 6 oz of a precooked rotisserie chicke breast, just wait and add it at the end and cook just long enough to heat through), 1 C low sodium chicken broth, up to 1 C vegetable broth (enough to cover the ingredients) 1 clove garlic..

Simmer (covered) veggies in broth for about 10-15 minutes, then add chicken and simmer an additional 15 min.

Single serving...

Comment #6

Yum, soup sounds really good!.

Here are some basic recipes you might play with:.

After looking it up to see how to Medifast it, this is one of my favorite soups:.

1cup broth = 1 condiment.

1 cup cilantro leaves = 1 condiment (use how much you want or none if you hate it).

1/8 of a diced avocado = 1 healthy fat.

1 grilled chicken breast (approx 3oz) diced = 1/2 leaner.

3 oz lowfat mozzarella = 1/2 leaner.

If you wanted to make a bit (1 tbsp) of pico de gallo heavy on the tomato/jalapeno, light onion, to go on top, it would be your 3rd condiment Otherwise, you could have an additional cup of broth as your third..

Heat up the broth with the diced chicken. Pour into a bowl and top with the cheese, avocado, cilantro, and pico. You'd still need to eat a salad or something with this to get your green in..

Modified Egg Drop Soup.

Note, you can pick what veggies you prefer and the amounts. I split up some of them here to add more variety.

2c. chicken broth.

1/4c scallions.

1/4c celery.

1/2c mushrooms.

1/2c cabbage.

3oz cooked diced chicken breast or 7.5oz firm tofu diced.

1c. egg beaters.

1tsp. sesame oil.

Heat up the broth with everything but the egg beaters. When the veggies are cooked to your desired firmness, swirl the water and slowly pour in the egg. It cooks quickly and it's nice to leave it so that it doesn't get fully blended in, but stays in ribbons.

Sesame oil according to Nutrisystem is ok as a sub for a healthy fat.

Technically, you might need to increase this to 1.5 tsps sesame oil since eggbeaters are leanest and chicken and tofu are leaner. And if you don't like it, find another way to get your fat in.

Something I love is a tuscan style wedding soup. I'm thinking that chicken broth, MSF sausage crumbles, and kale/collard greens/spinach might turn out delicious with a bit of heat added. It normally has potatoes or beans in it, but I think it'd still be yummy without it...

Comment #7

Ohmygod you guys are amazing, seriously..

I feel better just reading your recipes! ^_^ I can't wait to make one of them tonight (and probably tomorrow too!).

*much love!*..

Comment #8

The egg drop soup would also be yummy with bean sprouts either cooked in it or fresh on top. I'd probably drop down half the cabbage for that one.

Thanks for getting me to think about these as possible L&Gs!..

Comment #9

I agree with the others that said soup. I made a really yummy cabbage soup a few weeks back. You can really make any kind of soup you like as long as it has OP veggies and Meat in it. Hope you feel better. I know I have been suffering with a nasty cold myself the last couple of days...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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