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Here is a little tale from the wicked domain world..

A few months back in Feb 2007 I had a little tiff with TDNAM. This ended up in them banning my account and adding a service fee of 40$. They were in their right to do so according to the terms I accepted, even though I found it a bit prickly of them when I just paid 2K for expired domain auctions. So I decided to leave TDNAM and never look back.

Now this leads me to another seemingly unrelated incident. One day in this April I was contacted by the "buy domains" department of godaddy. Apparently someone paid them to acquire one of my domain names. This person paid them 60$ upfront and agreed to pay another 10% of the sales price to them. We have a negotiation to and forth (my god they are slow) always waiting more than a week for each reply from them. Finally we agree on a price and the sale could continue.

Hmmm. Well I write back and tell them that my Tdnam account is banned and I would like to use alternative Escrow or make them open a temporary account for the transfer..

No can do! I pay the 40$ or they wont perform the service they have already been paid for. They gave me an analogy where I was told, that I could not rent another video before I paid my late dues for the last one I rented. No response was made when I pointed out that it was in fact them that wanted to "rent a video" at MY store..

Since my last mail I havent heard anything from them.. I would like to know what they told their customer that paid them to acquire the domain.. " well yes the seller wanted to sell the domain.. But we decided we didnt want to buy it before he settled some other business we had going with him".. To bad the potential buyer looses 60$, I loose a sale and godaddy earns 60$ for doing nothing..

The lesson here.. NEVER use godaddy buy domains to acquire a domain. Since their service is integrated into TDNAM, they will seek to get any debt, owed to godaddy or TDNAM, covered by a potential seller before they process your order.. So in fact you are WORSE of using "godaddy buy domains" service, than if you didnt. Some guy actually paid them money to go collect their old debts.. He didnt get much out of it though!.

Now I know that most people here would never pay to let somebody else acquire a domain for you. But this just goes to show what a shady operation Godaddy is running.. Stay away from them and sign up at monikers instead&..

Comments (6)

GD blows chunks....getting worse every month.

You shouldn't have told them you were banned though. I would have just stated that You won't agree to sign up for TDNAM because you do not agree with their TOS...

Comment #1

Hey Dave You here flaunting your latin too.

They actually caved in today and unbanned my account for this transfer only. So it's all good now..

Comment #2

Personally I would have responded with a price for the domain that was $40 more than the original agreed price. I guess this is only hurting the buyer, so it wouldn't be right, or effective, but I'm sure it'd do a good job of pissing GD off.

I agree with you though, trying to collect debt on the customers dollar is an example of extremely terrible business practices. You may wanna post this on Parson's blog, just to give them an opportunity to explain themselves...

Comment #3

No doubt GoDaddy/TDNam loves to collect their fines. I ended up paying TDNam $30 for domains that I sold elsewhere and forgot to delist at TDNam. What was your $40 fine for?..

Comment #4

Well my fine was actually fair enough.. I bought like 20 names and could only pay for 18.. My rep let another 2 drop since I had them backordered.. So I got all 20 and paid for 16.. The remaining 4 I got for 7$ a piece.. And since they were ccc.coms..

Its more the principle in them using the buyers buck to come and get their debt that pissed me off.....

Comment #5

I tried tdnam for a bit a just thought it was rubbish.....with regards gd going after a name - backorder etc......lmao....more chance of winning the lottery......

Comment #6

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