Best iPhone Medifast apps?

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Hello all!.

I'm constantly on a quest to find good apps for my ever present iPhone. Thought I'd start a thread to exchange ideas for fitness/nutrition/motivational apps..

I use a couple to help with my restarted Medifast journey:.

LoseIt! (free) - good for tracking meals while I'm away from the computer. I've added all of the Medifast meals as custom meals so now I can easily select them as meal choices.

BodyShot ($2.99) - great for tracking measurements and photo progress. You can also select a photo and put it in as a future date. Great motivation!.

What are your favorite iPhone apps to help support MF?.


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My favorite iphone app is called "Throw it in the trash, flip steve jobs the bird, and buy a droid"..

Comment #1

How do you really feel Eagle? I eagerly await a Verizon iPhone due to area service limitations. By the time I get one I hope Medifast has an app for that.....

Comment #2

I am also an addict to apple. Well my Ipad to be exact and my iMac no wait maybe my iPhone( wait I have not bought that one yet). Need an iPhone maybe a good goal gift...

Comment #3

You live like 10 miles from NYC, how can you have service limitations?..

Comment #4

The iphone is the best and steve jobs rocks and don't try to tell me other wise.! :P..

Comment #5

The Ramapo Mountains. Verizon's the only decent service up by me.....

Comment #6

I am an iPhone junkie. I have Lose It too. I wish they had a Medifast app...

Comment #7

I am an iphone addict. I started using one of the Couch to 5K programs. I believe the Felt Tip one...I hate running, but figured it would get me moving. I still hate running and now I'm injured (running after escaped dog unrelated to couch to 5k). I use Lose It too..

I tried to switch my Nike+ over to my iphone 4, but the iphone program doesn't work as well the Nano version, so I've gone back to using my nano.

I love my iPhone (started with 3g and now on 4). Never had any service issues except at my brother's house, but his house is a deadzone for all cells. Even in NYC and SFO where I visit quite a bit, I have not had any issues.

Nutrition Menu is great too as it helps you when eating outwhich I do quite a bit for various reasons. It doesn't help me so much, as it's mostly for chain restaurants, but it helps you track portion, calories, carbs, etc of common menu items. Great for Lean & Green. The journal feature is helpful...

Comment #8

My work supplies blackberry on verizon so no hope of iPhone or droid. : BUT I am a complete and total iPad junkie and am looking forward to a Medifast app..

Great thread and I will give some of the apps a try.. Day 3 for me...

Comment #9

Cyclemeter GPS is the best cycling app out there. Best $5 I ever spent other than a new bike tube...

Comment #10

Well allrighty now - noted! lol.

Annkm, I just downloaded the latest update to the iPhone software. I tried the Nike+ app yesterday and it works much better. My favorite feature is the wireless sync to upload runs (or walks in my case)..

Thanks all for your input!..

Comment #11

I love my HTC Evo.

I haven't really found an app I like for tracking my progress, but I did move the Medifast PDFs over to my phone. It's really handy when I'm grocery shopping or trying to explain to someone what foods are on plan...

Comment #12

I had a Droid. It was cool. But I just bought an iPhone and it so much sexier in so many ways...

Comment #13

My iphone is my is my ipad. I actually have to hide both from my young children everyday. Sooooo wish they had a Medifast app. Probably someday. I'd love to join you all if I may. Just recommitted to Medifast this week. This is it!!..

Comment #14

Ok stupid question but how do you move the Medifast pdf's over to the iphone/ipad?.

For fitness stuff I use iFitness, and Yoga.

Both are great....iFitness is awesome at tracking your fitness progress, weight, measurements, building your fitness plan, showing you correct form when doing strngth training, etc......

Comment #15

I could not love my iPhone more or live without it! I've had every version since day 1! I'm just getting started on Medifast again after a 2 year break. Three apps that I find essential - MyFitnessPal, Grocery IQ and Evernote. I track all of my food and water in MFP and they have an amazing list of foods. All of the Medifast food I've searched for is there and accurate and I love being able to track water as one category. You can also customize with the online website. Grocery IQ makes sure I don't miss things on my grocery list and I can add things wherever I am.


Comment #16

I've had both, the iPhone and now the Droid Epic. Gotta say, the Epic is hands down the way to go. However, that's beside the point of the OP. Any apps that allow us to enjoy this process more, help inform us and keep us interested in it for the long haul are good things, no matter the platform...

Comment #17

Major iPhone/iPad junkie here. Couldn't function with out them.

Ok, I LOVE the livestrong app. It tracks calories and already includes the Medifast foods which makes it super easy to use. You can also use it to track your activity, measurements and weight. It's $2.99 and well worth the price. And it has an iPad version as well. You only have to purchase 1 to get both.

I also use the Cyclemeter app. It works great for tracking your distance and speed for biking, walking or running. It also has a calories burned feature, but once I got my heart rate monitor, found out that it wasn't very accurate. For a nice run it can be as many as 100 calories off..

Others that I have are the C25K app by Felt Tip and Weight Tracker. Weight Tracker is just that, no real frills, but I started using it a couple of years ago so have quite a bit of weight history saved in it, and therefore haven't switched to anything else..

I've got several other miscellaneous one, but these are the ones that I actually use...

Comment #18

Great thread, thanks for starting it. I LOVE my iphone!.

Mapmywalk = does just what is says..

SitorSquat = it will tell you where the nearest bathroom is and depending on who reported it, there are ratings and sometimes pics (of the cleaner bathrooms). I use sitorsquat more, I'm never with out my bottle of water and always having to pee when I'm out. I have yet to find a bathroom I'm so impressed with that I would take a picture of.

PTracker = tracks when your period should be. This was spot on before Medifast but not so much now..

Love all the responses, I've been wanting an all in one app for exercise, weight, food and water...

Comment #19

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