Bacon Lettuce Tomato OK as Nutrisystem dinner substitute?

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Anyone do Turkey, Lettuce and Tomatoes as a substitute for a dinner?.

Also veggie burgers on wheat?.

I have thrown out several meals this week and went hungry until the next meal. I just didn't like the meals.


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Your question was: Bacon Lettuce Tomato OK as Nutrisystem dinner substitute?.

I am not listed to have the extra carbs - under 100 lbs ( I hope thats what you meant).

BUT, I didn't order any burgers, or sloppy joes (hated them) so I thought I could eat (TB or TLT) one for dinner from time to time OR whenever I run into a dinner I don't like. Neither would go over the 300 calories with the wheat bread..

Plus, I am terrible at getting my proteins throughout the day because I am on the go so much at work, so I am thinking it would more than cover it. Or I am HOPING LOL. But if it's a no go, I wont..

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How many calories are in what you want to eat? How many fat grams? How much protein? That's the only way someone can tell you yes or no...

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Hi Poodle.

Have you read the Food Tips threads? Maybe some of the meals you didn't care for could be tweaked to better fit your tatses..

There are so many tips and ideas there. It's woth the read!..

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Maybe this will help.

If I were to eat a BLT (which I've done) this is what I'd have:.

3 pieces of turkey bacon - 75cal. 1.5g fat 6g protein.

Lettuce and tomato - veggies.

Bread - 100 cal. 1.5 g fat 6g protein.

Mayo - 50 cal. 5g fat.

Total - 225 cal. 8g fat 12 g protein.

It fits into the stats Michelle posted, so it works as a dinner sub..

Obviously you'd have to use your stats to check for what you'd buy...

Comment #4

Awww, you shouldn't have to go hungry on Nutrisystem, something that helped me a lot when I first started was to do an advanced message board search on meal doctoring before I fixed the meals. A quick way to get what I was looking for was to type the name of the entree in the advanced search field, search title only and search under nutrisystem recipes..

I don't know which meals you disliked but for some of the beefy dinner entrees, black pepper, garlic, mushrooms, canned tomatoes added before cooking and a little ff sour cream stirred in after cooking can work wonders and you can freshen up the taste of the Italian tomato based dinners with canned tomatoes and garlic along with a pinch of Italian seasoning and a free food amount of ff Parmesan cheese on top.

If these tips don't work, do a quick search for nutrisystem on your own guidelines for some quick meal substitutions..

I hope this helps, good luck on your weight loss journey...

Comment #5

No, what I meant is that you were talking about what to have if you have to throw out an Nutrisystem dinner. Then you go into "flex" mode and try to make your own by following those stats I gave you. You would have to add a carb since you are missing the carbs you would have gotten in your Nutrisystem dinner..

So your turkey would be your protein, your bread would be your carb/some protein/and some fat. Exactly how much of each you could have depends on the nutrition stats of your items. So if you provide us your food's stats, we can tell you if your turkey/lettuce/tomato sandwich would be OK as an Nutrisystem dinner substitute..

The other way to approach it is to do this if you throw out your Nutrisystem entree:.


2 Fat Serving.

3 Lean Protein Serving.

1 Salad or Fruit Serving 2 Tbsp. Fat Free Dressing (if desired).

1 Low Glycemic Carbohydrate Serving 2 Vegetable Serving..

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This doesn't have carb stats...but I would guess that does fit. Then you'd still have to get in more veggies I would think I know I can't get 3 servings in on a sandwich. And using turkey would be even better stats (higher protein)...

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Total carbs would be 22g. Sorry, overlooked it.

That would just be the entree ( I didn't count veggie calories, but I would guess it would up the total about 10 calories to add lettuce and tomato to a sandwich), you'd have to add veggies for your meal as well as a fat, since the mayo is counted in the entree calories. You could take the mayo out, count it as a fat, and add more protein if you wanted to.

Turkey would work better. I read the first post as BLT, not TLT. Any protein would work...

Comment #8

Got it. Thanks - going off to study my Nutrisystem terminology so I can better prepare before I post..

Comment #9

Burger King and McDonald's do on their commercials. LOL...

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