GoDaddy customer service : Recommend I sign up for GoDaddy?? Being harrased by vistors of an old site.

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Hello! I recently bought - it has being going fine for a few days untill today I wake up to these comments: (stared out swearing). I honest to god did not know about ubies history - I am not monetizing the site so therefor I am not a squatter. I legitimately purchased the domain from the TDNAM. I find these comments completely propionate and hurtful. Would I be right to even class them as slanderous?.

I know the mature thing would be just to leave it but from comments like that it appears they are pretty annoyed and I would expect more comments. What could I do if only just to scare them into stopping?..

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No, that is my ubie.

I just noticed this, it was two people who posted the comments, one of the guys said his site was notice the welcome message: Slogan:..

Comment #1

Another one just in: What if I edit the posts to say something positive about my site then approve the comment - this will make my site look popular and if they keep commenting they will just effectively be helping me? lol..

Comment #2

Idiots...just move on. Don't let it bother you. Free visits are awesome...

Comment #3

You're the rightful, legal owner. They'll get over it and stop posting soon.

At the same time, if they're that much into the domain, you could offer to sell it to one of them...

Comment #4

Keep the messages and any IP info you have on them just in case a UDRP or other disputer comes up some might have given you a nice little bit of information that could work in your favor (eg: the "why" the site was sold on TDNAM, etc.).


Comment #5

If the visitors really like the site they show have donated more money to keep up the site, instead of letting the owner expire the name..

Comment #6

Apparently it was an accident, I spoke to the owner and it's all cool now I think...

Comment #7

That's good to hear. indicates they've had some problems for some time..*/

Comment #8

You know better of course, you don't have to explain to everyone what you do in the past few months on the internet.

Since you bought it that makes you the owner, provided there's no tm on it, you can practically do anything you want with it that will make you happy and profitable...

Comment #9

Maybe you should offer it back to him... for a small fee of course..

Comment #10

I did, he was a bit sarcastic but ok about it, he said something along the lines of "If I wanted it back I would have made an offer already, I simply can't afford too for the sake of a hobby".....

Comment #11

Lol, then I guess maybe you should start a site with it and enjoy the traffic..

Comment #12

If the previous owner doesn't want the site, it's not up to you to pay his reg fee. You could even post a comment on your own blog in response that the old ubie guy got tired of paying renewal fees and if the commenter wants to pay his reg fees for him you are open to negotiation (if you are).

If the guy with the comments continues to be abusive you could possibly give him a warning that you are going to report him to his ISP. Of course, that could make things worse. You could also ban his ip, which could also make things worse. You could turn off comments for awhile and see if that helps. Again, all this is up to you - you know your situation better than anyone.

Edit: I just saw your blog, the art on there is amazing...

Comment #13

I disagree with Coast's suggestion to post a response, the last thing you need to do is give these attention seekers attention, just ignore them...

Comment #14

Agree ^ post.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

Sounds like he has nothing better to than bug others because of his miserable personality or situation.

Concentrate on writing and building your traffic and let him sulk on his own time...

Comment #15

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